Only the Beginning Ch. 02

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No sooner do they get outside when he pulls her into an embrace. They stand there, outside on the city streets, just gazing into each other’s eyes. Hers, a warm hazel chocolate. His deep pools of icy blue.

For a moment the world disappears from around them. It’s just the two of them, in this universe of time and space, sharing in this moment.

She is the first to break the stare. She turns her head away as if the intensity of his gaze is just too much to bear.

He places his hands on the sides of her face and tilts her head up to gaze into her eyes once again. She notices his eyes have turned a little grayer, like molten metal. The fire burning deep within is uncontainable.

He smiles at her and says, “Baby, you are so beautiful.”

And before she has time to blush, he kisses her. Firm, yet soft lips meet. The passionate kiss lingers; one that completely disarms her, making her weak in the knees. Tongues intertwining. Exploring. He ends the kiss by gently tugging on her lower lip with his teeth. Both are completely intoxicated with passion. Dizzy.

Floating. Lustful.

“Come on, handsome.” she says.

They continue down the sidewalk his arm wrapped around her waist, his hand in the back pocket of her jeans. Her arm wrapped around him just as tightly.

They walk in silence. Mere words may break any control they have. While waiting for the light at the intersection to change, she snuggles her head against his shoulder. He smiles down at her before they cross the street. They stroll through the streets a couple of blocks to the ferry landing.

Once on the ferry, they make out like teenagers. Kissing. Groping. Engrossed in each other. A few other patrons look on. Neither care, they’ve waited so long for this night to become a reality.

It’s only a ten minute ferry ride, but once docked, neither can contain themselves. Well, barely. The intensity is like a hot smolder before sparking a flame.

In the hotel, waiting for the elevator feels like an eternity. The doors are barely closed before he pins her back up against the wall.


Her wrists firmly grasped in his hands and he lifts them high, above her head. He kisses her hard on the mouth. Between her soft moans, he ravenously kisses her neck and collarbone. He releases her wrists, but she obediently leaves her arms just where he left them. He presses his body against her. She can feel his hardness pressed Kadıköy Escort against her belly; her moans becoming more wanton. His hand explores under her shirt, pawing at her bra to cup her breast. The elevator car slows to the 16th floor.

She leads him to her room. She fumbles with the key card as he kisses her neck and shoulder from behind.

Inside the room it’s one chaotic cloud of clothes and kissing. Clothes are not coming off fast enough. Like a hurricane leaving a wake of articles of clothing through the suite towards the bed.

Then, he simply just stops.

She stops and blinks at him; confused.

They stand there naked in front of each other in the height of arousal. She starts to ask a question, but he silences her by placing his finger on her lips.

Her eyes ask the question anyway.


Now he is the one to smirk at her. He walks around her slowly. His stare burning so intensely her cheeks begin to flush crimson. Her confidence from earlier is draining quickly to embarrassment. Her blush is so overwhelming that it spreads to her ears and her chest. She cannot look him in the eye. She feels like she’s being tortured slowly in her exposed state. She chooses to stare at the floor instead.

He’s enjoying her awkwardness; almost proud that she’s allowing him to take her in without trying to hide herself from him. He runs his slightly calloused hand down the length of her spine. She shivers and her skin quickly prickles with goose bumps. She stares at the floor intently as his hand roughly grabs her smooth ass. He expects her to jump, but a small moan escapes her instead. Her breathing is ragged and seems to catch a hitch in her throat at his every touch. He gives her ass a firm spank. She flinches, but does not make a sound.

He moves to her full breasts, perky but a nice, soft, handful each. He gently teases her nipples with his thumbs. Her head tosses back, her eyes flutter closed as she bites her lower lip. Her nipples harden under his touch.

Her heart pounds in her chest with anticipation. Surely, he must be able to feel that. He puts his arm around her waist. She can feel his throbbing cock pressed against her hip. His other hand slowly traces down her stomach.

Pausing, momentarily, on the top of her cleanly-shaven mound.

Teasingly, he gently runs his fingertips across the supple skin.

