Relaxing Ride Ch. 2

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This is a story involving sex between a middle aged woman and a 21 year old woman. This is a subject near and dear to me. If anyone has any lesbian stories involving age differences, I would appreciate reading them.

* * * * *

Cindy had complimented so many times today I had lost count and I could actually feel myself get flush again and hopped she didn’t notice. It had been some time since I felt this good about myself. I knew that Cindy was having quite an effect on me. There was something about her that caused me to want to draw her close when she was near. I felt funny inside and that all too familiar tingling in my cunt. I knew I had a wet spot but I didn’t dare look. Instead I searched for my wrap, and with both of us changed into our swim suits, we donned our wraps, and towels, and headed for the pool.

It was an indoor pool and surprisingly to us, it was deserted. We were the only ones in there. With the hotel being at full capacity, Cindy had expected it to be crowded. Cindy commented “great! I hate it when the pools are crowded I feel so self-conscious,” I’m thinking to myself, ya right you so pretty why would you be self conscious, but of course I didn’t dare say it. “It’s usually occupied with screaming kids or old fat businessmen that constantly undress you with their eyes.” She says. “Some of those old guys can be such pigs, it really turns me off.” “Yea” I said, “I get that sometimes and I hate it to. I don’t mind the younger hunks checking me out but some of those dirty old men at the mall or wherever can be such perverts.” She gave me that knowing nod.

I felt very grown up and mature tonight being around Cindy. She had a way about her that made me feel safe and comfortable. I knew I could talk to her about almost anything and since losing my job and my boyfriend, I’ve felt inadequate and immature the last few days, but today, well not today.

Cindy took off her wrap and laid it on a chair with her towel. She walked to the poolside with a little wiggle in her steps almost as if she was purposely exaggerating her sway. Cindy stepped down into the water. She was really quite slender with hardly an ounce of noticeable fat on her. Her figure still exhibited those envious curves and yes, I envied her. For some reason the thought of Boticcelli’s Venus, the sculpture that I selected to write about in one of my art classes came to mind. I didn’t realize it then but I was staring at her. “I bet you get a lot of young hunks and old farts checking you out Rose” she said as she stepped into the water and turned to face me. I was a little embarrassed thinking she noticed me staring.

For a moment I had been mesmerized at the site of this classy lady in her two-piece. I was noticing again just how attractive and how confident of a woman Cindy was. I was admiring her and thinking how I would like to be more like her. Her yellow two-piece contrasted against her tanned figure and I wondered if I would be able to wear a bikini like that when I was her age. Like I said, although she was much older than me, her figure didn’t look it.

She looked up at me and said “come on in, the water’s warm.” By now I had removed my wrap and to my embarrassment, my nipples were hard from the cool air. I think she noticed that! I tried to jump in as quickly as I could. I knew the air was a little cool but I knew then it was more than just cool air that hardened my nipples. I began to wonder if she had purposefully given me compliments because she had other motives or was she just that nice. I began to swim around with those burning questions and trying to sort out what I was feeling. I think I was beginning to have a crush on her. I’m thought, this is crazy, it’s another woman for God’s sakes she’s old enough to be my Mother. Maybe it’s because she’s so mature or maybe I’m mistaking admiration for lust. Whatever, I was getting that familiar tingling that I always experience when I’m horny.

We swam around a little. Cindy was trying out some swim strokes. We had a one-lap race, and I think she let me win. We splashed around and from time to time, we wrestled in the water to try and make the other fall. We were carrying on just like a couple of kids! Cindy would swim under water to see how long she could hold her breath before coming up for air and sometimes, while swimming underwater, she would bump into me or touch me by mistake with her arm or leg. Once she even bumped her head into my butt underwater. When that happened, she popped up and said “sorry! I had my eyes closed.” I laughed and thought nothing of it. I was having fun. I was actually enjoying myself.

