Pharaoh’s Curse Pt. 04

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Pharaoh’s Curse

Trouble in New York — The Struggle

Part 4



Thanks WAA01 for the edits.


Wilma stood nervously in front of the door as she heard the rustling within the room. She had no idea what she was going to say to Andrew. How was she going to explain how or why she was there. “God! Why did I even follow him!” Wilma berated herself in her mind. She was about to flee back towards the elevator only to have the door open ending her war of worry.

“Oh, it’s you,” Alex (Alexandria was her given name she liked to go by Alex), said with scorn. “What do you want?” she asked, holding her robe closed.

Her face grew flushed, her tongue grew still as that talkative muscle failed her in her time of need. Growling in her mind when too much time had passed for her to make some sly retort. “I’m here for my son,” Wilma stated smirking wickedly at Alex’s fuming look.

“Andy is my son! Not yours!” Alex growled as her grip tightened on the lip of the door as she stared at Julián’s new wife.

“Then why does my boy look at me like I am his mother, and you nothing more than his cock sucking whore,” Wilma said, going in for the kill. “Now let me in, or I’ll inform the authorities of what you’ve been doing with my son. I wonder how those professors at that University will take the news…” Seeing a hand touching Alex’s shoulder as she looked to the left of her.

“One: don’t call my mother that. Two: don’t threaten her, ever!” Andrew stated as he filled the space his mother once occupied. Noting how Wilma’s eyes ran down his bare chest. While he grew to understand why his mother left, even if the gods might have had a hand in it, he hasn’t forgiven her for it. Still, that didn’t mean he was going to let anyone, even Wilma, talk to her like that.


“Are we clear on that, Mom? Yes I do look at you like that; she is still my mom too. You wouldn’t want someone calling you that and I wouldn’t enjoy hearing anyone calling you that,” Andrew stated as Wilma dropped her chin in her embarrassment.

“I’m sorry Andy, it’s just… I think of you…” Feeling his fingers lifting her chin so her gaze fell upon his.

“I know, and I know how much you’ve made Dad happy. That I can’t ever thank you enough for, he was… very depressed for the five years before he met you,” seeing his mother’s wide eyes at the news, “then you came into our lives, and Dad… it was like you were a ray of light that pierced the darkness that invaded his life,” Andrew said, seeing her grey eyes quivering as he spoke those words.

“Oh Andy,” Wilma sighed dreamily.

“So I have to ask, why are you here?”

“Umm…” Her cheeks rapidly heated, “I was jealous. I don’t want… her, taking you away from me,” Wilma said, her eyes glancing to the left shooting a look of scorn at Andrew’s mother.

“You’re my Mom, you have to know that wasn’t going to happen,” Andrew said, peering out the corner of his eye seeing the scowl on his mother’s lips.

“Then let your mom take care of you,” Wilma said, gently laying her hands on his chest. Watching how his eyebrow rose as she said the word. “I know how to please you far better than that woman can, you know this,” she stated in a lustful tone.

“Andy?! How you been fucking that… thing,” Alex hissed.

“Thing!” Pushing Andrew aside and barging through the door. “I am not a thing!” Wilma growled standing nose to nose with Alex. “I’ll have you know I can please my son far better than you could ever do!” she hissed as she poked Alex in her chest. Hearing the door closing behind her. “I’ll show you who my Andy likes better,” Wilma said spitefully, turning on her heel. Marching up to Andrew, her grey eyes filled with determination seeing the indecision in his blue-green eyes as she squatted down in front of him. “Don’t worry baby, your mother is here,” she purred winking up him as she undid the zipper of his pants.

Alex stared in shock as she watched wide eyed as Wilma glided her lips along the side of his cock. Her hand softly kneaded the upper quarter of Andrew’s cock as Wilma ran her tongue along the rest of her son’s length. “Andy! I can’t believe you’re allowing this… woman to touch you?!” Alex said, in shock.

“What? She’s my Mom,” Andrew said, stating the obvious.

“But Andy!” Alex pouted. Her 32C breasts bounced as she hopped lightly, her dark red hair floated in the air as she acted like a child not wishing to share her favorite toy. Her sky-blue eyes pleaded with her son to stop this. To send the woman away and ravish her on her hotel bed like she had been planning all day.

“You are my mother too, this is the life you left me,” Andrew said, groaning in bliss.

“You like it when I please this cock, don’t you Andrew,” Wilma cooed in a wanton whisper.

“Mmmhmm,” Andrew hummed.

