Room Mates Pt. 13

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“You loved it Jake!! You came like a thunderbolt!! Don’t pretend you didn’t!”

Sammie snorted as she ate her cereal, watching Jake trying desperately not to laugh,

“Sammie! It was shock! You stuck your finger up my arse! It was unexpected… to say the very least!”

Tears fell as she laughed at him, happier than she could remember. Snuggled on the sofa, eating cereal and sharing a throw blanket, Sammie looked at Jake and saw the same look of contentment on his face.

Sex was a revelation. Sammie had never known she could feel… so much. He’d taken her body repeatedly, hence the 3am bowl of cereal for fortification and she still wanted him as much as she had before they’d begun. Maybe even more, now that she knew what she’d been missing.

Jake had been magnificent, after taking the edge off the first time he had taken her slowly, caressing her with his hands and mouth as his cock kept a steady pace inside her body. He’d withdrawn and positioned her astride him, teasing her breasts as she stared down at him in awe,

“Sammie… baby… you might want to move!”

Sammie had only had one lover before, Richard who only believed in the missionary position. Sitting over Jake, his bare cock buried inside her she had panicked, fearful that this would be the moment he realised she was as bad in bed as Richard had told her she was. Jake had just lazily plucked her nipple and slid his hand down her trembling stomach to cup her pussy, his dark eyes lidded.

“Although… looking at you like that, my cock splitting you in two I could quite happily stay just like this…”

His fingers had scissored around his cock, massaging her labia and catching her clit. Sammie found herself moving, her hands finding his chest as she braced herself, riding him gingerly at first, then harder as she found the perfect angle.

Jake’s hands were too distracting and as Sammie raised them over his head and held his wrists he’d groaned with delight, filling her with confidence as well as changing the angle of his penetration and pressing deeper inside. She’d rocked, swivelled and bounced on him and Jake had revelled in it, telling her in graphic detail just how good she made him feel, how sexy she was, how horny she made him when she took the initiative.

So it had seemed like a natural progression when later, as Sammie took his cock into her mouth again, she teased his anus with feather-light touches before slowing pushing her index finger inside. Jake had come like a rocket, her finger thrusting in syncopation with the suction of her mouth and as he twitched and bucked and shouted Sammie had almost came herself. She’d made him like that, wild and feral in his release.

Sitting on the sofa, she wondered if it would feel like that if Jake did the same to her.

“Would you like me to play with your arse Sammie? Kiss you there, lick you?”

She met his eyes and wondered once again how he knew what she was thinking,

“Maybe you’d like me to push my thumb deep as I suck your pussy. Yeah… I think you’d like that a lot Sammie. I know I would!”

She stared as Jake stood, the blanket revealing his nakedness, his cock hard yet again. He bent over to kiss her neck, tracing his lips up to her ear and Sammie held her breath as he gently sucked her lobe into his mouth,

“Tell me baby, would you like me to kiss you, get you all wet with my tongue and then slowly push my cock inside of you? Fill your gorgeous arse with my dick and fuck you, getting deeper and deeper until you’re begging me to rub your clit, pinch your nipples, finger your creamy pussy, anything to push you over the edge?”

Jake stood, slightly breathless as he took the empty bowl from her shaking hands and set them in the sink. She followed the motion of his arse as he turned, catching the object of her attention and laughed.

“So we’ve discovered that you have a thing for arses…”

“Just yours Jake!”

He smiled darkly and pulled her up from the sofa, the blanket pooling on the floor.

“That’s the right answer Sammie. Only mine. Although yours is pretty nice too. Tight, firm, round…” His hands caressed her bottom as he spoke, sweeping circles over the globes with each adjective and she felt her pussy leak its juices down her thighs, “Shit Sammie, I have yet to find a spot of you that I don’t want to worship for hours!”

Sammie shivered,

“Would you like to take me there Jake?”

He groaned and pulled her flush to his body,

“You want me to take your arse Sammie?”

“I… I think so. I just want you Jake. In any way… in every way. I can’t explain it. I’d never even thought about it before but now…”

Jake kissed her and swept his hands up and down her back, caressing her butt on each downwards stroke. He massaged the flesh, separating her cheeks and sliding his fingers into the crease. Sammie trembled as his thumb found her tight hole and rubbed softly.

