Sensual Sex Massage

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There was a woman who had enjoyed sex with her partners over the years. She had been told that she was ‘satisfied’ because she felt pleasure. But deep inside herself she knew that something was lacking. She had read about multiple orgasms and thought that she had one – once. There was also a nagging feeling that sex should feel much better and should not be over in under 20 minutes, when her man came.

One day she was on a sex hookup web site and came across a gent who described how wonderful and fantastic the orgasms were that he and his partners experienced due to the use of sensual sexual Tantra massage; which he performed as and during foreplay. She remembered the massage that she had received a decade ago, as a present and how good it felt and how relaxed she was afterwards. But surely this guy could not be talking about that. That was not sexy. It felt good, but there was nothing sexual about it.

A few weeks later curiosity won the day, she was feeling particularly empty, unloved and unsatisfied. Her man had just climbed on top of her after a few kisses and slammed his dick into her dry vagina. Not only did it hurt, but she was really not feeling sexy at that moment. But he humped away for five or six minutes, with no regard for her satisfaction or her pain. He eventually ejaculated in her, then slid out saying; “that was great hon, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did”. He kissed her and got up and went into the living room to watch fucking TV!

She laid there staring at the ceiling feeling the cum oozing out and getting upset. She decided enough is enough. She is not a cum dump. And by god if he couldn’t satisfy her sexually then she was going to find someone who could!

She remembered the guy talking about foreplay and massage on that website and decided to look him up. She read his profile again and then did something she had never done before. She sent him an email. In it she asked about himself and the massage process.

She was curious how it was possible to be that turned on by a massage? She then turned to another web site and looked up sensual massage and Tantra sex massage. What she saw had to be done by actors. That could not be real.

They emailed back and forth many, many times over the next few weeks. They both learned a lot about the other. She learned that the massage was no normal therapy massage. It involved, sight, sounds, smell and touch. The massage room was set up with scented candles, sensual massage music played softly, and the room was a pleasant 74 degrees, a veritable seduction room. He learned about her lack of sexual release and being unsatisfied sexually with her partners. He had discussed his loneliness even though he was married. Apparently his cow of a wife was no longer interested in him or sex. So he had not had intercourse for almost two years.

Over the course of the emails she had disclosed, in answer to one of his graphically detailed portrayals of a sensual massage; one which he claimed lasted over 45 minutes … surely not real, that she was pretty sure that she had never experienced an orgasm even close to like what he had described. He assured her that they were real and if she just tried it, just once, she would not be sorry.

They eventually agreed to meet at a bar which they both had heard of, just for a drink and some conversation. It was really to satiate her curiosity and to meet face to face and see if they clicked. If they did then who knows where it would lead. Both were nervous. They had emailed back and forth for well over a month, they had pics of each other but they were still strangers. What if she did not like him? Say he creeped her out. Would she be able to get away safely to her car? OMG she was stressed and almost visibly shaking.

He on the other hand was worried that she might not like his personality or that she may have used someone else’s pic and was not what he was expecting. If he did not like her how easily could he let her down and get away without being a jerk.

It turned out great. They both liked what they saw and felt. They talked for what seemed like hours and eventually decided to get a room at the nearby hotel. She had to find out about this 45 minutes of foreplay! Surely it was not real.

She accompanied him to the room. As they walked into the room, she found that It had already been prepared just as he had described in his emails. Apparently he had high hopes that they would make a connection. There was a hint of incense in the room, with candles ready to be lit. The massage oils sat in a warmer ready to be used.

As the door closes he leans in and our lips touch for the first time. My heart races, he slowly slides his hands down to the small of my back and pulls me into an embrace. Already I am seeing that this man knows something about seduction; unlike my dolt of a man.

After some time we separate a bit, breathe and begin to slowly undress. The music begins playing gently and as we both get naked, he stands in awe of my body, beşiktaş escort I think he is handsome :-). I still have butterflies in my stomach about what I am doing.

