Sex with my Girlfriend’s Sister

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The characters and stories depicted here are fictional. Though some aspects may have roots in truth, almost everything is either fabricated and/or embellished. The names of any real people in the stories have been changed.

The area between the dotted lines is used to describe the setting of the story. If you are already familiar (It is similar to my other stories) or simply don’t need the extra info, then go ahead and skip to the dotted line to begin the story. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy.


It was another average July day. I had moved in with my girlfriend a couple of months before, and everything was going great. We had been dating for over two years now, and almost never fought, plus our sex life was pretty healthy, and we would fuck about every other night.

A little bit about myself, I’m about 6 foot with brown hair, and I would say a pretty average build as well.

My girlfriend is a bit shorter, at about 5’4. She strikes a nice figure, and has a cute little ass with either a large B-Cup or a smaller C-Cup, so no complaints here. She also has short, dark blonde hair. I would give her a 7 out of 10.

Like I said, my girlfriend and I had recently moved to a new city. This city we moved to is also where her two sisters and their friend lived (The three of them lived together in the same duplex). My girlfriend has a pretty close relationship with her sisters, and is either hanging out at their place or talking to them on the phone. I don’t really mind this relationship, the only time it bothers me is when I get dragged into some sort of responsibility when it comes to helping out her sisters with something.

Both sisters were older (She is 20 I am 21), one is Emma (21) and the other is Sarah (24). Emma could be considered slightly overweight, but her breasts were definitely larger than a D-Cup, they are absolutely huge. She’s just a little bit taller than her sister, and has long brunette hair. Her sister, Sarah, is similar to my girlfriend. She is about 5’4, with dark blonde hair. She does weigh just a bit more than my girlfriend, but her breasts are either a large C or a small D-Cup, and her ass is also just a little bit bigger than my girlfriends.

As my girlfriend was hanging out with her sisters more and more, she started to learn more about their past times. She soon found out that both of her sisters were single and looking for men pretty eagerly. Both of them had Tinder accounts, and both of them were known to have been at least fairly experienced sexually (especially Sarah, who can also be a bit of a bitch at times). My girlfriend also learned that they liked to go out a lot, and if they weren’t going out then they liked to stay in and either drink alcohol or smoke weed. They live a pretty carefree life.


Me and my girlfriend were sitting at home and just enjoying another casual night. We had Netflix on and had eaten a bit before, so we were feeling pretty comfortable. My girlfriend grabbed a blanket off of the floor and draped it over us on the couch and we continued to watch the show. I was sitting under the blanket in my underpants, and I was pretty invested in the movie we were watching, when my girlfriend’s phone started to ring. I looked over a little irritated, but grabbed the remote and paused Netflix so she could hear the other person on the call.

*Girlfriend brings phone up to ear*

Girlfriend : “Oh hey… Okay… Yeah, sure… Okay yeah I’ll come over..”

“What was that about”, I asked.

“Oh, nothing really, Emma wanted to know if I would come over, and I said I would”, She replied, “Is that okay?”

“Yeah that’s fine, have fun”. ( I honestly didn’t mind her going, I enjoy my alone time).

Then she said “I was actually kind of hoping that you would come with…”, I gave her a bit of a frown, and she finished with “I just really want you to come with, we’re just going to hang out at their place, and we can also do some laundry while we’re there.” (We try to avoid paying for the laundromat across the street)

“Ughhhhh alright.. Let me get ready and then we’ll go.” (The biggest reason I didn’t want to go was because I now had to get dressed and I was very cozy).

The two of us got ready and headed out the door with our clothes. I drove us to her sister’s house and parked the car. When we walked into the house we were greeted by Emma and the third roommate Melanie, Sarah wasn’t home at the time. So Emma, Melanie and me all had a seat in the living room after we started the laundry and started playing some card games. Overall it wasn’t too bad. We had all had a little bit to drink and we were joking around. The time was flying by, and before we knew it the clock struck midnight. I was a little stunned.

I asked the group, “Hey, how much longer are we going to be hanging out, because I’m not sure if I want to be out all night.” (I enjoy sleeping in my own bed)

“Hmm, probably not too much longer, we can leave in a bit”, My girlfriend replied.

