Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 03

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I was watching television in the den taking in a little March madness basketball when I heard Ann come in and set her keys down on the kitchen counter. Really just to acknowledge I knew she was home, I half heartedly asked if she had bought anything special. She had left earlier this morning saying she was going shopping and might stop by Lisa’s on the way back.

Lisa, as you may recall if you’ve read the Seducing the Babysitter series, is her lesbian friend. Lisa and Ann get together quite often for a little bit of girl-girl sex. Occasionally, Lisa will come over here and it’s really a thrill to watch the girls go at it. Unfortunately, while Lisa doesn’t mind me watching, I have never been allowed to join in. She has made it abundantly clear – it’s just a spectator sport for me.

A few weeks ago Ann introduced Lisa to our babysitter, a little college coed who had kept our brother’s kids when we went to a party. Katherine was an innocent little blonde whose sexual experience was very, very limited. My wife had come home and caught her looking at our home movies and it wasn’t long before she had her exploring her sexuality with a little bit of Sapphic sex play.

Ann introduced her to Lisa who seemed hell bent on making this little coed her lesbian plaything. Lisa is a gorgeous brunette, with big brown eyes, that would make any guy’s dick stiff. It’s really a shame she doesn’t play both sides of the field. She’s also very dominant in her love making. From the onset she pretty much takes control.

While I have observed Lisa and Ann together quite a few times, much of what I know about her comes from Ann. She knows I really get off hearing about all the kinky things Lisa makes Ann do. While she has a variety of toys she uses on my wife and gets off dominating her, to my knowledge, it has never involved any S&M activity.

I couldn’t help think how far my wife had come from the straight laced housewife just a few years ago. Much like Katherine, Ann had a very limited sexual history. While I wasn’t Ann’s first, we dated exclusively through college and married when we graduated. Ann kind of looked the other way in college as I sort of strayed from time to time. But I think she was always confident that I’d come back to her and it didn’t seem to bother her that much.

In a span of three years we have experimented in domination, was ‘owned’ by a black man who whored us out to his friends, marked by tattoos as his property, and both engaged in relationships with other people. Ann even recruited her younger sister Cindy to be seduced by our black master Mark. I suppose that’s when I knew for sure how submissive Ann really was. The further down the road we went the more consumed we both became.

I was watching the UConn game on TV when Ann walked in, sank down between my legs and without any conversation whatsoever, pulled my gym shorts down my legs. Ann took my limp cock in her mouth and began giving it a wet tongue bath. Ann has soft, plump lips, and they moved up and down my shaft as I began losing track of the game. I have always enjoyed her blowjobs as she stroked up and down on my cock as she sucked on the head, swirling her tongue around the crown of my dick.

When my manhood was fully erect, she shifted as she pulled her panties down and stepped free mounting my lap, as her wet pussy enveloped my stiff prick. She left on her skirt as she pulled her top over and off her frame as she exposed her braless breast and the already stiff nipples. I reached my hands around her back and pulled a nipple to my mouth as she gasped and rode my hard cock.

I tongued and bit lightly at her nipple as she rode up and down on my dick, her ass slapping hard against my legs. Ann’s head rolled back groaning as she rubbed her little clit and pounded away. I reached my hands around and held her firm as she rode my erection. I could feel my climax building as Ann pushed her breast into my face. I couldn’t hold back as I let loose stream after stream of hot cum into her wet box. I thrust hard into her pussy trying to get my dick as far up as I could in her hot box.

When my efforts slowed, Ann slipped off my dick and stood on the couch with her pussy right at my face. I knew what she wanted and didn’t hesitate as I buried my face in her shaven box. My mouth covered her lips and I buried my tongue in her hot box tasting our juices which mixed together. I could taste my cum which began to leak from her pussy as I lapped up the juices as they ran from her hot cavern.

She continued to massage her clit as I sucked my hot cum from her box. Her moans let me know how good a job I was doing as she pushed her pussy lips hard against my mouth. She pulled my hair and ground her pussy against my face as she began cumming hard against my face. Her orgasms rocked her as her legs quivered and shook as I continued my assault.

Eventually, she slid back down, sitting astride my lap as her tongue pushed between my lips. Her mouth seemed cool as she tasted the juices of my cum mixed with her pussy. We kissed Ankara escort for a few minutes before she eventually slump down on the couch exhausted from our furious bout of lovemaking.