“The hell Avrupa Yakası Escort you do!” Alex growled. Her arms pumped as she stomped over to her son. Sinking to her knees, gently but forcibly taking her son’s manhood from Wilma. “This is how you please my son, you cock whore,” she sneered, looking up at her son as she felt the hard tap on top of her head.

“No more name calling!” Andrew commanded as he looked down at the two of them.

“Yes my Pharaoh,” Alex said, in ancient Egyptian. “Your Queen will heed your command,” she purred as her hand slowly stroked her son’s cock. Her eyes staring up into his as her tongue ran along the tip of his cock. “I’ll always heed your commands, as long your Queen always gets this.” Her eyes lustered as her lips slid down his shaft as she pleased the man that had ignited something she thought she had lost for eight years. The feeling of being a woman, a woman who has felt the fires of want and lust. Who’s felt the feel of a man making her feel desired and worshiped as he made her body quake in orgasmic bliss.

Wilma puffed out her cheeks at the strange language that Alex spoke in and that Andrew seemed to understand. “I don’t know about her,” shooting Alex a look, “but for you, Andy,” her hand ran down his right thigh, “I shall keep my thoughts to myself about her,” Wilma said, lovingly. “And that isn’t how you suck my baby’s cock,” she stated pushing Alex off Andrew’s glistening root. Her eyes burned in her satisfaction at his reaction as her head rocked along his length. Although, she did wish Andrew didn’t enjoy how Alex sucked him off as much as it appeared he did.

“Dad can never find out about this,” Andrew said, trying to keep his voice steady.

“I promise Julián will never hear that you’ve made your mother your…” Biting her tongue to keep from calling Alex a slut, “I know she’s still a sore subject with him and I would never hurt you,” Wilma said, in a motherly voice. “Now how about you take your mother to bed, this must be hard on her old knees,” she uttered smirking wickedly as Alex gagged on her son’s cock.

“You must not enjoy fucking her from behind like you do with me as she must have a boney ass given is minuscule size,” Alex retorted as she pressed her body against his. “Doesn’t my ass feel better in your hand than hers?” she asked, placing his left hand on her right ass cheek. Biting her lip as he teased it just like he always did.

“That’s not true is it Andy?!” Wilma asked, in a pouting voice. “You like it when my ass bounces when you take me from behind,” she cooed as she pressed her chest against him. Casting a glance at Alex as her hand met hers as they both instinctively were jacking their son off.

“I do like watching it bounce,” Andrew nodded, “both of yours,” he quickly added as he looked between the two of them.

“Then prove it,” Alex said, with a libidinous smile. Feeling her son’s pole swelling at the idea in her hand.

“Yes, I have to agree, you must prove it,” Wilma said, nodding in support. While she wasn’t happy about being in a threesome with Alex, yet she would do anything to please her darling son. Her shirt rose as she walked towards Alex’s hotel bed. “Come along Andy, you shouldn’t keep your mother waiting,” Wilma said, from over her shoulder as she dropped her bra to the floor.

“Yes,” backing away from her son, “you certainly can’t keep your mother, your real mother, waiting,” Alex purred as her hands tugged on the ends of her belt. Loving how her son’s eyes ran up and down her body as she pushed her robe from her shoulders. Watching his cock flex as she displayed her body to her lover. Noting how Andrew’s eyes were on her ass as she shook it just for him as she walked to her bed. Climbing on to the bed, propping herself up on her right arm and resting on her knees. Reaching back with her left arm, peering back at her son as her hand ran along her left ass cheek before spreading it so her son could see how red, how aroused she has been all day long. “Come over here baby and slip that cock into your mother’s hot, wet pussy,” Alex said in a wanton purr. Looking over as Wilma smacked her ass, “Don’t you get used to this, my baby’s cock is made for my pussy.”

“We’ll see, won’t we,” Wilma said, in a challenging voice.

“Mmm, yes baby, that’s what I’ve been longing for,” Alex cooed as she felt her son’s rod inching into her molten core.

“You better not leave…” Wilma gasped as Andrew plunged two fingers into her wet cunt. “You like how my pussy feels, don’t you Andy?” she asked, as she thrusted back on his fingers. Her eyebrow twitched at Alex’s moans as Andrew hammered the point of his sword home.

“Fuck Andy! You feel so good in me!” Alex screamed out in bliss as her folds clamped down on her son’s pole.