I would swim underwater as well to try and beat her record for holding our breath. I found myself using that opportunity to sneak a peak at Cindy. I especially enjoyed watching her do the crawl as her legs opened and closed underwater and causing my imagination to soar. I even thought of şişli escort swimming up to her underwater like she did to me but chickened out. Really I thought to myself, Cindy was a pretty hot looking woman. Now for me, it had been awhile since I had any sex at all other than with my toys which I kept well hidden in my room so my mom wouldn’t find them. Heck! I’ve been so desperate lately that once I even considered trying to get the dog to fuck me but that thought left me just as fast as it came up. Needless to say, I was horny.

Maybe that had something to do with it but I knew then that I was attracted to this woman and I didn’t know what to do about it. I quickly dismissed the thought and came up for air. To get away, I complained about the kinks in my neck from driving and with that I jumped out of the pool into the bubbling hot tub. She said “great idea” I’m right behind you. We floated and relaxed together in the hot tub in silence. I could feel her feet touching my legs in the water as we allowed our bodies to just float and relax. Unintentionally my feet and legs would casually float and touch hers. I was becoming light headed, I suspect from the hot tub and the change in temperature from the pool so I decided to head for the sauna as a final stop before taking a shower.

I lay flat out on my tummy with my arms folded underneath my head on the top bench in the sauna. Alone, now I could collect my feelings about what’s happening. The heat from the sauna felt good. In my mind I’m thinking I’m letting my imagination run wild. This woman has no interest in me that way. Hell what am I saying, I’ve never even looked at a woman that way before. This is crazy!. ……… Just as I was about to doze off, Cindy came in. She scooted up to the bench below mine and began to message my shoulders. She startled me at first then whispered in her bubbly manner, “this should loosen those kinks, a hot sauna and a good message does it for me every time.” After the long day of driving, the message felt good. I was feeling so relaxed, I let out an involuntary moan and I after, hoped she didn’t hear it.

Cindy continued to message my shoulders and neck. She would move her hands down my back, across my shoulder blades, and from time to time her hands would move to the sides of my ribs and lower back, then back up to my shoulders. I couldn’t help it I was getting very horny. Crazy thoughts raced through my mind of getting a full body message in the nude by this woman. I secretly hoped that for a moment this is what she had in mind. My hormones were getting the better of me. I decided right there and then that if anything was going to happen, I was going to go along with it. I wanted something to happen, I wanted it to go somewhere, I wanted Cindy!

I felt so relaxed as she rubbed her hands up and down my sweaty back. Then she caught her finger on my bikini strap and broke a nail. “Shit!” she says “I broke my nail.” Unclip your top so I don’t break any more, it’s getting in the way.” I asked her to do it. I reasoned that I can’t be responsible for any more broken nails and I’m too comfortable to move. “If you can’t work around it then unclip it.” I said. She easily unclasped it and I was feeling calm and free with out my restricting top cutting into me. Cindy continued to massage my back and her hands would move much closer this time to the sides of my tits and actually touching them. I was in a daze. As her hands skillfully moved over my back, I anticipated the next time they brushed against my breasts. When her hands came close to the side of my globes again, I instinctively raised myself slightly so that she could get to them better and she did, ever so gentle and subtle. Cindy also began to message my thighs. Her hands would move along the inside of my legs, around the outside and up again to my back. Each time she would message my inner thighs, I would again ease myself up just a little and spread my legs just a little more, each time hoping she would go further.

Cindy managed to undo the clasps at the sides of my bottoms and started to laugh. She said “ok you can get up now” Still in a lazy daze, I looked at her with a smile and said “you witch! that’s not very nice!.” I re-clipped my bikini bottoms but forgot about my top being undone before sitting up. She got a good look at them and startled I covered my breasts with my crossed arms and we both started to laugh. Cindy was on the bench rolling over with laughter. I quickly put my top on. “Ok you rat!” I said, “you saw mine now it’s your turn.”

By now I was hornier than hell and lusted for her body. My pussy was so wet and not just from the sauna. Cindy unclasped her bikini top and gave me a little sinister smirk as we changed places except she laid down on her back exposing her small perky breasts for me my eyes to feast on. My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know what to do or where to touch her. I was scared shitless. Here we were, our bodies covered in sweat, me horny as hell and not sure kağıthane escort if Cindy feels the same as I do. Was I reading it all wrong? I was trembling. I began to rub her arms, her thighs, and her legs and massage her like she did me. I did everything I could so as not to touch her tits or pussy.