When we had both recovered sufficiently I asked what made her so damned horny. Appreciative as I was, I knew something had pushed her to a frenzy.

“I just left Lisa’s and….damn I was so hot…” she started. “I went shopping this morning and Lisa had invited me to stop by. When I got to her place, I rang and knocked on the door, letting myself in when no one came. I just assumed they must be down at the clubhouse,” Ann continued.

Lisa lives in a pretty exclusive apartment complex. Her back door fronts the clubhouse with both an outdoor pool and the clubhouse which has a indoor heated pool, whirlpool, and meeting room with a big widescreen TV and bar. It is by far the nicest clubhouse I have ever seen. Too cool to actually lay out, Ann had walked into the back of the clubhouse with the indoor pool.

“I saw Lisa on her stomach laying on a raft as she floated on the water. I looked around and assumed she was alone as there were only a handful of others laying in chairs. I started to call out to her when I heard my name. Turning, I saw Katherine. I swear, I would have never recognized her if she had not sat up and called me. She had cut her hair….well, I’m getting ahead of myself. Her hair was cut.”

Katherine had gorgeous long blond hair which parted in the middle and hung just below her shoulders. The night she, Ann, and I got together, I remembered how soft it was as I wrapped my fingers in it pulling her head back as I plunged my dick into her tight little coed pussy.

“Well, it’s gone,” Ann said looking me directly in the eyes. “She has it cut short, actually just at the nape of her neck and just around her ears. I almost didn’t recognize her. She motioned me over and I sat down as she bent over to hug my neck. She took a sip on her wine and offered me a taste. I took a sip of the warm nectar as she told me how great it was to see me.”

“We chatted for a few minutes before Katherine confided how happy she was. I couldn’t believe how much she had changed and asked what had transpired since we last saw her.”

“Well,” she began, her head and eyes looking down at the pavement, “remember when I left your house, I was…well, Lisa made me stay naked for the ride back to her place. We rode home that night and she had me place my feet up on the dash of her car, legs apart, and told me to play with my pussy and pull on my nipples. She had me bring my nipple to my mouth and lick it.

Occassionaly, she would reach over and push her fingers into my twat and then have me lick her fingers clean. All the while asking what kind of girl would allow a woman to strip her naked and play with her pussy. She told me I must be one dirty little slut. Actually, the more she called me names, the hotter I got.

When we arrived at her apartment, she told me to get out and follow her inside. I was terrified. Well, scared and excited at the same time. I saw cars had followed us in and I wondered who might see me get out of the car, naked as a jaybird.”

“Lisa opened her door and when the lights came on, I just moved. I can’t actually say I looked around as I followed behind her. All I really remember was the cold pavement on my bare feet and the cool wind on my nipples as she walked up to the door very nonchalantly and let us both in.”

“At first I was sort of embarrassed following her around from room to room in the nude, but eventually I began to relax, particularly when she poured us a drink, and had me sit on the couch with her. We talked for a long time on her couch before she asked me to take a shower with her. I did, and as we stood in her shower, and she ran her hands across my body, I felt more and more like I belonged to her. She had me shampoo her hair and I loved running my fingers though it, soaping her breasts, and running my hand across her pussy. It felt funny as I ran my hand through the crack of her ass, soaping her pussy, and at her encouragement, dipping my finger into her hot box.”

“Later, we went to bed as she kissed me long into the night. Before we fell asleep, she went down on me and licked me. Just when I thought I was going to come, she flipped me over and stuck her tongue in my ass. I’ve never had anyone do that before. It felt wonderful. My ass was really wet from her licking and all my pussy juices and she began moving her fingers in and out of my butt. I thought my ass was on fire as it tingled. I came so hard and she wasn’t even touching my pussy.

Afterwards, she flipped me back, and crawled up to where she was sitting on my face. She was already so wet and I loved the taste of her juices. I couln’t get enouch as I placed my mouth over her cunt and sucked as much as I could. I wanted all of her. Then she slid up and I saw her little brown hole. It was actually contracting like it was winking at me..beckoning me to lick her.

Lisa asked…no, actually she told… Ankara escort bayan told me to lick her. Lick her there and get used to it. She liked women licking her ass. I brought the tip of my tongue to her hole and it tasted tart, but it was wet with her pussy juices and I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to her asshole. I stuck my tongue in like she had done me and I heard Lisa groan.

