Oh, Teacher, Teacher! Ch. 02

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God I felt guilty. I tossed and turned all night in bed feeling nothing but shame for letting my lusts get the best of me—and with one of my own students. I couldn’t believe that I’d fucked one of my own students right in the class room! God, what a scum I was!

I should have put a stop to it before it ever got that far. But no, I had to let my horny dick lead me by the nose—right into the honey pot of forbidden fruit.

I knew that somehow I’d have to cool this relationship off or else I might lose my job.

About the time I finally got to sleep, the alarm went off, or so it seemed to me.

Somehow I managed to go through the motions of teaching my early classes—all he while dreading the last period class and the inevitable appearance of Linda.

She strutted in, wearing her usual micro-mini with a half undone blouse and her tits flopping everywhere. When she sat down she made sure I saw that she had no panties on.

Of course I looked the first time she flashed—but then with a supreme effort of will I looked away. In fact I spent the rest of the period purposely NOT looking at her below-the-neck charms. I actually managed to do a decent job of teaching that day, and I was rather proud of myself. I was hoping she’d take the hint and back off a little herself.

The bell rang and all the students rushed for the door. With a sigh of relief I saw that even Linda got up to leave. I sat down behind my desk and buried my face in my hands. I did it! I thought. I had actually resisted temptation—and got the message across to Linda.

I heard the door being locked. I looked up and there was Linda strutting towards me with a hurtful pout on her face and her bra-less tits bouncing this way and that. She came right up to me and planted her butt on the top of my desk, her legs draped over the edge right next to me.

“Why didn’t you ask me to stay after school today, Mr. Smith? Wasn’t I naughty enough for you?”

“Linda,” I said, trying not to look at her but feeling my cock swell from the closeness of her, “what we did yesterday was wrong. We really need to cool it.”

“What do you mean, cool it?” She crossed the leg nearest to me over her other one. Her skimpy skirt slip up to her hips making sure I saw the full length of her peach-sweet ample thigh. “How can anything so good be wrong? I was so hot from what we did that I had to masturbate three times last night before I could get to sleep.”

“Linda,” I sighed. “I-I-I-I’m kartal escort sorry. I-I-I really shouldn’t have.” My cock was throbbing by now, my cheeks were burning, and my mouth was as dry as the Sahara.

“Sorry? Mr. Smith, if you don’t keep me after school for being naughty, then I’ll start bringing my porn mags back to class.” She undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and put both her feet on top of the desk, turning slightly so her naked cunt stared right at me. With one hand on her tits, she stuck the other between her thighs to play with her pussy. “And I’ll masturbate right in front of the other kids—just like this. What will you do then? Will that be naughty enough for you?”

With that I totally popped my cork. “Okay, you naughty little girl you. I’ll show you what happens to naughty little girls!” I pushed my chair back away from the desk and at the same time pulled her off the desk top and laid her out across my lap.

Her plump round ass was already half exposed from under her flimsy little skirt, but I pulled it the rest of the way up.

“Oh, Mr. Smith!” She giggled and squirmed on me.

I gave her butt cheeks a little swat, making them jiggle like a couple of bowls of Jello.

“Ummmmmmmm, yes!” she moaned.

I slapped her ass again, just a little harder bringing a little redness to her cheeks.

“Ummmmm, Mr. Smith, show me how naughty I’ve been.” She started humping her hot, wet cunt against my leg.

I started spanking her with a steady and firm rhythm, admiring the way her butt cheeks jiggled with each swat. My swelling cock bulged up against her stomach.

She twisted around to look me in the face. “Mr. Smith, your cock feels trapped. Don’t you think we should free it before it gets hurt?” She stood up and unhooked my belt.

I stood up and let her pull my trousers and underwear off. She tossed her blouse and skirt on top of my desk while I took my shirt off.