I imagined what her pussy would look like. Did she trim? I didn’t think so since her mound looks so high. I noticed her eyes were closed and I stole as many peaks of her body as I thought I could get away with. Still shaking and nervous, I wondered if I should risk our friendship and my embarrassment and touch her there? Does she want to be touched there? Should I just lean over and kiss her? Cindy let out a soft moan while I rubbed her tummy and rib cage. A minute later, but for me it seemed to be an eternity, I said “ok that’s it, your done!” and that, I proceeded to get my towel. With a pout expression and a smile she says ” heh what a ripoff!”

On the way back up to our room, I was tearing up inside. I don’t think Cindy knew what she had done to me. God I was soooo horny. The thought of being touched by another woman had me going crazy. “Damn” I cursed myself. If anything was going to happen, that was the time. I blew it! I had made up my mind right there in the sauna that I wanted her.

We got to our room and we both had to go pee. We started kidding around as to who had to go worst. By the time we finished that, I was about to pee my pants. As I sat down, I was secretly hoping Cindy would come in. I left the door just a crack open, not too obvious. No luck though but I did see her looking at me in the mirror through the ajar door as she held on to the door knob, wiggling, holding her legs together and complaining how bad she had to go. I was done and just as I was getting up she burst in laughingly complaining how long I took. As she sat down to pee, I stayed in the bathroom and brushed my hair trying to look as casual about it as possible. I then went and sat on the huge bed and turned on the TV.

Cindy came out after what seemed to be an eternity. Facing away from her, I began to change into my nighty. She quickly grabbed my top from me saying “no fair, you cheated me out of my message, it’s only fair I get the same time. ”

I laughed and said “touché” and suggested she get out her my wet things since she was getting the sheets wet. She gave me back my top and we both changed. Her into her nighty, a sexy black Victoria Secrets set and I only had a pair of PJs to change into. Cindy laughed and for some strange reason I almost began to cry. I think she sensed it and took out another nice nighty, a red one and said “here Rose, try this on…I’d like to see how it looks on someone else, it should fit you.” I slipped it on in front of her, not feeling self-conscious anymore and “woooo it feels soooo sexy.” I said.

I looked at myself in the mirror and said with two thumbs up and awise guy tone of voice “hey! I would fuck that!” “Ya” Cindy said “I’d fuck that to” and we both broke out into laughing hysterics. We jumped into bed and under the covers. I was lying on my back with my legs closed and stretched out straight. The bed was so wide and large we where pretending that we couldn’t see each other. Laughing, we put our hands to our foreheads like we were looking through binoculars, kidding around, Cindy crawled underneath the covers on all fours and made out like she was searching for me.

She crawled underneath the covers moving her hands wildly around pretending to be in search for the little lost Rose. In the meantime, I’m laying flat on my back, my legs together stretched out completely covered by the sheets, and my hands folded behind my head with my head outside the covers on my pillows. Under the sheets Cindy grabbed my ankle with both hands as if to simulate grabbing in the dark and laughingly saying “oops what have we here, what is this? Her hands crept up my legs to my thighs as she laughed and said ” I think we have something here!”

Still underneath the covers teasing me, her hands went to my waist she ran them up my tummy to my chest. By now Cindy is on all fours straddled over me under the sheets as I laughed. My pussy lips and tits are so tender and sensitive that the slightest touch would send me into an orgasmic launch. She deliberately places her hands on my aching breasts and without warning, plops herself on me. She pops her head out from under the sheets just a few inches from my face. With the heat from her body on mine, and the pressure of her pussy grinding on my pussy drove me over the edge. I was cumming hard and she said with a sultry smile “yep, I think I found you my little lost Rose” with that she kissed me firm on the lips. I was so wet and excited I didn’t hesitate to dart my tongue as deep into her mouth as it would go. “Oh Cindy!” oh God!” I moaned I’m cumming. I’ve wanted you to kiss me all night. You don’t know what I’m feeling right now.”

