Same Time Next Year Pt. 03

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Our love ain’t water under the bridge…

I don’t want to see a thing, baby I just wanna feel your touch, feel your rush…

I’ll stop time for you the second you say you’d like me too, baby just to wake up with you…

I belt out the tunes on top of my lungs on the way to work. I need to release this energy somehow.

It is that time of year again but this time is different. After years of meeting this month for a reunion of body and soul, there would be no connecting. About three weeks ago, I received a quick note to say he had to cancel. No reason listed, which translates in our code as “in a relationship” – we have been together long enough to give each other space when needed. Of course, he has all damn year for space. Why now? I deserve to pout, right? I am happy for him but sad for me – I am not sure I have had or will ever have a year quite as stressful as this one again. What I really needed was three days of total escape. I can fuck anyone but with him it is different. Since our last meeting, he had separated from his wife and I had ended the quick situation I jumped into after my amicable but long-winded divorce proceedings. That guy was fine but having a random fuck buddy actually just made me want him even more this year. I needed a real connection. I guess I thought this year would be a rare one where we are both free and don’t have to hide out in a hotel room, or a camping trailer, or his truck. The bubble we create in those spaces is amazing but who knows? Going to get food in public could be fun, too.

Damn. I figured it wouldn’t take him long to find someone else…he is a lot of man and needs an outlet for that sexual energy that radiates from him. No doubt it got hot and heavy fast and now this other woman…stop it. Stop and just be happy for the cock sucker. I laugh at my own terrible joke.

To cheer myself, I let my mind drift along with the music. The camping trailer from two or three years ago…I can’t quite remember the year…was still one of my purest, most perfect “happy places” to hide when I needed a sancak escort pick me up. We had finally torn ourselves away from the hotel room. He kept pulling me back down onto the rumpled sheets just when I was finally clean and dressed. One time I had made it to the hair and makeup stage before he came behind me and spun me onto the counter, facing him. Just when I truly thought there couldn’t be another cell in my body interested in sex, he kissed me. That is all it ever takes. This time he helped me along with the kiss plus the hands at the base of my spine sliding my ass towards him and the smell of his skin when he pulled back to nuzzle my neck with his two-day scruff. I was a goner before I even felt his hard knob pressing into me. Rather than head to the bed where we were bound to spend another hour, I pushed aside my thong and slid him inside of me right there. Surrounded by the mirrored dressing area I could take in his every angle. His back, his ass, his thighs – they looked so good with my tan legs wrapped his waist. In another mirror I could see his face. I liked knowing he was watching me watching him. Smiling as I pushed him as deep as I could take, he threw his head back for a minute in pure pleasure. He was getting close – watching that started my own burn. Together, we found the rhythm we needed and held on tight to each other. I was just about there when I caught a glimpse of his cock in the side mirror, sliding faster in and out of me. How could I want anyone this much? I had been respectful of the neighbors as much as I could muster but we were about to check out and I let it all go. Trashy, maybe, but so damn fun. It’s a miracle the counter didn’t collapse under the weight of two sexy fuckers who lost all control.

Once we skulked to the truck – no, I skulked, he held his head high because he had just had 24 hours of mind-numbing sex and didn’t care who knew it – we blared music all the way into the country. Every genre – pop, oldies, country, and whatever else that came to sarıyer escort mind – was sung very loudly and very badly. We felt amazing so what did we care if we sang completely off-tune? I love watching night fall in the country, so he had planned the long drive perfectly to coincide with that late afternoon gap where the sun is too hot to enjoy but we still had enough time to get settled before dusk begins. After stopping for a few supplies, we turned off the main road to head down a very long bumpy path. The trailer was creaky as he maneuvered past pot holes and washed out edges.

“Um, how much longer? Are we going to miss sunset?” I snuck a sly grin his way.

“Hey, who are you dealing with? Do you think I would take you all this way but not know when to have you cozy in your chair with a drink and a view? Please, woman. You act like we just met.”

“When you put it that way, I have one request.”

“Ask away. I am always yours.”

“Tonight. No matter what time we get to camp, get to drinking, or get to bed, I need one part of you on me at all times. I don’t care – stinky toes, warm calf, smoky hands – dealer’s choice. I have been going through skin-withdrawals all year without you. It sounds needy but it is just a fact: your skin belongs on mine. Any problems with that?”

“Again, you act like we just met. Have you ever known me to refuse for one second to have your skin on mine? In fact, I need more of you right now. Come over closer.” I squeezed as tight to him as I could while he rested one arm around my shoulders, stroking my arm lightly as we drove. “I don’t know about stinky toes but I like the warm calf idea. Remember the first time I kissed you?”

“No, but I remember the first I kissed you! I ran my foot along your calf – I will never know what made me so bold – and you were rendered speechless.”

“Ok, ok, wait a minute. If it weren’t for me we would have never found that spot on the bridge. I must have said something to get you to walk with me. Of course, sefaköy escort I don’t think either of us was making sense by then.” He was just smiling now, lost in the memory with me.

“Kissing was the only thing that did make sense that day. It made absolutely perfect sense – the rest of the 24 hours was just filler that happened before and after that kiss. I will never forget that moment, the feel of your back when I lifted your shirt up a tiny bit, or the way your eyes looked when we first pulled back from each other. I had only kissed one other person for 14 or 15 years at that point but it felt so…”

“Natural” we said at the same time.

The rest of the night was just as perfect as that first kiss. The fiery sunset softened into a warm dusky glow on the horizon. At last, the black night exploded with more stars than I had ever seen in my life. He watched me as I watched the sky until I moved to lean my head back on his chest. Our passion that night was a slow burn – fingers trailed along creases, tongues danced across peaks and valleys, moans released our needs into the night. It is the kind of perfect memory that gets you through dry spells and hard times.

This all came back to me as I finished my commute into work. Hard times? Check. Dry spells? Self-imposed, but yes. Sweet memories of this hot man to help me manage? More than I probably deserve. Ok, chin up. He is happy so be happy for him. Parking, I grabbed all my bags and greeted my office mates with a little more pep in my step. No sweat, I will see him next year – I can do this a little longer. Just as I stepped off the elevator at my floor, I glanced over and saw him leaning against the big window that looks down into the parking lot. I gasped – what the hell?

“Took you long enough to get up here, baby. I was about to jump out of my skin waiting for…”

I didn’t let him finish. I dropped my stuff and ran into his arms. He lifted me up and all I could do was kiss him, laugh, and kiss him more. To hell with waiting. Fuck him being happy with anyone else. I want him all for myself! “Why are you here? You canceled so I thought you must be wi-“

“Forget what you thought. I canceled because I wanted to surprise you a week ago but my truck broke down halfway across country. I have been going nuts keeping it a secret but I knew you would like the surprise. You do like it, right? It’s ok?”

“No. It’s perfect.”

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