I looked up and saw her cupping her breasts and pulling on her nipples. I loved making her feel that way and really worked my tongue into her ass. She had me lick for some time before she asked me to put my finger in her butt. It was really wet and slid in easily as I pushed one, then a couple in past my knuckle.

With my other hand I rubbed her little clit and she ground down hard on my face. I almost couldn’t breathe but I loved having my face buied in her cheeks. She bounced up and down on my face as she rocked with orgasm after orgasm.

When she crawled down, she held me and kissed me on the lips. We were both covered in each others juices and she licked my face before pulling me close to her chest. I fell aspleep with my head on her chest. I could hear her heart pounding and I knew mine was as well.

The next morning when I woke up I at first didn’t remember where I was. I raised up taking in the view and recalled my night with Lisa. I saw a robe in the corner and slipped it on as I moved down the hallway taking in the scent of something cooking in the kitchen. Lisa was making omelets and looked up seeing me standing at the doorway of the kitchen.”

“I don’t recall giving you permission to wear my robe,” Lisa said sternly. Lisa was dressed herself in a t-shirt which hung down just below her hips which showcased her gorgeous tanned legs. ” I didn’t think you would mind,” I replied.

“I do mind. As a matter of fact, if I didn’t make myself clear, from now on, I expect you to always be nude in this house. If I want you wearing something, I’ll lay it out for you. Now put that back where you found it.”

“I slipped her robe off my shoulders and laid it back across the chair in the bedroom and returned to the kitchen where Lisa was setting the plates on the table. It seemed a little weird eating in the buff as Lisa ate her breakfast and carried on a conversation with me asking about my roommate and school.”

“After breakfast, I heard her on the phone with Susan. You know her right?” Katherine inquired.

I nodded my head. Susan was a close friend of Lisa’s. I had met her a few times at some of the parties we had been to. She owned a hair salon and like Lisa was a strict lesbian who enjoyed picking up straight women. Susan considered it a challenge to take engaged chicks and see if she could turn them. Often, hearing a customer had just become engaged, she would arrange an appointment for late one evening…her last customer of the day. More than a few engagements were called off as Susan went from cutting their hair to providing a complimentary wax. Before the evening was complete, the unsuspecting customer left with a new look and a new outlook on life. While a few did get married, quite a number dumped their boyfriends and turned to the lesbian lifestyle.

“Well, Susan came over and did my hair and all…do you like it?” Katherine inquired as she turned her head.

“Yes darling, you look very pretty…very different. I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“Lisa likes it short…oh, and look. I got a tat like you.” Katherine turned her back to me as I noticed the tiger on the small of her back just above her bikini. It was a tiger on the prowl. Around its neck was a thick black collar with silver studs. The significance of the collar on a cat wasn’t lost on me.

“You like it?,” Katherine inquired. “Yea, a lot,” I replied.

“It was Lisa’s idea. And she gave me this,” Kat said as she lifted up a thick gold chain that hung around her neck. I hadn’t paid it much attention before but realized its significance too. “Lisa, said the tat is my gift to her. Ann…I can’t thank you enough for introducing us. I…I just love her. I’ve never met anyone like her before.”

I looked up to see Lisa paddling the float to the edge of the pool. She eased off and walked up to us asking how long I had been here. She bent down, and without looking to see who might be watching, planted a wet kiss on Katherine’s lips as she pulled up a towel and asked us both to come with her back to the apartment.

Ann opened the back door and walked into the kitchen to get us fresh drinks. I looked behind me to see Katherine peeling off her bikini and setting it on a table beside the door. I sort of laughed to myself that she had disrobed without being told. I could not help but watch her as she strode past naked as the day she was born. Her pointy little nipples stood erect on her firm breast. I also took notice that the small little patch of golden hair, which once adorned the top of her pussy, was now shaved bare.

We sat down in the living room as Lisa asked if I’d like to see Escort Ankara a little documentary she had made outlining Kat’s progress. Lisa sat down and folded her legs up on the couch. Katherine sat on the floor below her, her head resting against Lisa’s leg as she clicked on the high definition TV and video.