“Oh yes I do Rose” she says, fatih escort “shhh my sweet” We kissed with passion as our bodies tried to make contact with every possible surface of our bodies. Our tits were mashing together and our pussies were locked mound to mound. I loved it when Cindy rubbed her pussy lips on mine. It felt so good through the sheer nighties. “Ahhh” I moaned as my breathing grew more rapid. Cindy kicked away the sheets and blankets and slipped off panties.

Gently she removed her nighty and my top. She moved down to my now burning pussy with her tongue. For the first time, I felt the touch of a woman’s tongue on my pussy. No longer just a fleeting fantasy, I was really being eaten out! God I had to have her. I wanted so much to taste her. We got into a sixty-nine position and I sucked on Cindy’s pussy as if I was a pro at it. Throughout the night we had cum several times, rested, and went at it again.

After an hour or so, just as I thought we should rest, she reached into her night bag and introduced me to Bubba! Her 8″ rubber dick was nicer than the one I kept secretly hidden away. ” I never leave home without it” she proudly said. Cindy began to stroke it and suck and lick it for me as I watched. I spread my legs and begged her to fuck me. “Fuck me Cindy, please fuck me with your hot dick!” For hours we fucked each other with her rubber dick, eat each others pussies, and suck on each others nipples. It was like we couldn’t get enough of each other. I felt happy and fulfilled. I think I was falling in love with her.

By early light, we were both spent. We lit a cigarette and shared it in bed. Cindy told me I was terrific. It was one of the greatest compliments I could have received. She asked how much experience I had in girl-to-girl lovemaking. I laughed and said “you’re kidding right?” you are my first Cindy. I should be asking you how long you’ve been fucking young woman. Cindy smiled and said “you are the first” Again I said “you’re kidding right?” “No” she said and explained that since her husband died five years ago, she hadn’t dated or had sex with anyone. “Shamefully” she explained I frig myself off almost every day and sometimes twice a day” I can’t help it. For about two years now, I’ve been curious as to what it would be like to make love with another woman but I’ve never had the nerve to actually go for it until today.

I first fantasized about woman-to-woman loving two years ago. I started ordering lesbian videos and little sex toys by mail just to get my thrills. At first I fantasized of woman I knew from the club or church, someone my own age with thoughts that maybe I could persuade one of them to try it. I even used to host afternoon teas at my house just so some of the ladies I fantasized about would be there but nothing came of it. I hired a college student shortly after that to come in and help clean around the house and after she went back to school, my mind would always wander to think about younger woman. It was right about then that I began ordering videos and stuff.

My mind would always stray back to college age girls and I found myself thinking more about my friends daughters than the ladies I had invited over. Living in a college town doesn’t help the situation either. So when I first saw you at the rest area, I started to think about my masturbation fantasies that usually involve younger woman. I never expected to be with another woman or a young girl for that matter until I met you and then I saw a possibility.

“That’s an amazing story!” I said “When did you first think of seducing me?” I asked. Well after we met at the rest area and I asked you if you wanted to stick together, at that point I wasn’t even thinking of seducing you. Not then. Not until we were on the road again driving and in my minds eye I began to explore the possibilities. I tried to set up scenarios that would put us in a situation, you wouldn’t believe what this mind of mine thinks of!

“You have no idea how wet I was thinking of you while driving” Cindy said. I had no idea what to do or where to even begin. I’ve never seduced a woman before. Cindy explained that in the restaurant, she thought I was hitting on her. She figured because I was open with her and all the compliments and admirations that I had expressed to her that maybe I was interested and I wanted to get into her pants. “I thought for sure” she said that you had done this sort of thing before especially when you went along with sharing a room for the night. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe you might even make the first move. “I was very uncertain if I should even try anything in case you were disgusted with the hole idea of me coming onto you” she said.

Well I told her that I was pretty nervous at the pool and that I was hoping she would make the first move. She was flirting with me in the water and in the hot tub but almost gave up when I didn’t respond. By the time we reached the sauna, I told her I was so confused about my feelings, I wasn’t sure if I was reading your signals wrong or what. By then, I was ready for anything. When you stripped me during the message, I thought that was it. I guess you lost your nerve to go further I said, and so did I.

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