“I have to admit, I’ve never done that before,”

Sammie pushed back and blinked up at him Sakarya Escort in surprise as he chuckled,

“Oh it’s been offered baby! But I’ve never felt the need. You know, mouth, cock, pussy… that’s always been enough for me!”

Sammie rolled her eyes and Jake gently slapped her bottom, causing her to squeal and wriggle in his grasp,

“But you… Sammie, the idea of being your first… of this being our first time together… that is a pretty appealing offer.”

She kissed him and Jake’s cock hummed against her stomach, the heat branding her skin. Despite her arousal, the reality began to sink in and Sammie started to feel nervous,

“You’re so big Jake… Will you even fit inside me?”

“I’m not that big Sammie! Fuck! I do love the things you do to my ego!”

“Jake… you’re huge! To me at least… and anatomically I’m smaller there so…”

“I fit perfectly baby, in here…” Jake cupped her cunt lovingly, allowing his finger to trace between her drenched lips, “and here, ” he kissed her mouth, his lips sucking hers as his tongue swept deep inside, “And at least some parts of me will easily fit in here” He stroked her arsehole, pressing the tip of his index finger inside and exulting in her hiss. “It’s almost like you were made just for me Sammie.”

He lead her to the back of the couch and turned her, placing her arms over the back as he gently pressed her forward to rest on her forearms,

“Don’t worry Sammie, I’m not going to fuck you… not yet anyway. Consider this research.”

She gulped in air as Jake crouched behind her, stroking her bottom and slowly pulling her cheeks apart. The blast of cool air against her sensitive skin felt strange and as Jake took up position and she felt the heat of his breath she shivered. Scared wasn’t the right word, she knew she was safe in his arms, excited maybe. Aroused out of her sex addled mind?

Jake’s tongue flicked once, twice against her pucker and she groaned, pressing down into the sofa. He gently swatted her cheek and lapped her again, gripping her tightly as he bared her to his mouth. Long lush sweeps of his tongue, dipping into her cunt before stroking up to flicker against her arsehole, tickling the sensitive flesh into between. Sammie grunted, any embarrassment or vulnerability gone as Jake held her cheeks apart with his fingers and spread her pussy with his thumbs, allowing a clear path for his mouth to travel.

She bucked, leaning further over the sofa and inadvertently baring her clit to his eager lips. As Jake suckled her, Sammie cried out and she felt his laugh ricochet throughout her lower body. Again and again he anointed her with his tongue until she was shaking uncontrollably, glad of the couch’s steadfast support.

She moaned as he pushed his tongue against her, gently thrusting into her wetness and catching her clit with his chin. She pressed further, arching into his mouth and as she felt her body begin to spiral, Jake pressed his thumb deep into her anus. He was everywhere, never stopping the glorious motions and Sammie shattered, sobbing his name as she broke. She felt him withdraw and sighed as his thumb left her bottom, releasing the delicious pressure.

Blinking she tried to imagine how tight she’d feel with his cock there and bit her lip at the naughty thought. She shouldn’t want that, good girls didn’t do things like that but Sammie was beginning to like being naughty.

She lifted her weary head and glanced over her shoulder, watching as Jake fisted his cock, pulling himself hard as he stared down at her. Good girls shouldn’t enjoy having a man wank whilst he looked at her cunt, juicy from her orgasm, her clit bared and her arse slick with his saliva, they shouldn’t gleefully watch hungrily as the first drops of pre cum bubbled from his tip, slickly aiding his masturbation.

And good girls certainly shouldn’t hum with pleasure as he sprayed semen over her arse, tapping her anus with his cock head as he unloaded against her. Sammie laughed softly as Jake rubbed his slackening cock through the valley of her arse cheeks, his spunk cooling already on her over heated skin.

“What’s so funny baby?”

Jake bent his head to hers, his voice strangled as he tried to regain his breath. Sammie turned her face to his, licking his lips before flicking her tongue against his.

“Nothing really. Just thinking how shy I used to be and how much I enjoyed what just happened. I’ve come a long way!”

Jake kissed her neck, slowly dropping open mouthed kisses against her skin,

“Baby… I think this side of you was always there, “His kisses became firmer, “You just needed to find someone who allowed you to express it. Have to admit I’m fucking glad it was me!”

Sammie turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down until their noses bumped,

“It could only have been you Jake. There is no other man alive that makes me feel what I feel with you… I… I think I love you.”

