Permini – Ch. 02: The Lust

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The lust

My head was pumping. A fainted beat. I could feel my heart beating inside of it. One after the other. Boom. Boom. Boom. A feminine voice talking. A high pitched note continuously ringing. And then silence.

“Carol? Carol, are you there? Is everything alright?” I could hear Jake at the other side of the door, knocking. “Carol, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… I mean…”

I opened my eyes and looked around me, open-mouthed and confused. Everything was a mess. I was completely naked, lying into the cold and wet floor. I felt sticky, and the floor was sticky, too. The mirror had cloudy stains where the fluids had already dried at the top, while the rest of it still had some of my fluids slowly falling down, dripping when they reached the bottom.

Jake was still knocking on the door.

“Are you going to have dinner with me tonight? You’ve not eaten anything today. I can bring the dinner to your bed, if you prefer…”

“Dinner? How much time have I been asleep?” I thought. But I had to answer him. “Go away, Jake, I’m not feeling so well today. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!” I yelled.

I heard him sighing, and then his footsteps faded in the distance. I’d have to clean this mess.

* * *

Two hours later, everything was finally clean. I had to sneak into the bathroom to grab (a lot of) paper since I didn’t want to use new clothes with all the fluids still on my body. Luckily, Jake was already in his room by that time and he wouldn’t leave it unless bad luck had nothing to do today and came to visit me (again).

I closed the door trying not to make any sound, and I finally looked at myself in the mirror again. My body was exactly the same, except for my breasts which were bigger and nicer. The dizziness and the excessive heat had disappeared, as well as the leaking from my nipples. It had stopped, no more liquid falling from my breasts. But the size had remained the same.

That was something bad. Firstly, because obviously it is an unreasonable change in my body at my age; secondly, because all of my clothing was tight as hell, and I could not wear anything because of my new extra size. Well, I could, but then it would seem as if it was going to explode and it was uncomfortable as hell…

I grabbed my phone, browsed my favorite underwear store webpage and bought some new bras, hoping that would solve at least part of the problem. They wouldn’t arrive until the day after tomorrow, on Monday, though, so I’d had to think of something else meanwhile.

I looked at myself again. Aside from the problems an extra size might bring, the truth was that they were still holding very well. I pressed them, touched them, and played with my nipples to see them in all their shapes and forms, and I really liked them. Even more than before. “If finally this is not something bad for my body, I’m going to have some fun with these two,” I thought.

* * *

Luckily, my aunt had bigger tits than me (at least, before that day), and I grabbed a shirt from her wardrobe. No new bra yet, but I could cover them, hoping for the cold to behave and not screw me with the hardness of my nipples.

When I got to the kitchen, Jake was already having dinner.

“Hey, Carol. How are you feeling?” I looked at him and shrugged. There was guilt in his voice. He understood that I didn’t want to talk about it. I opened the fridge to look for something to eat. “Is that… shirt one of my mom’s?” I nodded. “I mean, what happened to the pajamas Kıbrıs Escort you were…?”

He saw how I looked at him, and he stopped there. I didn’t want to explain to my little cousin that my boobs had gotten bigger and they leaked some kind of milk (or at least, that was my guess). I still didn’t understand what could be wrong. I hadn’t had sex with anyone since two or three months ago, we used a condom and he came into my mouth so there was no way that I was pregnant.

“I’ve made you dinner, you’ve got it on that plate next to the sink,” he said suddenly. I grabbed the plate and sat down on the table, in front of him, trying to avoid eye contact. I slurped the warm soup and it felt like heaven. I sighed and let out a moan and I stretched my body against the char’s back while I felt the warm food making me recover some energy.

When I opened my eyes I saw Jake blush and acting nervous. Already too late, I didn’t think about what I did there. The temperature was still freezing, so my nipples were already visible through the clothing, and I had given Jake a clear sight of them while stretching my back. This time I could not blame him.

“C’mon, Jake, they are just two tits. I’m sure you’ve seen a few of them already.”

