Sexting My Sister-In-Law

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Hello My Dear Readers…

The following is a Series of Text Messages between Manan and his Wife’s Younger Sister, Shikila.

The Plot is set in India, and is on the lines of my earlier works SEXTING MEGHNA AUNTY and SEXTING MY MOTHER.

I have tried to make this New Story as interesting as possible, and I really hope all of you will like the attempt.

Happy Reading!!


Shikila : Manan Bhaiyya… There??

Manan : Shikku… Hii… What happened??

Shikila : You reached home?!

Manan : Yes… Just got back. What happened??

Shikila : Is Shru with you??

Manan : What is it, Shikku??

Shikila : Is Shru with you?!

Manan : Is everything alright?!

Shikila : Is she with you??

Manan : No!! Why??

Shikila : Where is she?? Is she home??

Manan : What is the problem, Shikku??

Shikila : Where is Shru?!

Manan : At the Hospital… She is on the Night Shift, this week. What is the matter??

Shikila : Ohhh, Okay… So, you dropped her there after visiting us, and you are all alone now… Right?!

Manan : Shikila!! Enough!! What is it?? What is the problem??

Shikila : Why do you think there is a problem?? Why do you keep asking me that??

Manan : Because you are scaring me!! I don’t understand why you are sending me these messages. I am not liking this.

Shikila : You don’t like me sending you messages?! I did not know that!! I am really sorry for bothering you.

Manan : Shikku… Come on… That is not what I meant… I just don’t understand why you are asking me all these questions.

Shikila : I am not supposed to ask you anything??

Manan : What is this, Shikku!! You can!! I am worried if something is wrong.

Shikila : Nothing is Wrong!!

Manan : Then, why did you text me?? I mean… Don’t get upset… You can text me, anytime… I am just asking.

Shikila : Manan Bhaiyya… It is nothing… I only wanted to Thank You.

Manan : What?? Thank Me?? Why?!

Shikila : For the Ice-Cream!! What else?!

Manan : Oh… Hahaha!! You could have just said that, Shikku!! There was no need to be so suspenseful!!

Shikila : Hehe… Sorry!! Thank You!!

Manan : Come On…

Shikila : Hehehe…

Manan : Did you like it??

Shikila : I loved it!!

Manan : Yeah?! I am glad!!

Shikila : Where did you buy it from??

Manan : I thought the Box made that clear.

Shikila : Ya Ya… I know it is from Bassy & Robbies.

Manan : Then, Why Do You Ask Me??

Shikila : Just Like That… Simply…

Manan : At times, you sound too silly, Shikku!!

Shikila : Hehehe…

Manan : Haha!! Okay Dear… Let me go get some sleep… I feel a little tired… I will text you later… Okay?! Take Care, Shikku.

Shikila : Manan Bhaiyya…

Manan : Yes??

Shikila : Do you have 5 Minutes??

Manan : What is it, Shikku??

Shikila : Did you add anything to it??

Manan : What?? Add what?!

Shikila : Did you add anything to the Ice-Cream?? Tell me!!

Manan : Noooo!! Why?!

Shikila : I am just asking you…

Manan : But, Why?? What made you ask that?? It tasted bad??

Shikila : No… It did not taste bad…

Manan : Okay… Then?? What is it?? Tell me this… Did the Box look like it was already opened??

Shikila : No… I don’t know… It looked fine… But…

Manan : But, What??

Shikila : It still tasted very different.

Manan : Maybe, you feel that because you haven’t tried this flavor before.

Shikila : I actually have!! I often buy from their Stores.

Manan : In that case, you should be knowing Ice-Creams sold by Bassy & Robbies always tastes like this!! But, if you insist, I can go back and complaint about the Lack of Quality.

