Pumping Lois at the Local BP_(1)

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Pumping Lois at the Local BP

The heat on Thursday made it feel like living inside a microwave oven. I wandered round my house naked all morning trying to keep cool. Sweat drenched my body making me feel like I just stepped out of the shower. Honks and whistles from cars and trucks driving past my house on Railroad Street told me all I was doing was giving free looks at my big 42DD tits and pussy as I passed the windows. But I didn’t mind that at all.

About noon I thought that if you can’t beat the heat then enjoy it. I decided to take a sunbath in my back yard. Before doing that, I needed cigarettes so it’s lucky I live next door to a BP gas station with a store. I pulled on an old pair of shorts and a thin white blouse that hid nothing from view. The act of getting dressed left me pouring sweat like a dam broke. I bounced out the back door, down the porch steps and across the yard. I squeezed through one of the wide holes in the bushes. Looking like a dancer, I lifted my bare feet high off the hot cement of the BP lot. I hustled to the store’s front door, dying to feel the air conditioning inside. I burst through the front door and breathed in a lungful of hot air.

“Hey, where’s the cool air?” I shouted at the young black boy behind the counter.

“Power drain,” he said, looking up, “we had to shut down the air conditioner to keep the rest of the things running.”

His eyes widened and a smile creased his lips as he looked me up and down. I looked down at my saturated blouse, clinging to my big tits; my hard red nipples exposed for all to see. Luckily, there was only me and the young black attendant behind the counter. I loved the way he was staring at me. I walked over to the freezer and took a bottle of water out.

“Give me a pack of Lucky Strike Filtered,” I said walking up to the register and putting the bottle down. “You’re new here ain’t you?” I asked, taking the money out of my pocket.

“Yea, I just started today. No one told me I’d be selling smokes to a hot looking Mami,” he said never taking his eyes off my tits.

I laughed, making sure to bounce my big tits around. He couldn’t take his eyes off them, and I loved it.

“Pretty slow today, no one but you and me in here,” I said.

“Yea, too hot out for people to shop or stop for gas.”

“Yea I know, I’m cooking in my place. I live in that house right next to your station. My name’s Lois Kubik.”

“Nice meeting you, Lois, my names Danny.”

“You seem young to be working here.”

“I’m 16, old enough to have a job. A hot job today.”

“Yea tell me about it. Well, I’m going back over and get out of these wet clothes. Then I think I’ll lay out in the yard and take a sunbath.”

“Damn, Lois, if you want I’ll come over and rub some lotion all over your body then help you dry off.”
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“Danny, I bet you would and it sounds like fun. Well, I’m going to go. Maybe I’ll see you around later,” I said, walking out the door.

I got in the house and went up to my bedroom where I stripped off my shorts and blouse. I picked up a bottle of suntan lotion and a small towel out of the bathroom and headed down stairs. I passed a window and spotted Danny outside the store taking a smoke break. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and headed out the back door with the towel wrapped around me. Danny straightened up and waved as he watched me walk across the yard. Smiling, I waved to him with the hand filled with the lotion and water which was holding my towel at the top. The towel flopped down to my waist, revealing both of my big white tits. Danny’s black face lit up with a grin as he watched my bare tits flop all over.

I walked to a spot in the yard near some wide openings in the bushes. I pulled the towel completely off, letting Danny have a full view of my big white tits and pussy. I bent over and set the water bottle and lotion down. I spread the towel on the ground, letting my big tits flop back and forth. Straightening up, I looked through the bushes at Danny and saw the big grin on his face as he eyed my naked body up and down. I smiled at him and waved again, then sat on the towel and opened the bottle of suntan lotion.

Danny’s mouth hung open as he continued watching me. I squeezed large gobs of suntan lotion on each tit then dropped the bottle onto the ground. Gripping a tit in each hand, I spread the lotion all over playing with my tits and nipples as I did it. I massaged each tit, feeling my nipples grow hard. I licked my tongue over my lips as I glanced at Danny. His pants stuck way out and I could tell his black cock was as hard as a rock. Just then a customer entered the store and Danny followed him in.

I decided to keep laying out and see if Danny would show up again for another cigarette. The sun beat down on my big tits and pussy getting me hot. I closed my eyes and enjoyed being naked in the sun. There weren’t many customers coming into the gas station. I guess everyone was home enjoying their air conditioning.

I glanced over and saw Danny coming round the side of the BP, lighting a cigarette. I leaned up on one elbow and grinned, shaking my tits as I waved at him. He glanced back making sure there were no customers, then walked over between my bushes and joined me.

“Hi, taking another quick smoke break?”

“Yea, not getting many customers today. Guess it’s too hot.”

“I thought maybe you was coming over to help me spread this on,” I said laughing, as I picked up the bottle of suntan lotion.

An evil grin spread across Danny’s black face. “I can do that,” he said, leaning Elazığ Escort Bayan down and yanking the bottle out of my hand. “Lay down.”

Just then I heard the sound of breaks in the BP station.

