Reunited with my Family Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 years of age or older. This story is fantasy. If huge tits and cocks arent your interest, move on.


My name is Ryan. This is the story of how my life changed a few months ago. My father had just died and I was forced to move into the home of my mother and sister. I hadn’t seen much of either of them in almost a decade. Mom and dad went through a rough divorce and I wound up in dad’s custody. That didn’t mean much as he just dumped me in military school and forgot about me. In that time my mother, Sheila and my sister Liv moved to Hooterville. So now I was living in a new home in a town I’d never heard of with family I didn’t know.

The town was weird, it seemed as if every woman was built for one thing, and that one thing was sex. Every woman seemed to have killer curves and insatiable appetites for cock. It must be something in the water. I’d barely been off the plane that I took to move here 10 minutes before I was balls deep in the busty stewardess from the plane.

Within the first few weeks living here, I’d gotten laid more than I ever had in my life before. I’d already slept with half the neighborhood and had heard both my mom and sister getting fucked almost daily. My sister with her boyfriend and mom with numerous random men and the occasional woman.

As the new guy in town I had the novelty of being unknown by the ladies in town who all seemed to want a piece. It was a huge difference from military school, where there were very few women and most of those that were present weren’t really the cream of the female crop. Personally speaking I’m a decent looking guy, in good shape due to the regimen of exercise put forth in school, but the reason so many women seemed interested in me was due to word of mouth about the size of my cock. Ten inches long and as thick around as a woman’s arm.

My mom and sister seemed to be no different than any other woman in this town. Liv was 23 and finishing up college. She had come a long way from the 13 year old dorky, skinny girl with braces and glasses that I knew before the divorce to the sexpot she was now. She stood about 5’5″ but had deadly curves. She had shapely legs that climbed to a tight, heart shaped bubble butt. Her narrow waist helped to accentuate the size of her hips and chest. She seemed to be against bras and the cantaloupe sized tits she had wobbled with every step in every barely there shirt she wore. She had her hair chopped into a short trendy cut with multiple colors dyed into it. She was the definition of the term, THICC!

Mom had always been attractive for a mother, but the time spent apart she used to turn herself into a pure sextoy. She stood about 5’10”. The absolute definition of an Amazonian goddess. She had long toned legs, a firm shapely ass, narrow waist and tits that made my sister look like the President of the Itty Bitty Titty committee. I had no idea on the size, but each tit seemed to look the size of half a watermelon. She worked out either swimming or in her home gym every day to maintain her figure. She had long wavy auburn hair that cascaded down to mid back. Needless to say both of these women became frequent stars of my masturbatory fantasies.

I’d been in this town a month when my life changed. Liv came home upset because her boyfriend had cheated on her. I tried consoling her, but after so long apart and us not really talking much since I’d moved in, it was awkward. It had turned out her boyfriend cheated on her with a friend of her’s because she let him put it in her ass.

Liv begged me to take pictures of her to send the creep to show what he had given up. “Come on, Ryan!” She begged. “You have all that photography equipment from dad, can’t you help me out with this?” She asked.

I wanted to help her, but even though she was extremely attractive, she was still my sister and I didn’t want to see her in provocative poses. Finally after several days of her begging me, I agreed. She jumped up excitedly and her tits nearly flew out of the tank top she was wearing. She hugged me tight squeezing her glorious tits into my chest. Sister or not, I’d be lying if I said the sight and feel of her body against me didn’t cause a little stirring in my pants

She left the room to get changed and to give me time to set up my equipment. Dad had worked as a photographer and when he died I got all of the equipment. I’d used it pretty regularly and felt I was getting good at photography. Might even enroll in college for something in that field and follow in dad’s footsteps.

Liv returned a few minutes later in an outfit that was very unlike her. She looked like an attorney in a porno. She had on a short black skirt that showed off her shapely legs and nice ass, accompanied by a blazer that was a couple sizes to small across the chest. The buttons were hanging on for dear life and her cleavage was massive and inviting. She wore her multicolored hair slicked back and had on thick framed glasses. I Girne Escort didn’t want to admit it but she looked sexy as hell. I decided to let Liv tell me where she wanted to go with the photoshoot as I didn’t want to make our living situation uncomfortable.