Then Emma looked at my Ordu Escort girlfriend and said, “Actually I was kind of hoping you would run with me across town, I want to drop something off to one of my friends”.

Now I knew what she was asking for wasn’t going to be a quick trip. First they would leave, then they would probably have to get gas. After that they would have to drive across town, which takes about twenty minutes, and drop off whatever she wanted to give her friend. Emma also tends to be a bit of a talker, and any “quick” visit tends to snowball into an hour long hangout, followed by a trip to a 24/7 restaurant for a snack. After that then they would drive back across down, which is another twenty minutes. This whole thing would minimally take an hour, and I wasn’t very excited about it.

Luckily my girlfriend saved the day when she said, “Yeah, I can go with the two of you, but is it okay if my boyfriend stays here with the laundry, that way he can just drive the car home when it’s done.”

This seemed like a win win, I would get to head home a bit earlier and my girlfriend would get to hang out with her sister and her friend. Emma and her roommate agreed to the arrangement, and soon the three of them were off. I sat on the couch and flipped on the tv while I kept sipping on my drink. When there was about fifteen minutes left on the washing machine I heard a noise by the front door, and in walked Sarah.

“Oh, hey, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Not a lot, just doing laundry. Emma, Melanie and my girlfriend were here not too long ago, but they went to drop something off so I’m just hanging out until the clothes are done.” I replied, a little worried that she would be upset, as Sarah can be the bitchiest one out of the girls mentioned.

“Well alright, mind if I hang out with you a bit then? I was just out with a couple of my friends but they had to split a bit earlier and I’m not really tired.”

“Um, yeah, that’s fine, I wouldn’t mind the company.” I said back.

So Sarah walked in and had a seat on the loveseat across from the couch, which I was lazily sprawled out on. I could tell that she had been drinking a bit, and I was feeling the effects of the alcohol as well. We sat around for a while and continued to just lounge about. After a while she asked me if I wanted some stronger alcohol, and I agreed.

Sarah was looking pretty good. She had a light blue V-neck on that showed off a bit of cleavage, and she was also wearing some tight black leggings. She got up and walked towards the kitchen to grab a bit more to drink. When she got over to the cupboard, she reached up to the top shelf to grab the vodka and some shot glasses. She is fairly short though, and when she tried to reach for the drinks she had to go on her tip toes, leaving me with a great vantage point of her ass in her leggings, and I could distinctly see a little maroon thong through the stretched material. She fumbled with the glasses and the bottle for a bit until she was able to grab everything she needed, and she brought them over to us.

Now I’m going to be honest, seeing her thong through her leggings and the bit of alcohol we had was making me a bit horny. So we sat there and drank even more, and we got more and more free with our conversation.

“So, you were out with some friends?” I asked. I was just trying to make some small talk in order to pass the time.

“Yeah, they were trying to cheer me up.” She replied.

I was intrigued, “Cheer you up? What do you mean?”

“Well, like you know I’m on Tinder right? And that I’ve been looking for a guy?” She prodded. ” Well I haven’t exactly been having the best luck, and they were taking me out to cheer me up and maybe meet a guy or something.”

“How did that go? if you don’t mind me asking.” I asked, happy that we found a topic to land on for our small talk.

“To be honest, not very good,” she replied, “I just wish I could find a guy, you know?”

“I think you’ll be fine Sarah, you’re a pretty cool person.” I tried reassuring her.

“Well, thanks, I’m flattered,” she blushed, followed by a period of awkward silence where neither of us said anything. We both just sat there and silently sipped our drinks, then to my surprise she broke the silence.

“Hey.. do you smoke?” She asked me.

“Yeah, well… I haven’t in a bit, but I do enjoy it” I replied.

“Well, do you want to smoke a little, before you have to go?”

“Hey, if you’re offering, I’m totally up for it.” I said. I enjoy smoking, probably even more than I like drinking.

“Haha, well okay… here, come help me.” She giggled as she got up and headed towards her room. I got up to follow her, watching her ass bounce back and forth as she walked.

