Olivia’s Game Ch. 08

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Mike’s pulse quickened as he parked in front of Olivia’s place. Monday afternoon and he had already been called back for more humiliation and abuse – Olivia was getting far too accustomed to abusing him and having him at her beck and call.

He sighed as he got out of his car, grimacing at how tight and uncomfortable panties were. He didn’t want to be back here so quickly (or ever again for that matter). He was still reeling from Saturday. But what choice did he have but to come, when Olivia had so much blackmail on him?

Just fifteen minutes ago he had been studying in the library on his day off, trying desperately to keep up on his own schoolwork, when Olivia had texted him. To his chagrin he had immediately started to get hard in the cage.

How quickly can you get here? The text had read.

Mike had gulped, but knew better than to let his apprehension and fear delay his response. He quickly texted back that he was already on campus.

Olivia had texted him back immediately: Then get your panty-clad ass over here ASAP.

She had been teasing him about the panties ever since he had gotten them, sending laugh emojis and demanding pictures at random intervals to prove he was wearing them.

He quickly responded that he would. He knew better than to plead that he was studying. And now here he was, already erect in his cage as he walked across the lawn, hating that he was aroused at his impending abuse. He reminded himself that he preferred Christina over Olivia. Christina, who was barely texting him anymore, clearly erroneously believing that he was uninterested in her. He couldn’t lose her. He had to get out of this, but so far he had found no means of escape. His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening.

“Hey panty boy,” Olivia giggled as she ushered him in. He hoped that this wasn’t his new nickname, and that she would still just call him Mikey. She always found a way to make things worse. Was there no rock bottom?

“I’ve got a special treat for you today Mikey,” she said with audible excitement as she lead him to the living room. That was odd – they always went up to her room.

Mike followed with butterflies in his stomach, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw another woman, probably one of Olivia’s friends, sitting on the couch with an excited smile. She turned to look at him as Olivia continued walking to the couch, unaware Mike had stopped.

Like Olivia, she was achingly beautiful, provoking a suppressed erection from Mike. Just like Olivia, she had a beautiful slim figure and gorgeous long hair, although her features and complexion were fairer than Olivia’s. She wouldn’t have looked terribly out of place in a country like Sweden or Norway, with her very fair skin, blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair that was almost white.

“You must be Mikey,” she said with amusement. “Olivia’s told me so much about you!”

Mike found himself too nervous to say anything. Another person being aware of his predicament meant it was increasingly likely he would be exposed.

“Get over here,” Olivia’s friend said. “I have so many ideas for the three of us.”

Mike knew he had no choice but to obey, that it was imperative he obey promptly, but he felt as if his boots were filled with lead, as if paralyzed from dread.

“Don’t make her tell you again Mikey,” Olivia said menacingly, breaking him from his torpor. He knew that tone all too well. She was not to be trifled with when she used that tone.

He walked across the living room, stopping in front of the couch, plastic cage cramped despite his fear.

“Mikey, this is Amy. You’ll obey her as if she were me.” Olivia said. “Amy this is Mikey, but call him whatever the fuck you want.” She laughed at that. Amy. That name rang a bell at once for Mike. She was the friend who had gotten Olivia that chastity device that was now tormenting him 24/7.

Amy was looking at Mike with a lecherous gaze, as if imagining in her head all of the abuse they definitely had planned for him later.

“So bitch boy,” she began, Olivia giggling at Amy’s nickname, “Olivia tells me that you’re locked in a little pink chastity cage and wearing pretty pink panties. Is that true?” She tilted her head to the side, sporting an amused smirk.

“Yes.” Mike hung his head in shame.

“Look up, bitch boy.” Amy chided. She was definitely more experienced and dominant than Olivia. This could quickly become a living nightmare, Mike realized, as he reluctantly looked back up. He wished the world would just swallow him whole right now.

“Get naked Mikey,” Olivia ordered.

“I wanna see the panties though,” Amy said. They both laughed as Mike began fidgeting with his pants.

“Excellent idea,” Olivia agreed. “Panties stay on Mikey. But everything else off.”

“Except that pink cage,” Amy teased, causing Olivia to laugh some more.

Mike felt his heart hammer in his chest as he dropped his pants, exposing his pink panties.

“Oh my God!” Amy burst out laughing, putting a hand Bostancı Escort over her mouth as she leaned forward guffawing. Laughter is contagious, and Olivia was soon laughing hard too. Only Mike, who was beet red yet straining in the cage, wasn’t laughing.

