Power Couple

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Power Couple

I saw them at the gym whenever I was there. It was as if they lived there.

She was tall and thin but still had muscles in her back that rippled when she lifted, yet even as a girl she still lifted more than I could.

I was jealous, not because she was stronger, but because my body was soft compared to her hardbody.

Her partner was a giant guy with bulges everywhere. I wasn’t even jealous because being like him would be a lost cause for me. No need to be jealous of what could never be.

They were your typical shallow jocks while I was more of an eco-hippy with an earnest concern for the environment.

I knew I was their intellectual superior just like I knew they were stronger than me. Unfortunately, that smug thought would be my downfall.

One day she caught me looking and she flexed while staring right in my eyes, “You like the muscles?” Was it a Russian accent? Eastern European for sure.

I actually didn’t like her muscles so much as I just liked her flawless tanned beauty. I didn’t think women should have that much muscle, as intriguing as they were.

I could only feebly answer, “I wish I had a better body. But that’s why I’m here.”

Her normally cruel eyes widened gleefully, “We’ll show you what to do with your body. Follow me.”

I shouldn’t have followed. Looking back I wonder if she already had her deception planned at this point.

In that moment, I was overjoyed that someone would help me to become more manly, and elated that one of the pretty people could take an interest in someone like me.

I followed her, and him too, until they got to the locker rooms, but then I couldn’t go into the ladies, so I switched to following Shawn.

In the locker room he changed, so I did too. Now it was time for me to be envious of Shawn. When he dropped his pants I was shocked at what I saw. He was more than muscles, even where no weightlifting could matter.

My own penis felt exposed and shy, it was so puny compared to his. I hadn’t thought of my dick as extra small before – just as below average. Well, close to average, actually practically average. I kept my body turned away from him so he wouldn’t see.

I wanted to shower, to wash the workout out of my ponytail, but instead we finished changing, and when we got out we waited for his girl. I labored to strike up a conversation with Shawn but I guess he was the strong silent type.

Finally Denise joined us. I thought we would talk at the little cafe tables but she just jerked her head for me to follow again and we went to our respective cars.

I followed their Charger in my Volt, feeling that while I may not be as good looking as them, at least I was helping the Earth.

Entering their flat I wondered if they were actually gonna show me how to lift and why they didn’t do it at the gym, “You guys are really gonna help me get fitter?” I asked.

She turned to face me coldly, but her face was so awesome I had to stare, “There’s gainers and hard-gainers in this world.” She started. “Let me guess, you’re a vegan? And no matter how hard you work out you’ve never gained an ounce?”

I nodded: proudly vegan but insecure about my body.

“That’s OK little one. We can still help you look your best. You’re not gonna get ripped like Shawn here.” Saying that she squeezed his bicep while he posed arrogantly.

“Actually, you won’t even fill out like me.” She also struck a pose, and even the muscles in her legs got bigger – though without being huge.

“But we can get rid of the flab – and the Docker’s too. You’ll be much prettier. Do you want that badly enough?”

I smiled and nodded vigorously. Inside I just wanted to quit feeling inferior and not get picked on.

Again she waved me to follow her.

She led me straight to the shower. I was astounded when she merely dropped her leotard and hopped in, “Come on. You’re not gonna stay stinky, are you?”

Being in a shower, naked, with a woman was supposed to be a dream, but it scared me. I mean, she was used to Shawn’s cock. I was too nervous to even get sexually stimulated.

Her body was deeply tanned, even in the secret places too. And smooth without a hint of cellulite, not that I had any cellulite either. Yea, my muscles were mushy, but I wasn’t fat.

I enjoyed watching her rub suds all over her perfect body.

Turning to leave, Denise handed me a silver torpedo, “Here, put this in. It’ll keep Shawn from putting his unit up here.” She Çanakkale Escort patted my bum when she said it, which was the first time she’d touched me.

Being touched by the goddess made my knees go weak. I would do anything to keep being touched by her. Taking the oddly rocket shaped metallic item from her hand my mind wrestled with what to do with it. Ignoring her clue I popped the cold metal end into my mouth.

She raised one eyebrow, “I like your enthusiasm. But try it here.” Patting my bum a second time, I was dismayed to figure out what she meant, but this time I followed her instructions correctly.

Then it was his turn to join me in the shower.

Shawn towered over me, filling the small space with his imposing presence. He soaped himself all over. I was struck by how big his hands were compared to my delicate ones. When he proudly lathered his cock I hid mine subtly.

Shawn took an interest in me too, washing my comparatively feminine form, getting me squeaky clean. When he washed my penis it felt electric. It was hard not to spring a boner so I calculated logarithmic conversions in my head. He looked piercingly into my eyes, “Is it defective?”

“Shit!” I thought. I’d given the wrong impression. My efforts not to seem gay had backfired.

When he washed my buns he felt the buttplug and frowned enigmatically, “She’s always spoiling my fun.”

When we got out she was on her phone, “I’m buying you some better clothes. They’ll be here in a couple hours. Let’s start getting you ready.”

