Sara’s Friend Ch. 2

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Michelle woke up the next day, feeling relaxed and rested. She smiled to herself as her mind cleared out dreams and memories float in. Rubbing her eyes she thought of what Sara had done for her and how totally sensual it had been to know a person she loved could make her feel so good. Laying there for a while naked under the sheets as her mind went over everything that had happened last night, she blushed a little at how she had cum so hard. She knew that she had never experienced such oral stimulation before, even with Tyler.

Michelle hadn’t been with anyone since her and Tyler had gotten divorced five years ago. She had found it had been too hard to trust anyone and although she had been asked out a lot, she didn’t have the desire. Tyler had been the love of her life and even though things hadn’t worked out he still was. It saddens her for a moment thinking of all the dreams that never came true with him. She wondered to herself if he still lived in this same town. She hadn’t been in contact with him since the judge had granted their divorce that last day in court. She remember sitting there across from Tyler, in front of the judge while he talked to them. Her mind hadn’t been on what the judge was saying but had been on how much she had loved Tyler still and how handsome he was.

He had black short hair, Grey eyes with a devilish gleam to them and a handsomely carved face that women would stop and stare at. He had always known he was handsome, but he wasn’t a man who put dwelled on it. His height also had always drawn women too. Being six three he stood over Michelle almost a foot. She had stood there in court that day looking at him and wanting him still so bad that it hurt. He was the only man who had ever turned her on sexually in her life. She remembered that day that she would never be with him sexually again, and how that had made her stomach cramp with the thought. Michelle felt sadness comes over her with these thoughts and mentally shook herself for letting her thoughts bring her down.

Stretching her body and letting a small gasp of pleasure leave her mouth, Michelle thought about a bath. She hasn’t had a long relaxing bath in awhile and felt she deserved it. She wondered to herself if Sara had already left for work. Moving her head on the pillow to look at the clock, she realized Sara would have indeed left for work already, as it being nine thirty. Reaching down to throw the sheet off her body, Michelle sat up slowly and threw her legs over the side. Placing her hands on either side of her hips at the bed edge she yawned. The thought again crossed her mind how totally relaxed she was this morning and another wicked smile crossed her face. Michelle felt a jolt of desire goes through her stomach as she relived the night before in her mind. She was definitely lucky to have a friend who wanted to please her as much as Sara.

Finally deciding to get her lazy butt out of bed, Michelle pushed herself up off the bed and headed toward the bathroom in her room. Although it wasn’t a private bathroom for it also connected to Sara’s room on the other side, for now it was with Sara at work. Michelle walked in the bathroom naked and closed the door. Leaning down she turned the on the taps to get the hot and cold water running. Lifting the stopper to hold the water in the tub, she checked to see what the temp the water was. Finally when it was just right, Michelle walked to the toilet to sit and relieve herself. When she was done with, she wiped herself and got up to walk over to the tub. Sliding in first one foot and then the other she slowly lowered herself down in the tub.

When she was in full sitting position, she leaned back to let the water sooth her as she closed her eyes.

Her mind was clear for a moment as the water filled the tub slowly. The Ankara escort warmth of the water slowly covering her body felt so well, Michelle’s nipples became hard. She was relaxed and content in her little world as the tub continuously filled. Finally feeling it up near her breast, Michelle opened her eyes to see where the water level was. Almost about to overflow Michelle quickly leaned forward to turn the taps off. Silence filled the room as she slowly leaned back in her previous position and closed her eyes again.

Her mind again filled up with what she and Sara had done the night before. She felt herself reliving every moment in her minded desire spread through her body as she thought again of Sara between her legs lapping up her juices with her tongue. To say Michelle wasn’t getting excited again from these thoughts was an understatement. She could feel her body come alive as she played back in her head the night before. Michelle knew she would love to experience what happened last night again. She also knew she would love to do for Sara as her friend had done on her. Without realizing it, Michelle’s hand had started to move over her body while she was lost in thought. Her hand had moved down from her neck to her shoulder, gripping softly as she thought of her and Sara’s kiss. She had felt such heat in-between her legs she remembered as Sara had plunged her tongue in her mouth. It had been so forbidden and erotic that Michelle remembered it had stimulated her to get wet. She softly caressed her shoulder as her hand went across her collarbone and to the other shoulder. The touch so light it caused small Goosebumps to appear on her skin. Her eyes closed she again saw in her head as Sara head had dipped between her legs to slowly lick over her pussy lips. The feeling of her be aroused was starting to spread through Michelle’s body as she hashed over the previous nights sex. Michelle’s hand softly lowered to the side of the breast as she took her finger tips and traced the edge of her breast. Sliding it underneath the curve and coming around softly in-between her breast. Moaning out loud from the sensations it was causing in her body, she took the tips of her fingers and went to the other breast to give it attention.

