Rush Hour: An Erotic Tale

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Big Tits

Traffic is always a mess on the way back home. It’s one of the things that annoy Kelly even more, considering that she wanted to get home away from the world. Sitting in her car she looked around at all of the faces and pouted at having to stand still on highway 40. She starts getting fidgety because she had been feeling especially sexy in her outfit: a short skirt, silk button-down blouse, thigh highs, heels, and a thong. She had been torturing a man on her instant messenger with that description to the point that he had stopped talking and gone away–more than likely to the bathroom for a great man to hand session. She enjoys that little power and it makes her feel even more excited to know that her curves and features elicit that sort of reactions with only a few simple keystrokes.

In her rearview mirror Kelly spies a face behind the wheel of a silver Volvo. The man’s features are partially blocked by the glare of the setting sun, but his eyes, which are a piercing steel gray, take her in. She suddenly realizes that he is staring back at her and she looks away, embarrassed for a moment. Then, she looks again. She can’t help but look at those eyes that see right through her. He is looking straight at her and she looks away like a dear caught in headlights, avoiding his gaze. Kelly finds this to be both frightening and exciting. She feels herself getting wetter and can’t decide if she is more excited by this mysterious driver or the fact that she was sexually aroused from earlier and just needed to get home.

Kelly looks up again and his steely gaze is unmoved. However, this time, she doesn’t turn away like a giddy schoolgirl. Rather, she stays focused, almost hypnotized by his intense stare. She sees the beginnings of a smile cross his lips and this sends a jolt to her nipples, and the warmth in her spreads to her thighs. She briefly touches herself just as the traffic starts to inch forward a little. She smiles a little. He sees this and smiles even bigger. Her hands begin to shake as she feels herself beginning to lose control. She sees this man as an object of desire. . . something sinful and exciting. She notices the exit about a half-mile ahead. She decides she needs relief and escort bayan soon. There is a small shopping center and some restaurants. Her need is great and if she could just find somewhere nice and secluded she could just take a few minutes to lean the seat back, run her fingers over her clit and maybe put her hands on her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples. It wouldn’t take much because she is so turned on. She took the moment to veer onto the ramp. Right after she looks at the man in the mirror and winks. She pulls off to the side of the traffic and passes the stopped cars as she nears the exit. She smiles, knowing that soon enough she will be alone and her frustrations will momentarily subside. She runs her index finger along her inner thigh and feels the wetness she has created and sighs. She shakes a little, anticipating. She stops at the exit ramp for the red light. As she checks the oncoming traffic to make a right turn, she notices those eyes in her rearview mirror again. She freezes and nearly screams. He has decided to play her game. A game that she subconsciously invited him too when she winked–a game that she really shouldn’t play but one that she can’t resist. The lane clears; she takes a deep breath and turns right onto the street.

Kelly looks in the rear-view mirror and sees the silver Volvo is still behind her, although slowly getting further behind. She lets off of the gas pedal and those eyes slowly come back into view. She is beyond control at this point. It is now instinct and that is leading her to find relief in any form. She pulls into the garage of a business park and slowly drives the ramps to the upper levels where the cars are thinning out. She looks behind her and the gray eyes are still there. She pulls into the top deck slowly turns off her car. She sees out of the side of her eyes the silver Volvo pull alongside her. Slowly she begins to raise her eyes to meet those that belong to the stranger. He smiles and she nearly has an orgasm on the front seat.

Kelly smiles and opens her door. He does the same. Her eyes begin to glaze over, as he seems to take forever reaching her. The next 10 seconds are a complete blur. She only remembers escort his first touch of her skin at the cheek and she immediately cums. She feels the wetness slowly drip down her thighs, weakening her knees. He catches her in his arms and slowly lifts her up against her door. He begins to kiss her passionately, pressing his groin tightly into her wetness. She grasps the back of his head and ass to pull him into her. He slowly runs his hands along her shoulders and then begins to unbutton her blouse as he dry humps her against the car. Slowly he succeeds in opening her blouse and removing her bra. Her nipples become even more erect as the cool crisp air passes over them. His fingers find them and slowly touch and tease them, causing her to moan even more into his mouth. He wrestles with his lips and tongue as she slowly runs her fingers along his back. Soon his mouth leaves hers, travels along her neck, shoulder, and then down to the first nipple. He slowly licks and circles it with his talented tongue and soon teases it by biting and nibbling the sensitive ends. Slowly she is building up to another orgasm. He senses this, pulls up her skirt and runs his index finger along her wet slit up to her throbbing clit. This causes her to scream and he covers her mouth. He licks his index finger and smiles.

He then slowly drapes one of her legs over his shoulders and begins to slowly lick the wet, aroused lips of her pussy. Her heads swims and her moans turn into short deep breaths. Kelly grasps the hair on top of his head and guides him into her. He happily obliges and begins to run his tongue along the lips, thrusting into her, teasing the clit as his fingers thrust in and out. She slowly rises again and cums from the pressure. She smiles and slowly pulls him up as she bends down to her knees and unfastens his belt, unclasping the button and unzipping his pants to reveal a very erect penis that is more than enough to satisfy her needs. But first she wants him to sample a little of her talents as well.

Kelly slowly runs her tongue along the underside of his testicles and uses her hands to stroke his shaft gently. He throws his head back and moans, which she takes as a sign of bayan escort enjoyment and continues. He slowly begins to run his hands through her hair as her tongue works up along the shaft, slowly around the tip and teases the hole at the very top. She then slowly takes him into her warm wet mouth and begins to apply pressure with her lips and tongue. He is moaning and grabbing her hair to maintain his posture. She works more of him into her mouth feeling his hardness expand and grow. Soon she is sucking and licking at an increased pace, but she doesn’t want him to cum just yet and neither does he. She removes her mouth and he regains his composure enough to realize that they are far from finished. He then turns her around puts her up against her car once more. She feels his breath on the back of her neck as he raises her skirt and slowly runs his fingers along her wetness with one hand and then guides his hardness into her from behind with the other. Kelly thrusts back to meet him and soon he is inside of her and both are moaning in unison. Slowly he thrusts into her as he begins to kiss and nibble the back of her neck and shoulders. He reaches in front of her to take her nipples in each hand to increase the sensations. She holds onto the top of her car as he does this watching their reflections in the window as she moans and breathes in tandem of erotic coupling.

Soon Kelly begins to feel another more powerful orgasm building up and her body begins to tremble. He senses this and begins to thrust harder and faster. She feels his body tensing up and soon she is over the edge. She screams at the top of her lungs as she orgasms and it overtakes her. He is right behind and soon she feels his cum shoot inside of her and his vocal release bellows through the empty concrete structure. They both come back down to earth breathing heavily and slowly detaching from each other. He kisses her softly on her neck and returns to his car.

Kelly slowly regains her thoughts and watches his car drive away, glimpsing the site of those gray eyes along with a satisfied smile. She sighs and smiles as well. She buttons her blouse back up, opens the door and sits down in her car, basking in the warm afterglow with her face flushed. She smiles as she leaves the garage and gets back onto the interstate, her mind no longer on the traffic or the snarls, but on the idea that perhaps tomorrow that silver Volvo and those gray eyes will again be in her rearview mirror.

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