She started slowly. A few seductive poses but as she got warmed up so did the pictures. Soon she had unbuttoned and opened the blazer to show off a sheer black bra that barely held her tits in. She turned around to remove the skirt. Slowly she slid the skirt down her legs bending over slowly to show her matching black thong. I snapped so many pictures of her ass like that. She shrugged off the blazer to stand in front of me in her matching bra and panties.

“I guess we’re done with the photos. I’m sure that jerk will regret leaving you after seeing these.” I told Liv.

“Oh, we’re not done. I need another favor, Ry” she told me. “I need you to sit in on the pictures with me so he can think I’ve moved on.” She said.

I was confused as she told me her plan. She wanted to set up a tripod and auto on the camera to take a new picture every few seconds and then use me as a prop to show that she had a new guy herself. She just wanted to be sexy next to me. Nothing sexual between us would happen she told me.

“That won’t work.” I said. “I’m your brother. Won’t that be weird to everyone?” I asked.

“The only people who know you’re related to me are you, mom and me. Everyone in town just assumes you’re just some family friend or fucktoy for mom.” She informed me.

I finally agreed to be the stunt guy in the photos.

“Nothing funny with this though.” I reminded her.

I plopped down on the couch where she directed me to face the camera. She continued to walk around in nothing but her underwear. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the view.

Suddenly she curled up next to me as the camera took shots every few seconds. She cuddled into me and guided my arm around her as she placed a hand on my chest. She moved the hand slowly down my chest. My breathing quickened as her hand landed on my thigh. She continued rubbing my leg and then she moved my arm wrapped around her so that my hand was on her ass.

“This will look better for the pictures, bro.” She told me as she continued to smash her tits into my chest and rub my leg.

By this point my cock was rock hard. I had a tight grip on her ass cheek and was rubbing and squeezing it as she nuzzled into my neck and slowly licked me. This shocked me and brought me out of the daze I was in.

“I need one more favor, Ry.” She softly asked with puppy dog eyes as she continued to rub my thigh and I continued to squeeze her ass.

“What?” I croaked out as my mouth had gone dry at the shock of what we were doing.

“I need pictures that look like we’re fucking.” She told me in a barely audible whisper.

“How do you expect to do that?” I asked. She explained her plan to me that I’d have to undress and then she and I would get into sexual positions with each other but that it was just for show. No actual penetration, just a little touching.

She explained that her ex thought he was god’s gift to women because he had a nice dick, but that she had heard that mine was bigger from friends of hers that I’d slept with. She wanted to make him really jealous. By this point all the blood in my body had rushed to my cock and I wasn’t thinking clearly so I agreed. She climbed into my lap and began to grind on me, basically giving me a lap dance as she shoved her tits into my face.

Slowly she slid to the floor in front of me and began to open my pants. Slowly and with shaky hands she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans.

“Last chance to back out.” She said to me and probably to herself. Then she reached her hand into my pants and wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled it out. I gasped as she gripped it and worked it out of my jeans. She had a grip around the base of my cock and was slowly stroking a few inches of it.

She moved back up onto the couch next to me to allow the camera to see the sight of my cock in her dainty hands. She undid her bra fully and guided the head of my cock to her massive tits. Precum leaked out causing a glob to remain on her tits. The camera was quick to catch that sight. My head rolled back as the warmth from her tits and the small strokes she was giving my cock were happening. I felt moisture on my cock and looked down to see her spitting on the head of my dick and sliding her hand fully up and down my cock spreading her saliva over it giving me a great but wholly unexpected handjob.

“I need to do something for the camera. Don’t freak out” She told me.

I didn’t have any time to respond before she swallowed half of my cock in one quick motion. The camera snapped several picks of her with half my cock in her mouth. She wasn’t actively sucking me, but instead just had my cock resting in her mouth. The heat and wetness Kıbrıs Escort from her mouth and throat where my cock was lodged was incredible even without her moving.

