Savannah’s Hypnotic Socks Pt. 23

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Chapter 27

Savannah’s pace was a lot faster dragging Roxy back up to their dorm room by her leash. She no longer fumbled around to prolong her humiliation of being in public. She simply was too excited to have patience for any of that. She desperately wanted to try that dildo she had just bought.

“Alright Roxy, take of your dress and shoes then go to the bathroom and wait there for me. I’ll be there in a second.” Savannah said, the excitement clearly audible in her voice. She took the bags from Roxy who had had to carry them upstairs.

Nervously Roxy pulled off her shoes, then made her way to the bathroom and pulled off her dress. She knew she was about to lose her virginity any moment now. Oh god, could she really go through with this? Losing her virginity to Savannah with a dildo of all things?

It was strange that this prospect was worrying her so much. After all their entire relationship was build on way extremer, way nastier things than just sex with a dildo. While she couldn’t fathom giving up her virginity to Savannah she could imagine saying no to her Goddess even less. This was happening, and it would happen any minute now. Obediently she sunk down to her knees in front of the door. Savannah hadn’t explicitly told her to do so, but she thought her Goddess might appreciate to find her waiting like this.

A few minutes later Savannah walked into the bathroom carrying what looked like a big pink rubber bag with rubber tubes and a pink smallish dildo looking thing attached to it. “Good girl, let’s get you ready to consume our relationship.” Savannah said with a bright smile seeing Roxy so obediently on her knees. She could see the girl was scared, she could see the questioning looks towards what she was holding. Soon it would all become clear though.

Ignoring Roxy for a moment Savannah started whistling. She walked over to the sink and started filling the bag with water. Once it was sufficiently full she hung it up on a nearby cabinet and approached Roxy with the dildo looking thing at the end of the tube coming from the bag.

Savannah didn’t give orders. Instead she placed her foot down on the girl’s leash. Then moved her other foot next to it on the now taut leash forcing the girl to move her head down. Three steps later the girl’s cheek was pressed firmly against the floor.

Lifting up her foot not on the leash Savannah placed it on the side of Roxy’s head. Her head was now firmly squashed between the sole of Savannah’s sneaker and the could tile floor. In this kneeling position her butt had naturally lifted and was now pointing up. “Perfect!” Savannah said with a smile. Roxy would probably have obeyed if she had been told to get into this position, but physically forcing her also had its charm for a change.

She didn’t want to make Roxy feel obedient, she wanted to make her feel helpless, completely at the mercy of her Goddess and savannah figured this would do the trick. Roxy was mortified, yet at the same time she loved it. At least her pussy was leaking like crazy. With her head stuck like this she couldn’t go anywhere and it only made her leak even more.

With her one foot resting on her roommate’s head Savannah leaned over towards the girls bottom. She gave it a firm slap watching it jiggle in front of her as a red handprint appeared. She smirked as a yelp came out from under her foot.

Spreading Roxy’s butt cheeks Savannah suddenly remarked. “Damn, it looks like we forgot one teeny tiny thing. We forgot to buy lube. On the other hand seeing how badly you are leaking I don’t think it’ll be a problem at all. You’re such a horny slut Roxy, I bet you could even start a lube company, I mean it looks like you leak about a tube a day.” Savannah laughed.

An embarrassed whimper escaped Roxy’s lips, it was accompanied by a brief small increase in leakage making Savannah laugh even harder. “See this is my point exactly.” The black girl laughed at her helpless roommate.

“Now since our problem isn’t a problem anymore Let’s get you ready.” Savannah exclaimed with glee. She started by slowly scooping up Roxy’s juice from her thigh with the side of the dildo, turning it as she to make sure the entire girth was covered. A small humiliated moan was heard. Was this how she would lose her virginity?

Then Savannah surprised her roommate. Instead of working the dildo into her pussy Savannah moved a hand over her pussy lips, rubbing it up right over her butthole, wiping what remained on her butt cheeks. The sudden realisation of what was about to happen made Roxy cry out in a flare of panic. “No Goddess please!”

It was to late however as Savannah swiftly positioned the tip against her butthole and gave it a firm shove to force it down the girl’s defenceless butt nearly at once. An instinctive cry of pain accompanied the dildo forcing itself into Roxy’s butt.

