Selling Dallas

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Her life had become a whirlwind of activity. After the loss of her love interest in a tragic accident in Maui, Charlene had learned how to deal with adversity.

Juggling her growing career in the real estate business, being a single mother, a Grandmother and now working with a national television production company on a new show. Selling Dallas. Her life was non stop.

It had been almost a year since that fateful day while on vacation in Maui. She was sure he was about to propose as they soaked in a jacuzzi. He said he had something to give her but he left it in their room of the condo they had rented in Maui.

“I’ll be right back. You just stay here and look gorgeous.” She remembered him saying and her replying.

“Don’t be long Kaz. I have something that needs your attention.” He smiled and then went to go do whatever it was he was going to do. Although she had a feeling it was something special.

Unsure if she was ready for such a commitment, Charlene had been enjoying her freedom after twenty-four years of marriage, but something about him made her feel different. A good different. It started as a casual affair that turned into something more, something deeper for sure.

Then tragedy struck. It was determined he drowned while trying to save someone else. It was never confirmed because his body was never found, however eye witnesses reported to the police they saw a man swim out to help a person struggling in the water and helped save them. They never saw him come out of the water. Her gut always told her that he somehow survived.

Now, months later, after auditioning for a new TV show and accepting, things couldn’t get much more hectic.

“Selling Dallas.” was a show that followed her around as she sold homes in the Dallas area to her clients. This was not the fixer upper type of show however, that wasn’t Charlene’s specialty. She dealt in the higher end homes. Those that were half a million or more, which was not uncommon in the city or it’s surrounding areas.

Having sold to CEO’s, sports stars and newcomers alike in the Dallas area, she had established herself as one of the top real estate agents. Her Korean/American good looks didn’t hurt her audition either, but it was her personality that sold her to the producers of the television show.

Now getting ready to tape their first episode, Charlene sat in the dressing room. She never knew how much behind the scenes went into producing a TV show and she found herself a little bewildered.

“You ready to become a star?” the shows producer asked.

“I don’t know. This is all so intimidating.” She nervously replied.

“You’ll do fine. Just be yourself.” he reassured her as he leaned down hoping to kiss her, but Charlene turned away.

“Please don’t. It was great that night, but it was just a one time thing. Okay?”

Feeling the burn of her denial, he turned to leave.

“Daniel? Thank you.” she said to him.

As he closed the door, Charlene heard him say,

“Five minutes.”

The door shut a little harder than necessary she thought. Oh well. She smiled as she remembered the night she met him at the bar. She didn’t know who he was and he didn’t know her either. They drank, talked and laughed. Later that evening, she took him to her house and fucked his brains out.

His virility was unexpected and Charlene was sore the next day. She smiled at the memory, but he wasn’t the kind of man to attach herself too. Little did she know they would meet up again a week later at the audition.

Charlene wasn’t even aware there was one. If it weren’t for her boss’s encouragement, she never would’ve tried. When she got there and saw Daniel, she almost turned around.

During the audition, she spoke of how she got started, worked hard and talked about her successes as well as her failures. Her honesty and spontaneity during her interview really swayed the production team and they offered her the job almost immediately.

Now it was show time. Her clients also had to audition and three different houses were already prepped and ready. All Charlene had to do was show them around the house, let her personality shine and do some off site commentary about the house and the couple.

The producers were delighted with the first day’s shooting and everyone went out to party afterwards. Charlene called her best friend Deb to come out with her knowing that if she got in trouble, Deb would be there to save her.

As usual, Charlene was the life of the party. Drinks flowed, laughter was abundant and Deb kept Charlene from making dumb mistakes. The not so dumb mistakes she left alone. Deb recalled the time she met Kaz.

She new there was something different about him, something mysterious, yet comforting. Was it a mistake? She wasn’t sure, but he did make Charlene feel special and to Deb, that’s all that mattered. Charlene was her best friend and like any good friend, she was overly protective.

It was a pity that he disappeared in Maui. Charlene cried for days and was unconsolable for the longest time. Had it not bahçeşehir escort been for the birth of her grand baby, Charlene might still have been in a funk. However, Deb was finally able to drag her to her favorite bar where she had a chance to let loose.