“You weren’t kidding,” Amy said as she regained her composure, “he really is your complete bitch.”

“Yep!” Olivia beamed.

“I am seriously jealous girl!” Amy said good-naturedly. “I never got anywhere close to that far with that loser I locked up a couple years ago. You are a natural at this!”

“Well a little bit of blackmail material goes a long way.” Olivia answered, talking as if Mike wasn’t there. A little. Enough material to ruin his life was hardly a little.

“And don’t sell yourself short,” Olivia continued. “If it wasn’t for you giving me that little cage none of this would have happened. I don’t think the student has become the master just yet.”

“I wanna see that cage,” Amy purred as she turned her attention to Mike, pulling down his panties without asking. He knew better than to cover himself as Amy reached forward, gripping the cage and examining it intently. Mike groaned and twitched as she fondled the cage.

“You like this huh bitch boy?” Amy teased as she tickled his balls. “I bet my breath would drive you wild.” She leaned forward and breathed lightly on the cage. Indeed her hot breath on the cage was an enchanting feeling, and he began squirming more in her grasp.

“So,” Amy continued, “Olivia also tells me you like listening to guys fucking her, and that you even licked cum off of her lips.”

Mike had no choice but to affirm, continuing to squirm as Amy tightened her grip on his cage.

“You found the perfect bitch for this!” She exclaimed to Olivia. “Bitch boy really is the perfect nickname. Only a little bitch would do all of that. Isn’t that right?” She squeezed Mike’s balls to emphasize her point.

Again, he had no choice but to affirm.

“So,” Amy resumed her interrogation, “have you eaten a creampie yet?”

“Oh he hasn’t even come close to the privilege of eating my pussy.” Olivia interrupted.

“He’s never given you oral?” Amy asked incredulously, letting go of Mike’s cage. “If he was my chastity bitch he’d be eating my pussy every day!”

Mike groaned at that, shifting at the thought.

“See?” Olivia indicated Mike’s reaction. “He would like that too much. He’ll have to be a very good boy to earn that.”

“Bitch boy doesn’t behave huh?” Amy flashed Mike a glare, making him gulp.

“Oh he’s mostly good,” Olivia giggled. “But sometimes he tries to cling to the notion that he’s a real man.”

“I see,” Amy said, turning her attention to Mike before looking back to Olivia. “I think shaving him everywhere below his neck would help with that. Bitch boys should be smooth. Only real men have body hair.”

“Excellent idea! See, you’re still the expert!” Olivia beamed to Amy. “I want you clean shaven below your neck by tomorrow night Mikey. Is that clear?”

What could he do but say yes? God he hated himself for getting roped into this.

“Now Mikey,” Olivia said authoritatively. “Amy and I have a real treat for you today. It was Amy’s idea, so before we begin I want you to thank her for the surprise, and for the cage, since she’s the one who got it for me.”

“And bitch boys should be on their knees when they say thank you,” Amy added.

Great, he was going to have to thank two people for treating him like shit instead of one.

“And make sure it’s a good thank you,” Olivia added sternly as Mike dropped to his knees.

Amy let out a lustful sound and began prodding Mike’s cage with her foot, causing him to moan.

“A moan isn’t a thank you.” Olivia scolded, causing Amy to laugh as she kept playing with the cage with her foot.

“Thank you Amy,” Mike said as he welled with shame and self-loathing, “for buying this cage that Olivia and I have so much fun with, and for thinking of more fun things to do with us.”

“Oh it’s my pleasure bitch boy,” Amy giggled. “showing losers like you your place around girls way out of your league is what Olivia and I do.”

Another pang, as Mike tried to convince himself it wasn’t true. But how could he not feel like a loser right now?

“So,” Olivia spoke up. “Until now you’ve heard me fuck other guys. But you’ve never heard me get it on with another woman. We need to fix that.”

Mike found himself surging hard against the plastic at that. There was no denying that, as cruel as Olivia and Amy were to him, they were both incredibly attractive and it would be arousing beyond words to see or hear them fool around.

“Olivia doesn’t think you should be allowed to see us, but only hear us.” Amy added. “So we’re adding another a little twist, and this was also my idea.” She said in a self-congratulatory tone.

“You want the honor of explaining it?” Olivia asked Amy.

“Sure. So get right up against the wall, on your knees.” Amy ordered. Ümraniye Escort “Crawl over there. Don’t stand up.”

