Private Life Lessons

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Anna opened her eyes slowly, disturbed on feeling him leave the cloying warmth of her bed, not by the early morning sounds of traffic. She had become used to the rumble of car tyres on the canal side’s cobbled carriageway that was just outside her bedroom window. The pale early morning light could be seen through the thin curtains and to her wondering eyes it seemed to make her young lover’s tanned skin gleam as he walked softly, in his bare feet, to the chair where his clothes had been casually cast the night before.

Every move that she saw Vito make stirred renewed longings for him, the sight of his naked body a reminder of how his loving overwhelmed her in drugging waves. She held her breath. Nothing like this had been felt before, not even the first time, when he had turned up at her basement apartment’s front door, late in the evening, and she had heard his knock, rhythmic and slow.

‘Yes? Who is it?’ she had called out, cursing for not having had a spyhole fitted into the heavy timber planks, of a deep green painted front door, its bulk giving her an added sense of security. Dealers and pimps roamed this part of Amsterdam, and she took no chances. She was grateful that migrants had yet to set up camp under the trees that lined the waterway. The cops moved them all on, but it remained a risk and worry to her. A fragile hold on what passed for gentility, these days, still remained in her favourite part of the city.

‘Who is it?’ she had called out again and waited for an answer.

‘It’s Vito,’ she just heard him tell her, his voice muffled.

She was a math’s tutor at a local college and a term, or so, ago she had agreed to offer Vito extra tuition. The offer of help had begun at the college, in one of the small, glass-fronted, meeting rooms and saved them having to explain anything to anyone with prying eyes and a gossiping tongue. For him to show up at her home was something new and disconcerting, even if she had begun to feel drawn to the young man who now loitered outside her door. She had refrained from giving any sign of how far that interest, infatuation some would say, had gone in her, she a forty-year-old woman and single; he a sleek sandy-blonde haired youth of twenty, from a Groningen family, an undoubtedly handsome young man with brooding eyes and lacking confidence. Vito Delissen was unsure of what the future held if he persisted in his business degree. He was a young man who kept to himself, so she had learned, but his presence outside her home really was unexpected.

‘Vito? But why now and how do you know where I live?’ He must have followed her home, when she would not have known or been aware of it. ‘It’s late, Vito…and I’m about to go to bed.’

Dismayed to have said that, Anna tugged tight the belt of her dressing gown and lingered by the door. She had been sitting in her small kitchen reading through some course notes for the week ahead and drinking on a glass of juice. She received no quick answer to her question and stood in the small hallway wondering just what to do.

She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. Her ash-blonde hair was cut fashionable short, in a spiky style that leant her face, bereft of all makeup, a more youthful appearance.

‘I’m sorry to bother you…but I wanted to explain why I was so late in submitting some work to you after all that you’ve done to help me…but I’ll go…will see you tomorrow.’

‘Wait! Tomorrow’s Saturday!’

‘So it is!’ She heard him call out on a disbelieving laugh. ‘I’ve just checked my iPhone…I’ll be going…leave you in peace. How could I have missed that? I’ll leave you in peace…’

If only, she thought on hearing him repeat those few words, her mind filled with images of him and how broodingly serious Vito could so often be, his attention wandering from his work to her, then back once more. At such times, she felt that he only wanted to be with her and his studies an excuse for that.

‘Wait!’ she yelled again, her doubts about what she now intended to do pushed to one side. ‘You’ve interrupted my evening and I can’t just send you away. There’s some coffee left from earlier, so…so you…so you may as well come in, Vito…just for a moment.’

‘Are you sure?’ he asked her after Anna had been heard to unlock the door, pull back a bolt, and slowly open it to him.

‘Yes, I’m sure,’ she said somewhat curtly, soon closing out the night’s chill air, and in denial of what others would think. She’d be for it if those in authority at the college ever learned of her actions. ‘Come in…come in,’ she urged. ‘Wait here a moment…I’ll clear some things away. We’ll sit in the kitchen…we should fit in, just about.’

He soon saw the soft glow of what he took to be a lamp, the shadows of items close-by cast onto the walls. Anna came to him. Vito noted that she still wore her large trademark watch on her strong wrist; saw the glint of her stud earrings as she brushed back at her hair. Now, in the cosy, but dim, Avrupa yakası escort light of the kitchen he thought her to be even more engaging than ever.

