Personal Time Ch. 01

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It had been many sleepless nights now. The pending office work had come home every day for more than a week. She had slugged on and worked hard. Work from home only sounds fun but it brings a lot to the desk; she had been forewarned by her senior colleagues, and now she knew it all too well. She had thought to have some time and space for herself while she worked but she found none at all.

Today this work needed to be wrapped up and sent. She couldn’t handle the daily sleep deprivation which was threatening to become a permanent part of her life. She knew she needed sleep; she felt tired too; yet she must fight it off resolutely and get it done with. Tomorrow’s Saturday she will relax and sleep soundly. She had promised herself that self-indulgence. A glass of water as a break and she resumes her work on the desk.

Two hours and unimaginable efforts later, she finally gets up. She allows herself a big stretch to throw off the strain. She will need a shower to pamper her body and to get ready for bed. She puts away the things on the desk and pulls off her clothes. Even the sweatshirt needed a break. Entering the shower, she welcomes the warm water as it falls on her like a blessing. She stays in there, relaxing, for a whole twenty minutes.

Naked, she pads down barefoot to her bed, towelling herself. Pulling the covers on, she snuggles inside and sighs happily, satisfied. She thinks of enjoying a long, deep and sweet sleep while turning off the early alarm for tomorrow and the lights as well. The room became dark.

But then a sudden thought came.

Should she use her vibrator for a bit too to coddle her body?

Where did this thought come from!?

Anyways… She analysed her body thoroughly in her mind to see if it could tolerate an arousal and if it needed one at all. Her pussy tingled a bit. Anticipation is a reliable sign to start acting on a thought. This signal wasn’t lost on her.

She pulled the vibrator out of the side drawer and gently fondled it. She felt like a naughty child about to do something forbidden. The cherry-shaped, turquoise vibrator had come in a set including a transparent long dildo, a pair of baby blue furred handcuffs and a fragrant lube. She had ordered the set whimsically one day while browsing through the merch section of her favourite adult website. It wasn’t a wise decision, but the things came in a good condition, so she had kept them all despite the misgivings about owning them at all.

The vibrator was always the first thing she chose. This time too she picked that up first. It was smooth. And light. And cold to her touch.

Yet it felt wistful of the last time she had held it. Almost Edirne Escort a month ago. That day it had felt nice inside of her hot and hungry pussy, and she had enjoyed her time. It was like an old friend who knew her through and through.

Her pussy tingled again.

And now there was a warmth, down there too, where the two friends would meet again… After a long time…

She was lying still under the covers. She felt a chill on her arms. She pulled them inside, holding the vibrator in her palms. It didn’t feel as cold now.

But about what should she think to arouse herself with?

Not a guy.

Then what?


Should she open a website and watch some erotic action?

No… She won’t be able to relax her eyes after the strain from the laptop.

In that case, some audios would help.

Erotic ASMRs then? Men moaning, whispering, mumbling.

Yes… Nice alternative. Juicy.

Turning on her phone, she looked up for some ASMR audios with the keywords – boyfriend ASMR, M4F audios, 18+ male voice, sleep ASMR Male voice, Boyfriend fantasy…

She had her iPod on and connected. She clicked on one link. Silence… A rustle…

A deep bass voice started speaking sultrily about some silly offence of hers which had pissed him off and he wanted to punish her. Teach her a lesson.

Buttery smooth yet menacing. This voice. An hour-long audio file this one. The beginning was good. It promised her much more.

The low voice. Hot. Close. Too intimate. Bothering her.

He spoke about what she had done. He spoke of what she should have done. He spoke of what he would do to remedy the situation.

She shivered.

She needed some spanking first of all. To correct her. Her skirt was supposed to ride high, showing her ass, while he spanked her. Then he would remove it altogether to spank her again.

She had been a bad girl.

She turned her head a bit to the side to escape the closeness of the voice. Her ears were burning already. But now the voice came to the other ear.

Her chest lurched and then shrank. Too intimate. He voice was almost in a lowercase bold.

He was speaking of how soft her soft chest sat on his lap as he caressed the soft thigh and palmed it. He warned her not to arouse him any further. She would create more trouble for herself.

But he couldn’t stop his hands from exploring her body which was open and available for him to do as he wished to. And he wished to take her. Ride her. Fuck her mindless. Now.

He had already found some wetness while spanking her. He would have to stop spanking and was squeezing her. He would start fingering Edirne Escort Bayan her dripping pussy and then her little asshole.

