Seducing Carmen Completely

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Hi. My name is Michelle. I’m 39, single, just coming out of a four year relationship; bitch just up and left me one day. A note on the kitchen table, her things gone — and a few of mine, thank you very much!! Sigh! Oh well. I cried for a week. Now I just go back and forth between numb and angry. Umm, you didn’t start this story to hear about my trials and tribulations, so I’ll get started.

I’m supervisor of my department; I’ve been there since I came out of college actually. I know — a bit unusual in this day and age. Truth be told — ours is a company that doesn’t particularly pay all that well in the beginning; they make it that way to see if people will stick around. If they do, and many don’t, then the rewards – and money – begin to grow quite nicely as you move up the ladder. This is my fourth promotion; I’m up over $75,000 per year. It’s not a queen’s ransom but it makes for a comfortable lifestyle. I have my own place; well, yes — the bank owns it, I pay my ‘tithe’ every month. A car, not new, but recent and paid for — I like it. A car in the city is a bit much, but it comes in handy now and then.

On to the story. I have several friends I’ve met online over the years; all women, of course — oh, sorry, yes, I’m gay. You may have gathered as much. I was online with one of them one night and the talk had come back, again, to the subject of a girl I had taken notice of at work. Here’s some of the dialogue:

She: So you fancy someone at work? testing

Me: actually yes …

She: (Giggle) there’s your story

Me: If I did something at work, it might be non-consensual … a straight girl makes a mistake and gets taken …

She: Exactly, you want to keep your job, you have to please me sort of thing

Me: it’s dangerous — her being straight and both of us working at the same company

She: Yes, it’s dangerous, after a fashion — but that adds to the sense of excitement in it — that, and, of course, you turning this young, inexperienced young woman … introducing her to sex between women

Me: I know, it does … I see her every day and think of her at night — often. wink Have you done this with any in your department?

She: Oh yes, quite. There are several who now serve me, and in fact, they are often ‘helpers’ as I introduce a newbie … if one of my pets has been particularly ‘good’ she gets to enjoy the ‘rookie’

The object of my attention? Her name is Carmen. She is from Pittsburgh, stunningly beautiful. Came to our city to go to college and stayed afterward. Gorgeous, soft brown eyes, full lips, a gorgeous round face, long, straight, beautiful dark brown hair. Short, but a completely stunning, slender figure with a bust that could bring me to ‘flood stage’ all too quickly, thank you so much. She wasn’t shy; quiet would be more apt. Family: one (a sister) of two children, devout Italian Catholics. Parents: a stay-at-home mother, and a dad who, apparently, does well. I overheard her in the lunch room one day complaining to one of the other young women that she hadn’t had a date in some time. Men are such idiots.

So my friend rather egged me on. It was decided that, having read her resume again, I would approach her under the guise of needing help editing a story for a ‘friend.’ The friend was me, of course — she need not know that. I was writing dialogue for a conversation and had gotten stuck on a few phrases. It was rather obvious from the dialogue that it was between two women and very graphic. I would set the ‘trap’ so to speak with the dialogue, and, at my friend’s suggestion add to it with a little something special. I would wet the paper with the juices from my pussy. My scent on them, we thought, would be unmistakable and I would be closely observing her reaction to it. Just one page — it should be enough.

So the trap was set, the prey baited. I waited for the day; it was a late afternoon — most had left. I had seen to it she’d been given extra work that would require her to stay late — as it was a time sensitive task. The caring boss (me) came by to check on the young, unsuspecting employee. My mouth wasn’t the only thing watering as I approached her.

“Carmen, I see you’re here late today. Is the report going to be finished by tomorrow as the client has requested?”

“Oh yes absolutely, Ms. Johnson; really, I’ve got most of it either finished or nearly finished. I thought I’d stay a bit late and re-check a few things to make sure they match up correctly; then I shouldn’t have to worry about the final numbers being right.”

“That’s simply brilliant of you dear; good thinking — save you a lot of extra worry at the end. I knew I could count on you.”

She blushed beautifully. I wanted to fall to my knees and have her right there. “Ms. Johnson, you’ve made me blush (wink) at your kind words. Thank you so much.”

“You must have plans tonight — someone as young and lovely as you must have someone interested.”

Her face fell. I actually felt bad for her; it was a bit cruel. “Umm, no, I’m not seeing anyone right now.” I changed topics.

“Carmen, if I remember, you Ankara bayan escort majored in English in college.”

“Yes, I did; a double major actually, English and Accounting.”