‘You needn’t apologise for being late with an assignment…I’ve been in this work long enough to know the distractions you have…social life and so on.’ She said it as two small glass coffee mugs were set out and she put a pan with the remains of coffee, from a cafetiere, on a ring of the stove. It was soon ready, each of them waiting in what felt to her like a brooding, heavy silence. ‘So, what distracts you?’

He was startled by her question. ‘Oh, I just have my sport…’

Anna looked at him. ‘Is that all? Sit down…please? There’s nothing formal about this, you know…Vito?’

He smiled wonderfully, to her ways of seeing it. Anna saw him glance over her shoulder at the softly ticking wall clock, a family heirloom. She chose to turn and look at it, her dressing gown stretching open and revealing what she wore underneath, the frilly neckline of her nightdress that shaped her full freckled breasts. As she turned to him she saw Vito quickly avert his gaze from her.

He sipped on his coffee nervily. ‘I didn’t realise how late it is. I’d better go…’

‘You’ve only just got here so it’s rude to go so soon,’ she reprimanded him on a soft smile, reaching across the space between them to pour out what remained of the coffee. She had yet to drink at her own cup. ‘There’s more to this…your reason for being here, isn’t there, Vito?’

Anna saw his eyes dart over her once more and she saw him blush. Instinctively, she glanced down at her body, the thin cotton nightdress that she wore, like a second skin; it was all but transparent. She sought to cover herself once more, but the sudden rush of heat on meeting that look upon her, as if Vito was cataloguing every curve, had taken a hold in her. She pressed her thighs together to quell the ache of longing that look of his had aroused in her. It seemed to now be a matter of who was pursuing whom.

‘I…I followed you home…a few days ago…managed to keep an eye on you when you cycled here. I just wanted to know something more about you…’

She saw the slump in his shoulders as Vito confessed to it.

How could she have been so foolish as to open the door to him, dressed in the way that she was and now hearing what he had confessed to? Sharing in intimate talks in public places was one thing, but here in her small basement apartment, and alone with a young man late in the evening?

Anna felt weak as she put her hands on the table for an instant. She chose not to see if her dressing gown covered her adequately. His eyes were still averted from her when she spoke.


‘Yes…yes, Anna,’ he replied in a soft, deep tone of voice, but looking down into his coffee cup as he swirled its contents around slowly and waiting for her to speak.

Anna felt her breaths catch in her throat, her heart beating furiously in her breast. ‘You’ve been looking at me…but…but why not now, Vito?’

A sudden need to touch him overwhelmed her. She brushed her fingers over his hand as it rested on the table, close to the now empty coffee cup.

‘I…I couldn’t keep away. And…and now, I see you in your robe. It…it’s…’ Vito couldn’t finish what was now on his mind on seeing her body partially exposed to his gaze.

‘I…I want you to look at me, Vito…’ she heard herself say, the words sounding strangely certain to her ears.

Anna saw him shift, push a hand down to where she imagined a bulge was forming in his jeans. She saw how his hand trembled as he took hold of the empty cup and raised it to his beautiful mouth. Vito’s gaze rested upon her again before meeting her enquiring look his way.

‘Like this?’

‘Yes…look at me like that. I see what is in your eyes when you do that, Vito.’ Anna said it slowly, in understanding and in hope, and she moved closer and touched his outstretched arm. She then gripped it. ‘Put the cup down, Vito…’ she said gently. ‘Have you ever really been with a woman…or a girl…before?’

He again averted his gaze, and she took in the profile of his face, the luxuriant colour and curls of his long hair that framed it so wonderfully. She knew what had been at work in him for so long and that had now brought Vito to her door.

‘No, miss Delissen…Anna,’ he corrected quickly, and on a whisper of embarrassment. ‘Not all the way…’

‘Then…then dealing with what you feel is difficult to let go of…to release those feelings…when you have them…and are excited.’ Anna let the words register.

Vito didn’t answer her. Nor did he look her way.

‘You must have ways to release those feelings. You can’t carry them around with you, Vito. Your sports…and walking the streets, that bring you to my door are not enough, are they?’

She had moved to now stand close to him.