Her arching ass was inviting his cock to pump his seed in her. She was really wicked.

She had not learnt her lesson. So, he would have to take her body… and make her cry… for mercy. She had invited that upon herself, and she would have to give herself up to him.

Her pussy was wet. Juices were dripping down her thighs. He knew she wanted to be fucked. She was a whore. His whore.

She felt his low growling make her pussy gasp.

Now she wanted to touch her pussy. It felt wet and hungry, desperately wanting for something to enter her. Her pussy was opening its little mouth for food. It had a mind of its own and she had to do what it bids.

She touched the vibrator to the mouth of the pussy. The opening was sleek. It widened effortlessly to let the hard, bulbous head of the imaginary penis of the deep-voiced punisher to enter, with its hum soothing the entry.

Hot… her back arched and she moaned.

She really felt like a bad girl.

She held on to the covers as if it were the arms of her punisher.

She lifted her legs a bit. Woah… The hum of the vibrator and the chill of the air. Magic.

Pulling… Pushing… Pulling it back. Increasing the speed of the entering and the drawing back of the round head.

Her pussy made soft squelching sounds.

The voice kept speaking to her to raise her chest… To let him lick her neck and ears… To let him suck her nipples and underarms… To lift her legs higher and wider… To allow him to take her like the whore that she was… To let him cum inside her suckling pussy while she held his head to her chest as he suckled her breasts… To think of how much of her was his to claim now…How he would keep riding her into the depths of the night and into the morning of the next day… How he would repeat it, day after day, and night after night till she learns her lesson properly…

She moaned. Her pussy gushed cum.

She let out a purring sigh and pulled out the earphones.

Darkness. Quiet. A soft click.

Did she hear a muffled sound of a door-lock clicking? Were they the neighbours whose door faced hers? Or was it a robber? Or did she just imagine it?

Should she get up and check? Naked?

She rose and wrapped the covers around herself. She felt the chill in the air touch her wet pussy and tickle her. Focus.

There was darkness outside her bedroom in the living room which was also her workplace and lobby and dining room. On her left, the kitchen was dark too. On her right, the bathroom Escort Edirne lights were switched off.

Only the window on the wall next to the front door allowed the lights from the hallway to enter and create shadows. There was a shadowy something at the front door too. But it was closed. Supposed to be locked.

Could it really be a man there?

Should she feign ignorance and run back into her bedroom, lock the door, and call 911?

Could she outrun him if he thought of chasing her?

She would have to try… To think fast and run faster…

She did. She turned back and ran… But she tripped on the trailing blanket cover.

The man had already sprung towards her. He pounced on her and wrested her arms behind her. It was so quick and instantaneous. She felt stunned.

Her light blanket cover was falling off. Her movements to free herself were not working.

The man went inside. Came back. Picked her up. Threw her on the bed. Took away her phone. Turned over the vibrator. Kept it in his hands and sat on the cushioned stool next to the bedside mirror.

He was goggled and masked. And stockily built: she could feel his muscles when he carried her, but the jacket hid his physique.

How had he entered? But why?

She had some cash to offer. But he had not looked for anything till now. She tried to speak but her voice croaked.

“I have some money in the drawer of that small cupboard there on the farthest left side. The second drawer. In an envelope. You can take it all. There is quite a lot in there. But spare me.”

He listened attentively. He regarded the words too. Then he leaned in close, very close.

“Oh honey… That I can look for by myself. But right now, I want something other than that.” A low, amused chuckle came from him.

“Before your pussy dries up in fear, I want to fuck it. Slow and deep.”

She gasped audibly. In helpless fear.

He had seen the paused audio on the phone and the wet vibrator was still in his hands. He was serious. He wanted to rape her.

She felt about herself. Her blanket was her only cover, and that too was slipping off. The man was too close for her to get up and run away.

He could do anything to her, and she would not be able to escape.

He searched the drawer on the bedside. The one that had the handcuffs… Shit…

He chuckled the second time when he found them.

“Kinky, aren’t we?”

Then he seemed to have a thought and went and switched on all the lights of the bedroom. She felt bare, naked. The room was too bright. The man was too upfront. And she was too naked. shit, shit, shit…

She visibly trembled and it seemed to amuse him. He chuckled low again.

“I see you realise what it is that I want.”

He leaned in and said to her ears, “Then should we begin the fun?”

Her pussy tingled again. She was truly in deep shit.

But does she also not want this?

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