Pine Grove Experiment: Watt Sisters

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Several miles out of Pine Grove, Private Helen Bird reviewed the intel file on sisters Alexi and Nicola Watt.

Lexi and Niccy moved out of their parents’ rural property and into just over a year ago. Lexi worked part time in a music instrument store, and Niccy was a barista in an upscale hipster cafe downtown. They lived in a cheap, dated two bedroom apartment close to the downtown commercial district.

At 23, Alexi was the older of the two sisters. She was 5’7, slim, with brown eyes and blond hair that reached just past her shoulders. She’d had a few boyfriends, but lately had been enjoying the freedom that single life afforded her. She had a few friends and was a valued member of her women’s soccer team. She jogged to and from work every second day.

Nicola was 20, 5’6, and just as slim as her older sister with the same brown eyes. Her dark brown hair grew halfway down her back, and she usually tied it back in a tight ponytail. She was more outgoing than Alexi, and as a result, had a few more friends, boyfriends and casual hookups. She inherited their father’s fast metabolism, so she had no real need or desire to exercise.

Helen scrawled some notes and watched the surveillance feed of the sisters’ apartment.


Alexi entered the apartment after a hectic day at work. Maybe if she’d come home in a better mood, things may not have happened in the way they did. She kicked off her flats at the door and dumped her shopping bags on the kitchen bench. Nicola was already home, laying on the couch, typing on her phone. The late afternoon sun shone directly into the room from their balcony. Nicola had the old air conditioner on its highest setting, but it did little to lower the sweltering heat in the apartment.

“Hey Lex,” Niccy called out, not looking away from the phone. Her makeup was freshly done and she had her emerald stud earrings in. She was wearing one of her many cute summer dresses with a rose pattern. She obviously had a date tonight.

“Howdy howdy,” Lexi replied, her voice devoid of any enthusiasm. Of course Niccy had a goddamn date. She’d always been the popular one.


“Just one of those days. A few people away, busy store, so on.” She started unpacking the bags and putting things away.

“Shit, tell me bout it,” Niccy agreed.

Alexi pulled the last item out of the bag. “Oh hey, I almost forgot. They were giving these away at the mall today.” She held up the cardboard box. It contained an automatic air freshener, promising ‘HOURS of Freshness!’ “Thought it might help hide that musty, damp smell we get here sometimes,” she shrugged.

“Yeah? Cool.” Nicola was not as enthused about the prospect of scented bursts of aerosol as her sister.

Alexi ignored Nicola’s disinterest and opened the box, liberating the device and its small cartridge that held the scent. She installed the cartridge, switched it on and sat it on the bench, then joined Nicola in the vague lounge room area of their open plan living/dining/kitchen room. They didn’t speak, just sat, independently browsing on their phones.

A few minutes passed, and the subtle lavender scent finally hit Alexi’s nose. Yes, this was a good decision. Soothing, lovely lavender.

“Oh come on, man. Lavender? Seriously?” Nicola scoffed.

Alexi immediately felt irritated and defensive. “What? Don’t tell me, you don’t like lavender.” She rolled her eyes.

Niccy put her phone down on the couch. “They didn’t have, like, berries, or vanilla or caramel or something else instead? Lavender sucks.”

“Typical. Just fucking typical.”

Nicola put her phone down on the couch and sat up. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She could tell Alexi was in a bad mood the second she walked in the door. She had tried to ignore it, but now it looked like the mood had caught. And she had a date in less than two hours.

“Oh, nothing. Just the usual. Niccy always gets her way. Kicks up a stink if she doesn’t like something and everyone has to do what she says. Well, too fucking bad. I like lavender, so it’s staying on.”

Niccy rolled her eyes, then walked to the bench and held the suddenly controversial air freshener in her hand. “This is just a fucking air freshener, Lexi! It’s not a metaphor for whatever fucked up resentment you have for me, okay?” Her point made, she slammed it back on the bench.

Alexi felt her fingers trembling with anger. She marched over to her sister and pointed her index finger in her face. “If I had my way, you wouldn’t even be living here. I wanted to move out by myself, but oooh no, Lexi can’t do that! She’s too timid, she can’t possibly take care of herself! Better send her spoiled little sister along too! Niccy will take care of her! She’s soooo perfect!”

This had gone on too long. Instead of raising her voice to match Alexi’s, Nicola sighed and spoke softly but firmly. “Oh, fuck you. I can’t deal with this now. I’ve got a date tonight. Just fuck off to your room and leave me alone.” Nicola dismissed her with a hand wave.

Alexi was not done yet. “Suuure, Magosa Escort rub that in my face too, why don’t you?”