Vito still didn’t look up at her but clutched at Anna’s Ataköy escort bayan robe before he slipped on hand through to touch her leg, pressed the fabric against her warm skin. She shivered in longing on feeling his clumsy caress. ‘I…I jerk off…’

‘Often?’ she managed to ask, gently, and her fingers brushing his cheek as if to console him or to let him know that she understood what possessed him and that she was the answer to.

Vito shook his head. He looked up at her in acute embarrassment and took his hand from her skin. ‘I shouldn’t be here…telling you all of this…or doing what I’ve just done.’

‘Yes you should…Vito,’ she murmured. She had felt an acute ache of longing in her belly and felt moisture between her thighs on seeing him and then succumbing to his touches. ‘When…when you jerk off…who are you thinking of?’

He looked up at her with widened, stilled eyes. ‘I think only of you….of your figure…of your body…what I imagine you have and would bring to a man.’

She saw Vito pout, as if he was relieved to have finally confessed of it to her. He had given voice to his frustration.

He was besotted with her, and she had begun to recognise those feelings too. Anna bent to him, allowed her gown to fall open, thus allowing him to see the tumble of her breasts and the faint outlines of bikini bra cups visible on her lightly tanned skin. ‘I…I want to see you, Vito. Let me see you, please…just as you can see me, now, like this?’

‘No…I’ve intruded on you…let my feelings and imagination run away with me. I’m sorry…I’m behaving like I’m obsessed with you…”

‘Well, aren’t you?’ Anna provoked and preventing him from standing up. ‘Don’t be sorry,’ he soothed on placing one hand on the swell in his jeans. Vito now squirmed as she unzipped the fly and reached for him, tugged at the waistband of his briefs until his straining flesh sprang free and she looked down.

‘Oh Jeez…Anna!’ he gasped out of embarrassment and pleasure as her fingers traced caresses over its sides, stroked the glistening tip. She held it, loosely at first then offered slow, clamping caresses and no more. She felt it thicken and thicken. Vito shifted on the chair, did not stop her in these pleasurable claims upon him.

‘You…you wonder!’ His rigid phallus trembled as she touched it, every caress seeming to make it ever more likely that he would burst. Anna could not help but gasp at what he would bring to her; at what could await them if she took him to bed. ‘You wonder…you wonder, Vito, that…that you feel this way about me…’

‘I do…Jeez how I do!’

He reached up to her and pulled Anna down to him before he kissed her. The sight of Anna, her sharp movements that had opened her dressing gown to reveal her wonderful body shaped so beguilingly in that thin chemise, then…then her clamping touches upon him — they had all become too much too bear. He wanted her to work his penis and not just touch it.

Then it happened.

She brushed her thumbs over the domed tip and smeared the pre-um over it, then down his shaft in slow touches, faint but purposeful. Then, her warm, wet, mouth slowly closed over it, and she offered gentle sucks, took more of it past her lips.

‘Anna…Anna!’ he called out, afraid to open his eyes and to see what she was doing for him…to him. He squirmed, his penis pulsing and jerking from the sensations that she brought to him, his length enveloped by her lovely mouth, by lips that he has yet to really kiss.

Warm feelings, slurping sounds, and the pressure in his belly and through his hard penis overwhelm him, the sounds of Anna’s guttural moans merging into one rush of pleasure. It feels as if his penis is fully enveloped by her warm mouth, the flickering of her tongue to the tip of his penis too much to bear.

‘Come for me…let it go!’ he hears her groan before her tongue glides over the tip then down the sides f his penis, her hands working it and his sac, the pressure in it like a balloon that is about to burst. ‘Let it go…go on, Vito…let it go…I’m here with you now.’


He groans out of pain and abject, unrehearsed, pleasure as his penis twitches. Her thumbs caress the tip and work the end, cover him as he bucks to meet these claims and erupts. His penis twitches. He fails to break loose from her hold on it and then he feels her lips pass over the tip and he expels streams of cum into her mouth.

‘Don’t stop, you darling…I can let you know how it is for me too!’ she gasps and gags, oblivious to his hands in her hair. ‘So much…you feel so much for me…I get this!’

‘Oh…oh I’m sorry!’ he cries out, all control lost, as her touches and clamping caresses continued. His body jerked as spurts of his semen still burst from his penis and splattered up onto her face, his pent-up longing finally expelled as if a safety valve has blown. ‘Sorry…sorry!’