“My turn Andy, you can’t keep me waiting,” Wilma pouted over her Bahçelievler Escort shoulder. Listening to the slickness of Alex’s sex as Andrew eased out of his mother’s peach. She so wasn’t enjoying the blissful look on Alex’s face as her body quaked. “You better fuck your better mother better than her,” Wilma said, wiggling her ass as her stepson. “Fuck!” she squealed as Andrew rammed his hard rod deep into her molten core. Her teeth pulled on the covers, her legs beating against the bed as her cunt tried to accommodate Andrew’s ten and half inch cock. “Oh God! Yes Andy, fuck me!” Wilma growled in want before her body convulsed as her climax raced through her body.

“Come here baby,” Alex purred, her finger beckoned her son to her. Her nose wiggled as she smelled Wilma’s sex on the recirculated air, her eyes glanced down seeing it dripping down onto her bed. “You’re Queen isn’t nearly satisfied yet,” she cooed in ancient Egyptian as she laid on her side. Her sky-blue eyes followed her son as he moved towards where she laid. Biting her lip as Andrew took hold of her right leg and holding it against his chest. “Look at it baby,” holding her son’s slick cock against her mon Venus, “look how big you are inside of your mother,” Alex purred, her nails lightly trailed up her son’s rod. “Let’s put you back inside my hot, eager pussy,” she said, guiding his manhood back to where it belonged. Moaning loudly as that hard pole glided into her liquefied mound. “Yes baby, you feel so… fuck yes!” Alex screamed out as Andrew hammered his cock home. Her fingers rubbed her clit, her eyes gazed at her son in a predatory light. Her 32C breasts swayed with every thrust of Andrew’s hips. “Mmmhmm, fuck me baby, fuck me hard,” she growled, her right hand tightly gripping the edge of the bed.

Her breath grew rapid, her stomach rolled, foretelling of what was about to come. One of the biggest orgasms she’s waited all day for crashed upon her soul. Her head jerked, her eyes fluttered and rolled into the back of her head. “Andrew!” Alex howled as he slammed the base of his cock deep into her cunt. Her nectar surged out of her peach; her thighs trembled. Gasping as Andrew withdrew slightly and slammed his rod back home. “Oh fuck, oh fuck…. mmmhmm,” she hummed, sucking on her lower lip. Her eyes stared hungrily at her son, her mouth hung open, her tongue curled out. Thrusting against his hips adding her own skill to take all of her son into her womanhood. Where if she was lucky would be the one place it would always find it’s resting place.

“No fair! She’s already came. It’s my turn!” Wilma pouted. Not caring what Alex thought, swing her leg over her body, presenting her ever welcoming pussy to her darling stepson. Smiling wickedly down at Alex as she heard Andrew pulling his member from Alex’s spent cunt. Reaching between her legs, guiding Andrew’s cock back to where it belonged — deep inside of her. “That’s it baby, fuck your mother. Make my pussy paint that cock in its cream,” Wilma purred peering over her shoulder.

And so, the battle of the mothers continued on for another solid hour. Until Andrew found himself exhausted, panting for air, his cock deflated beyond their means of enticement… at least for a few hours. Sweat glistened on his skin, weakly peering down his chest. Arching an eyebrow as he watched his mother and stepmother fight for every drop of his sperm that marred their bodies. His head thumped on the bed, rolling his eyes at the display. Andrew just didn’t think he would have had a threesome with the two of them in the mix. Given his stepmother’s attitude towards his mother. Nonetheless it appeared he was wrong as evidenced by the two of them wrestling and licking each other’s bodies clean of his seed. If he wasn’t so spent he knew the sight before him would get a rise out of his very used cock. Although he did wish he had a camera to record this moment.

“Andy,” Alex purred in a satisfied tone. “Tell me, I was the better one, you liked fucking me the most, didn’t you?”

“Andy did not like fucking you, he enjoyed his new mother the best, didn’t you?” Wilma asked, shooting daggers at Alex.

“I am so not answering that,” Andrew said, in a tired voice.

“Please baby, you know my pussy was better than hers,” Alex cooed her fingers walked up his leg as her body inched higher along his.

“Nah-uh, you liked mine more than hers, after all I am over ten years younger than she is,” Wilma cooed, pressing her 36B breasts into Andrew’s chest. Her cunt throbbed just like it always did when she was fucked by that orgasmic cock of his. She always loved how it made her pussy wet hours afterwards. “You know my little kitty can tighten up faster than hers can,” Wilma said, shooting Alex a taunting smirk.

“Hmpf!” Alex huffed, turning her nose up at Julián’s wife. “Unlike you, I can actually take all of my baby’s nice Bahçeşehir Escort hard cock,” she shot back. Smirking wickedly at Wilma as she fumed knowing it was the truth.