Charlene met a cowboy and danced the night away. She was having a great time when her phone buzzed. As she was pulling the phone from her pocket, it fell on the floor and broke. She never saw the text that read, “Hello Gorgeous”. She never new it was him, never knew he was alive.

Deb had her hands full, but Charlene was on the prowl and what Charlene want’s, she usually got. She had her eye on a sexy blonde man. She guessed him to be about the same age, mid forties. Average height, but compared to Charlene’s small stature, most men seemed tall. Broad shoulders, prominent chin, wavy hair, blue eyes and a great smile.

She made eye contact and without waiting for an invitation, she walked straight towards him.

“Hi. I’m Charlene.”

“Brice.” came the deep voiced reply as he extended his hand.

“Wow. You have large hands.”

Charlene had always heard that if you compliment a man’s hands, they would be putty in hers.

“Thank you. And yours are small and delicate. Hopefully your not.”

“Not in the least.” she purred.

“I’m having whiskey and water. What’ll you have?”

“Something tall, Blonde and handsome.”

“Perhaps we should leave before you find something more interesting.”

Charlene sat on her front porch, wrapped in a loose fitting bathrobe drinking coffee, taking time to reflect. Something she tried doing daily. To think about where her life had taken her and where she would go next. The night with Brice was special. It helped her feel like the woman she used to be, to feel a man’s touch and embrace.

At that moment, she decided to give this TV show her full attention. She picked up her phone and texted the producer of the show.

‘I think we can do better.’

The reply was almost immediate.


‘I was nervous. Not myself. Let’s get some more clients and I’ll do a better job. I know some of the Cowboys. Maybe we can get one of them on the show.’

‘Great idea. You get on that and I’ll rustle up another group of house’s and pitch it to the network.’

Feeling satisfied with that part of her life, she got up, took her robe off and went back to bed. She laid her naked body on top of Brice’s and kissed his neck, shoulders and chest before moving down and taking his stiffening cock into her mouth.

She could taste herself from the night before which made her pussy ache. She needed his cock inside her, but first she had to get him hard. Charlene was very good at making that happen.

Brice wasn’t accustomed to waking up with a naked woman kissing him and sucking on his cock, but he wasn’t about to waste Charlene’s efforts. Once he was fully erect, he told her to sit on his cock, reverse cowboy. Charlene was eager to have his cock inside her and reverse cowboy let her control the rhythm. It also let her rub her clit while she slid up and down on him.

Their climax came simultaneously, Charlene collapsing on top of Brice. Feeling satisfied sexually as well as mentally, she got up and took a shower. Bruce watched as he went to the bathroom to take a shower. She peeked around the door and asked,

“You going to join me or not?”

Brice wasted no time in joining the beautiful woman in the shower. They took turns washing each other and making out with Charlene making every effort to give him another rise. She took her soapy hands and stroked his cock until he was hard again, then turned around and pushed her ass against his hard cock.

“You’re insatiable.” he said as his cock slid inside her once more.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Two months later, Charlene’s show became the number one new reality show for the Home Improvement channel. Charlene was making a name for herself, not only locally, but nationally as well. She was branding all sorts of home improvement products from appliances and dinner ware to bed sheets.

Her production team couldn’t be happier and neither could she. People were clamoring to be on her show. Football stars, basketball players, and local business men and women were lining up to be part of her show. Partly because they wanted a new home, partly to get some face time on television to fan their celebrity status.

Charlene didn’t care. She was enjoying the attention the show was getting and the money she was making. Her producers couldn’t be happier either. After a couple of months, they Network signed on for two more seasons of Selling Dallas.

One day, the producers had set up a listing for a young entrepreneur and his wife.

They were newlyweds and looking for their first home. She reveled in their youth and exuberance and was truly excited to get back to the kind of homes she used to sell.

As usual, there were bakırköy escort three houses already picked out and Charlene went through each one with them. The first a Tudor of moderate size. The next a Classic Colonial.