‘Don’t be…don’t be sorry,’ she cried out in unison with his Escort Şirinevler heated breaths. Anna sank back down to the floor and kissed his still jerking flesh. She pumped his sac and stroked his length in long caresses until his orgasm subsided and he settled onto the chair his breaths finally subsiding. ‘That you’ve wanted me so…wanted me so badly, Vito!’

‘You have no idea…’ he answered in dismay at all that had just happened.

Vito bent to kiss her upturned face, then her lips. He reached into her gown once more, this time to fondle one breast, then to smooth his fingers over it until her nipple was thick and hard and for him to really know of. His lips and wondering touches claimed it and Anna did nothing to prevent these claims. Instead, she languished in them. Guided him in his claims upon them, her robe tugged open and her body for him to delight in and to claim.

‘Tell me about it…’ she whispered, scarcely able to believe in his pent-up longings…for her…and that she had helped him to satisfy.

‘I study…but I cannot help but wonder about you. I’ve jerked off so many times during the day…three or four times…just to be free of the ache I have for you. It’s a madness…even an obsession…that only being with you can cure.’

Anna was startled by his directness, by the ease with which he had confessed to his feelings and means to satisfy them. There was no one in her life to share it with. That did not excuse what she now wanted to happen, but what she felt also served to offer some explanation. They each had a loneliness to bear, somehow.

‘You beautiful…beautiful wonder,’ she kissed to his mouth. ‘Come to bed…and stay with me,’ she said. The young man had breached her every defence, at last. He had pursued her, not the other way about but that could so easily change, and new pleasures would be discovered with him.


Within an hour, she lay in her bed exhausted, emotionally and physically drained, and in Vito’s embrace.

She had explored his body and he had been taken to her in ruts that had her thighs aching from their exertions. Her skin was wet from all that had burst from him again. She languished and drifted between memory and the livid reality of every sensation that his touches continued to arouse in her. She had never known it to be quite this way; the learning and instinctive sharing that Vito had brought to her with his plumbing flesh; his quest for an all-consuming climax that made him claim her again after such short moments of rest.

‘Anna…you wonder…beautiful and passionate wonder.’

‘Wait…wait for just a while,’ she whispered, moving to clamp his sac, cupping his hard testicles and encouraging him to move so that he could kiss her aching breasts. She now loved to feel his lips gently tug on her nipples, then move down to where she had learnt of him, his flickering tongue never satisfied and the sensations that he aroused impossible to control.

Her claims upon him served only to encourage Vito to take her to him once more.

‘Don’t rush it, darling,’ she could not help but say, ‘not yet. Make love to me slowly…ever so slowly and deeply. I’ll help you…show you, my love.’

She met his soft kisses. ‘I…I didn’t dare to believe that it might happen in this way between us…you’ve made my dreams real.’

She nodded her reply against his mouth but could not still him in his movements. He took her in long, slow, sinuous and gentle strokes…in moves that she had so quickly learnt to love of him.

‘Is that better?’ he kissed gently, looking down over her body to where she had so quickly taken him, his lustful foreplay, the devotion of his tongue and slicked fingers not what she wanted from him.

‘Yes…yes, much better,’ the movements of their bodies now in sync and slowly rising in tempo.

‘Tell me…show me, Anna…what to do. I’ll soon learn…’

‘You will…you have!’ she squealed as he brought her to a shattering climax, that had her convulse in pleasure and in fear of his energetic and unceasing claims upon her until they fell into a restless sleep.


She had yet to cure him of using her surname, and not Anna; not even in the passionate heat of lovemaking when she heard him gasp and yell like a captured animal in a cage, and she was yelling out his name, shamelessly, as they shared in what they had perfected, a mutual orgasm.

Outside of her bed, or when they went away for a weekend, she had seen her lover change. Passionate attentiveness was now matched by real progress in his studies; the deployment of intellectual rigour that she was pleased to acknowledge and hear of through discreet enquiries. He had even told her that it was all on account of his dreams of her having become an only too livid reality; that her responses to his persuasive kisses the first time had soon aroused and when she least expected it.

The weeks of the semester flew by, his energy never flagging and his devotion to her disconcerting for its intensity.

Anna dared not think of what she had opened his eyes to, and when he had first taken her to bed. She also feared for the future, of them remaining together. Affairs had a habit of fizzling out and she really wasn’t ready to face or accept that.

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