After at least 5 pictures automatically snapped with my dick in her mouth she slowly pulled off my cock. She did it slowly and slurped noisily as she slid my cock out of her mouth. She sat back still with her hand wrapped around my hard cock. My dick gleamed with saliva.

“I thought you said no penetration, Liv?” I questioned.

“I thought it would look good for the shot, plus it’s not like you hated it anyway.” She replied matter of factly.

“Are we done or do we need to continue?” I asked.

“I have ideas for more shots.” She told me.

She brought the camera and set it up next to us on the couch. She bent over with her ass and pussy neatly framed in the shot.

“What shots am I needed for with this?” I asked as I stared at her perfect holes. I unconsciously stroked my cock as I eyed her in this position.

“I need pictures that look like you’re eating me out. Mark always said eating pussy was not something a man does and he refused to do it. I need to show him that my new guy loves it.” She explained.

“How do you expect me to do that shot without actually doing it?” I asked.

“Don’t be such a bitch, Ry. I just had your dick in my mouth! It’s just pretend, just make it look good!” She yelled at me.

I made sure the camera was still snapping pictures. I knelt behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart making sure the camera got a good shot of her exposed holes and then I leaned in and buried my face in the crack of her ass getting up close and personal. Her sex made my mouth water as I breathed her in.

Liv’s mind went crazy as she felt her brothers face in her ass. She let out a gasp with surprise and then a moan as his face pressed deeper into her ass. She never expected him to get so close with his face. She thought maybe he’d re-angle the camera to catch the back of his head near her openings to make it look real, she never thought he’d actually do it. But now that he was there she wanted nothing more than for him to use his mouth on her.

I had my face buried in my sister’s ass. I didn’t know what to do now. I’d heard her gasp and then moan. I decided to press my luck. I opened my mouth and began to tongue fuck her. My mouth worked her pussy tasting her sweet nectar. I was drunk on her snatch and began to work her clit with my fingers as I began to tongue her asshole. She moaned and reached back to pull my face tighter to her ass. I felt her cum as her legs began to shake. She fell limp on the couch after her orgasm.

Liv laid on the couch wondering how much further she could push this. Her brother just gave her the best orgasm of her life and she wanted more. He stood in front of her. His nude well muscled body with his massive hard cock pointed at her. Both stared at each other unsure what to do after they’d both gone further than they thought they would.

On shaky legs Liv stood and moved the camera so it was on the side of the 2 of them.

“I have an idea. I need you to move behind me and put your cock under me. It will look like you are fucking me doggy style.” She told me.

She went down on all fours and I moved behind her. I wanted nothing more than to taste her holes again from this angle, but I did as she asked and put my cock under her.

Slowly she rocked back and forth and made faces like she was getting it good. I had my hands on her ass and it looked like we were really doing it. I looked down as I felt her pussy lips sliding along the top of my cock as she rocked back and forth. She was consistently moaning as my cock glided along her dripping snatch and would make contact with her clit. On the next rock forward she went too far forward and my cock lifted up slightly. She gasped on the rock back as my cock head penetrated her.

We both paused as we had officially crossed the line we had said we wouldn’t. She turned back and looked over her shoulder at me and as we locked eyes, she began to slowly slide back.

I watched in shock as my sister pushed herself slowly back. Inch after inch disappeared into her sopping gash. My mind was awash with contradictions. My brain screamed at me that this was wrong and I should push her off my cock, but it felt so good as more and more of my dick penetrated her. Finally, I bottomed out and was fully inside her. She turned and looked over her shoulder at me her face was flushed. Slowly she began to rock back and forth, fucking herself with my cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her. Long deep strokes. I’d pull back until just the tip remained and then forcefully drive the full length back into her. She began to grunt and moan as her orgasm neared. Neither of us tried to be quiet anymore. It became primal and animalistic. I would pull almost all the Magosa Escort way out and drive 10 full inches back into her sopping gash and slam into her with audible smacks as our bodies collided with each stroke.