Alexi put on a high-pitched, mocking voice. “I’m Nicola and I’m soooooo popular, I go on soooo many dates! The boys always choose me over stupid little Lexi!” She dropped the voice. “Just another example of Niccy the favorite,” she added bitterly.

Nicola took the bait, despite her mind screaming at her to walk away. “They like me better because I’m fun, you idiot. You’re too busy trying to be ‘nice’ all the time.” Now it was her turn to put on the mocking voice. “Oh, I can’t possibly go out at 7pm tonight! It’s Wednesday! I have work in the morning!” She blew a raspberry into Lexi’s face. “Fucking have some fun. Live a little. Stop being a boring bitch.” Now Nicola was done. She started walking towards the short hallway that led to the bedrooms.

“Rather be boring than a slut.” Alexi barely even whispered it. Hell, she barely even meant it. But Niccy’s words cut deep; she was hurt, and wanted to hurt her back.

Nicola stopped and immediately turned around. She stormed back towards Alexi and without thinking, slapped her sister. Hard. The sound briefly echoed in the apartment. Nicola froze after that, eyes wide in shock. She hadn’t meant to hit her that hard.

The slap switched Alexi’s rational mind off. It was immediately replaced with pure animalistic rage. She shoved her sister backwards against the wall, making a dull thud and knocked the wind out of her. She pressed her forearm against Nicola’s breathless chest, pinning her against the wall. With the other hand, she slapped Nicola on the cheek just as hard as she’d been hit.

Nicola stared at her big sister, stunned by this sudden show of rage she hadn’t seen since their teen years. Her cheek stung and she knew it the red handprint world visible already – Alexi’s certainly was. She tried to push Alexi away, but she seemed cemented in place. Nicola squirmed helplessly.

Lexi was breathing fast and shallow – all rage and adrenaline. It was time to teach Niccy a lesson she’d never forget. She let go of Niccy’s chest and instead wrapped her hand around her sister’s throat. Niccy tried to release her group but it was futile. Lexi’s right hand swooped downwards, under Niccy’s short skirt.

Alexi’s long, thin fingers slid under the elastic waistband of her sister’s navy blue cotton panties. She felt her fingertips brush against the stubbly regrowth of Nicola’s pubic hair, and ventured further south. There, she felt the skin parting, a little bump, and warm folds embracing her index and middle fingers. She moved back to the little bump and started rubbing it furiously.

“Lex! What are you doing?!” Nicola tried again to squirm and push her sister away, to no avail. Lexi’s eyes burned into hers, full of uncontrollable rage.

“Having some fun,” Alexi replied bitterly. Her mind was racing with wild, angry thoughts. She shouldn’t be doing this, but something compelled her – Niccy needed to be put in her place.

Nicola’s brain couldn’t make any sense of what was happening to her. What her sister was doing to her. Mouth open, she gasped for air as her sister squeezed her neck firmly. She gasped in shock as her sister stimulated her clitoris roughly. It should’ve repulsed her, made her feel violated and sick. Instead…

A demonic, sadistic grin crept over Alexi’s face in response to Nicola’s involuntary moan of pleasure. “Oh, you like that, you dirty fucking whore?”

Niccy didn’t reply; she was too busy trying to work out why she was enjoying this like she was. They were straight! Alexi was her sister! They’d just been arguing! None of it made any sense. But more importantly, why wasn’t she fighting against Alexi? Why was she simply allowing this to happen? Why did she want Lexi to make her cum? She couldn’t answer that, but she could spread her legs to grant her sister better access to her pussy.

Alexi felt Nicola’s legs spreading, and she barked a cruel laugh. “That’s it, spread your legs for me, you fucking slut.”

She squeezed Nicola’s throat a tiny bit tighter and watched her sister’s face slowly turning red. She twisted her hand and shoved her middle and ring fingers inside Niccy’s warm, wet pussy, hooking them inside and rubbing against the raisin bump of her sister’s G-spot. She started furiously fingerfucking her little sister, relishing the sound of her sister’s moans mixing with the wet smacking sounds of her fingers abusing her sister’s pussy.

“Ooh shit!” Niccy was shocked to discover her hips had started to writhe in response to Lexi’s fingers. She thrust her hips, bumping and grinding her clit against the inside of her big sister’s palm. She moaned and panted, mouth wide open and eyes locked on Alexi’s.

Alexi felt Nicola submitting to her, and noticed her breathing change, becoming faster, more intense. “Oh, you gonna cum for me now?” She tightened her grip around Niccy’s throat and fingerfucked her harder still. “Dirty bitch,” she Kıbrıs Escort smirked.

