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Here is a story of my 19 year old neighbor (fictitious!)… She is a regular girl, very pretty, and quiet but smart and knows a lot about sex, but she isn’t perverted. She is also of a decent yet not very conservative family. Problem is, she is the daughter of someone rich, so she always has bodyguards when she goes out to the mall or on her way to school. One Saturday afternoon, while she was playing with her dog in her backyard, her dog escaped and ran into my house. I was only 18, so I sort of has this weird feeling why I would have a crush on someone slightly older than me, who was the girl I saw running after her German Shepherd. I’m kinda perverted, a virgin, gentlemanly but shy. I don’t have any sisters, and all my cousins on my father’s side are guys, and my cousins who are girls are on my mom’s side. Problem is, they live in Europe. So to put it short, I grew up rich, yes, but I only grew up around one or two friends who were girls, my mom and aunts. All the rest were guys. My dad, uncles, brothers and cousins. Anyway, so this girl’s dog runs into my house, and jumps on me. I was alone, I didn’t have any household help that day. The girl ran across the street and past the big iron gates of my home, and found the dog licking my face at the foot of my home. She bent over and got the dog away letting me see a glimpse of her cleavage and her breasts through her thin bra. She shyly stepped back, blushed and said sorry for the scene. I shyly just said it’s okay, so both of us were just standing there after I said it. In my mind, I was thinking, “Wow! She’s one helluva pretty girl! Quick, make a move… no. I can’t… I’m too shy”… On the other hand, the girl was thinking something like “Gosh, he’s so cute! Is he going to say something? He looks shy… I don’t care, I’ll wait even till kingdom come for him to make a move… He’s Soooo cute!”… So finally I introduced himself. Hi, umm, I’m Sebastian… The girl smiled and blushed, and said that her name was Stephanie, and her German Shepherd was Goliath. Then we got into regular conversation, where she studied (I figured that both of us are at homestudy), where she lives ( first time we saw each other). Then we spent the afternoon slowly bonding. We played with Goliath, played Video Games, ate, drank tea. Since it was the last week of school coming soon, we arranged another day like this on the last day.

When the last day came, we met at Stephie’s house, because the maids were on a day off, and the dad wasn’t home yet. We started with the innocent things, played some basketball, video games. Then we played with the dog again, and we got slobbered mecidiyeköy escort with all his saliva. We wet to Stephie’s room. Stephie said “Umm, Bastian, I’ll just take a shower okay? If you want, you can use the unused room beside mine. There are towels there, anyway. So I go to the next room. There was a bed, carpeted floor, a bathroom and a big cabinet against the wall of Stephie’s room. I sat on the sofa for a while, thinking why I could evidently hear the splashing of water from the shower of Stephie, so I leaned against the big cabinet only to find that it was a lot lighter than it seemed. I pushed it aside, and there I saw Stephie taking a bath! I jumped away and stumbled on the footstool, making a big THUMP! on the ground. Stephie sort of looked around, oblivious to the fact that I was looking at her sacred, beautiful and naked body right there. I got up, and sort of figured out that it was actually a one way mirror. I watched her, getting a major erection. I tried to look away, knowing that she was no slut like the ones I would see on the internet sites I would go to. I put my head in my hands and sat on the couch, trying to think and decide whether I should tell Stephie or not. Slowly, I looked up and saw Stephie under the shower facing the mirror posing in the sexiest positions I have ever seen. I slowly got undressed, all my clothes and sat down again. I started jacking off, slowly at first trying to imagine her body on top of mine as she rides me for the first time.

I closed my eyes and started my dream. I didn’t notice that Stephie walked out of her room already. She walked into my room, and saw my back and ass completely nude and my arm slowly beating my meat. She suddenly asked “What are you doing?” I suddenly turned around, startled because of my awkward position. She was only in a silk robe, and she didn’t have a bra on. We just stood there, both perplexed. After some time I saw that her nipples began to harden. She just stood there, expressionless, looking at my cock while biting her lower lip. After hat seemed like eternity, she looked up and flushed, turned away and slowly started to undo her robe strap. She blushed while she did this, and soon I saw her perfectly naked body standing in front of me, in a pose that was so innocent and young. Her skin was flawless, and so was her body. Soft silky black hair fell to her waist, her face was giving a radiant glow from the setting sun shining through the window, and her breasts, my oh my, her breasts were perfectly shaped, virgin, untouched and unseen by merter escort anyone but me. Her pink nipples were now jutted out about two centimeters. I started my beating on my meat again, and slowly she walked over to the bed. She sat at the foot, and then spread her legs just so that I could see her pubic hair and her pussy. She was perfectly pink! I moved over to her legs and knelt down. Stopping myself from cumming, I removed my hands which were on my dick and balls and started caressing Stephie’s thighs. She lay back and started playing with her nipples. I used my left to gently open her pussy lips, then with my right I played with her lips, running them up and down, pressing them every now and then. Stephie was getting more moist so I spread her legs wider, now exposing a good view of her whole pussy, and part of the inside. I saw what looked like a big nipple, and squeezed it lightly. Stephanie bucked and moaned. I realized that was actually her clit.