Her heart is now pounding so fast, she is Ataşehir Escort sure it is going to beat right out of her chest.

His hand moves lower grazing gently across her clit as she lets out a soft groan. His fingers firmly spread her lips. He runs his index finger down the length of her slit.




He takes advantage of her wetness and roughly slides two fingers deep inside her. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head, she gasps loudly. Her back arches slightly and her pussy clenches around his fingers. He withdraws them slowly only to be met with her frustrated whimper.

He slowly brings his covered digits up to her mouth. Where immediately, she greedily begins to lick them clean all while staring straight into his eyes.

“Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.” He says admiringly. He lifts her chin so that their eyes meet once again. He chuckles. “You are so damned sexy, baby.”

She smiles.

He kisses her hard.

He can taste her.



He’s the one now controlling the game, this is for sure. He smiles a mischievous grin at her, knowing that she is into whatever he has planned next.

“On your knees. Slut!” He commands.

Without even thinking, she drops to the floor. After all, this is her fantasy.

She slowly wraps her hand around his hard cock. And gently kisses the tip.

“Oh God yes, baby,” he groans as encouragement.

She runs her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. Licking his balls one at time. Sucking each one into her warm mouth. Rolling it around with her tongue. Letting it go with a slight pop as her lips release each of them.

Why does she love to be such a tease?!?

She looks up at him. He quickly hides his disbelief and passion behind a stern look. She can see right past it looking deep into his now liquefied core.

She licks the tip of his cock; tasting his saltiness. She smiles.

He could cum on that pretty little face right now.

But of course she would never let him spoil their fun that fast.

She looks up at him as she the tip of him into her mouth. Her lips fit perfectly around the head of his cock. She deftly moves her tongue from side to side. Sucking. Her hand pumping up and down his dick.

Her mewling sends a wonderful thrumming down the length of him. Vexing him further now that she is only focusing there on the head.

She swirls Maltepe Escort her tongue around making him grunt. He watches her take him back out of her mouth and uses the full length of her tongue to lick the underside from balls to head a couple of times. Then she begins to trace the bulging veins with the tip is her tongue.

Frustrating. She knows what she’s doing. Ugh. So hot! Fuck.

She toys with his frustration. Playing slowly so he gets further engorged.

She looks up at him. Playfully smirking.

“Mmmmm. You taste so good babe.” She says with a lip bite and another smile.

He reaches down and grabs her tit hard. She is unfazed so he slaps her cheek with a little bit of force. He grabs her chin and lifts her face to meet his gaze. He growls at her, “Be a good whore and suck me off!”

And with that, in one swift movement, she takes him entirely in to her mouth.

“Oh fuck, baby,” is all he can utter.

He is so shocked by her, he strains to keep from blowing his load down her throat.

She takes slow long strokes at first.





Taking in more of him each time. Her moans become deeper and guttural. She forces him to the back of her throat. Sticking her tongue out beneath his cock so the tip barely reaches his balls. With each stroke her throat opens up a little more and her head bobs up and down faster. She takes him into her mouth down to his balls. Out to the head.

She places her hands around the back of his thighs encouraging him deeper as he begins to thrust his hips to meet her eager mouth. He grabs the back of her head and forces her mouth down onto him and holds her there. She starts to choke on his cock but doesn’t fight him until her primal instinct for air kicks in. He releases her momentarily as she comes up gasping for air.

After a few breaths, she simply says, “More.”

With that request, he abandons all civilities. He grabs her head with both hands and begins to savagely fuck her throat. She gags and coughs with each brutal stroke. Saliva uncontrollably begins to drip down her chin and onto her bouncing tits. Every few thrusts he allows her to get in a few lung fulls of air before filling her mouth once again with his thick cock. Eventually, her spit continues down the length of her body before joining the puddle of wetness from her dripping cunt on the floor.

He can’t hold back any longer. One last thrust as he groans,”Oh fuck!”

He cums hard, down her throat.

She tries to swallow all of it down but a little of his cum has dribbled out of the sides of her mouth.

She proceeds to lick him clean like a good little slut.

“Good girl.”

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