Niccy fucked Lexi’s fingers harder now, rubbing herself wantonly against her sister’s hand. She wanted this, more than any other orgasm in her life. She needed Lexi to make her cum, or her life would be over. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she pressed her sweaty palms against the wall behind her. She felt Lexi’s fingers tightening around her throat further. She breathed in frantic, strained, shallow pants. A fine mist of perspiration emerged on her forehead.

The orgasm was sweet, beautiful relief. Pleasure exploded inside her body in red starbursts. She moaned a long, undulating moan and felt her mind trickle away.

Lexi watched as Niccy’s body bucked and twitched against the wall. Felt the walls of her sister’s pussy contracting, squeezing her slender fingers. Felt her hot breath as she exhaled a long moan of ecstasy. When the peak of the orgasm had passed, Lexi released Nicola’s throat.

With her hand still inside Niccy, Lexi closed what little distance remained between them. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.

Nicola immediately took Lexi’s tongue inside her mouth, sucking it eagerly. Submissively. She slid her lips up and down her sister’s wet, warm pink tongue almost like she was eating a popsicle. She embraced her older sister, wrapping her arms around her slender frame and squeezing tightly.

Lexi tasted her sister’s berry flavored lip gloss on her tongue and moaned softly. She allowed Niccy to embrace her and fellate her tongue briefly, then pulled away again. She withdrew from the hug, then withdrew her hand from Niccy’s panties. She brought her hand up to eye level. Her ring and middle fingers were coated in her sister’s thick, clear arousal fluid. She pressed her fingertips against Niccy’s lips.

Niccy opened her mouth and accepted Alexi’s fingers into her mouth. She tasted herself on her sister’s fingers – salty, musty and vaguely sweet – and obediently sucked the juices from her big sister’s fingers. She licked them clean, running her tongue all over and between Lexi’s slim fingers and her manicured fingernails.

Once she was satisfied her hand was clean, Alexi retrieved her fingers from Nicola’s mouth. She wiped the remaining spit on the front of Niccy’s dress and stepped backwards. She slapped her again on the other cheek, evoking a short yelp from her sister, but no other reaction.

Without a single word or gesture commanding her to do so, Nicola dropped to her knees in front of Alexi. She reached up and unbuttoned her sister’s dark denim shorts and unzipped the fly. She pulled the shorts down, then slid her hands up Lexi’s smooth, soft, lightly tanned legs, up to the waistband of her cotton panties. The vibrant pink material was already stained with wetness. Nicola looked into Alexi’s eyes, seeking permission.

Alexi nodded.

Niccy pulled Lexi’s panties to the floor and brought herself up to Lexi’s patch of trimmed pubic hair. Lexi took a step to each side. Niccy leaned forward and smelled her sister’s pussy. She met Lexi’s lips with her own, kissing her big sister’s puffy, wet pussy, inhaling her scent and relishing the taste of Lexi’s pussy on her tongue. So similar to her own, but…better, somehow. Because it was Lexi’s.

She licked all along Lexi’s slit, probing her folds and her hole. Drinking the sweet wetness. Listening to her soft whimpering moans. Eager to please her, to thank her for the orgasm, to prove her worth. She moved her tongue up, focusing now on her clit.

Lexi grabbed Niccy’s ponytail and moaned another soft whimper. “Yes, good girl,” she said softly. “Right there, slut.”

Encouraged by her big sister’s positive feedback, Niccy doubled her efforts. Running her tongue over the firm pink hood of Lexi’s clit left and right, ever so slowly building in speed, increasing the pace gradually. She felt herself getting turned on by bringing such pleasure to her elder sister. The fact she’d never seen another girl’s pussy before was not a hurdle – she simply drew on years of instructing boys how to please her and applied it to Lexi.

Alexi soon started grinding her hips, pressing her crotch harder into Nicola’s face. She was moaning louder now, cheeks flushed with arousal as her climax approached. “Oh fuck, oh fuck fuck fuck,” she cried, gripping Niccy’s ponytail harder, fucking her face.

She threw her head back and squealed at the ceiling as she came in her sister’s face. Waves of pleasure washed over her, fogging her mind with bliss.

Nicola slowed her tongue and swallowed Lexi’s juices as she came. She caressed her outer thighs, smiling up at her big sister lovingly. God, she looked amazing as she came. Niccy knew she’d do anything to make her cum again.

Once the orgasm cloud lifted, Lexi looked down at Niccy, who she was still holding in place thanks to her relentless grip on her ponytail. “Up,” she commanded, and yanked her ponytail upwards.

Niccy obeyed, jumping to her Lefkoşa Escort feet. She didn’t even care that her scalp was on fire. “You’re beautiful, Lex,” she said as she looked adoringly, expectantly at Lexi. Waiting her next order from her big sister.

“This way,” Lexi ordered. She let go of Niccy’s ponytail and grabbed her wrist, leading her to the area between the couch and the coffee table.