Liv couldn’t believe it. She was getting the best fucking of her life courtesy of her brother. She pushed that thought aside as another orgasm tore through her. Ryan’s balls hitting her clit with each thrust he made was driving her to cum again. She was pushed over the edge when Ryan pushed his thumb into her ass as he plowed into her.

Liv squealed like pig once I shoved my thumb up her ass. Then she shook and went limp. She fell to the floor from the orgasm she just had. I did not wait for her to recover from her orgasm. I spread her ass cheeks apart and then began to tongue her asshole. Once she was lubed up enough I began to slowly work cock into her ass. She was super tight and it took her a moment to loosen up to the size of the intruder in her ass.

She felt his cock pressing into her ass. He would slowly but forcefully press forward and her asshole would push him out, until she finally relaxed enough for the head to pass through. She turned to look over her shoulder at him as he slowly pressed deeper into her ass. Small strokes we’re loosening her backdoor and he would slide a little more in with each thrust until finally he bottomed out. Liv had never felt so filled up before and even though it hurt letting his cock in her ass she was beginning to enjoy the sensation. She worked 2 fingers on her clit and came again.

Now that she was properly loosened up I began to thrust with everything I had. I had forgotten the camera next to us snapping shots every few seconds and was focused only on fucking the sweetest holes I’d ever had. As she came again I unplugged from her ass and sat on the couch where this all began. I sat on the couch with my cock pointed straight up. Liv wasted no time sucking on the intruder that had just been inside her ass. My cock dripped with her saliva as she sucked it hard. She made slow movements on my cock. Bobbing up and down slowly, working her tongue on the underside of my cock. Every so often she’d slurp my balls into her mouth and then lick from my balls to the tip of my cock only to quickly inhale my cock back into her throat. I was close to cumming when she stopped blowing me.

“I want the camera to see where your cock is.” She told me as she lined herself up to ride it. I realized she was right. Even though I was just in her ass, aside from her face showing some pain initially upon penetrating her ass, the camera angle did not catch that I was in her ass.

Liv began to slowly lower herself onto my cock. She placed the tip at the entrance of her asshole and incredibly slowly began to slide down the length. After what felt like an eternity she finally bottomed out with all 10 inches up her ass. As she got used to the size and feeling of being stretched out again she began to build an up and down momentum. Taking time to allow a few inches to slide in and out of her.

She leaned back into me and placed her feet on my knees. Her legs were spread wide open and as she rode my cock the camera got a perfect angle to show she was taking it up the ass. As she rode I reached around and began working her clit. She quickly orgasmed and fell limp against me as her legs turned to jelly.

As she regained her composure she slowly stood up and allowed my cock to slide out of her ass. She wasted no time in straddling me again as she fed my dick into her soaking gash. She rode slowly at first. Up and down, up and down. She reached her hands around my neck to use for support as she began to ride harder and faster. Her tits bounced in my face and I took the opportunity to suck and lick them as she rode me.

I felt a tingle and tightening in my balls and knew I was close to cumming. I stood up with her still riding my cock and carry fucked her for a few strokes before I laid her on her back on the couch. As she lay there I began to thrust into her with all I had. She was screaming and moaning in pleasure as I rammed up into her with force.

No more concerns that this was my sister or that this was wrong. No more thoughts of what if mom or other people found out. It was just primal as I fucked my sister like an animal. I felt my load brewing as my balls began to tighten and couldn’t hold out anymore. I began to pull out so I could cum on her massive tits when all of a sudden Liv wrapped her legs around me and pulled me all the way back into her.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and began shooting rope after rope into her. As I began shooting my seed into her warm cunt she had another orgasm. Her entire body spasmed and her pussy was actively milking every drop out of me as she thrashed and screamed. As my cock began to soften she finally released me and I finally pulled out of her. A massive amount of cum poured out of her well fucked gash and spilled out onto the couch.

The camera continued to go every few seconds. Catching the realization on our faces of what we had just done. Liv spoke first.

“Give me a few minutes and we can look at these and see how they turned out.” Then she went to her room with her hands full of her discarded clothes.

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