Shikila : Dude… Stop!! Okay… Listen… Let us not waste more time… I know you have always considered me as a kid… However, the reality is that I am 19… I am old enough… And… I think you too are aware of that now… Look… I am not going to sue you for this… So, Relax… But, there is definitely a good amount of semen in the Box of Ice-Cream you gave me… I don’t want to argue… I don’t want to fight… Just tell me whether it is yours or not!!

Manan : I am so sorry!! I am really sorry, Shikila… Please don’t tell Shruthi… Please… I am begging you!!

Shikila : No!! No… I won’t!! Relax!! I really won’t tell her… I just wanted to know… I wanted you to admit doing it. That is all!!

Manan : I am really sorry… It was a mistake!! It just happened… I am not a bad person… I don’t know what got into me… I am very very sorry. Please forgive me!!

Shikila : I know!! You don’t have to say all that!!

Manan : I am really sorry, Shikila… I did something I should not have.

Shikila : Yes!! But, it is over… You cannot do anything about it now. So, Relax… I will not tell anyone.

Manan : I feel so bad… Are you angry at me?? I know you have all the right to be angry at me!!

Shikila : I am just surprised you did it!!

Manan : How did you realize there was semen in it??

Shikila Küçükçekmece Escort : What The Hell!! I cannot believe you have the guts to ask me that question. This hurts more than what you actually did!!

Manan : Shikku… Please…

Shikila : Shikku?! Lol!! Stop calling me that!!

Manan : Please… I am sorry…

Shikila : What Please?? What Sorry??

Manan : Please…

Shikila : You want to know how I found out?!

Manan : No!! No!! I am sorry I asked that…

Shikila : You should know how I found out!! You should know how I found out it was you who did it!!

Manan : Please!! No!!

Shikila : You Should!!

Manan : I don’t want to.

Shikila : Tell me you want to…

Manan : No!! I don’t want to… I am sorry I asked that!!

Shikila : You better say you want to!! Otherwise, I am telling my mother what you did!!

Manan : Please… Don’t.

Shikila : Then… Tell me you want to know how I found out it was your doing!!

Manan : How did you realize it was me??

Shikila : Well… I have had it before, too!! I mean… I have had yours before, as well!!

Manan : What?!

Shikila : Now, you don’t tell Shru anything about this… Okay?! I know you won’t… You can’t!! Still… Keep it a secret, just how I am going to keep your secret a secret… Hehe… And, I am not angry… Chill… So… What happened was… You remember the Lunch at your place, last June?? After which we all watched An Interview with Madhavi Doshi on TV, and found it too raunchy… You remember that day?!

Manan : Yeah… But, I did not do anything that day!! I Swear!! I really did not do anything.

Shikila : Haha!! Yes!! Calm Down!! I Know!! You did not do anything to ME, that day!! On Purpose!!

Manan : Huh?!

Shikila : See… I was sure something wicked was going on there, the moment I saw Shru give you a Tumbler of Ice-Cream, and you went inside the bathroom with it, and gave it back to her upon your return, and she ate from it!!

Manan : Ohh Shit!! We had no idea you noticed that!! We thought everybody were busy scrutinizing the Interview!!

Shikila : Everybody were busy – Only I wasn’t!!

Manan : But… How did you… Like… You saw what we did… Yet… It doesn’t make sense… She had made sure the Tumbler remained with her!! She always has been careful about it!!

Shikila : I see… So, that was not the first time you gave her a little topping!! You two often do this, and in Public, as well!!

Manan : Shikku… We were just having a little fun!!

Shikila : This is the kind of fun you people have?! Strange!! But, that is your Inside Stuff!! I really should not be commenting on it!! I just did not know that my sister had it in her…

Manan : She likes all such things… For some reason!! And, I did not feel like I had to say NO to her. After all, she is my wife… It is not like she has never… You know…

Shikila : Never ever gulped your juices… Right?! Hehehe…

Manan : I mean… Yeah!! So, I thought it was alright if she wanted to feed on my semen, even though we were not alone, as long as nobody else had to go through the burden of tasting me!!