An image of a nude Katherine came into view as the voices of both Lisa and Susan could be heard off screen. “I want it short. I want a new look for my little pet,” Lisa’s voice could be heard. The screen filled with a view of Katherine as she looked down in submission, realizing her fate was being discussed.

“You want this right precious? You want to do this for me?” Lisa could be heard. Katherine’s head nodded slowly up and down as Susan came into view. It looked funny seeing Susan fully dressed with Katherine sitting nude in a chair before her. Susan put a comb between her teeth as she grabbed locks of Katherine’s hair between her fingers and began snipping away. The strands of hair fell away as some landed softly on her breast, eventually slipping off to the floor below.

Susan took a water bottle and sprayed Kat’s hair, continuing the assault, until little by little her ears became visible. The camera focused on Katherine’s face as you could see her bottom lip trembling and tears rolling down her cheeks. Susan combed the short tresses of her hair and continued to cut until she was satisfied with the new cropped look, cut just around her ears, and exposing the nape of Katherine’s neck. I couldn’t help but look over at Katherine who stared at the screen, but who gave the impression she was watching someone totally unfamiliar to her.

Satisfied, Lisa asked Susan to take her back to the bathroom and finish the job. I knew she meant a complete wax and likely an enema to round out Katherine’s complete submission. There was a brief cut in the picture indicating a passage of time as Lisa filmed Katherine and Susan returning. Katherine’s short hair was wet and she looked very different from the girl that first appeared on the video. The camera zoomed in on Katherine’s little pussy which was now completely devoid of any hair. Lisa called her over and ran her fingers across her smooth delicate skin, dipping her finger in her hot little box.

“Oh, baby, you’ve made me so happy. I really like the look,” Lisa cooed. “You know what you look like?” Lisa continued.

Katherine looked puzzled, “Look like?” “Yea sweets…now you really look like a little lesbian. “you enjoy looking like a real lesbian” Lisa queried.

“Yes,” Katherine said softly. “Yes, what baby?” Lisa countered.

“I like looking like a lesbian…” Katherine said as she stared back into the camera.

“Who’s little lesbian?” she continued.

“I’m your lesbian. I belong to you now…” Kat said resigned that she had now crossed a bridge she would never cross back over.

“Did you thank Susan for giving you your new look?” Lisa asked.

Katherine looked to her right, I assumed in Susan’s direction. Without any further direction, Katherine walked over to where Susan was sitting on a chair. The camera followed as she knelt down and planted a long wet kiss on Susan’s lips. I watched as their tongues swapped back and forth before Katherine sank to her knees between Susan’s outstretched legs and pushed up her skirt. As Susan raised her ass off of the chair, Kat slipped the panties down her legs. She slipped off her sandals planting small kisses on the tops of her feet, as she pulled the panties off and then kissed her way up Susan’s thighs.

Susan scooted down the chair, leaving her ass just over the edge, her heels tucked into the arms leaving her pussy and ass spread apart and exposed to Kat.

Her head moved between Susan’s legs as the camera zoomed in, sometimes catching Katherine’s tongue as it lapped Susan’s pussy. While her cunt was well groomed, she like Lisa, did not completely shave her pussy bare and occassionaly the pussy hair tickled Katherine’s nose.

Susan moaned loudly as the young college coed lapped her cunt and occassionaly moved down to collect the juices which began to settle at her puckered little asshole. Katherine had already experienced how pleasurable it was from Lisa to both lick and to be licked there. Katherine took her fingers and pushed into Susan’s ass, just as Lisa had done to her the previous evening. As she tongued her wet pussy, Katherine reached up under Susan’s shirt, slid under the bra and pinched the stiff nipple between her fingers.

Susan bucked wildly against Katherine’s face as the coed brought her to a crashing orgasm. “Oh, shit…….” Susan yelled as wave after wave wracked her body. “Damn…this one is good. “Are you sure she hasn’t been a lesbian” Susan held Katherine’s face between her hands. Katherine smiled as she slid up Susan’s body, kissing her long and hard. Susan could taste her own juices smeared on Kat’s face.

“So what do you think of my little trainee?” Lisa inquired as she paused the video. I looked over to see Lisa rubbing Katherine’s head like a little puppy as she stared back at me. I was completely at a loss for words but could feel how wet my pussy was having further witnessed Katherine’s transformation. “There’s more but I’m ready for a little action.”

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