“You getting a customer?” I asked.

“Just a delivery truck pulling up to the pumps. Nothing to mess with us.”

“Ok,” I said.

I smiled at Danny as I lay down flat. He knelt down beside me and poured the liquid on my tits, making my nipples nice and hard. He moved the bottle down pouring lotion on my belly and down between my legs, drenching my pussy. He spread the lotion all over my tits with his left hand, pinching and squeezing my tits as he did it. His right hand massaged my pussy rubbing the lotion into it. He opened my pussy lips with his fingers, shoving them up inside and squeezing and playing with my clit.

I was getting hotter and hotter every second Danny played with me. I started to sit up, but he squeezed my tit harder and pushed me back down. “No, no, bitch, don’t get up. We ain’t done yet,: he said. I flopped back down, spreading my legs wider as he shoved 3 fingers up inside me, wiggling and tickling me. I could see his cock grow big and hard inside his pants.

“Go ahead, Lois, grab my dick. Pull it outta my pants. You know you wanna suck and fuck it don’t you, bitch?”

“Oh yea I do,” I moaned, reaching up and feeling his dick through his pants. I pulled his zipper down, letting his black cock fall out into my hands. It was 9 inches long and very thick for a teen boys dick. “Oh, God, that’s beautiful. I bet the girls in your school love your dick.”

“Oh yea they do,” said Danny, grabbing a handful of my hair at the back of my head and bending my face up to look at him. “But I wanna older white ho who will do anything I tell her to do just so I let her suck and fuck my black dick.”

“I’m sure you will find one to do that for you.”

“I just did, bitch. You it. Now open your mouth and stick your tongue way out.”

I did as he ordered me to. Danny pressed my face against his cock and balls, rubbing them all over and making me lick them. After a few minutes, he pulled my face away and gave me that evil smile of his.

“Now, Lois my bitch, suck my black cock like you want to,” he said, shoving his thick black meat into my mouth and down my throat. Danny let go of my hair and grabbed my ears. Squeezing them tight, he started pumping my face back and forth on his cock, driving it deeper down my throat with each thrust. He squeezed my ears tighter and his hips moved faster as he fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. I gagged as his thick black cock filled my mouth and throat. I wanted air but I couldn’t tell him. He pumped faster and harder, and suddenly I felt his cock hair plastered all over my lips. I had swallowed all nine inches of Danny’s thick black cock. Escort Elazığ It tasted so good.

“Oh yea, Lois, suck that motha, suck it.,” he shouted, pounding his cock down my throat. My nose hurt as it slammed against Danny’s belly each time he rammed his cock down my throat. Unable to breathe, I gagged and choked as his thick black meat filled my mouth and throat. I couldn’t speak with my mouth full, so I spanked my hands and fingers on his pants covering his ass and hoped he could feel it. If he did, he ignored it. He just kept raping my mouth with his big black cock.

It seemed like hours, but I knew it was only 15 or 20 minutes I had been sucking his big black cock. But I loved every minute of it. Finally, Danny’s cock exploded, shooting huge gobs of warm cum down my throat. I gulped, trying to swallow all the cum he was filling my mouth and throat with. He’d pull his cock back till his cockhead was in my mouth, squirting a big thick cum load. Then he’d thrust forward, forcing the gob of cum down my throat with his big black dick. For several minutes he kept blowing cum into my mouth and making me swallow it.

Finally, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and took it in his hand. He jacked off, squirting the last few cum loads onto my face and tits. I felt his cum roll down my cheeks and nose then onto my chin, falling off and splattering on my tits with the cum already there.

“Damn, Lois, you one good cock sucking white bitch. Me and my boys be coming round a lot to use you. I’ll even send you some of the other niggas from school baby,” he said laughing, with that evil grin on his face.

“Oh, Danny, that was so good. You can send me all the black guys you want.”

Danny reached over and took a handful of my hair above my forehead. Pushing my head down, he wrapped my hair round his wet cock and balls. Using my hair, he wiped off all the cum from his cock and balls, then plastered my wet hair on my forehead as he stepped away and zipped up his pants. He stood looking at me as I sat there. I smiled up at him with gobs of cum still on my face and tits and my mouth sore from swallowing his big thick dick. But I was happy.

It was then I noticed two white guys standing by the bushes watching us. One had a small video camera in his hands and he was filming us.

“Danny, Those guys over there, how long they been there?”

They pulled in in that delivery truck right after I come through the bushes and joined you.”

“That one guy’s got a video camera and he’s filming us. How long has he been doing that?”

“He started making a video about the time I started putting lotion on your big tits and pussy, Lois. He probably gonna put his video of you sucking my cock on the web. He’ll make you a famous white ho. You don’t mind that do you, bitch?”

“I guess I don’t. He can post it on the web with all the other pictures and videos of me on there.”

As Danny walked away, I waved at the two guys with the camera. Oh well, I might as well enjoy it cause I do love being a famous white ho.

The End

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