The producer then threw a curve and wanted Charlene to ride with the couple to the next home. She had all the information in a file folder and was reviewing it while talking with the couple as they drove.

There was something familiar about the home. The folder didn’t have the address, but the pictures of it looked like a home she once sold before.

“This next house is something I’ve saved for last. I think you’ll enjoy it.” she said as scripted.

Her mind thought back to a time when she was just getting started. Probably a year or more into her career. She had been feeling frisky and went for a walk in nothing but a long coat.

The “new” her she had decided back then. She bumped into a man who later wound up buying a home just like this. But not before they had some of the most spontaneous and exciting sex ever in the bathroom. She might have thought poorly of herself had they not become a couple later on.

Charlene had a sudden sense of melancholy and became quiet for several long moments. The newlyweds hadn’t noticed and as they pulled up to the house that was next.

Charlene opened the door and saw the exact home from that day. She smiled to herself as she fondly thought about that encounter. Kaz was unlike any man she had ever met before or since. She felt a tear come to her eye and she left it to run down her cheek.

The camera man and the newlyweds both noticed. The camera getting a closeup that would later be edited out of the show.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh. Yes. I’m sorry. This house used to belong to a friend of mine. I didn’t recognize it from the photo’s on the file. This house has a lot of good memories. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

That episode was the highest rated show of all time for the network and they showered Charlene with praise for the impromptu tear. She celebrated with the rest of the production team, but found herself feeling lost at the moment.

She took her cellphone and dialed a familiar number.

“Deb? It’s me. You got a minute?”

“Hi babe? What’s up?”

“I just sold the house.”

“That’s great. I bet your producers are really happy.”

“No. You don’t understand. I just sold Kaz’ house.”

“Ohh. Are you okay?”

“I don’t know. I just, it’s just…” she paused,

“It just brought back all those memories, ya know? I thought I was over it. I really did.”

“You wanna come over?”

“Do you mind?”

“Of course not. See you in a little bit?”

“Yes. I’ll bring some wine.”

The next day Charlene was her old self. Having had a good cry with her oldest friend by her side, she felt better than she had in awhile. She showed up to work and went over the houses and people who were scheduled for the next show. A well known sports broadcaster and his overly obnoxious wife.

Charlene did exactly what was on the script, went through the paces but the show was flat. Everyone was picking up on it, but no one could quite pin down what was wrong.

Lighting was normal, the homebuyers were fine, albeit a bit over the top. But that’s what the company wanted, people who you could like or dislike. Charlene was on queue, smiling, following the script, even adlibbing as necessary, yet something was off.

“That’s a wrap!”

“Did that feel off to you?” the cameraman said to the director.

“Yah. I’ll go talk to her.”

“Hey Char. Everything all right?”

“Yes Sam. Why do you ask?”

“I dunno. Something just seemed off today.”

“I didn’t notice. Maybe we can figure it out in editing.”

Charlene walked away leaving Sam to figure things out himself. She had a drink calling her name and a visit to a grandchild she hadn’t seen in weeks.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

He sat in his recliner, watching his old home getting sold to a newlywed couple. It was harder than he imagined it would be.

Hadn’t he reached out to her? Yes, he told himself. But the number he had was no longer in use anymore. It wasn’t his fault that he had the accident and almost died. It wasn’t his fault that he lost his memory for several months. And it wasn’t his fault that she didn’t return his text.

Feeling bitter, he got up and poured himself a Jameson on the rocks. Was he happy she moved on? No! But his conscience wouldn’t let him be selfish. It wasn’t her fault that he almost died. It wasn’t her fault that he couldn’t remember who he was and it certainly wasn’t her fault that he gave up trying to reach her.

He picked up his cell phone and sent a text;

‘What you doin? Feel like coming over?’

The reply came almost immediately.

‘You feeling horny? LOL’

His reply was short and to the point.


‘I can be there in 20 min. Don’t start başakşehir escort without me. LOL’

He wasn’t in a laughing mood. When she arrived, he wasted no time in removing her clothes and fucking her for all he was worth. Sweaty and out of breath, he rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Wow tiger. You’ve never been so, um, aggressive before. What got into you?”