In retrospect the pain wasn’t too bad, not nearly as bad as she had been expecting at least. The dildo was fairly thin and short. It was also pretty well lubed with her own juices. It had been more a cry of anticipated pain and surprise Ankara escort than one of real pain. Which didn’t make this any less horrible. Roxy was mortified. Savannah had shoved something up her butt, hell something was up her butt for the very first time in her life.

“There’s a good girl. You know, I’ve been thinking. I actually quite like having a virgin girlfriend, but I still want to fuck you and have sex with you. So I’ve decided to take you up the ass instead. The best of both worlds, right? I can maintain my virgin girlfriend and we get to fuck.” Savannah said gleefully, making it sound like the best idea ever.

Roxy was horrified and confused. She really didn’t want to be taken up the ass, definitely during her first time ever having sex and especially not with a strapon as big as Savannah had picked. On the other hand, she would be able to keep her virginity, did she really still count as a virgin if she had had anal sex though? She might as well convince herself that was true considering this was happening whether she wanted it to or not and possibly keeping her virginity was the only good thing about this whole situation.

“Alright, let’s clean up your insides cause I don’t want to dirty my new cock on it’s first ride.” Savannah said with a big smile. It left Roxy confused, what did she mean clean up her insides? How? It soon became clear when she suddenly felt the dildo inside her leak. A leak that turned in a steady stream. She was being filled up with the water from that bag Roxy realised in shock.

There was nothing she could do about it, not with Savannah’s foot planted on the side of her face keeping her head firmly pinned down. All she could do was wait until Savannah decided she had flushed enough water into her.

Savannah smirked down upon her pet. She was very amused seeing Roxy squirming helplessly beneath her foot, the end of a bright pink dildo and some tubes sticking out of her butt. Savannah couldn’t help but shudder. This whole situation really made her feel all powerful and it was such a delightful feeling.

After only a short time Roxy started feeling bloated. All the water filling her up caused cramps. At first she tried to endure them, but the more water flowed into her the worse it got. Only when Roxy’s pained groans were near constant Savannah shut the valve making the waterflow into her pet’s butt stop.

“Okay Roxy, this should be enough for the first rinse. In a few second’s I’ll remove that dildo and lift my foot. You are going to get up and rush to the toilet to release the water. Make sure you clench your butt tightly. I don’t want to see a single drop of water on the floor. If I do then I swear you are going to be very sorry.” Savannah said sternly.

With out further warning Savannah carried out what she had said. It made Roxy panic, with no dildo to hold it back the pressure of the water felt enormous. She was not certain if she could hold, she was determined to give it her very best effort though. She had to. She couldn’t disappoint her Goddess or go through what being sorry would mean.

As soon as Savannah lifter her foot off the girls face Roxy got up and made a dash for the toilet. She made it, but only barely. As soon as she sat down, she finally let go, releasing a torrent of foul water that seemed never ending. God it felt so good to be able to let go of it.

Once she was done emptying her bowels, she wiped herself clean and flushed the toilet, looking on horrified as she saw Savannah standing there with a foot raised in the air and the dildo in hand. It made it pretty much clear what was expected of her. Although she didn’t look forward to more cramps, she made her way back to her Goddess and reassumed the position, placing her head underneath Savannah’s foot again.

“Good girl, such an obedient little pet. I bet it’s because you’re so eager to get fucked by your Goddess? Or are you this eager to get filled right back up with water?” Savannah asked with a smile, making it clear in her tone that she expected an answer.

Roxy was lost for words, it was neither of those things for sure. Maybe it was, she didn’t know actually. Why the hell was she being this obedient? It didn’t really make sense to be honest. She guessed she did it to please Savannah. After all it was Savannah who made her pussy so sopping wet. That was it, she was so obedient because Savannah turned her on beyond believe and made her orgasm like crazy.

She admitted that she had always been a bit prudish when it came to sex and sexuality. Very conservative as well in the sense that she had wanted to safe herself for that special someone. Ever since Savannah had caught her and half forced her to admit it a door had been opened. A door she couldn’t possibly shut anymore.

Sure she had tried to resist, this wasn’t the person she wanted to be, but it had just felt so crazy good that she couldn’t help but give in. She really had turned in a perverted nympho of sorts. Her rational thoughts got drained out by thoughts of how to make her pussy tingle and working towards a mind-blowing Ankara escort bayan orgasm. Keeping Savannah happy kept her happy and so it was in her best interest to do just that.