Alexi stood her sister in place and circled around to her back. She unzipped the back of Nicola’s dress, slipped it off her pale shoulders and pulled it to the floor, a wrinkled pile at Niccy’s bare feet. She did the same with her soaked panties, then unhooked Niccy’s lacy navy blue bra. It matched the panties that were crumpled on the floor near the kitchen bench. Niccy removed the bra and dropped it on the couch.

Alexi’s hands crept around the front of Niccy’s chest. She held a breast in each hand and slapped each one several times. Niccy moaned in response and bit her bottom lip.

“Now, Niccy. What are we doing?” Alexi quizzed her nude sister as she fondled her perky C cups, tweaking the nipples with both hands.

“Whatever you want, Lexi,” Nicola replied dutifully.

Lexi rewarded Niccy’s correct response by sliding a hand down her body to her crotch again. “Clever girl,” she whispered into Niccy’s ear.

Nicola shuddered in response to her sister’s whisper. When Lexi’s fingers found her clit again, she moaned “Oh god,” and tilted her neck back, leaning against her dominant sister.

Lexi started rubbing her sister’s clit again. This angle was much better than before – it was almost the same as masturbating, really. She squeezed Niccy’s firm breast with her other hand, purposefully digging her fingernails into the flesh a little. She nibbled Niccy’s earlobe. The emerald stud earring clinked against her teeth. “Tell me what you are,” she demanded.

Niccy shuddered again. She was already rocking her hips and moaning with pleasure. “Oooh, oh fuck…I’m yours,” she groaned.

Lexi slapped Niccy’s pussy, sending a pleasurable spark of pain into Niccy’s body. Niccy yelped.

Alexi resumed her fingerwork. “You’re my…what?”

“I’m your slut.”

A smack and a yelp. Back to working the clit.

“I’m your sister?”

Smack and yelp. Rubbing Niccy’s clit again.

“I’m your slutty sister. I’m your bitch. I’m anything you tell me to be.” Bucking her hips, breasts heaving in Alexi’s hand. Bracing for another pussysmack, one that could very well have pushed her over the edge.

Lexi released Nicola’s breast and grasped her throat again. “Good girl,” she whispered as she squeezed. Niccy grabbed Lexi’s wrist with one hand, holding it firmly in place.

It was a combination of the words, the shudder the whisper into her ear, the hand around her throat, the fingers furiously rubbing her clit, and whatever it was that was making her outrageously horny. They all converged and made Nicola cum at her sister’s mercy for the second time that afternoon. If Alexi hadn’t been supporting her body weight, she would’ve collapsed to the floor. She twitched and moaned, bucked and writhed as her mind melted with pleasure. The sensations felt like they lasted a lifetime.

Alexi kept rubbing her sister’s clit and squeezing her throat until the orgasm finally subsided. When she was sure Nicola’s orgasm had finally died down, she released her and laughed when Niccy fell to the floor in a legless heap.

“Fuuuuuck,” Niccy groaned, laying on the floor in a daze. She was about to attempt standing again when she felt Alexi’s foot pressing down in the middle of her back, keeping her there on all fours.

“We’re not done yet,” she informed her little sister. She walked around in front of Nicola and joined her on the floor on all fours, waving her ass in Niccy’s face. She looked backwards over her shoulder and locked eyes with Niccy. “Eat up, slut,” she ordered.

Nicola immediately obeyed, burying her face in her older sister’s ass. She parted Lexi’s cheeks with both hands, and licked from the bottom of her pussy to the tip of her ass crack, then back down.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” Lexi grunted. “Just like that.”

“Uh huh,” Niccy acknowledged with her tongue out and mouth wide open. She’d just reached the tip of her sister’s ass crack for the second time. Something inside her loved the taste of Lexi. From her aromatic salty-sweet pussy, to the moist taint, to the earthy, bitter taste of her asshole, to the fleshy taste of her smooth crack. Fuck, this was turning her on as much as it was turning on Lexi. Maybe even more. Her pussy ached to be touched. Her clit throbbed with neglect. She so desperately wanted to masturbate while eating the Lexi smorgasbord, but no. She hadn’t been given permission.

Lexi couldn’t decide if she was enjoying the feeling of her sister’s slimy, wet, warm tongue in her most private areas even more than she was enjoying the power she wielded over Nicola. “Faster,” she commanded. “Make me fucking cum.”

Nicola sped up her licking, from pussy to asshole, intoxicated from the taste. She listened to Lexi’s moans as she licked – Lexi was definitely enjoying it, but she’d never cum like this. Niccy got her fingers involved, rubbing Lexi’s clit while she licked her holes. She slid her tongue into Lexi’s asshole, licking her insides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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