She also moved her hand underneath then between her breast to rub softly up and down the middle of her chest. Her thoughts on the previous night as Sara had licked her pussy with such enjoyment. Taking her finger she finally moved them to one breast and made slow circles around it, starting at the edge and moving in closer with each circle to the nipple. Finally reaching the nipples she quickly dunks her hand in the water and cupped some in the palm of her hand. Bringing it up to her neglected nipple she softly let the water drip from her hand to the top of her nipple, getting it wet. She opened her eyes to watch this. She could feel heat and wetness inside her gathering as she was consumed with the thought of Sara tasting her and smelling her pussy. Slowly leaning her head down she blew softly from her mouth to her nipple to feel the water grow cool. Her nipple hardens quickly from this and Michelle watched in amazement.

Quickly she moved her hand with water still in it to repeat this with her other nipple. As its twin her other nipple hardened also. This fascinated her as she dumped the rest of the water and moved her fingertip to one nipple tracing its hardness. She liked the feel of it hard and ready for a mouth and lifting it up from underneath she lifted her breast to bring the nipple to her mouth. She slowly took her pink tongue out to trace around the nipple and finally suck it in. Her mouth completely surrounded the areola as she started suction, She was excited by the feel first of having a nipple in her mouth and then her nipple responding to the suction. Ankara escort bayan It was pure pleasure for her. Her pussy was building wetness just behind those plump lips. She liked it so much. Moving her head she went for the other nipple and repeated the actions. She was totally excited now and she wanted to feel the rest of her body.

The water splashed in the tub as she moved her body out longer to get better access to it. Her feet coming up to rest on the wall over the knobs of the tub. Widening her knees some, she continued to suck on her nipple. Her pussy lips came more exposed to the warm water floating in-between them. She loved the feeling, as if she was about to expose it to a hard object. Her other hand started to lightly twist the nipple of her other breast. She was in heaven and she knew she would have to give herself release at some point. Taking her mouth from her breast, Michelle took her free hand and twisted the still puckered nipple her mouth had just left. There she was with both hands twisting both nipples and loving every minute of it.

Finally after a few minutes of that the rest of her body got anxious, wanting to feel her hands all over it. She moved her hands down to her stomach, lightly under the water to softly caress her belly. The feeling of her hand over her skin made shots of heat go up her body, sub-consciously opening her legs just a little more. She knew she wanted to dip her fingers in her pussy honey. She knew she would too.

Michelle trailed her fingers down over her lips slowly; liking the tickling it was causing as she rubbed her fingers up and down over the lips. She remembered how Sara’s tongue had traced the outer lips slowly and this made her feel as if she would drip her wetness right into the bath water. Adjusting herself some more in the tub…Michelle took her one leg out of water to lay it up against the wall of the shower. The other leg she threw it over the edge of the tub to spread her legs wider. Still tracing her fingers over the outer lips she closed her eyes again to let the sensations seem more alive. Doing this minute or so was thrilling but her body called out for her so much. Slowly she slides her finger inside between her pussy lips to feel the tight bud inside. Her fingertip lightly went over the edge of her clit as she felt warmth start to expand over her legs. Sliding her finger more in between her lips she started to circle the base of her clit. Pressing down slightly to make the warmth expand in her legs more. Michelle moaned gently as she continued this wonderful assault to her clit.

“Damn, this feels good,” she thought to herself.

Moving her hips a little to give her better access to her clit, Michelle continued to rub adding more and more pressure. Almost by accident she started to make herself cum with thoughts of Sara sucking her pussy and her fingers working their magic. She stopped suddenly to subside these feelings of cumming.