She took me back into the bathroom where she rubbed lotion all over my body, “Nair.” She said. “So you’ll look smoother, like us.” That made sense. I hadn’t yet deduced her scheme.

She conditioned my hair too, which I almost objected to for the sake of the planet, but I was too caught up under her spell.

Out of the shower again she put waves in my hair, I wasn’t sure what vision she had for me but in her exotit Slavic voice she told me to relax and let go since I would become a “magnet” as she put it.

I wanted to be a magnet, to finally draw people to me like Denise drew people to her, so I dropped my guard.

When she was done, my hair was shiny and flowing, and my body was smoother than normal. I guess I did sorta feel more attractive.

Shawn announced that lunch was ready, “We’re carnivores. You can have part of our Porterhouses or I’ve got some coffee. But there’s no vegetables in the house.”

At the kitchen table Shawn wore a pair of gym shorts and a too tight T-shirt while Denise had on a lycra bodysuit. But I drank my coffee naked because, as she said, my new clothes weren’t here yet.

Next we moved to the living room. Shawn and I were on the couch while Denise sat across from us. They talked at length about my body and how to get me fit and lean. Shawn occasionally poked or prodded me as they discussed my muscles – or lack of muscles.

It sounded like a lot of work but I assumed I could hit the gym hard with their help.

Partway through their planning Denise placed her foot in my lap. Even her foot was attractive. “Be a dear and massage me.” Her foot touched my thingy sometimes but I controlled my urges.

I don’t know when it happened but eventually I discovered Shawn’s arm was draped over my shoulder, so while I was massaging Denise, Shawn was massaging me. The human touch felt nice and it seemed to me like I was accepted by this power couple.

Just then the doorbell rang. I wanted to cover up my nudity but Shawn held me still as Denise jumped up.

My nudity was in full display with my hairless dick right there in plain sight. In all my previous life it had always been tucked away in my pubic hair, but now it was exposed for all the world to see. I wondered how it could look even smaller without the hair but maybe it was because it looked like it did when I was ten years younger.

Handing the bags over the Doordash driver smirked making me feel even more emasculated. I never questioned the need for my nudity while waiting for new clothes.

Meanwhile Denise greeted the driver as if nothing was amiss, then came back with some Walmart bags, “Nothing special.” She declared, “Just the kind of stuff you can get at Chinamart. Now stand up and let’s get you in some better clothes.”

If she had merely told me to put them on I might have resisted, but her touch as she dressed me was mesmerizing.

Opening the bags she withdrew a lacy green Çanakkale Escort Bayan bra and matching butterfly panties. A billowy short sundress in a floral pattern and a bow for my hair.

I didn’t want to wear women’s stuff but they oohed and aahed over me, dissolving my will. I told myself I could handle their strange dress up game for an hour.

With their constant attention I felt pampered and important for once in my life.

She spun me around by my shoulders, “Now that you’re pretty you should make the most of it. Walk around for us.”

This hadn’t turned out how I wanted. Well, I liked feeling special, and I could always go back to my old ways once I left.

“See?” She beamed proudly, “Doesn’t that feel good to live up to your potential? Come stand in front of Shawn.”

They were both taller than I, her behind and him towering a head above me. With her hands on my hips and his on my shoulders they congratulated me on doing such a good job transforming.

I was musing on how I really did do a good job and feeling pretty good about myself.

Denise’s body touched mine, her heat against my back felt sexy.

When she reached around both sides of me to tug Shawn’s shorts below his balls I was surrounded by their arms, and felt his heat, closer to me, now too.

Seeing his humongous flaccid phallus there I suddenly knew what they had in store for me. Why I had been in denial up till then was unknown to me.

Seeing its gigantism again, my first thought was of those Japanese pornographic cartoons where the tiny girl is forced to swallow a cock so large it would literally be impossible, but the way it’s illustrated the whole zucchini sized organ somehow goes down her throat anyway.

Denise shimmied my dress up over my head leaving me in just the girly bra and skimpy panties.

Shawn hadn’t displayed much emotion at all so far, but gazing at me in the sexy lingerie he leered and whistled, telling me how beautiful I looked.

When she tucked my panties below my testicles Shawn looked down at my dick, this time snickering, “Still not hard, huh? Are you even able?” I nodded meekly. Why was I embarrassed not to have an erection? I wasn’t supposed to get hard under these circumstances.

The rock hard bodied woman holding me from behind lowered herself to her knees, bringing me down with her, while the astoundingly strong beast before me simultaneously pushed down on my shoulders.

There was no man left in me to fight, not that I had a chance against either of them alone, let alone against their combined strength.

Denise placed her head next to mine, then lifting his massive flesh, she stuffed like four inches of it into her mouth, proving it could be done – up to a certain depth anyway.

I don’t think I’d ever seen a more attractive face than hers just then. The sight of her wonton lips stretched over his manly tool touched places in my being that had never felt such lust before.

I craved to kiss her, to kiss her lips once she stopped sucking his cock. Really, I would kiss her even if it meant making contact with his unrealistically large dick.

