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As a mum of three children under five, life was definitely not a walk in the park. My husband was never around. He always seemed to have one business meeting or the other. And of course, he never forgot to take his perky secretary along. Jim and I had only one meeting point; the bed. And just like his name, every other thing was boring. Sex with him was a five minute affair. You could set the clock by it. By 7:45 pm only on Wednesdays, he would come to our room, roll to my side of the bed, where I would meet him unclad and he would grope his way into me. I loathed those moments because of the pain of penetration while dry. However, after our third child, he seemed to have lost interest in me totally.

I never took his infidelity to heart, I knew I was a beautiful woman. At thirty one, I still had my firm breasts, a stomach that bore no fat, and an ass that filled a man’s palms rather well.

Birthing three children had not in anyway reduced my drive for a good lay. On some cold nights when I had put my children to sleep, I locked my door, played some raunchy music and brought out my vibrator. It was on such cold nights I remembered Onyeka.

I met Onye in my last year in the university. Chemistry was too little of a word to describe what we had. I knew Escort Başakşehir I wanted to sleep with him and I knew he wanted me too. I however had to play it in a way that he seemed in charge. Men liked being deceived. After a visit to his house one cold evening, he attempted to hug me. Shyly, I melted into his embrace, grinning inside. Bingo I thought. His broad palms soon started wandering and I bit in a moan when he touched my breasts. I stiffened and whispered his name ‘Onye, Onyeka’.

‘Shhhh’, he silenced me. And then, roughly, he took off my shirt. I realized then that this was going to be an occurrence to remember. ‘Take off your bra and panties’ he ordered.

I experienced a forbidden thrill at being ordered that way. When I was done, he came to me, still fully clothed and asked me to lay down and I did. His hungry palms skimmed all over my body only resting on my pelvic region.

‘Lay on your chest’ was his simple command and when I did, he separated my legs and his hands delved in. I was already wet with anticipation and the cold had puckered up my nipples. I felt his tongue between my legs before I could react. He never entered into my vagina, but concentrated on my clitoris. His tongue seemed to be probing Bayrampaşa escort and I couldn’t give him the answer. Onyeka increased the pace of his licking until I was hit by my first orgasm. I couldn’t believe it. I had orgasmed in just ten minutes. But Onyeka wasn’t done. As I was reeling from aftershocks, his tongue delved into my vagina. He stiffened his tongue and thrust in and out of me.

‘Please’ I murmured ‘Please’ I didn’t know what I was begging for but I knew when I climaxed the second time. Still in his clothes , Onyeka laid me across his laps. My breasts brushed against the cool sheets and I shivered. His fingers slid into my dripping vagina. With one finger he worked me up to a climax and as I was about to cum again, he stopped. I whimpered in protest. ‘You want more?’ I heard him ask, chuckling.

I could barely reply. ‘You seem to like me dominating you’ he observed, amused. His palms squeezed my ass. Softly, then harder as he progressed. I felt the sting of the slap he dealt my ass suddenly. But instead of pain, it was filled with pleasure. We found a rhythm, one hand was always on my ass and the other was in my vagina. He would bring me to the top and stop before I could orgasm. Next, he slid two fingers Beşiktaş escort bayan into me. ‘Do not orgasm till I let you’ he ordered spanking me. My vagina dripped wet from the contact. Changing positions, he put on of my legs on his shoulders and slid two fingers into me once more. As the tempo increased I found it harder to control my orgasm. ‘Please’ I whimpered ‘Please, I need to-‘ That was as far as I got before my orgasm hit me with full force. His tongue latched on to my left breast and his palm was on my right one. Squeezing, sucking and rolling my nipples round his tongue. Then he unlatched my left breast and attacked the right. He bit on it, causing me to cry out. As the sound escaped my lips, he squeezed harder on my other breast. I was dizzy with pain and pleasure.

Onyeka left me, back arched having aftershocks of my last orgasm and when next I felt him, it was between my legs. From behind, he pounded into me, obviously encouraged by my screams of pleasure. His hands held onto my hips and squeezed. I orgasmed again and was rewarded with a slap on my ass. He drove into me with more force that I thought was possible. Often, his free hand would squeeze my breast. When I felt his thrusts becoming deeper I knew he was close. I pushed and met his thrust midway. Once, twice, thrice, then I felt him explode just as I did too.

On such nights, as my memory drew to a close, I felt my orgasm creep up on me. I rubbed my vibrator on my swollen clitoris with increased fervor. Up and down, up and down. As I came, I heard myself moan the name I always moaned; Onyeka.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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