“I’m so very eager to get fucked by you Goddess, to become your girlfriend and pet. Pleasing you feels so good and I’ll do whatever I can to do just that.” Roxy exclaimed finally, once again stuck in her awkward position. The words coming out of her mouth shocked her, but somewhere deep down she meant them.

Savannah just smiled hearing her pet give in like that. It was music to her ears especially with how Roxy was stuck beneath her foot again. Oh she was so looking forward to fucking her pet silly. She sensed Roxy was nervous about it though, so she decided to twist her into really looking forward to it. It’s what Savannah loved most, twisting people to wishing the same thing as she did. It was such a powerful feeling, more powerful than what the socks gave her even.

The socks remained a god send though. They gave her the opportunity to literally start twisting anyone she set her eyes on. Without them there was no way she could have forced Roxy into anything. “Catching” her had made the girl feel like she was in the wrong though, it had made her feel like that first spanking was somehow justified and the rest is history.

Now it was time to twist a little further and make the girl look forward to getting fucked. “Just so you know Roxy, I’ve always prided myself in my ability to make my sex partners cum.” Savannah said casually, planting the seed that sex would mean another orgasm, orgasms Roxy so desperately craved with how she was constantly horny.

Savannah giggled seeing the instant expression change on the girl’s face, she no longer looked hesitant. She now really looked like she wanted to get fucked. “Not so fast girly, you need another rinse first, I only fuck squeaky clean butts. With what I have read about enema’s the first one is the only one that needs two rinses, provided you use them regularly of course.”

“What I mean to say is that if you keep up your enema’s, one every morning and one every evening then I can instantly fuck you whenever I’m in the mood. If we first need to go through the long process of two enema’s first that mood might pass.” Savannah said cryptically.

Roxy was smart enough to get exactly what her roommate had meant though. If she kept up an enema schedule, then Savannah might fuck her very regular. Which meant she could get very regular orgasms. A thought that made her very eager to do just that.

Without further ado Savannah shoved the dildo nozzle back into her pet and restarted the waterflow. She didn’t make any fuzz about it this time, she just clinically repeated the process of last enema. Savannah was just too eager to get into fucking her pet.

Another step that she skipped was adding a scented soap to the mix, Savannah just loved the thought of marking her pet too much to bother with that. After all Chelsea did say that the strapon squirted out the fluid it soaked up and with how wet she was already she there surely would be made use of that function.

Once Savannah was confident that Roxy had been filled up enough, she released the girl to go empty herself. The contents this time were pretty much just clear water with a few impurities. Exactly the result Savannah wanted to see.

Roxy also realised that was the result her Goddess was going for, which meant she was now ready to get fucked. A thought that both worried and excited her. She didn’t know what a first time would be like, especially not when it was anal. At the same time Savannah had hinted she would cum, was that even possible? Cumming from anal? If she did manage to cum like that then what would it mean? Would it mean she was even more of a pervert?

While these thoughts were running through Roxy’s head Savannah confidently walked towards the girl and grabbed her leash. “Come my pet, let me show you what it is like to get fucked by your Goddess.” Savannah said with a smirk, thinking about how she had already fucked up her roommate. It was only suiting to now literally fuck the girl.

Not knowing what exactly she should expect Roxy got down on all fours, ready to follow her Goddess to wherever it was that she wanted to do this. Savannah didn’t wait a second seeing her pet get down to follow. She just turned around and led Roxy out of the bathroom.

A few moments later Roxy was led into her own room. That alone was embarrassing. The room was filled with a locker room smell of stale sweat, only Savannah’s though. It smelled like her feet but dustier in a way. After this morning a scent of stale piss had joined the mix as well. While being in the room for a long time made the scent doable entering the room from somewhere else really showed how bad the smell actually was.

Savannah didn’t seem to mind to badly, given that the scent was hers, and Roxy didn’t seem to mind either. At least that is what anyone observing her would say. Upon entering the room, she took a few whiffs, her pussy leaking profusely Escort Ankara as she did. Even Savannah was unable to tell whether it was from the humiliation of having a room that smelled like this, or if it was because it smelled like the feet who she had come to associate with orgasms? Savannah didn’t mind either of the two.