When she got in the room she flicked on the light and walked over to one of her dressers. I walked up next to it as well while she opened it up and started rummaging through. Eventually she pulled up a jar full of what looked like green leaves packed tightly together, and I got that slight Ordu Escort Bayan whiff of skunk (You know what I’m talking about) as she pulled it out. She also pulled out some rolling papers and her lighter to go with it.

“Alright let’s go” she said as she handed me the lighter and papers and walked back into the living room.

She took a seat on the couch, so this time I grabbed the loveseat, as I didn’t want to make the jump and make her feel weird.

“Um.. what are you doing over there?” She asked me with a quizzical look.

I chuckled a bit, “Well where am I supposed to be?”

“Get over here guy, have a seat on the couch.” She patted the cushion right next to her.

I wasn’t about to complain. I got up and made my way right next to her to take a seat. She worked a bit and started packing the paper so that we could smoke. The weed had a pretty strong smell, but through it I could also get whiffs of her perfume, and it wasn’t helping with my horniness. After a while she finished up the joint and got it ready to smoke.

She pulled it up to her lips, looked at me and said, “Mind if I take the first hit?”

“Hey, it’s your stuff, you make the rules,” I said back.

She chuckled a bit, then put her plump lips around the joint. She took a couple of hard pulls, then handed it to me. I grabbed it and eagerly putting it in my mouth. I also pulled a couple of times and I felt the smoke fill my lungs. We passed the joint back and forth, and before long we were feeling great. Both of us had already had a bit to drink, and now we were getting pretty high as well.

As we handed off the joint to each other, I also noticed us getting closer and closer. Soon our legs were touching almost across their entire length, and we were partially leaning towards each other at times. Once the joint was done, we sat there and let it all sink in for a bit. There was complete silence for what felt like an eternity. I was in my own world, just enjoying everything, but then, once again she broke the silence.

“I don’t know why I have a hard time getting a guy..” She said, kind of looking off into the distance.

I replied, “You know, I’m not really sure what to tell you.” (Like I said earlier, she can be kind of a bitch sometimes)

She then said, “I just wish it was easier, you know? Like, in movies they always show that a guy just has to go out of his way to get the girl… I feel like I shouldn’t have to be the one looking for the guy, you know?”

“Yeah, I understand,” I began, “That is kind of odd, it seems like to me the guy is usually the one to make the first move in most situations, and he’s usually the one that has to pursue the girl.”

“It’s too bad.. If only guys knew…” She started, but then didn’t finish.

“If only they knew what?” I prodded, wondering where she was going with that statement.

Her response went, “Well, I don’t know… I don’t know if I should say anything.”

I continued to prod, “I mean, you can’t just start saying something then just stop… I’m high, you’re gonna fuck me up if you do shit like that”

“Haha, I guess you’re right..” She laughed, ” All I was going to say is that if a guy was just commanding and just told me what he wanted to do, then I would probably do it.”

“You would do what?” I asked after a moment of silence.

“Honestly? Just about anything that he possibly wanted..” She started, “I just really like it when a guy takes control.”

“Is that like, a turn on for you?” I asked, getting extremely turned on.

“Oh yeah, it definitely is.” She began, “I’m not sure why, I kind of just have a thing for being bossed around.”

I pushed it a bit farther, “so, like, what if there was a guy you were alone with, and he told you to… I don’t know.. Take your shirt off… Would you do it?”

She replied, “Would I take my shirt off? Probably.” I could tell she was getting a bit excited.

I continued with my questions. “What if you were alone with this guy, and he told you to take out his dick and start sucking it?”

After a moment of silence, she said, “I would do it.”

There was definitely some sexual tension in the air, and both of us were feeling pretty horny. We both sat there for a little bit longer, flustered but quiet while we continued to enjoy our highs. Then I decided it was my time to break the silence.

“Sarah,” I began, getting her attention, “Take your shirt off.”

There was a moment of awkward silence where we just looked into each other’s eyes, and for a second I thought maybe I had pushed this too far. Then she moved her hands to the bottom of her shirt on opposite sides, grabbed the hem and started to pull up until her entire upper body was revealed to me. She was wearing a red and black bra that gave her a lot of cleavage, and I had a hard time looking up from her chest in order to make eye contact.

“Now stand up, in front of me… ” I started, ” and take off your leggings too.”