He looked at his dish. “Yeah… yeah. Er… I’m already finished. If you need anything just… give me a call, I’ll be in my room.” And then he got up. My eyes went directly to his trousers, in which I could clearly see a thick round shape poking through the clothes, although I could not see the end of it, covered by the table.

“Oh, my. That’s a pretty big tool you’ve got there…” I thought. When he turned, the shape was even more visible and it swung slightly when the table wasn’t there to hold its tension anymore. I stood there, my eyes fixed in the shape of his cock through his pants, and I saw him looking at me and noticing what was happening. He turned, grabbing it with his hands to hide it, and rushed out of the kitchen.

I felt my body burning again. “What the fuck is happening? Why the fuck am I reacting like this?” I thought. I was not attracted to Jake, and I hated the idea of doing anything with a cousin. I had some friends who thought otherwise, but I always hated that idea. Something was happening to me… to my body.

I finished the soup and went to my room. I grabbed my phone and started to search through the net: “sudden changes boob size”, “boobs leaking milk no pregnant”, “suddenly horny”… unfortunately, the first search gave me some results about hentai and body transformations, the second suggested I might have cancer, and the latest one brought me directly to porn pages. I left the phone and sighed, looking at the ceiling. Maybe I could browse some of that porn and release some tension…?

“Do it, but it won’t matter,” said a female voice suddenly, laughing.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed, sitting up straight. I looked around, but I saw no one. “Am I hallucinating? Shit, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow, this is starting to freak me out.”

“You know… it’s always funny the first few days…” said the voice again.

I looked around again. What the fuck was happening?

“You know you want it… I can help you with that…” it seemed she was having a fun time messing with my head.

“Who the fuck are you? What the fuck is this?” I asked nervously. I got up, decided to leave the room and ask Jake for help, but suddenly the same sensation as in the morning struck through my Lefkoşa Escort body, making me kneel. I felt my inner thighs wet all of a sudden… again.

I got up, as I could, trying not to faint, and left the room, heading to Jake’s. I opened his door, running as fast as my body let me, but I felt my legs failing and I fell to the floor, kneeling, leaning with my hands onto his knees. I tried to get up.

“What the fuck, Carol?!” said Jake, alarmed.

I looked at him, but didn’t see his face. His huge cock didn’t let me see it. He had his hands up in the air, like if he was being pointed with a gun, but my eyes were fixed into that enormous thing. It was wet, palpitating, with a river flowing down through the part of the shaft closer to me. Each palpitation led to a new drop slowly fading, increasing the thickness of the river already resting on his skin.

I could feel the urge it had to let everything out, screaming silently in pain. In fact, I could… see it? I felt and saw how something was burning inside his shaft and testicles. What the fuck was that?

Suddenly, my pussy spasmed, I let out a moan and I felt it shooting a big amount of fluids with a huge strength, slowly fading some seconds later. I could feel my breasts leaking again. My mouth watered, I opened it, still looking at that hard-rock thing in front of me. Jake was still in shock.

The veins embraced the whole shape, and it bent slightly to his belly. At the top, the glans looked like a mushroom, standing out of the rest of the shape, like a perfect and rounded arrow. It was meaty, full of blood running inside, hard and wide. I wanted it so bad…

My body shivered and I squirted again, and this time without any energy left, I felt my breath leaving my body.

Everything faded to black.

* * *

“What a shame… all of that energy thrown away… wasted…”

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. Nobody else was in the room. The door was open, but not a single sound came in from the corridor. The voice was still talking inside my head.

“Maybe I overrated you. Maybe I pushed you too far to be just an amateur… you still don’t have the strength to-“

“Who the hell are you…?” I asked, without energy, my hand covering my eyes to avoid the light coming from the window.

“Oh, you finally talk to me?”

I took a last look around me. Nothing.

“Is there anything else I can do for you to go away?”

“Not really. No. Although there are ways we can find to… cooperate.”


“You know what you want. And I can get it for you.”

“I don’t want anything. What I want is for you to leave me alone, whatever it is you are.”

“Well, the thing is I already would have, if I could… but I’m afraid I’m stuck in here with you.”