He sits on the bed with his back to the headboard and asks that I sit in front of him with my back on his chest and rest my head on his shoulder. I climb on the bed unsure but willing to give this a try. He gently cradles me and begins kissing and nibbling on my neck and ear lobes, while running his fingers through my silky hair. He rubs some warm oil on his hands and soothes me with gentle flowing strokes on my face, forehead, neck and shoulders, while murmuring sweet nothings, saying that he is enchanted by my body and especially likes my breasts.

Then after many minutes of making me feel safe, secure and adored, he asks me to lay down on my stomach and he gets serious with the warm oil and the caresses.

I am beginning to trust his man, to relax and begin to enjoy his touch. He is kneeling alongside me and begins massaging my shoulders first and the relief is almost instantaneous. I feel wonderful as he pushes and pulls my body and I wondered why I hadn’t done this before, as I could feel the stress and tension gradually melting from my body. He is using his hands with hot oil and long gentle strokes everywhere, moving to my neck from my shoulders.

Then he begins to use long sensual feather light touches, they tickle and makes me quiver. Slowly he strokes down my arms and hands. He adds more oil and gently works the muscles and the pressure points in my fingers, palms and my forearms. It is deliciously decadent. He then resumes the long sensuous strokes, adding more oil as needed, up and around my arms, shoulders and neck. I am beginning to understand the allure of this as his caresses feel wonderful.

I am beginning to feel very relaxed but yet alive. I can feel every touch and caress and it is fabulous! Then he moves down and begins working the muscles in my upper and lower back. Oh god that feels so good! He is massaging my tense muscles in my lower back with a figure eight motion pressing and then repeating. Then he works his long sensual strokes back up to all of the other oiled up areas of my body!

I am so relaxed and I feel more sensual and sexual than I have ever felt in my life.

OMG! His hands are now all over my butt and legs and feet. He is working more oil into my skin and caressing and touching everywhere at once! Now he is massaging my gluts and he grazing my rosebud, Oh god that feels good and strange but I like it. Now he is massaging my lower back, hands, feet and thighs. Ohhh … god this feels amazing, his hands are everywhere, touching and stroking everywhere with those sensuous long caresses. Now he is rubbing me, no longer with just his hands, but with his arms and his manly chest. His entire upper body is now part of the full body part of the massage, and slippery with the oil. My skin feels so alive. I crave his every stroke, caress and touch. I want his body touching me everywhere all at once. My body is like a live wire with sparks coming from every place where our bodies touch.

He’s asking me to raise up my rear and is placing pillows under me. I am on my knees. He begins adding more oil as he is massaging and stroking the outside of my thighs and around my calves. He is gliding his warm oily hands around my butt, back and thighs. With my ass in the air and with my face on the bed, he is slowly, gently, firmly spreading my legs apart.

I feel so wanton – displaying my pussy and ass spread open like this. I am very hot at this stage but bravely bite my lip and wait to see what he will do next.

He doesn’t touch my pussy but I know he is looking right at it, with my legs as spread apart as they are. I want him to touch me there, ohh, god! How I want his caresses there. I need his fingers caressing my pussy!

He begins to touch and massage my inner thighs and buns, gently and sensuously massaging, caressing and stroking into the other oiled areas of my body. He is keeping all of the areas that he has awakened in me alive. I am now so very sensitive to his touch and I am feeling so connected to him. He is caressing my inner thighs and is now moving up towards my labia. He is stroking and caressing gently into the surrounding areas but, always coming back near my labia, but with no direct contact!

God, I am so wet I must be dripping. I need him to touch me so badly. He slowly begins focusing on the inner labia and gently stroking and massaging the outside of each inner lip and sliding down in between them, with no penetration, while just feather light touches grazing on my little pearl. Ohhh … oh good god he is teasing me, I beg him to stop teasing me and to fuck me. But he just moves to begin stroking the outer labia, rubbing and caressing each one.

He is now also beginning to gently caress and circle around my vagina. He smoothly moves away and extends his strokes beşyol escort down to my feet and back up my entire body, back around my labia and NOW he touches me – inside!