“Ah yes, that’s right. Well, did you do some writing in your studies? Other than the usual papers and things?”

“Why yes. In fact, I wrote some poetry now and then, and had my hand at writing some little short stories and things.”

“Oh my! Really? I do hope you let that find its wings and grow. I wonder if I might ask for your help. A friend of mine, who I’ve met online, has sent me a story of hers to edit. Part of it is dialogue and I’m stuck with a few pieces of it. Would you mind taking a peek at it — on your free time, of course, and see if you can untangle some of the phrases that I can’t seem to fix properly?”

“Oh that would be just wonderful. Yes, of course; that’s so sweet of you to ask me!”

“Carmen, I don’t mean to overstep boundaries — being your boss and such — but if you might allow, perhaps I might persuade you to go to dinner with me when you’re finished here. We could review and discuss this then.” I gave her my sweetest smile.

“No, not at all. I think I might like that. Yes, let me finish and I’ll come by your office. Thank you. I think this will be fun.” Oh, my darling Carmen, you have no idea!

I counted the minutes as they dragged by. I had gone to the ladies room to add my ‘perfume’ to the paper.

Twenty two minutes later Carmen knocked on the door. I stood, grabbed my purse and coat, smiled and said, “So did you get accomplished all you’d set out to do?” I walked with her to the elevator, pushed for it, and we waited.

“Yes, I was actually quite pleased. Tomorrow ought to go quite smoothly and quickly. I might have it ready for you early.” She smiled. “Thank you so much for the dinner invitation. It was a nice surprise.” The elevator door closed. After exiting the building, we chatted as we walked to the restaurant, which was only a block and a half away. I asked for a table; it was early and we were led to a booth. Menus were placed in front of us; our server would be by shortly.

We sat and smiled. I had to avert my eyes from hers; just too gorgeous. I knew exactly what I wanted, and the food here was very good as well. I stared at the menu as if it were in a foreign language.

“I come here fairly often, Carmen; if you have questions about any menu items feel free to ask. I’d be happy to let you know what dishes I personally prefer.”

The server came. I ordered a wine. “Please dear, have whatever you choose.” She ordered wine as well. How cute. I might see if she might allow herself to have perhaps just a bit too much.

“You’ve been with us for over a year now, isn’t that right, Carmen? I hope your review was satisfactory. I know entry level positions don’t pay much; the higher ups do that for a reason. Please don’t let that be a discouragement.”

“I’m making do, Ms. Johnson. My dad sends me a little bit every month, though it pains me to take it. I live within my means. Given the economy I was happy to find work and I’m enjoying it. The women I work with are mostly my age; that makes it nice too.”

“I’m delighted to hear it.” Our drinks arrived. We ordered. I lifted my glass. “To your continued success young lady. I do hope you have a successful career.” She flushed quite thoroughly again. I watched her as I sipped. She tried to hide it; it was clear she didn’t drink wine this good that often.

“So tell me about the writing you’ve done.” She went on and on. Her face got more and more animated as she talked. Oh lord, she truly is beautiful. She used her hands quite a bit as she talked. They’re small, thin, and lovely. Her breasts jutted; they threatened to burst the buttons. I wanted them in my mouth. Who needs an appetizer; I was gazing at mine.

“Oh that sounds simply marvelous. I envy you your talent and creativity. I read the stories my friend writes and I just … they take me away completely. I am drawn into the characters and the story lines. I envy those of you who have the gift.”

I thought she might melt at my words. We ate and chatted lightly. I ordered more wine for both of us. She really is a delightful young woman. Much more interesting and well read than one might guess if the only contact with her was at work. I had my mind set on more but this was turning into a very lovely night. She finally asked me about the ‘reason’ for my invitation.

I laughed softly. “Oh, I know her from online chats and such. It started with an email I sent after reading one of her stories. She replied, we emailed back and forth, and we began chatting. She’s very nice, just a bit younger than I am, and in a very lovely relationship with her sweetheart. It’s a bit of an odd coincidence; both women work at the same company; one started after their relationship had begun.” I smiled sweetly. “Her writing is very hot, very erotic, and extraordinarily well crafted.”

Her eyes widened with my every word. “She’s a lesbian?” I had to dig my fingernails into my thigh.

“Oh my yes dear, she’s Escort bayan Ankara very openly gay. They both are. It’s quite sweet really; she describes how they live, where they work, and some of their adventures in their life.” She was very quiet for a very long time. When the second glass of wine came she took a healthy sip. She stared intently at the glass before she spoke.

