Rock n Roll Dreams

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Right first apologies for a short slightly scrappy story. I’ve spent far too many months wallowing in self-pity, depression and rejection. I’ve decided it’s high time I gave myself an arse-kicking and got back into doing the things that make me feel good in the vain hope it spreads through the rest of my life.

Secondly, all characters are over the legal age and completely fictitious as are the events that follow. I don’t condone having unprotected sex with strangers and you should always make sure of consent.

Hope you enjoy this one, The Coffee Princess…

My favourite song started, I was a hot sweaty mess already, wet with a mixture of sweat, beer and my arousal, my sleeveless t-shirt sticking to my hot damp curves. The crowd heaved around me, people raising their fists to the heavens more plastic beer cups flying through the air to soak the hot steaming metal-heads. I put my head back singing along, my damp hair sticking to the back of my neck. I was in my happy place and it had been far too long since I had been there.

The pandemic that had rocked the world had pretty much passed, people and the economy were healing and most importantly my beloved concerts had started up again. It seemed like a lifetime since I’d last had this much fun. The music was felt rather than heard. The heavy drum beats and basslines reverberated through the cavity of my chest, the complex guitar riffs teasing along my skin as goosebumps appeared and the screaming vocals seemed to have a direct route along my spine to my wet pussy.

My hips moved in time to the beat as I lost myself. It was then I felt large warm hands firmly gripping my hips. I was pulled backwards suddenly and could feel a huge solid body flush against my back, solid defined pectoral muscles against the top of my shoulders, I’m 5,8 so that gave the impression that he was practically a giant. Rock hard abs and an impressively firm bulge were also making their presence felt. I looked up to see a beautiful mountain of a man smiling down at me.

I’d made eye contact with him earlier in the evening while the support band were playing and I had liked what I’d seen. He had long wavy dirty blonde hair, soft and silky looking at the time, now streaked with sweat and damp much like my own dyed cherry-red hair. His eyes were an intense almost glacial blue, striking as they burned with an icy cold fire. His cheekbones were defined and just visible above a long thick beard. Like many blondes, his beard was shot through with strands of ginger. He looked like he should have been aboard a longship full of Vikings ready to raid far-off lands. Instead of a byrnie, he wore a tight band shirt, I had a feeling it was küçükçekmece escort going to be my defences that were going to be plundered and pillaged.

Those icy blue eyes sparkled as he smiled down at me and pushed my face back towards the stage, he ground his cock against my back for emphasis. I groaned and shivered with anticipation as I tried to concentrate on the stage. Warm fingers slowly made their way across my stomach under the old band shirt I’d cut the sleeves off. I felt him teasing the bar piercing my belly button before he moved down to toy with the button of my jeans. I pushed my hips back against the denim-clad hard on that was digging into my back.

I felt the release as my jeans were unfastened and the air hit my smooth shaved mound as my thong was pushed down slightly. His large middle finger slid down towards my pussy lips and slipped between them. I felt his breath catch in his chest with a gasp when he felt how wet I was. He stroked along the inside of my lips making me squirm and raise myself on tip-toes stretching cat-like up against the front of his body longing for more contact.

He continued to slowly stroke me whilst avoiding my clit, I knew I must have been soaking his fingers as I squirmed, my body trying to get him to cooperate and touch me where I needed him. Instead, his other hand moved up my body sliding up my t-shirt with his caresses. His warm hand wormed its way into my sweaty bra and he firmly grabbed my left tit hard. He found my stiff nipple, playing with the little metal bar that pierced it, rolling it around between his fingertips.

Suddenly at the same time, he pinched my nipple hard and thrust a finger inside me. My knees buckled slightly at the sensation, his hands were the only thing keeping me upright and my eyes fluttered shut briefly, the pleasure and pain combined taking my breath away. His finger started to move inside me, it wasn’t enough but damn it felt good.

As I adjusted to the sensations I managed to open my eyes. It was only then it occurred to me that I was in a very public place being pleasured by a complete stranger. The thought both thrilled me and terrified me, my arousal and self-consciousness mixed with the pleasure his fingers were causing proved a heady mixture and I felt a quiver moving through my abdominal muscles and my pussy tightened around his finger.

The front of my body was almost completely exposed as I glanced across and locked eyes with a guy who was stood about eight feet away from me. He was watching me intently, lust-filled eyes shifting between my exposed left breast and stiff tormented nipple, küçükyalı escort flashing up to take in the sheer pleasure that must’ve been written all over my face then to my wet pussy impaled on the giant’s finger, then back up to my face. I knew I should have been showing some decorum and putting a stop to this but I had no chance.