He inserts a finger inside of me and begins slowly stroking and reaching in. As he begins to finger me, gently sliding inside of my moist dripping vagina, he adds another finger to the plunging and gently begins pinching and stroking my clit. He is pushing in and reaching down towards my G-Spot, He finds it and begins brushing against it while furiously stroking in and out of my dripping pussy.

I moan; “I’m gonna cum – please make me cum, Oh god, Pleeeasee don’t stop, it feels so good”. He is continuing to caress, stroke and pinch my clit at the same time. My orgasm explodes out from my clit and radiates out to the tips of my fingers, my toes … everywhere. It is like a wave and I scream as I ride the crest. He holds my hands and just gazes into my eyes smiling.

I am so relaxed and content … I hear him from a far away distance asking me to just lie there, relax and enjoy the moment. After a few minutes, as my breathing begins to return to normal, he asks me to lift up my rear. He removes the pillows and tells me that he is going to lie on his back and when I am ready then I am to do to him what he has just done to me.

I begin by describing his body and how it feels for me to look at it and touch it. I say he has a wonderful body and that I like looking at him. I tell him I especially like looking at his cock, which now is half erect. I tell him I would like to play with it and see if I can make him fully erect. I tell him I want to stroke his cock and kiss it. I feel as if I am in a trance as I speak to him. He tells me to do whatever I want with his body.

I oil up my hands, touching his face, forehead, felt his cheeks, neck, shoulders, and trace all round his hairy chest, and his strong arms. He tells me to now go slow, touching him only with each fingertip as if it was a feather. As I am lightly stroking his body, I use more oil and stroke his arms and his belly. I can see his cock getting excited and swelling more and more, glistening in the candle light. By now, my hands stroking down his body have arrived at that beautiful cock. Using more oil, I feel all round his cock up slowly from the bottom with both hands.

I hold his cock in my fist and feel it gain in size and hardness until it is fully erect. I lean closer to it to get a better look, as my hand moves up and down on it. With my other hand I cradle his balls and caress them as I stroke his cock. I think to myself, “what a wonderful cock”, as It stands majestically in front of my eyes. I play with it for several minutes and then I feel the urge to kiss and suck it. I kiss the tip a few times running my lips and tongue around the head.

Then, I slowly place it on my lips and gently suck in just the top of the head. I tease around the crown with my tongue, reveling in the taste of his precum and the feel of it in my mouth. All the while, he is smiling and breathing deeply in enjoyment. For what seems a rather long time I lick and suck him slowly not wanting to stop. Then I move on to caressing and oiling his thighs, calves, and feet. I feel powerful to be able to give him the same pleasure that he had given me.

I start sliding my entire body against his like he had done to me. My nipples are burning and felt like cinders on the ends of my breasts, burning tracks on his chest. My aerola are crinkled and rough. My hips push into his pelvis, and my clit drags against his hard-on between our crotches. The dampness of my pussy and all of the massage oil provides erotic lubrication for the contact of our genitals. It is so glorious and so sensual, I almost cum just from doing that.

After a while, he tells me stop, relax, and just lie beside him. As we lay and look at one another, breathing deeply, he asks how I feel. I tell him everything is okay, more than okay. I say I feel very happy and safe. I hug him and we kiss deeply. We lay there for a few moments just cuddling and caressing.

He asks me to now lie on my back. I am offering the front of my body to his fantastic manipulations. I would normally be very embarrassed, because I am now lying completely naked in front of him, but I am not. I am calm unbelievably relaxed and simply enjoying everything that is happening to me.

He arranges a pillow for my head and starts with my feet paying special attention to each individual toe, the ball, the instep, the heel, the top of my foot, and bottom. He explains that there are reflex pressure points for our sexual being as well as our entire body. He tells me that in Reflexology there are areas on our feet which connect to specific areas of our bodies. The spots which correspond to our sex organs are located, above the heel but below the ankle bone and down towards the instep. As he presses there, I think I can feel massage pressure inside beykent escort my lower belly. There is another on the outside of the foot directly across from that same ankle/heel area. As he presses and massages there I again can feel something. The point relating to my breasts is on the top of the each foot directly behind the middle toes. These spots are where he is pressing and massaging now and it feels wonderful.