Mike could hear Olivia laughing as he did, stopping in front of the wall. A few seconds later and Amy had placed a quarter on the wall.

“Put your nose against it, and keep that quarter against the wall.” Amy ordered Mike. “That quarter is to stay against the wall until we say otherwise. If it falls, we have quite the punishment planned for you. And that was my idea too!” Amy smiled as she walked away.

Mike kept pressed against the wall, truly tight in his cage, truly fearful of Amy’s mystery punishment. Despite the ignominy of it all, he was aroused, squirming quite a bit. But he made sure to keep his face right against the wall. He couldn’t lose already.

And then he heard the kissing and heavy breathing behind him, and his cage became even tigher than it had on Saturday. Far better than a guy fucking Olivia was two goddesses getting it on behind him. He moaned and squirmed, his heart skipping a beat as he already felt the coin slide out from his nose and hit the floor. He must have thrashed at the wrong angle. Shit.

He realized that the kissing had stopped, but he didn’t dare turn around. It was Amy who broke the deafening silence.

“You’re in trouble now bitch boy,” she said with audible relish.

“You really are a minute man in every way Mikey,” Olivia laughed as she stood up, telling Amy to watch Mike as she went to go get something.

“Crawl to me,” Amy commanded. Mike obeyed with shaking limbs, stopping in front of her. She once again began prodding Mike’s cage with her foot. She simply smiled a knowing smile at Mike as the two waited for Olivia to return.

“You’re in for it now bitch boy,” she said in an amused tone.

“Oh yes he is,” Olivia laughed in agreement as she came down the stairs. “On all fours Mikey.”

Olivia knelt down next to him, procuring a small but instantly recognizable key.

“Look at what I have,” she said teasingly as she reached for Mike’s cage. Mike was confused, but didn’t dare ask any questions. Was she unlocking him? What kind of punishment was that? He felt a sense of relief, despite the promised punishment, as the lock popped open. He was tempted to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming as Olivia slid the tube off of his cock. Noticeably, she left the ring on. It was definitely going back on at some point.

“Remember that handjob I gave you Mikey?” Olivia asked tauntingly. “When you blew your load after like a minute, and then I locked your little pindick in chastity and made you listen to Anthony fuck me?” She was laughing hard at the memory now. “The only time anyone else has touched your dick?”

Of course he remembered that fateful night. How couldn’t he? He replayed it in his mind every night, the night that had sealed his doom.

“Wait!” Amy interjected. “You’re saying he’s a virgin too!?”

“Yep!” Mike couldn’t see Olivia’s face, but her voice sounded like there was a huge smile and gleam in her eye to be seen as she affirmed it.

“Oh that’s perfect,” Amy said with far too much alacrity for Mike’s comfort. “You found yourself a unicorn!”

“Oh yeah,” Olivia said with a grin in her voice as she began jerking Mike off. At first he simply moaned from the pleasure, loving the feeling of Olivia’s hand on his first full erection in over a week. But then the feeling began to change, and Mike’s cock began to burn. Soon his discomfort was readily apparent as Olivia and Amy began laughing.

“Does it burn Mikey?” Olivia asked disingenuously, a hint of amusement in her voice.

“Hot sauce will have that effect,” Amy said through her laughter.

“And that’s enough of that handjob,” Olivia abruptly stopped stroking. “Can’t risk having you cum.”

The two of them simply laughed at his pain over the next few minutes before Olivia went to the kitchen to retrieve an ice pack. He couldn’t believe he was relieved to go back in chastity, but once again Olivia had managed to prove the veracity of the adage that it can always be worse.

Olivia returned with an ice pack and a glass of water, quickly locking him back in chastity. Then she handed him the glass of water, ordering him to drink up. Were they going to make him hold his urine or something? They were both giggling as he drank it, so clearly something was up.

“Now,” Olivia turned to Amy. “Remember how I told you about his delicious gagged moans?”

Mike felt a pang of dread as Amy laughed and said yes.

A couple of minutes later, he was gagged and on his knees before both of them as they sat on the couch, to his shock making out in plain view, in direct contradiction to the earlier statement that he wasn’t allowed to watch.

No matter, there was no denying this was incredibly sexy as they snuggled and kissed one another, running their hands throughout one another’s hair and groping one another’s chests, breathing heavily and paying no attention to Mike, both Anadolu Yakası Escort of their eyes closed – although Amy was teasing Mike’s cage and balls with her foot again. He moaned more longingly into the gag than ever before, eliciting giggles from both of his tormenters as they continued tonguing one another’s mouths.