“Watched some porn.” he lied.

“Well, next time, let’s watch together.”

She pulled him back and kissed his lips, ready for more.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Several weeks had gone by and the show was getting ready to wrap for the season.

The show was gaining more and more popularity, and Charlene was becoming an on screen sensation. The production team was beaming at the numbers and money was rolling in. Charlene couldn’t go anywhere in Dallas without someone shout out her name.

She loved the attention, yet the more popular she became, the less she wanted to go out. Stardom had it’s price. She hired an agent and assistant to help her manage her busy life. She was asked to appear on talk shows, first locally, but now the big shows were calling.

She found herself flying across the country nearly every week. Television appearances, radio shows and personal appearances were lined up for the next several months. Charlene found it harder and harder to find time for friends, let alone her self or especially her love life.


“Hi Deb. What’cha doing?”

“Hi Char. You’ve been to busy for me or am I not part of your social circle anymore?”

Deb was joking, but Charlene still felt bad.

“I know hun. I’m so sorry. I need to get away. We’re about ready to wrap up the show for the season. Can you take a vacation with me?”

“We doin’ a Girls Gone Charlene weekend again?”

“God that sounds good. But maybe not quite so wild as last time.”

“What? Who are you and what have you done to my friend?”

Deb was laughing out loud which brought a smile to Charlene’s face. She could always count on Deb to put her in the right kind of mood. They talked for another hour before hanging up.

Charlene prepped for bed, but found sleep hard to come by. She tossed and turned but couldn’t get comfortable.

She grabbed her laptop and tried watching some porn thinking she needed to rub one off to help her relax, but all it did was frustrate her. She tossed her computer to the corner of the bed and got up, putting her robe on and walking out to her porch.

She stared at the night sky which was clear and full of stars. The city lights couldn’t stop their brilliance from shining down. She imagined one of them as Kaz looking down on her and smiling. She felt a tear run down her cheek. She wiped and wrapped her arms around herself before going back inside.

When she finally fell asleep, she dreamed of their time on Maui. She saw his salt and pepper hair, cut close to the scalp. His Vandyke beard which was mostly white with just a hint of the dark hair from his youth coming through. His broad shoulders, hairy chest and soft kissable lips.

His hands on her body, holding her, caressing her skin. Their bodies intertwined, kissing, licking, sucking each other. Her dream continued with them on the balcony of the condo they had rented right along the beach. Her inhibitions evaporated away as she stood there naked, inviting him to come to her.

She heard herself moaning as he moved his way down her body, kissing, and licking every inch until he reached her most special kitty. His tongue licking her clit, while his hands held her breasts. Her small stature made it easy for him to do both. She would put her hands on his head as his tongue performed it’s magic on her.

She dreamt about his cock sliding inside her pussy, slowly at first. Entering from behind, he placed his hands on her hips. As his thrusts became harder and faster, he reached up to her shoulders, pulling her body back towards him as he plunged deeper into her wetness.

She could almost feel her juices running down her legs. Her head bowed down and her breath coming in sharper and shorter breaths. Her hands reached between her legs, letting his cock rub against her fingers as her palm pressed against her clit. Her orgasm almost there, when she woke up from her slumber.

Her eye’s now wide open, Charlene reached between her legs feeling her wetness. Her fingers rubbed her clit cumming hard after just a couple of minutes. She fell asleep soon afterwards.

The next morning she awoke to her phone buzzing.

“Hello?” she said as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Charlene. It’s Sam. You okay?”

“What time is it?”

“Eleven-thirty. You coming in today?”

“Oh Shit. Gimme an hour. I’ll be ready”

She hurriedly got ready not having time to think about the dream she had about her former lover and raced out the door.

“Here she comes. Okay everybody, lets get ready. Sir, if you can wait over there. When Charlene’s ready, we’ll get the camera’s rolling. She’ll ask you about the type of house you’re looking for. Based on the questions you filled out, we already have three house’s picked out for you. She looked them over yesterday, so she’s already familiar with them. Once we introduce you, she’ll ask you a few questions and drive you around to see them. Just relax and be yourself.”

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