“I knew some girls in college who were gay. A few of them came on to me.” Her voice went very soft. “I never did do anything with any of them — but I admit to wondering about it from time to time. My family takes being Catholic very seriously. I don’t know if I …” her voice trailed off.

I tried to bring her back to the ‘task.’ “Perhaps if I give you the page with the dialogue, you could give it a read and your impressions of how it might be improved.” She snapped out of her reverie and nodded. I grabbed the folded page from my purse and set it in front of her. This, I thought, would be interesting. She hesitated for a moment, in contemplation, and slowly opened it, turned it around, and began to read.

Miss: In my lap then pet

Miss: My pet will be treated royally today

Pet: Yes miss … thank you

Miss: And she does not give me kisses, thank you, she will receive them as a reward for her recent performances.

Pet: Well then, have at me miss … still in my robe

Miss: Taking your face, your pretty, pretty face, in my hands, cupping your cheeks,

Miss: my thumbs grazing your chin, slowly, lovingly.

Miss: Moving one finger to my mouth, wetting it thoroughly,

Miss: anointing your lips with my saliva

Miss: Glisten

Miss: Shine

Miss: Glow

Miss: for me pet

Miss: I love the way your lips spread into a spontaneous smile for me

Pet: blushing

Miss: Pearly white teeth

Miss: Mint? Do I smell mint?

Pet: toothpaste

Miss: Smells good on you, blends in perfectly with your natural mouth scent

Miss: Sexy and cool, what a mix

Miss: My hand moves to the back of your head

Miss: Draws you closer

Miss: and closer

Miss: Our lips touch, just fleetingly

Miss: I whisper into your mouth,

Miss: You

Miss: are

Miss: wonderful

Miss: as my pet

Miss: and as my friend.

Miss: Your breath warms mine

Miss: mingling

Miss: still holding us apart

Miss: testing your patience

Miss: Will you give in?

Miss: and crush your lips to mine?

Miss: or will you wait?

Miss: to be taken?

Miss: Mouth open, barriers removed, awaiting my invading tongue?

Miss: Yes, you may pet, I know you are, so I might as well give you permission

Pet: ::good grief … she knew::

Miss: She always knows pet

Miss: You tell me, in your thoughts, miss I am being naughty without permission

Miss: This time I give permission, pet

Miss: Do unto yourself as you wish I do unto you

Pet: :(moaning)

Miss: Louder pet!!

Miss: Shake the rafters

Pet: Say the word miss … please!

Miss: Now pet

Miss: Any time is NOW time pet

Pet: Gawd

Miss: Today is free day, free now, all the time, again and again

Miss: Hands full?

Miss: I mean did you cup, and did you fill?

Miss: Oh my yesssss pet, I bid you

Miss: NOW

Miss: Fill your hands

Miss: and baptize your luscious globes

Pet: Oh god – I couldn’t type … it was blinding hot … lord almighty!

Pet: Phew … you DO get to me miss!

Miss: I feel it when you do, pet,

Miss: There is a poignant, pregnant silence from you

Miss: Which means your mind has wandered, like your hands,

Miss: and I just want to keep arousing you with my words.

Pet: A quick cleaning in my mouth … then to type

Miss: You may not be able to type, but you can read.

Miss: Have you showered?

Pet: Yes – I need another.

Miss: In that case, pet, my pretty, pretty, disheveled pet, please, for me –

Miss: cup your pussy, fill your palm with joy juice

Miss: and anoint it on each your glorious breasts,

Pet: Yes miss … brb.

Miss: make them glisten for me

Pet: Please talk to me as I do this, miss.

Miss: Oh okay, I thought you had gone pet.

Miss: I love it when you cover your beautiful girls in your juices.

Pet: brb – As in doing as miss asked.

Miss: Juice I created in you

Miss: and caused it to bubble out

Miss: because I know –

Miss: the next thing you will do

Pet: They are wet with me, miss!

Miss: when I leave you.

Miss: You are to go for a shower

Miss: and before you do,

Miss: you will let the robe slip from your shoulders

Miss: and stand in front of the mirror

Miss: and look

Miss: at yourself

Miss: and see what your Ma’am has got you to do!

Miss: Revel in your “pethood,”

Miss: proud,

Miss: erect,

Miss: like your girls

Miss: Bayan escort Ankara and their bullets.

Miss: Hair everywhere,

Miss: matted with sweat,

Miss: breasts with pussy juice caking on them,

Miss: leaning over, standing on tiptoe

Miss: to look in the mirror over the sink

Miss: at your shaven lips.