He had been stroked by Olivia without orgasm, caged almost continuously for ten days now, and teased almost nonstop. This was almost too much to bear as he continued moaning and squirming, Olivia’s foot now joining Amy’s.

Both feet now teased and prodded his caged and stifled erection, an erection that felt far more powerful and persistent than any other erection, although he chalked that up to the situation he was in. Amy and Olivia’s makeout session had escalated, Amy reaching her hand up and under Olivia’s shirt, Olivia breathing rapidly.

Mike lost control as he thrashed. He was about to stumble forward and into them, and, fearing the surely terrible consequences for that transgression, fell backwards, moaning into his gag all the way.

Amy and Olivia broke their kiss, laughing as Mike stumbled back to his knees.

“Aww is this too much Mikey?” Olivia teased. “Too bad! We’re just getting started.”

“Since you’re going to fall,” Amy said as she stood up, “get on your hands and knees. We’re going to straddle your back and continue our makeout session.”

“That’s evil!” Olivia said with a wicked grin as Mike complied, his extremely stubborn erection continuing to bother him. “I love it! I thought I was being clever, but your ideas, you’re a devil!”

“Maybe I still am the master,” Amy said slyly as she approached Mike, sitting on his upper back, facing his feet. Seconds later Olivia sat down on his lower back, facing Amy.

“Now Mikey,” Olivia said seriously. “Do not buck us off. You do not want to know what will happen if you do.”

“It’ll make the previous punishment look like a vacation to Cancun,” Amy said knowingly, prompting a laugh from Olivia.

With that, the two began kissing and heavy petting as they sat on Mike’s back. He couldn’t see it of course, but he could hear it, and they were getting hot and heavy. He moaned, his muscles aching as he desperately stayed still, fearing the punishments if he failed.

Olivia reached down and tightly gripped Mike’s cage, making him moan harder than ever into the gag, which only made Olivia squeeze even more tightly, in turn making Mike moan even harder. It took of all his control not to thrash, which, of course, made his frustration worse since he couldn’t move as an outlet for his energy.

“Oh my God he sounds like a bucking bronco,” Amy laughed in between kissing Olivia.

“A bronco in chastity,” Olivia added, prompting more laughter.

Mike’s erection was almost painful now, far more obstinate than any previous one, and Olivia’s iron grip wasn’t helping.

Just when it couldn’t possibly get any worse, or teasing, Mike thought, Amy began fingering Olivia. She squealed with delight, her grip on Mike’s cage reflexively tightening to the point of being painful. Mike actually thrashed a bit at that, but fortunately neither of them fell off of him.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Olivia squealed, briefly breaking away from the kiss before again locking lips with Amy.

Olivia reached over with her free hand and began stimulating Amy as well, meanwhile Amy reaching down with her free hand and pinching Mike’s nipples.

This was officially the most painful caged erection he’d ever had now, and he was now biting into the gag as he continued to moan and whimper.

Olivia and Amy’s breathing began to quicken as they began approaching orgasm, their grips on Mike’s erogenous zones tightening concomitantly.

“Come on, let synchronize this,” Amy said ravenously.

Mike could do nothing now but endure, somehow being in heaven and hell at the same time. Finally, they both exploded into a cry of orgasmic bliss, Mike crying out into the gag as Olivia’s squeeze became a vise grip. He didn’t orgasm, but he felt a stream of precum leak out. He simply moaned and whimpered into his gag, a desperate and denied blubbering mess as Amy and Olivia’s breathing returned to normal, her grip on his cage finally loosening.

“He sounds hot and bothered now,” Amy laughed.

“Imagine how hot and bothered he’ll be at Cancun,” Olivia responded, causing both of them to laugh.

“Oh I can’t wait,” Amy said with lust in her voice. “I’m definitely going to make him watch me in my room one night, and have him eat some creampies, if it’s alright with you.”

“Do whatever you want,” Olivia answered. “It’s the least I can do to say thank you for all you’ve done.”

“I definitely think he needs some lessons in proper pussy eating first.” Amy insisted.

Mike felt so dehumanized, the two of them using him as a seat and talking about him as if he wasn’t there. He hated this, no matter what his raging erection said.

“I guess so,” Olivia said reluctantly, before perking up. “I have class later. Why don’t you do that while I’m in class?”

Mike felt a pang of arousal at that, despite everything that was happened. He had never given oral sex before, and there was no desire it would be arousing to do so with someone so beautiful.

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