“Okay, let’s get back to business now.” She sat me back down in the chair, then shook her ass in front of my face. “Woooeeee!” She yelped as she took her place across my lap.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

I slapped her butt just hard enough to make her cheeks jiggle and ripple. Watching her ass jiggle like that just turned me on all the more.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

“Ohhhhhhh! Yessssssss! Mr. Smith, that turns me on so.” She started humping her sloppy wet cunt against my kaynarca escort bare thigh.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

Each time I struck her it rocked her whole body back and forth in time to her humping of my thigh. My throbbing cock, unencumbered by clothing, poked roughly into her stomach. As her body rocked back and forth, it pushed my cock vigorously side to side driving me crazy.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

“Ummmmmmmmm!” she moaned, fucking her clit ever harder into my thigh. Her hot cunt slopped girl goo all over my leg. Pre-cum from my horny cock smeared her stomach. The smell of sex filled the air making us both even crazier. She pulled and tugged at her hard-on nipples as she fucked the hell out of my thigh. “Y-y-ssssssssss!” She hissed.

She was rocking, and fucking, and bucking so hard I no longer had to spank her. Instead, I just began fondling her bright red butt cheeks, while helping her to rock back and forth across my thigh.

“Such bright, red butt cheeks,” I said. “Let me kiss them and make them better.” Still fondling her ass, I bent down to kiss and lick her cheeks. While kissing her ass, I slipped a hand down between her thighs and found her greasy cunt. While she fucked her clit against my thigh, I finger-fucked her slit. My fingers going in and out made a “squish! Squish! Squish!” sound she was so sloppy wet.

“Nnnnngggggggggodfuck!” She moaned thrashing her orgasm all over my thigh and my cunt-fucking hand.

As soon as she caught her breath, she straddled my thighs to sit on my lap facing me. With her spent, but still hot and very wet cunt just lightly touching my engorged cock, she kissed me deeply, tonguing out the inside of my mouth till I thought I could not stand it any longer. Then she brought my cunt-juice-stained hand up to our faces and we both licked and sucked her girl goo off my fingers—our tongues often meeting in mid suck to duel it out.

Then she fed me her nipples to suck one after the other. While I fondled and sucked on her titties, she began moving her crotch back and forth, the hairs of her cunt teasing my horny cock. Then she pressed her cunt against my hard-on pushing it up and against my belly. She moved her swollen lips side-to-side against the underside of my cock while I sucked on her nipples.

I felt her cunt getting hotter and wetter again by the second. Then when I thought I could not stand it any longer, she reached down kozyatağı escort and guided me into her. Then she started moving her body like a lap dancer, fucking me nice and slow but with long, firm strokes.

I continued sucking and licking her hard-on nipples while she fucked me. My hands were all over her body, fondling her tits, fondling her ass, or just running up and down her back.

“Mmmmmmgggggghhhh!” I mumbled into her tits as I shot my load into her.

After I came, she stopped fucking me, but kept me inside of her. She pressed her crotch firmly down on mine to make sure my cock couldn’t escape her steamy, slippery hole—even though it was going soft. She covered my face with kisses. “Oh, Mr. Smith, Oh, Mr. Smith!” she breathed on me between kisses.

“Don’t move!” She ordered as soon as she felt me start to get hard again.

She lifted her cunt off my cock. My newly throbbing erection made a “slurp!” sound as it popped out of her drenched slit.

She turned around, planting her feet on either side of my hips and stood up so her ass and cunt were directly above my head.

While I kissed the insides of her creamy thighs she bent over all the way forward and began licking my erection and playing with my balls.

I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her dripping cunt down to my hungry mouth. The same instant my tongue slithered out to lick her slit and tease her clit, she sucked the head of my cock in between her sweet, red lips.

In that acrobatic position she sucked me off like I’ve never been sucked before, bobbing her head up and down, and side-to-side, and around and around. I felt her sucks clear to the base of my cock, deep down inside clear to my scrotum.

I sucked her cunt for all I was worth.

“Nnnnnnnnnggggggg!” She moaned through a mouthful of hot cock. Her muffled vocalizations vibrated the crap out of my cock. I’d never felt anything that good before.

Though she was bent over like a pretzel, she found a way to hump her crotch on my face as I ate her—without missing a beat in her fellatio performance.

I started pumping my own hips, fucking my cock in and out of her mouth while sucking her clit and fucking my nose into her dripping slit.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg!” She moaned all over my cock. She bucked and thrashed on my face so hard and I fucked her face so furiously I though we’d both topple out of the chair.

I felt her tremble all over and shudder in orgasm, then I shot my load holding on to her hips with all my might till it was over.

She curled up on my lap then to rest. We stroked each other lightly and kissed a little. Pretty soon she started frenching me again and I knew she was ready for more.

We screwed a couple of more times before calling it quits for that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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