Shikila : Yet, I got to taste my Brother-In-Law!! Hehehe…

Manan : How?!

Shikila : Don’t worry… It really did not feel like a burden!! Hahahaha!! It was actually Yum!! Haha!! I feel so Kinky!! You are a Bad Influence!! Lol!!

Manan : I don’t know what to reply for that…

Shikila : Haha!! It was not your fault, that day… It does not matter, anymore – That is another story… Hehehe… But… Neither was Shru to be blamed about what happened that afternoon… I had a spoonful from her share of Ice-Cream, without her knowledge, when she left it on the table, and went to the kitchen in a hurry, to get me another scoop. I have always been addicted to the Virgin Vanilla Flavor, and I was too impatient to wait, and I ate from hers. The very second I had it in my mouth, I had confirmed it was no normal Ice-Cream… Hehe… I was certain there was Cum in it!! Now, just do not ask me how I know what a man’s fluids taste like!! Lol!!

Manan : What!! You got to be kidding me!!

Shikila : This is the truth!! This is what happened!! I was stunned, but I guarantee you nobody else saw my flushed face. You are Fully Safe!!

Manan : I just did not know!! I would not have been so stupid today, if I knew!!

Shikila : Hahaha!! That is OK!! I am not complaining!! Lol!! So… The thing is… When I tasted the familiar unusual additional ingredient in the Ice-Cream you gave me, a couple of hours ago, I was immediately sure you had deposited your cum on it!! Well… Because, I already knew what you were capable of!! I did not have to really take a lot of time to come to a conclusion.

Manan : Shit!! I am so sorry… I feel ashamed of myself for making you go through that ordeal!!

Shikila : I was more worried thinking you would have done the same to my mother… I tasted hers, as soon as I found mine tampered with… Thank You for being Maltepe Escort not so cruel!!

Manan : Shikku… Please… I am very sorry about what happened today.

Shikila : It is Okay, Bhaiyya… I am glad you at least did not try telling me that what I said was never the case, and I was wrong, and deny the allegations… OR, give me lame justifications, and blatantly lie!!

Manan : The only justification I could have even tried giving you was that it was meant for your Sister, and it somehow got replaced… But, that was not going to work, anyway!!

Shikila : Yes!! It was not going to do any good!! I am happy you did not try to do that.

Manan : I am extremely sorry… Seriously!!

Shikila : It is Okay!!

Manan : Are you fine?? Are you really Okay??

Shikila : Why did you do it?? I mean… Why exactly did you try it on me?!

Manan : Shikku… I am sorry… It was a mistake… I am an idiot!!

Shikila : You got to tell why you did it!!

Manan : I just wanted to know if somebody would notice the difference!!

Shikila : Difference?! Lol!! It was just that?? You were only checking if you would get caught or not?! Yeah?? Nothing like you wanted to feel the pleasure of having made your Wife’s Younger Sister taste you?!

Manan : No!! Please… I am sorry… Please!! Let us not talk about this… I am sorry.

Shikila : Fine… It’s fine, Manan Bhaiyya. Let us forget this happened!! I will never remind you about it. Stay Calm!!

Manan : Thank You!! Thank You So Much, Shikila!! I owe you!! I will never do anything like this!!

Shikila : I know!! I know!!

Manan : The next time I see you, I will get you a bigger Box of the same!!

Shikila : Yeah, Right!! Great!! Just what I was hoping for!! Duh!!

Manan : I meant… The pure one!! You know…

Shikila : Hahaha… Ohh Please… The Audacity!! Don’t make this worse.

Manan : No… Seriously!! You really should let me buy you Ice-Cream. Please… Only that will help me convince myself we are both truly over it. And then, we will never talk about what happened today, ever again!!

Shikila : If you are adamant you need to buy me a bigger Box, then get me the Special Edition, itself!!

Manan : What Special Edition?! What flavor is it actually?! Just tell me that… I will definitely get it for you.