Leaning down more in the tub to where she was almost flat on her back with her head cocked up on the side, Michelle slowly started to rub her clit again. Her other hand went back to one of her breast as she slowly twisted the nipple. Rubbing her fingertips down from her clit slowly to circle around her vagina opening she wanted so bad to feel Sara’s finger jam in her pussy again. Slowly she inserted her finger in her pussy. Feeling the smooth satin feeling of it.

“God,” she thought, “I want to cum for her again.”

Michelle slowly inched in her finger till it finally got to the knuckle, moving it around in her to let her body get comfortable with this new experience. She started to move her finger around to reach her g-spot. Feeling this made her want to pump her pussy right then but she waited for the ultimate pleasure. Finally crooking Escort Ankara her finger in a ” come here” position, Michelle started to press softly on her G-spot. Crooking her finger to shoot shots of electricity up her body. Adding pressure she felt her legs once again spreading warmth up them. She let go of her nipple to let her hand travel down her stomach and slip in between her pussy lips. Taking her finger on her clit she gently started rubbing just above it. Making small circles as her other finger pressed on her G-spot. Trying to spread her legs wider in the tub, she sloshed water all over the side and on the floor. Moving one hand inside her and the other on her clit, Michelle was feeling ecstasy on her pussy. Slowly she started to grind her hips to her hands as her breast was being squished between her arms. Michelle starting moaning louder and louder as her finger inside started pushing on her G-Spot intensely. She could feel warmth and sensations building up all over her body as she was visualizing Sara sucking her pussy. Water was going everywhere as Michelle moved around trying to get even better access to her clit and vagina. She could feel the warmth of the bath water and her pussy juices mixed on her fingers. She was getting close; she could feel it through her. She started mumbling at first, then as her orgasm built she started saying sentences breathlessly out loud.

“Oh God Sara yes eat me oh god,” she almost screamed.

Moaning between her lips for a second then screaming again.

” Oh god yes please harder umm… fuck my pussy Sara.” She could feel and see Sara as if she was right there in the tub. She started to speed up her hands working on her pussy faster causing her body to get ready to cum. Warmth and excitement ran through her. He legs started to get weak and started to shake. Heat flew into her pussy as she started to get sensations between her legs like no other.

“Oh yes…Oh yes I am gonna cum,” she said out loud.

Spreading her legs as far as she could in the tub and water splashing everywhere, Michelle started to feel the explosion happening. Groaning loudly as she felt hot liquid run through her and her body shake from her cumming, she moaned out Sara’s name. Her hips were sub-consciously raised out of the water as she applied pressure to her clit harder to feel the full extreme of her orgasm. Her ass moved as she grinded her pussy to her fingers. Explosions after explosions went through her pussy as her vagina walls opened and shut around her finger. Thousands of little lights exploded in her head as her orgasm went on and on. She could see Sara’s head between her legs lapping up her juices as they gushed out of her. Finally feeling her orgasm subside she slowly slowed down on her rubbing and slid her finger out of her pussy. Her body slumping back into the water shaking. She was out of breath and trying to get control of it, but Michelle felt good and satisfied. Lying there in the lukewarm tub of bath water she smiled as she felt her clit sensitive and alive. Finally catching her breath some she wondered what else was waiting for her sexually.

Getting a hold of herself, she leaned up, took a deep breath and started to wash. She took a few minutes on this and rinsed letting the water out. Standing up she grabbed the towel off the rack and wrapped it around her. Then proceeded to get out of the tub. She leaned over to make sure the knobs were closed tightly, satisfied they were she straightened and walked back into the bedroom. Looking at the bed Michelle realized she wanted to crawl back in it and rest again.

“Why not?” she thought to herself. “I am on vacation.”

Slowly letting the towel drop to the floor she slid back under the sheet ad stretched. She thought again of her friend Sara. Smiling a little wickedly, Michelle closed her eyes and relaxed. As she drifted quickly to sleep, she wondered where her and her friend would go from here.

Little did Michelle know that Sara had big plans for her tonight…

To Be Continued…

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