She got up without hesitation and started pulling off her leggings. Escort Ordu Soon her maroon thong was in view, and she was standing in front of me with only her bra and panties on. I was extremely turned on, and I could tell she was too.

“Come and sit on my lap, facing me.” I said.

She straddled my lap, positioning her thong clad pussy right over my rock hard cock. Her tits were right in my face, and she reached back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the ground. I now had a full view of the top half of her body. Her tits were a bit bigger than my girlfriends, but her nipples were also larger. I reached up with both hands and started massaging her breasts while my tongue teased her nipples. She responded by grinding her pelvis into mine, rubbing against my dick.

I started kissing my way up the front of her body and up her neck. Once I got to her lips we were attacking each other’s mouths with our tongues. I moved my hands to her back and squeezed her ass, pulling her into me while we french kissed on the living room couch. Sarah then reached down to grab the bottom of my shirt and started pulling it off. After that she slid back a bit and started undoing my jeans, pulling them off of my until I was just in my boxers. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me into her room.

So here I am, in just my boxers, laying in my girlfriend’s sister’s bed while she’s wearing nothing but a little maroon thong. Sarah started to kiss down my chest, going lower and lower until she reached my boxers. She pulled them off of me and started kissing the head of my dick. After teasing my a bit she opened her mouth and began sliding it in. It felt so amazing feeling her warm, wet mouth envelope my dick, and I could tell she had sucked dick in her past, because she was very good at it. It wasn’t long before she had my entire length in her mouth, then she started sliding up and down, using one of her hands to fondle my balls while she performed fellatio on me. I was thanking the alcohol for taking away my ability to cum as quickly as usual, because otherwise I would have been done in ten seconds flat.

She continued to suck my dick for a while, constantly taking me deep into her mouth while I was reaching down and playing with her tits. After a bit I put a hand on her shoulder and began pulling her up. I started making out with her again, and moved my hands down to her pussy. I rubbed her over the thong, and could feel her moaning into my mouth, turning me on even more. I started to pull her thong down, and she eagerly helped me out. After that I felt her pussy for a bit, until I started to slide a finger in and out of her. She was absolutely soaked and was moaning even harder now.

“Fuck me,” I told her as I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me.

She got on top and started grinding her wet pussy on my rock hard dick. Then she reached down between her legs, grabbed my dick and started sliding it into her. It wasn’t the tightest fit in the world, but it felt so good. We started a bit slow, her just rocking on top of me, but after a while we got faster and faster and soon she was riding me as fast as she could. Her tits were bouncing in front of me and I was squeezing and slapping her ass. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming, but i wasn’t quite done yet.

I slid out of her and started to move a bit. At first she was kind of confused as to what I was doing, but when I grabbed her shoulders and got her on her hands and knees then she knew what I wanted to do. I got behind her doggystyle and lined up my dick with her pussy. I started to slowly push in, and she arched her back while sliding backwards to meet my initial thrust. I was extremely turned on. I had a full view of the back of her, and I started to fuck her, in and out. As we got faster and faster I started to slap her ass, and every time I did she would moan louder and louder. After that I reached out while we were fucking and I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back, which led to her speeding up even more.

We fucked like this for quite a while, me pulling her hair and slapping her ass while she pushed back into me and moaned. Suddenly she started to clench up a bit and started to moan even louder than before and her whole body started shaking. Her pussy clenched on my dick repeatedly, and her climax put me over the edge. I pulled out of her and released repeated spurts of cum out on her lower back. Once everything was calmed down, we collapsed on the bed together.

I had almost fallen asleep when it occurred to me that I still needed to get the laundry and get home. I tapped Sarah’s shoulder and tried talking to her, but she was fast asleep. I got up and grabbed the laundry. After that I packed everything into my car and headed home. Once the laundry was put away I hopped into the shower, then to bed. The next morning my girlfriend was lying next to me, so she must have come home sometime while I was asleep.

We woke up and had our same old, normal conversations and made small talk. She obviously had no idea what had happened with me and her sister the night before, and I wanted to keep it that way. I haven’t talked to her sister in a bit, but seeing as how it’s been a while now since the event happened, I’m hoping that I’m just in the clear. I’m hoping it will be our little secret.

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