Then he moves up my calves massaging in the warm oil and loosening every muscle. On to my thighs with the same caressing and gentle muscle massage. He spends quite some time caressing and stroking my thighs and buns, coming close to my pussy but just not quite touching it. Just a fleeting brush of his palm against my pubic hair as the caressing strokes move past. I am moaning and groaning almost constantly now as every touch is excruciatingly sensual and is awakening yet another nerve ending, making my skin feel alive.

Then he begins extending those lovely long sensual caressing strokes down to my feet feet and back up again to my hips repeatedly. He moves to my forehead, neck and arms oiling, massaging and caressing as he goes, focusing on each individual finger and my palms. Then he is caressing my chest and abdomen. He oils those areas but avoids my areolas and nipples. My nipples are like hard stones, I am so fucking aroused. But also more relaxed and loved than any other time in memory.

He is now using the long sensual caressing strokes from my fingertips all the way down my body to my toes and back up again, many times. He is stroking and caressing every inch of me, over and over again. He is massaging warm oil into the tops and sides of my thighs, belly and pudenda, gently grazing but not purposefully touching my labia or clit yet.

He begins slowly stroking around the outer sides of my labia and extends the long sensual strokes out to the other oiled up areas of my body, keeping all of the nerves active and connected directly to my pussy and now to my nipples. He begins stroking and caressing my breasts, rubbing and gently pinching my nipples. He again sensuously slides his entire body along my body sliding our bodies together, skin on skin.

All the while his hands are continuing with the loving, gentle, caressing, long strokes from my forehead, neck, arms, breasts, belly, hips, thighs, legs, feet and all over again.

Although he is now massaging my belly and my breasts, I realize that he is only working from my navel upwards. He asks me to spread my legs and then he sits down between them, with his legs under mine asking me to relax and breathe deeply. He pours some more warm oil on my belly and I can feel it running down into my pubic hair and also slowly dripping onto my pussy lips.

He begins massaging my lower belly and I start to get very excited especially as he worked his way down until he is rubbing his hands around my pubic area. Slowly he begins stroking and caressing, working around my labia. He is stroking and massaging around each outer labia lip and then the same for the inner lips. As my pussy begins to open further, he moves my legs apart gently to get more access.

He is tapping his finger tips on my lower belly making it feel like a thousand little raindrops are hitting my sensitized skin and massaging my pudenda. He’s stroking down and around my thighs and labia, he is extending the caressing gently to surrounding areas but always coming back to my labia. I am in heaven. When he touches this one area, it feels like he is caressing everywhere all at once.

It’s like his hands and his entire body have become an extension of me. We are one body, one sensual being. I have never been this turned on in my life!

He slowly begins focusing on my inner labia gently stroking and massaging and now he begins circling around my vagina with his tongue. As he continues I am loosing control of my breathing and I am now moaning … a lot! He slowly and methodically explores each and every fold, crevice, and curve formed by my labia. Taking his time to memorize every detail, every bump, every crease of my pussy with his tongue and lips.

As I lay on the bed moaning to his every touch, he is creating a mental map of my labia now by using his tongue to circumnavigate my vulva. Once he has licked and explored everywhere, his tongue starts to probe different places to see how I react. Now he knows where to lick and rub to maximize my pleasure.

Never, have I experienced such a thorough tonguing. He now extends the massage strokes back down to my feet and back up my entire body and begins caressing and massaging my breasts including the areola and nipples. He is massaging, squeezing, rolling, and nipping, at my nipples with his teeth, Oh God that is fantastic. I am so hot and turned on that my areola are contracting becoming crinkled and rough.

I am still trembling as he moves up alongside me, but still keeping his fingers on my clit, he reaches over and takes one of my nipples in his mouth! He rolls my nipple in his lips and then begins sucking it – at the same time he is stroking my clit … AGAIN! I was still turned on from the first orgasm but now this is building up to a tremendous orgasm. I can feel my body responding to his fingers and his mouth and then it hits me! Like I am caught in an avalanche, I can’t breathe, Ohhhhh Myyyy God!

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