“Ok, enough. What the fuck are you? Why are you in my head? Am I going crazy?”

“Let’s say I’m… a guest. A guest who needs to be fed once every now and then… you know.”

“No, I don’t know.”

“Carol? Are you awake?” I heard Jake’s voice coming from the corridor. “May I come in?”

“Oh, boy, you should definitely come in…”

“Yes! Yes, you can come!” I yelled, ignoring the voice in my head.

“Are you… visible?” he asked.

“Visible?” I thought. Then I realized I was completely naked and uncovered, with the blanket aside. I grabbed it and covered myself. “Yes! I am now!”, I answered.

Jake came into the room, dressed as before, with his Girne Escort pajamas’ shirt and pants, but this time those were different.

“Maybe he’s had to change because you squirted all over his room and his clothes, you know?”

“SHUT UP!” I yelled. Jake stood in the door frame, looking at me, scared. “Oh, sorry, I wasn’t… I mean… don’t worry, come in, Jake.” I smiled, trying to hide all the anxiety I had eating my insides.

“Are you ok? I mean… I don’t know what happened there but you seemed… like…”

“Yeah, don’t worry Jake, tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor to see what’s happening to me, because I still feel a little bit dizzy and I don’t remember anything from the last… I don’t know, since this morning.”

“Well, you do remember it too well, don’t you? Look at that thing, even though he’s wearing thicker clothes, it’s still showing…”

My eyes looked at Jake’s pants. The voice was right, its shape was clearly visible even though those pants seemed thicker than the last ones. How come I never saw that? But the real question was: why was I noticing it now?

“You don’t… remember anything? Well, that’s good, I guess!”

“You know you want it… look at it…”

“Well, it’s already 7 in the morning, do you want me to make you anything for breakfast?”

“Yeah, you want his cock for breakfast, don’t you?”

“That’d be lovely, Jake, thank you.” I was trying to ignore the voice in my head but I couldn’t ignore that she was somewhat right. In the last 24 hours I had been more horny than I could possibly remember in all my life, and it hadn’t changed.

“Jake, can you help me get up?” my voice said. But it wasn’t me talking. What the heck?

“Yes, of course. Come.” Jake got up and came closer to me, putting a hand behind my naked back and helping me sit up. The blanket fell, and my boobs stood there, firm, pointing slightly up with my hard nipples.

“Thank you.” I said. I saw my hands and legs move, trying to get up from the bed. What the fuck was happening? If I wasn’t moving… why was I moving?

“Watch and learn…” said the voice.

I could feel Jake’s heartbeat increasing, and his pants were being moved by the shape beneath with each heartbeat. He took my arm and helped me get up, and then, my body took a step and suddenly fell, kneeling before him. My hands grabbed his waist, and my head stopped right at the height where the shape ended, close enough so that each heartbeat made it closer to my mouth. The shape began to grow.

My pussy started to leak as well as my nipples. Fluids falling down my labia, thick, hanging in a large thread with a huge drop at the end, falling slowly until they reached the floor. My eyes looked at Jake, who couldn’t believe anything that was happening. My eyes looked at the beast under his trousers and my mouth opened. My eyes moved to look at him again, and my tongue slowly moved out until it flexed down, completely extended and relaxed, feeling my thick saliva connect my upper lip with it in anticipation of the feeding my body wanted so bad.

His cock was beating, getting bigger every time. Each beat made that thick rod hit my tongue and then it got slightly away, leaving a thread of saliva between both that highlighted the way it would follow on the next throb.

“ENOUGH!” I yelled, and I moved away from him, falling back on the floor. I got up, tired, and pushed Jake softly to the door. “You’ve got to leave, Jake. Make me my breakfast, please, I’ll go to the kitchen when I’m ready. Don’t need for you to wait for me to eat. I’ll go when I’m hungry.”

Jake was mumbling some random noises when I finally closed the door. “Shit,” I thought, “what was that? What was that lust? That desire? What the fuck is happening to me?”

“What is happening to you… is me.”

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