Shikila : Hehehehe… You know… The Custom-Made…

Manan : I haven’t heard about it…

Shikila : It is The Exclusive one…

Manan : I don’t think I know…

Shikila : You do know!! Actually, Only You Know!!

Manan : What?? What flavor is that??

Shikila : Hehe… The one topped with a huge load of your juices!! 100 Times more than what I got today!!

Manan : Shikila!!

Shikila : What?? Oh, Wait… You don’t have it in you to give me a bigger dose?!

Manan : Hahahahha!!

Shikila : You are laughing?!

Manan : Sorry… I am actually shocked!! I just did not expect that from you… To tell you the truth, I am still expecting a bashing for what I did… And… Also… I never ever thought we will talk such things!!

Shikila : Not my fault… Hehe…

Manan : I know!!

Shikila : So… Is it a deal?! You are getting me that… Right??

Manan : Shikila!!

Shikila : YES or NO??

Manan : I wish I could say YES!! Haha!!

Shikila : Really??

Manan : I don’t see a reason to say NO to you??

Shikila : Is that so??

Manan : Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?!

Shikila : When can I expect your Next Load??

Manan : Fuckkk!! Shikku… Make sure you delete these texts!! Okay?! Flirting with you seems more sinful an act than trying to make you swallow my semen. I don’t want anybody to see any of this!!

Shikila : Cum!! Say Cum!! I like that word better… Hehe… And, for your kind information, you did not just try doing what you did!! You did what you did!! So, stop playing the Saint, and Say YES or NO!!

Manan : Haha… Fine!! But, why don’t you tell me this first… Is it just my juices you need the next time, OR, do you need some of my boys to add on to the serving?! The More The Merrier, I have heard!!

Shikila : Ooooo… Ohohohoho… I was not aware of the possibility!! I did not know I had options to choose from!!

Manan : The option where all of them together do the necessary is also available. It sells quite well… Hahaha!!

Shikila : Yeah?!

Manan : Yeah!!

Shikila : Oh… Okay… That is Good… And… Is that how your Shruthi Darling loves her Ice-Cream?!

Manan : I was almost certain you would hit back with that!! I know you so well… You Slutty Bitch!!

Shikila : I am definitely not as slutty as your own wife… I can bet on my life that she is one among those desperate sex-crazed women, who survives on sticky white toppings, given to her by more than just one man, and I am also pretty sure that she takes it directly into her mouth, every single day!!

Manan : Oh My!!

Shikila : What?? You did not like what I said?? Did I hurt the Loving Husband inside you?! Mecidiyeköy Escort Yeah?? Did I?! Well… Don’t forget that you turned her!! She is A Slut, and all thanks to you!!

Manan : Are you done?? Phewwww!! I had no clue there was a ferocious foul-mouthed fucked-up freak inside your tiny & cute & short body!!

Shikila : Maybe, you haven’t checked out my body well enough!!

Manan : Shikillaaa… Okay… See… I know why we are having this conversation… I know it is my fault… And… I think we should stop texting.

Shikila : Exactly!!

Manan : Yeah…

Shikila : So… What Next??

Manan : What??

Shikila : You coming over?!

Manan : What?!

Shikila : Or, Wait!! Mom is not going to sleep anytime soon, tonight. She is busy eating the Ice-Cream you gave her!! I really hope it is really without any of the Special Toppings. Hehehe… One can never be sure, especially when you have boys to do just that, and all I know is how you taste like!! Maybe, Shru will be of help here!! She would know how these boys of yours are!! Lol!!

Manan : Shikillaaa!! Noo… Please…Not that… Please… Stop!!

Shikila : You don’t find the idea exciting??

Manan : No!! I only have respect for your mother.

Shikila : Why don’t I get myself to your place!!

Manan : Shikilaa!! What The Hell!! That is not at all what I am even talking about!! I cannot let you into my house!! There is no chance!!