Going up to the bed Savannah stopped. “Alright Roxy, time to have some fun, get up on your knees in front of me and start rolling my dress up and my tights down.” Savannah said casually, holding a tight grip on the leash. Even though it wasn’t taut or anything it still gave her that feeling of power.

The instructions slightly confused Roxy, if Savannah wanted to fuck her, then didn’t she have to go and get her strapon? Oh well, maybe she had decided she wanted some more tongue action as a warm up, no matter the reason Roxy decided to just go along with it and do as savannah had ordered.

Sitting down on her knees right in front of her tall heavy roommate while she held her leash really made Roxy feel even more submissive than usual. She guessed she must like feeling like that since her pussy was leaking heavily once more.

With gentle delicate movements Roxy slowly started to role up Savannah’s dress. She was surprised when she saw a definitive bulge at the front of Savannah’s tights. Rolling the waistband down she was suddenly met by the neon pink silicon cock slapping her right in the face as it broke free from its nylon prison.

A soft moan followed by hysterical laughter came from Savannah as she looked down on her obviously confused and shocked roommates face underneath her silicon cock. It was priceless. The hit on Roxy’s face had sent a slight pulse through the gel which had instantly be felt in Savannah’s own overtly aroused pussy. Damn Chelsea hadn’t lied. This toy was freaking amazing.

The way the dildo was held by a bulb sitting in Savannah’s pussy with a sharp curve out and up made it look like the dildo really was part of her. Well of course if you overlooked the fact that it was Neon pink, not at all matching Savannah’s skin. It was a very weird sight that kept Roxy staring in confusion.

It was something Savannah quickly made use off by picking a pair of tights from the discarded worn heap before grabbing a tight hold of Roxy’s hair forcing her along and over the bed. Savannah hadn’t been this rough with her roommate for a while now, but the prospect of fucking the girl was just so exhilarating.

Pinning Roxy down, bend over the bed Savannah forced the girl’s arms behind her back and tightly tied them together with the tights she had just picked up. It meant that Roxy was now completely at her mercy. She could wiggle herself off the bed at most but pushing herself up or even standing while bent over this low was near impossible with her hands tied off behind her back.

With Savannah instantly moving behind her, pinning her body between her own and the bed she really had no where to go or wiggle off to. She was completely at her Goddess’s mercy and it was both frightening and exciting.

Skilfully Savannah moved the head of her dildo over her pet’s sopping wet pussy lips, she then slowly let the top part of the shaft glide over the girl’s pussy lips, repeating the same process with the bottom of the shaft. After repeating these motions a few times her dildo was very well lubricated. Roxy was trembling and moaning underneath her. The slight teasing of her pussy to lube up the cock obviously had her very excited.

It was such a sweet virgin pussy, ready for the taking if Savannah wanted it. It took all her willpower not to plunge into it right there and now. It was so easy, it looked so inviting. The only thing stopping her was the wicked thought of keeping Roxy a virgin.

Oh how Savannah loved this thought. Roxy was slowly but surely becoming the best pussy muncher ever. She certainly had the most skilled tongue Savannah had ever experienced so far, and that solely by going of how people reacted. She had nothing to go on when it came to things or movements she liked. There had simply never been a tongue in or even near her pussy and there would never be one either.

Savannah loved the thought that Roxy was here only to please pussies while her own pussy by any stretch of the imagination served pretty much as a lube dispenser for her butt only. Sure as a result of the perversions forced on her Roxy could sometimes cum, but only at the touch of a finger or a foot. Her pussy wasn’t there to pleasure, she was there to pleasure pussy.

No longer willing to wait Savannah moved her strapon up, moving over Roxy’s pussy one last time before positioning it against her butt hole. She smiled hearing a desperate whimper from her pet, knowing that her butt was soon to be broken in.

Slowly but surely Savannah started applying pressure, she couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as the pressure against the gel filled tip caused the bulb inside her to swell and squeeze her clit. She slowly released the pressure, then reapplied it, never even pushing past Roxy’s sphincter it made the bulb inside her pulse pleasantly, gripping and releasing her clit at the same time as Savannah moaned loudly. This thing really was a godsent, she could swear she could cum some time soon by just continuing to poke Roxy’s butt hole.

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