Miss: Wet!

Miss: Your thighs.

Miss: Wet!

Her eyes widened as they moved down the page. Many of the sentences only had one word. It was intentionally chosen for its brevity, eroticism, and, I hoped, for its seductiveness. I caught her sniff; her lovely face showed her confusion.

When she raised those fabulous brown eyes, they showed both confusion and … was it interest?

“What is it dear? Do you have any thoughts?”

“Do women talk like this with each other? It’s so … earthy.” I kept my features and my eyes as quiet as I could. Earthy!! Oh how delicious and naïve. This would be a most satisfying taking. She would be fabulous … I just knew it.

“Oh I quite imagine women talk with women as women and men do when they’re in love and intimate with each other. Surely you’ve had moments like that?” She blushed again. “Oh my, Carmen, I apologize, that was a completely personal and inappropriate question for a boss to ask someone who works beneath her.” Let’s see how she reacts to that!!

“Oh no, Ms. Johnson, if I gave you that thought the apology should come from me. No, it’s because I have yet to be that way with a boy … or man.” Don’t faint Michelle!! This one you will have is a virgin! I took a sip of my wine; she mirrored me with one of her own.

“I overstepped. It’s that simple. Now, there are a few places that befuddle me. Can we look at them together?” I slid a bit closer to her in the booth; my thigh was within inches of hers. I moved the paper between us. I reached into my purse for a pen and marked the lines that I wanted to highlight. It was merely a ploy; it was going so much better than I ever dreamed. We talked of moving a few lines around; changing a few words, changing the tone with it. I took a stab at it: “Carmen, can you feel the passion and love between them?

Innocent as a lamb, she said, “Oh yes! These are two women who love each other quite completely. It’s very cute.” Yum! “I must admit, Ms. Johnson, it’s very erotic. The feelings that Miss has for her pet are most moving; they speak to me.” It took every last bit of my resolve not to kiss her then and there. I smiled and nodded as I patted her hand.

I continued, asking about moving this sentence from here to there, perhaps this word might work better than that one. She was in a full flush now, thoroughly unnerved and unsettled, likely from feelings that she had yet to experience. I let her work at her own pace as the battle was waged in her head. She answered — mostly in one word sentences or with nods and shakes of her head. I droned on … then, all at once, I tried to bring it to a head.

“Have I made you uncomfortable Carmen? I see unrest, or is it discomfort, in your eyes? Oh dear, I have, haven’t I?”

I lowered my head and shook it — as if shaming myself for what I had wrought. Then I was given a start! She reached out and covered my hand with hers, giving it a squeeze. “No, Ms. Johnson, not at all. Dinner has been lovely, and while this piece we’ve been working at is far from anything I’ve read, it’s just …” She shook her head as if to clear it. “I really can’t put a finger on it just yet. Am I explaining it well? Or am I further making a fool of myself?” She was breaking my resolve and my heart. It just happened. I leaned and brushed her lips with mine; just a brush, mind you! Feather soft.

Her eyes went wide in shock; just that quickly they softened, then warmed and glowed. I saw something there; then it was my turn for shock. The smallest of smiles crept across her face. Her hand went to the back of my head and dear god, she kissed me! It was a kiss, too. My heart felt as though it would explode from my chest. She opened her mouth to me — not much, but an invitation. I took it, though only a short, sweet taste. I pulled away. She had tears.

“Did I do something wrong, Ms. Johnson? I … oh god, now I’ve gone and done it.”


“Excuse me?”

“My name is Michelle, Carmen. Call me by my name.” She blushed yet again and nodded.

“Thank you Ms. Joh … Michelle.”

“You’re welcome dear. I think I’ve confused you thoroughly tonight. I’ve led you to do something you may not have wanted to do. I think we …” She stopped me. The voice was no longer soft and questioning.

“No, Michelle. I meant to kiss you. I wanted to. I liked it.” That little smile again; this one spoke of confidence, of taking.

I had a small laugh inside my head. I’d best be careful here; after all, I’m the one doing the seducing!! “Let me get the bill, Carmen. It’s time, I do believe, for us to go home.” Testing, testing; what now?

“Well if you insist. I wouldn’t mind another glass; we could talk more. I’ve nothing much to go home to other than some stupid television show.” Yum! I ordered two more glasses — and the check. I was quiet; let the pot boil a bit more. Just after the glasses were set on the table and the check presented, she spoke again. “May I ask a question Ms. Jo — Michelle?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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