Shikila : Come on… We can have a good time!!

Manan : We are only going to get ourselves caught!! You do know the kind of neighbors I have. They only bring trouble!!

Shikila : Are you trying to say that you were okay with my proposal, otherwise?! If nobody was going to find out about us, you would have invited me home… Right?!

Manan : Listen… Shikku… You are My Wife’s Sister!! You are like My Own Sister!!

Shikila : Being your wife’s sister does not make me your sister!! And, ‘like your own sister’ is never ever ‘your own sister’!! Honestly, I am surprised you even have such morals. I don’t know… It is a big thing you can even think like that!!

Manan : What do you mean by that??

Shikila : What do you think I mean by that?? You never looked like somebody who would have a problem doing his own sister!! What you did today, further proves it!!

Manan : Enough!! That is so cheap!!

Shikila : Yeah!! As if what I said was not True!!

Manan : You know what?! Fuck You!!

Shikila : Lol!!

Manan : Enough of this nonsense!!

Shikila : You are so funny!! Hahaha!! Lol!! Whatever I said all this while is a Lie!! I made up all of this Cum on Ice-Cream nonsense!! Hahaha!! Lol!! You are my brother who is like my own brother who sees me like your own sister who is your own sister!! Super!! Lol… You know what?! I am very confident that you would be thinking of making me suck you off, even as you send me these messages!!

Manan : Shikila!! That is it!! We are done here!!

Shikila : Ya Ya Ya!!

Manan : This is too much!!

Shikila : Ya Ya Ya!!

Manan : Bye.

Shikila : Huh?!

Manan : I am done talking to you.

Shikila : What??

Manan : I am done talking to you!! I am going Offline.

Shikila : You Serious??

Manan : Bye!!

Shikila : Nooo… Please!! Don’t!! Come on… I was just joking.

Manan : Stop It!!

Shikila : Manan Bhaiyya… I am really sorry… I did not mean anything bad… I really did not mean anything bad.

Manan : Then?! What else did you mean??

Shikila : Bhaiyya… Please, don’t be angry!! I was just trying to tease you…

Manan : Tease?? Is this how you tease someone??

Shikila : Bhaiyyaa… What is this!! I was just pushing you!! I did not want to make you angry!!

Manan : Who said I am angry?!

Shikila : I know you are.

Manan : No… I don’t think so!!

Shikila : Why did you say you are done talking to me, then?!

Manan : I only said, I am done TALKING to you!!

Shikila : Ohhhh…

Manan : Yaaa…

Shikila : Aahaaa…

Manan : Yaaa…

Shikila : I get it…

Manan : You do??

Shikila : Yaaa…

Manan : Hehe…

Shikila : Sooo… What are you up to??

Manan : You mean… What are WE up to?!

Shikila : Hahaha!! Whooaa… Not Bad… I am kinda liking this.

Manan : Me too… I guess!! This could be something good…

Shikila : Got to make this into something great!!

Manan : Really wish the same!!

Shikila : Come pick me up!! Let’s go for a looooooong drive!!

Manan : What are you going to tell your Mother??

Shikila : That I am going to be a slut for her sweet Son-In-Law!!

Manan : You Bloody Bitch!!

Shikila : What?? I thought that was a good one…

Manan : Not really…

Shikila : Yeah??

Manan : Yeah… That was a bad one!!

Shikila : Hhmm… Okay… Well… Two things I completely hate are being rated poorly, and not being in control of a situation… Hhhhmmmm… Maybe, that was not a good one, after all… Let me see… What should I be telling my mother!! How about I tell her that I am going to go do something that her other two daughters have been doing?!

Manan : Excuse Me?! I don’t think I got that.

Shikila : Sorry for the lack of clarity… Bro!! I don’t know how exactly I should put this in words… But… Don’t you think it is time that your Mother-In-Law knows who is keeping her unmarried elder daughter satisfied!!

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