Jake stroked the tears that were Sakarya Escort Bayan slowly spilling from her eyes with his thumbs and kissed her,


“Shit! I know it’s too quick and this is only a fling but I wanted you, needed you to know that it’s more for me. And it’s okay that you don’t feel the same, it really is! I just thought you should know.”

“Are you finished?”

Sammie blinked and nodded glumly, relieved to have told him but certain she’d ruined the mood,

“Good. Then it’s my turn to talk,” Jake grinned and cupped her face, tilting her eyes up to meet his,

“This is not a fling. I think I love you too Sammie Barrett. I say think because I’ve never felt the way I feel about you before and whilst I think it’s love I can’t be sure. It could be lust I guess, “Jake pressed against her comically leering as she snorted, “But lust usually burns out quickly and with you, it just gets better and hotter and wetter and stronger… which sounds like a Kanye West song out loud but sounded really excellent in my head!”

“Sounded pretty excellent to me Jake, especially the first part.”

“Yeah? You liked that huh?”

“You are like a poet, like Shakespeare or Bryon or Keats…”

“Or Kanye?”

Hmmm, don’t go there Jake. That makes me think of Bound 2 and honestly that doesn’t exactly turn me on!”

Jake snorted,

“Kim and Kanye or James and Seth?”

“Does either pairing turn you on?! Should I be worried?”

Jake laughed and scooped Sammie into his arms, heading towards her room,

“Honestly baby, the only person who turns me on is you.”

Sammie relaxed, falling back, safe in the hold of his arms,

“Right answer! Now take me to bed Jake, do you very worst!”

“It’s official Baby… You are the perfect woman! Amazing company, out of this world sex and now you bring me coffee in bed! Get in here!”

Sammie clamoured into bed and snuggled into his body as he sipped his coffee, totally at peace. She could honestly say that this had been the best weekend of her life.

Jake was right, the sex had been interstellar and Sammie was still amazed that each time had just been better than the last. She had finally had the kind of orgasms she’d only ever read about, the bone melting ones which had left her a puddle of sensation in his arms. Jake had seemed to be as awed as she had, and they’d laughed and chatted between bouts, completely relaxed with each other.


“Yes Sammie.”

“Did you really mean what you said about wishing you’d been my first?”

Jake turned her in his arms, cradling her against his chest as he set the mug on the bedside table. Sammie pressed a kiss to his clavicle and inhaled the scent of his skin, warm, spicy and completely addictive,

“I did baby. I wish more than anything that I’d asked you out back then. Shit, it would have saved us both a boatload of heartache and think of all the hot crazy sex we could have had!”

Sammie laughed as he waggled his brows,

“Honestly Jake I’m not sure I would have been capable of half the things we’ve done back then! “

He laughed and dropped a kiss to her forehead,

“Me either baby but we would have had a lot of fun learning.”

Sammie tilted her face up to look at him and Jake carried on, his face serious,

“I’ve always liked you Sammie, even when you were 14 and Rosie’s shadow, my annoying bratty stepsister’s best friend. I still remember the crazy adventures we used to have and the conversations about everything. You were just so different to the other girls, so smart and funny and sure of yourself. And beautiful… you still are Sammie. Just about the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Sammie shook her head, partly in disagreement and partly to stem the tears already building,

“You were my friend, it didn’t matter that you were a girl. And then… I started noticing you in a different way. Instead of listening to you talk I was trying not to stare at your tits or think about kissing you. So I pulled back on our friendship… I shouldn’t have done that Sammie but I didn’t know what to do.”

“You were only 16 Jake. Hormones are strange and wonderful things.”

Jake cupped her bottom and pulled her flush against him, his cock already half hard and eager to join the conversation.

“Ain’t that the truth!”

Jake pressed her onto her back and cupped her pussy, slowly stroking her as he spoke,

“I wanted you Sammie, so badly, but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to mess up our friendship and I sure as shit didn’t know what to do with a girl and I’ll admit to being scared of Rosie. She would have killed me if I’d hit on you… in fact she still might!”

Sammie sucked air into her lungs as Jake pressed two fingers inside her, massaging her intimately as he dropped open mouthed kisses on her breasts,

“The only difference now Sammie is that I don’t care. What we have is worth a few weeks of her shouting at me.”

“Weeks? Escort Sakarya Jake… try years!”

Jake kissed her as she trembled beneath him,

“Small price to pay baby. And it’s probably for the best, we were kids, odds are it would have run its course and we would have lost our friendship. But I still regret not telling you Sammie. We never used to have secrets.”