The guy’s hand was stroking his cock through the outside of his jeans while he watched me. I could see he was rock hard and his chest was heaving as his breathing sped up. His eyes were practically bulging with lust as he stared and his tongue licked at his lips. At this point, my tormenter upped the ante and started to grind his thumb on my clit and pushed another finger inside me, rubbing perfectly against my G-spot. It was enough to push me over the edge. My body shook as my pussy convulsed around his fingers, I could feel my thighs shaking as the juices poured from my cunt.

I slowly came back down to earth as I felt my jeans being refastened and my top was pulled back down. I was still feeling light-headed and shaky as I glanced at the guy who had been watching us, his eyes were glazed and there was a noticeable large wet patch on the front of his jeans. Clearly, he’d enjoyed the show too. I couldn’t believe he’d cum in his pants just from watching us, but then I suppose it was an unusual sight.

The band onstage launched into the final song of the encore as those strong arms wrapped around me, engulfing me tightly and I felt a soft kiss on the top of my head. He placed his fingers against my lips and I could smell and feel the wetness coating them, I knew exactly what to do next. I ran my tongue up the inside of his fingers before I took the tips into my mouth. I felt him inhale sharply and his arms tighten around me as I flicked my tongue across and lightly scraped him with my teeth.

I took him deeper, tasting myself mixed with his salty sweat. Sucking hard as I licked and swirled with my tongue trying to mimic what I wanted to do with the rock hard cock he was grinding into my back. Despite the powerful orgasm I’d enjoyed literally at the hands of this beautiful stranger I was still aching for more.

Suddenly the music was replaced by the cheers, whistles and screams of the baying crowd and the lights came up. The big man holding me gripped my arm and pulled me with him towards the exit and fresh air. When we got outside of the packed venue he steered me towards a loading alley that was few buildings down. It was very dark and my eyes struggled to adjust as I was pulled at a brisk walk.

When we reached the end I opened my mouth to speak but maltepe escort before I managed to say a word I found myself spun around and shoved face-first against a dirty damp brick wall. Luckily I just had time to put my arms up to halt my progress and stop me smashing my face. My jeans were quickly unfastened again, I felt his hands shaking with frustration and impatience as he struggled to force them down my thick thighs to my calf-length boots. My feet were kicked as far apart as my jeans would allow and my hips pulled back.

A finger slipped back inside my cunt from behind making me push back onto him, I started to move trying to take him deeper as he struggled to undo his own jeans one-handed. I felt a stinging slap hitting one of my arse cheeks and I froze, I was sure the loud crack echoed deafeningly down the silent alleyway. He pushed down on my back between my shoulder blades causing my arse to stick out further, he pulled his finger out of me but before I could complain it was replaced with the bulbous head of something much bigger.

He slowly worked his way deeper one inch at a time. He was so thick it was almost painful as he stretched me but at the same time it felt incredible. He would pull out until just the tip was inside me before pushing in a little deeper. My body began to adjust to his size and my flowing juices helped ease his passage. It wasn’t long before he was hitting my cervix with every stroke, his heavy balls hit my clit and I could feel his muscled body hitting my arse cheeks. Every stroke was putting pressure on my G-spot leaving me moaning and crying out with pleasure.

His fingers gripped my hips so tightly I knew he would leave bruises. I pushed back to meet every thrust, loving the way he filled me completely as I tightened down on him. His moans and cries rose in volume to match mine as he sped up and started to lose control. I could feel my climax building inside me, making me cry out as my stomach quivered and wet pussy started to convulse around his thick cock. He buried himself balls deep in me as he throbbed and cried with his own release, I could feel his hot spunk filling me up.

I leant my face against my arms trying to catch my breath. As he bent down to pull up his jeans I became very aware of the streams of people who were still walking past the end of the alley, any one of them could have seen or heard us fucking in the darkness. He leant forward and kissed the back of my neck and slipped a hand into my bra, giving my tit a tight squeeze before he turned and walk away towards the light of the main street.

I quickly pulled my panties and jeans up and prepared to go home. I was painfully aware of the wet stream of our mixed cum running down my thighs as I enjoyed the dull ache in my cunt that told me I’d been used hard. I noticed a slight irritation inside my bra and reached in and found a concert ticket that had been folded up and pushed in. On it was scrawled the word “Johan” and a mobile phone number, I stared at it and tried to figure out what I was going to do next.

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