Here I was actually teasing the cunt of an innocent girl while her parents were away, in her own home. There was no turning back. I got up and lay on top of her, my knee in between her thighs, travelling up and down her lips. She pressed against them trying to relieve her own heat down inside, but it just kept welling because of my extra attention to her breasts and lips. My mouth moved down to hers, and we engaged in the most passionate, moist and hot kiss I had ever experienced. When we parted she threw her head back, and with her eyes closed cried out “Oh, fuck… fuck me Bastian… shit… oh, yes… ooh, please… I… need…” With that I took my position over her and positioned my cock at her vaginal entrance, now moist from all the attention to her innocent body.

She grabbed my cock and guided it to her opening. She positioned it at the opening and traced my cockhead up and down her pussy lips, mixing my precum and her juices at my cockhead. I picked up the movement and got into a rhythm, slowly and erotically teasing Stephie’s vaginal opening. Then, ever so slowly, I inserted my head past her labia. I head was now at her vagina. I pushed in a little more, going very slow. Suddenly, I came across an obstacle. I slowly started thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy, stopping at her hymen. Then, with one big push I broke the hymen and the blood popped out, slowly. Stephie got hurt, but her agony was quickly replaced by pleasure when I started moving in past where her hymen was, making sure to slowly rub her clit while in the process. Stephie was so tight, but her wetness mutlukent escort made it easier and more enjoyable for both of us. As I put most of my cock inside her, Stephie threw back her head where her hair was matted to her forehead and face. Then, I slowly pulled out, only until my head was left in, then pushed back in again in a slow rythmic pace. Stephie could feel a growing heat in her loins and her juices were spilling out like ever. She started meeting my thrusts with her own by lifting her pelvis and bringing herself against me. Our pace quickened, Stephie’s breath became shallow and I started grunting. Stephanie’s sweat- glistened body was shining in contrast to my tanned and oiled Will Smith type masculinity. Stephie was moaning now, long and deep, coming in short intervals. I knew then that she would be cumming soon. Then, I quickened my thrusts and started banging her, braking her moaning to shorter ones. As I banged my cock into her, that was where her interval of moaning would come in. She then gave out a louder and longer moan, indicating that she would cum VERY soon. I got my dick out and started rubbing and squeezing her clit with one hand while the other fingered her with my index rapidly. Her thigh muscles tensed, her pussy started tightening and loosening around my fingers, and I should feel her hole fill up with her juices. I went even faster and faster, and then, with one long, erotic and loud moan she lifted her ass and lower back in the air and held herself in the position for the first few seconds of her orgasm. I kept my fingers in her and her juices just kept flowing and flowing onto my hands like a fountain. I kept fingering her until her orgasm subsided. When she was back on Earth again, I put her on all fours and got behind her. I pushed my cock in once again, having some trouble with my size and her hole. When it was finally in, I started my rhythm again, going slowly, then increasing speed. Stephie was going for her second orgasm when I felt a tingling in my balls that told me I was going to spurt my spunk already. I quickly told her to get into 69 and I believe we did it in record time, because just as I started shooting, her mouth enveloped my cock and she started sucking and bobbing her head up and down. I lapped my tongue up and down her lips, frenching her pussy and digging my tongue in as much as possible. My cock in her mouth and my tongue in her pussy made her go over the top again and into another rip-roaring orgasm. She fell on me, giving me several moments to inhale her musky scent and survey her magnificent buns at the best view ever. After a while, she made her way to my face and lightly pecked my mouth. I returned it, holding it in a long, passionate kiss, letting her juices mix with mine once more. She fell onto my shoulder, and we spent the rest of the afternoon napping.

note: if you were wondering about the mirror, the room I was in and Stephie’s room used to belong to her dad and mom, respectively.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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