Sammie gasped as Jake’s thumb stroked her clit,

“That might not be true Jake…”

His hand stilled and he cocked his head,

“I was… I was crazy about you Jake. All of those adventures we had… I was terrified half the time but I just wanted to be around you. Wanted you to see me as more than your sister’s friend.”

Jake swooped down to kiss her, his hand suddenly galvanising into action ,

“You were?”

“You were just so gorgeous Jake… I mean you still are but back then… Can you stop that Jake, it’s making it hard for me to concentrate!”

Jake laughed, pressing his erection against her stomach,

“Hard? For you?”

Sammie laughed but as Jake added a third finger to her cunt it came out as a choke,

“Jake!! What happened, happened. We’re here now aren’t we?”

“That we are baby. And I’m not going to miss a moment.”

True to his word, Jake had Sammie flying apart in under a minute.

“I was going to ask you out at your 21st. I’d made up my mind that I wasn’t going to wait any longer.”

Laying in his arms in the bathtub, Sammie tried to turn but found herself trapped in the confined space between the bath and his body. Not exactly a hardship.

“So why didn’t you?”

“Who knows Sammie. I’m a dick I guess. And then you asked me for a kiss and I just blanked. You looked so sad as you walked away…”

“I really wanted you to kiss me Jake. I was so mad at Rosie for that stupid dare… can’t believe I even attempted it!”

Jake squeezed her, his hands underneath her breasts,

“I got so drunk Sammie, watching you kiss those fucking idiots. Rosie called me out and asked me why I was being such a bitch! Man, we rowed about that! If I’d have just told her that I liked you then…”

Sammie raised herself up and climbed out of the bath,

“Jake. Stop beating yourself up about it! If you’d have told her or kissed me or been my first lover we wouldn’t have this…”

She spread her arms out and was gratified to see that Jake’s gaze never wavered from her face,

“We needed the time to become us and now we’re ready for each other! So let it go…”

Jake climbed out after her and wrapped her in a towel,

“I just feel shitty about it baby. Maybe if I’d said something you wouldn’t have wound up with Richard and he wouldn’t have hurt you…”

Sammie took his face in her hands,

“Is that what all this is about? You think it’s your fault I ended up with him?”

Jake couldn’t meet her eyes and Sammie knew she was right.

“Should I feel bad that you ended up with Olivia and got your heart broken Jake? Are we going to one-up each other in the guilt department?”

“She didn’t break my heart Sammie…”


“Really. Because you’ve held it in your hands since I was 16 years old.”

He looked so sad that Sammie felt a moment of fear, Jake was the strong one, she couldn’t stand seeing him look so despondent. So she followed his lead and wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock,

“Seems I’ve got all the best parts of you in my hand now then doesn’t it Jake?”

“Food! Thank god!”

Jake threw back the duvet and pulled on his jeans as the door buzzer silenced. After their heart to heart in the bath, Sammie had taken Jake back to bed and taken his mind off his guilt. She was pretty proud of herself, and Jake’s euphoric cries of pleasure backed it up. After a nap and another round Jake had ordered a takeaway and was now headed for the door,

“No plates baby… I intend to eat straight off of your beautiful body!”

“It’s pizza Jake…”

He grinned sheepishly,

“I just like you naked Sammie. So sue me!”

Sammie stretched, her body exhausted and sore and unbelievably still aroused. Rosie would be home soon and they would all need to have a talk. Clothed. But until then Sammie was more than happy to acquiesce to Jake’s plans.

He seemed to be gone for a long time and Sammie strained, hearing angry voices in the hallway. Don Giovanni’s Pizza were normally excellent so it would be ironic if they’d screwed up now. Throwing on her silk robe she headed out after him and watched in confusion as Jake scowled at the gorgeous brunette in the doorway. She was crying and Sammie felt the tension radiating from Jake as he blocked her entry with his arm.


He turned and blinked as if seeing her for the first time,


The brunette sniffed and Sammie moved closer, each step filling her with dread.

“Jake… what’s going on?”

Jake turned to her, his eyes desperate,

“Sammie. This is Olivia…”

Sammie stared at the woman in the doorway. The gorgeous, glamorous, crying heavily pregnant woman now walking slowly into her flat.

“You must be the famous Sammie. I think we all need to talk.”

Sammie’s legs gave out and the last thing she heard was Jake crying out her name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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