So how did she get it in? Granted, it wasn’t fully hardened. Also, the tip was thinner than the burgeoning base too.

Could it fit in my virgin mouth? Could it fit in anyone’s mouth when fully firmed up? Like I said, I’ve seen the hentai pics where the diminutive female takes the gargantuan male tool all the way down – but those were just cum splattered drawings. This was reality.

Pulling her beautiful face off of his cock I could see the cock’s spit-shined skin gleaming before us.

I longed to taste the erotic nectar directly from her seductive mouth. Closing my eyes, I leaned in toward her glossy alluring lips.

I waited for first contact, but when it happened her lips didn’t feel like I expected my first kiss to be. Opening my eyes I discovered she had swung his cock over so it hung between her lips and mine.

Knowing that the shine on it came from her mouth I wanted to lick it off. I could deal with a little male skin in order to experience this fantastic woman’s oral secretions.

I touched my tongue lightly to its side gathering some of her wetness from there. On the opposite side Denise pressed her lips to his cock. Our eyes locked intimately and hers moved closer to mine, causing the side of the massive bologna to crush my lips.

I copied her actions as she and I slurped and Escort Çanakkale kissed the unbelievably strong schwanz, thus imbibing her delightful spit.

We did this long enough that I stopped feeling uncomfortable touching my lips to it.

Pointing his cock towards my lips Denise said, “Take the energy into yourself.”

It didn’t seem outrageous when she said it that way. It was like I could absorb his power into myself. Maybe I would even get stronger like I wanted.

With his hands grasping my head in a vice-like grip Shawn told me to open wide.

Seeing the need for that I opened as wide as I could. As the lightbulb sized head approached I realized I would need to open much much wider.

The crown pressed against my naive lips forcing its way through and forcing my jaws even farther apart.

The head was soft, rubbery, even a little squishy, so that I was able to accommodate the whole mushroom end without too much discomfort.

My own tip is the size of a generous walnut, ok, a small walnut, but to my mind his felt the size of an orange.

Now that all of the crown was inside me he began thrusting. More and more entered my mouth until the wide part met my lips. He pushed hard which expanded my lips enough that I was sure I felt one rip a little. Though later when I examined my bruised lips there were no splits.

I watched the shaft burying itself, witnessing how my lips pinched and compressed the tube so that it was wider both in front of and behind the tight constricting ring of my abused lips.

His progress being stalled, Shawn used his fingers to stuff more soft shaft through.

Stuffed like I was, my cheeks bulged and it seemed like there was no room for my tongue.

The fleshy doughy tube plugged the entrance to my throat without going in. I mean, he tried to make it go down but it just wouldn’t.

Shawn stroked the remaining shaft, milking it into my mouth. With his hand pulling on the lengthy remainder it started to firm up.

Have you ever seen one of those pictures on the internet where a guy has inserted his dick into a glass bottle before getting hard and then the only way to get it out would be to break the bottle? Well I felt like the bottle.

He couldn’t slide back and forth. In fact the only thing he could do was to place my hands on his shaft and balls.

Denise urged him on, “Do it baby! Fill our little femboy with your seed.”

There! She’d done it – she put a label on what they’d done to me.

Saying that she fingered his anus and that’s all it took.

Shawn’s cock inflated more, filling any remaining part of my mouth, then he groaned repeating, “My femboy.”

Did he really think of me as ‘his’? No one had ever felt that way about me before.

I felt the jets of cum shoot directly down my gullet. Was there a lot? Did it taste good or bad?

In a minute he was done but Denise reached around to jerk me off, “Every sissy deserves a little something. But this is the last time I’ll touch your clit. From now on you’ll have to use the stream from a showerhead like other girls.

Try to last so you can keep Shawn’s cock in your mouth as long as possible. But sadly as soon as you cum our little fun will be over.

Her iron grip jerked my dick faster and faster, and in no time a few spurts of cum fell from my dick as my hips involuntarily humped her hands.

I slumped against her hot body, Shawn pulled his cock from my lips, twisting and grimacing from the contact with my teeth. It was no small effort for him to withdraw, constantly prying the flesh to escape. Considering how tightly it was jammed in there he did alright.

Just once, after the sexual ordeal, Denise tenderly kissed my sissified neck and that one kiss was enough to make me want to do it again.

Our sex being over, I stood up. Shawn hugged me to his ripped body crushing his softening cock between him and my tummy. It was my first sexual hug and I loved the feel of his monstrous organ against my skin.

Holding me tight he said, “You make a fantastic fem.” I melted inside.

Being so much taller than me his cockhead was only inches from my used mouth. I kissed it lightly, “Thank you.”

Author’s note:

If you liked my story please give it a good rating. Add it to your favorites to read later if you want. Follow me and you’ll see all my stuff.

I try but don’t always succeed in creating a good story. Please add comments so I know what I’m doing well and what to improve on. If you want to talk I’ll answer your friendly comments.

I often attempt to create tension in the main character’s motives. In turn, this often means that characters in the story have flaws and might not even be nice to each other all the time.

I really appreciate polite comments!

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