“Don’t you have old bones to fiddle with?” Wilma asked, a little irked that Alex’s words rang true. It wasn’t her fault that she could only handle eight inches of Andrew’s hard tool. A smile spreading along her lips as Alex sighed.

“Baby, don’t you fuck her more than you do me,” Alex said, as they stood in the lobby of the hotel. Standing close to her son, her fingers lightly tugged on Andrew’s shirt. Her cheeks heated as those confident, alluring blue-green eyes of his gazed at her. She might have given up her title as his mother years ago. She wasn’t about to lose the one she now held as her son’s lover, at least not to Julián’s new wife. “Because you know how much I love you,” Alex said softly, her sky-blue eyes glanced up, biting her lip as the lights of the lobby played along his lightened crimson hair that he had earned under the Egyptian sun. “So you best not fall for her, I’d be very hurt to know that I’m not enough woman for you,” she said, stepping closer to Andrew. “Your Queen shouldn’t have to fight off your royal harem for time with her Pharaoh,” Alex spoke in a sultry tone in ancient Egyptian. “The Princess of Egypt should have a higher standing in the Pharaoh’s life than…. her,” she stated, her eyes flickered over Andrew’s right shoulder centering on Wilma.

“You’re not going to let this princess thing go are you?” Andrew asked, feeling his mother’s breath on his lips.

“Nope,” Alex uttered her lips smacked as she spoke the word. “I am forever more your Queen, my Pharaoh,” she said, her hands lightly ran down her son’s arms. Lightly placing a kiss on her son’s lips as she noted the car she had ordered pulling up from the corner of her eye. “I’ll call later, be good baby,” Alex cooed her fingertips lightly ran along his manhood as she passed.

“Come Andy, let’s go home,” Wilma said sweetly, stepping up to his side.


Two weeks before the grand opening…

“What do you think of this dress Andrew?” Carla asked, slowly spinning around showing off the elegant dinner dress to Andrew’s viewing pleasure. Her brown hair twirled in the air as she did. Recounting the time he had fucked her against the window in his penthouse bedroom. A room, she might add, that was larger than her whole apartment back in Cairo if you included his bathroom into the floor plan. She couldn’t imagine what it was like to come up with the wealth that he lived in. True, when they first met Andrew did come off as a spoiled rich kid, yet as she learned of what had transpired between his mother and himself, along with what he had done for his father during the years away from his mother. She began to grow very fond of Andrew. Carla knew that Anta had feelings for him as well, and when he hadn’t taken advantage of them during the whole weirdness at the dig site that was going on. That just drew her more towards Andrew and how she wanted to be in his life.

“What about mine, Andrew?” Anta inquired, peering at him in the mirror as her hands ran down the front of the light pink, fitted, lace knee length, cocktail dress. Knowing the nipple tape was doing wonders to hold up the dress with her only having 32A breasts. Although, she did love how Andrew caressed her orbs. The way his lips felt upon her skin, how his tongue teased her nipples. Her ebony hair brushed along her caramel skin as she peered over her left shoulder. Giving her ass a little shake knowing that if she went with this dress she would be going commando that night. It’s the least she could do given how Andrew was paying for the dresses. Plus if she could sneak him away from the party, Anta couldn’t think of a better thank you than fucking Andrew in the stairwell of the museum.

“You two look very lovely in those dresses,” Andrew said, smiling at them as he sat in the middle of the row of chairs the shop had set out for just that very reason.

“You sure you don’t mind paying for these? They are very expensive,” Anta cooed, showing off her silhouette to him once she turned to the left.

“No, I don’t mind,” Andrew answered, after all he just made one hundred thirty-nine million, five hundred thousand dollars in finder’s fees for the tonnage of gold that was in that secret compartment. The Egyptian government had transferred the money into his account just two days ago. He suspected it was Isis’s doing. Given how Egypt’s Delegate to the U.N. had shown up on his doorstep one early morning praising him for uncovering more lost history of his people. He, however, could have done without the wet kisses the man planted on his cheeks as he went about his worship of him. Andrew rightly didn’t know what he was going to do with half a billion dollars. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew the sands of Egypt would uncover their hidden riches should he ever need it. “What’s the point of being rich beyond imagine if I can’t spend it on two gorgeous women, hmm?” Andrew hummed, smiling sinfully at them, his index finger pressed into his cheek, his middle finger lined his upper lip as he rested his elbow on the armrest of the chair. The light glinted off the ankh of the ring, feeling its ancient power flowing through his body.

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