Naughty at School Ch. 02

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Another naughty school day. No one in this story is under 18.

This weekend I was going through some boxes of cloths I had to see what was in them and to donate what I didn’t want anymore. Well in one of the boxes was my old Catholic High School uniform I used to wear. I decided to see if it still fit now that I was older and in college. I first tried the blouse but I was not able to button it seeing as how I have much bigger boobs now.

The vest still fit and at least covered my tits. I tried the skirt on and it also fit although it was much shorter now that I was taller. It still came below my ass to cover it though. I replaced the old blouse with a white sheer blouse of my own, I put the little tie on and some thigh high white stockings along with the skirt and 4 in heels. After taking a look at myself in the mirror it gave me a naughty idea to wear it to college when I went to class.

Monday morning came and I dressed in my little school girl outfit got my things together and

headed off to class. The whole time driving to school I kept thinking of how much fun I was going

to have and the looks I would get from the other students.

When I arrived at school I walked down the hall towards my class my heels clicking on the floor

getting everyone’s attention. I saw the boys all turning their heads looking and a few of the girls

also. When I got to my class the door was still closed so I leaned against the wall chatting with

some of the other students. One of the guy’s, his name is Rob, in my class who looked to be in his

mid twenties came over by me and leaned his arm against the wall standing right in front of me.

Rob “Hi Vicki, you look dam sexy in that outfit.”

Vicki “Well I’m glad that you like it Rob.”

Rob “Oh yeah I do, it’s giving me a hard on.”

Vicki as I looked down at his crotch “Yes I can see that.”

The class had not opened yet and Rob was getting me wet knowing I gave him a hard-on I

decided to have some fun and skip class if he was up for it. I leaned closer to him and rubbed

my hand on his crotch feeling his hard cock through his pants.

Vicki “Oh you poor boy. You can’t be going to class like this. Why don’t you let me help you

with that.” he seemed shocked at what I just did but he got over it fast.

Rob “Shit! What did you have in mind?”

Vicki whispering in his ear “I know a place where no one should bother us and I can take care of that hard cock of yours.”

He smiled and agreed. I lead him down the stairs and to my favorite storage room where I like to

go and play. beylikdüzü escort He followed me inside and closed the door behind us as I placed my things down on a table. He stood there looking at me and I slowly unbuttoned my blouse showing him my tits and hard nipples. He came over to me and we kissed as my hands unzipped his pants and pulled his

cock out and began stroking him.

He started to groan and I knelled down in front of him and slipped my lips over the head of his

cock and down his shaft. His hands grabbed the back of my head and he started fucking my mouth. As I sucked him off I was twisting my mouth along his shaft and taking his full length in my mouth to his balls. I could feel myself getting wetter the more he fucked my mouth. Just as I started tasting his pre cum we heard a man yelling at us.

Janitor “What the fuck are you two doing in here? Your not suppose to be in here get the fuck out.”

Rob and I turned and looked to see who it was. There were two men standing there in janitor jump

suits, one was older with white hair the other younger maybe in his mid to late 50’s. Rob immediately stuffed his cock back into his pants and ran out of the door leaving me there on my

knees baring my tits to the two janitors. They both just stared at me and I got an evil idea in my head. I was so horny and still wanted a cock inside me and didn’t care at that point if it was from two old men. I decided to play the innocent little school girl with the janitors.

Vicki “Oh please don’t report me, I don’t want to get in trouble.” giving them a pouting look my breast still in the open for them to look at.

Younger Janitor “What were you two doing in here?”

Vicki “Well, we were looking for a place to be alone where no one would see us.”

Older Janitor “Yeah, we saw you sucking his dick. You two were down here so you could fuck.

Well your boyfriend might have gotten away but your going to the Dean’s office.”

Vicki still on my knees “OH NO!! PLEASE!! Don’t report me please they will expel me for sure. I’ll

do what ever you want just don’t report me.” looking at them my breasts heaving and my nipples


They whispered between each other glancing over at me and the older one didn’t seem to agree with whatever the younger guy was saying. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about although I had a good idea. Then the younger must have said something to the older one that finally got him

to agree. They both looked at me and the younger man turned and locked the door.

Younger beyoğlu escort Janitor “Tell you what. If you suck us off we won’t report you OK?”

Vicki “Alright I will as long as you don’t report me.”

The younger man unzipped his jump suit and pulled out his cock which was about 9 in long and thick as he came towards me. The older man walked over and sat in a chair and watched. I grabbed the younger mans cock and started sucking and jerking him off. He reached down with his rough hand and began squeezing my tit. I continued sucking his cock taking him deep into my mouth. He stood there grunting and fucking my mouth.

Younger Janitor “DAM! She can suck a mean cock.”

Older Janitor “Yeah looks like she can.”

I kept twisting my hand and mouth on his cock sucking him harder and faster as he pinch and

pulled my nipples. I kept glancing over at the old man and I could see the bulge growing in his

pants. I felt the younger guys cock jerk and could taste a small squirt of cum in my mouth.

Younger Janitor “OH fuck I’m gonna cum soon. Come here girl I want to fuck those tits of yours.”

He slipped his cock out of my mouth and I straightened up as he squeezed my tits on his cock

and started fucking them. I loved the feel of his wet cock sliding between my tits and every time

he would thrust upward I would lick the cum off the head of his cock. He started fucking my tits

fast until I felt a hot stream of cum hit my chin and chest. He kept fucking my tits as he shot more

cum over me chin, chest and mouth. His cock was pulsing and when he finished I took his cock in

my mouth and sucked him dry.

Young Janitor “Fuck that was good.”

I smiled and was rubbing the cum over my chest as he leaned against a table. I looked over at the

older man and saw him rubbing his crotch but still didn’t have his cock out.

Younger Janitor “You should get some of this, she’s fucking good.”

Older Janitor “No I don’t need my cock sucked.”

Vicki ‘I will if you want me to.”

Older Janitor “No I don’t want you to suck my cock.”

The younger guy started getting dress and told us that he had to go and make his rounds. I asked

him if there was a place where I could clean up and told the older man to show me where the sink

was and to lock up after I was done. Before the younger man left he told me not to worry that he

wasn’t going to report me.

I stood up turned my back to the older man, bent at the waist to pick up my blouse and to give him a view of my bizimkent escort bare ass and pussy. The older man showed me to the back of the room where a sink was and I found a rag and began cleaning the cum off my chest. I could see the older man in the mirror standing in the door watching me still rubbing his cock.

Vicki “Mind if I ask why you didn’t want me to suck your cock for you?”

Older Janitor “I’m not into having someone watch me while I’m getting me cock sucked.”

Vicki “Are you sure you don’t want me to suck your cock for you? It was part of the deal.”

Older Janitor as he rubbed his crotch staring at my ass “I don’t want you to suck my cock. I want

something else.”

Vicki as I spread my legs and lifted the back of my skirt “Is this what you want? Do you want to

fuck me?”

Older Janitor “Yeah I wanna fuck you and fuck you good.”

He unzipped his jump suit and walked up behind me. I held my skirt up and he started rubbing the

head of his cock along my slit. He pushed his cock inside me slowly and let out a sigh as I

moaned feeling how his cock spread me open. He grabbed my hips and began sliding his cock in and out slowly as I pushed back against him. He picked up his pace and started fucking me faster. He would fuck me hard then hold his cock deep inside me and grind it there and I would squeeze my pussy down tight onto him.

Vicki “Oh fuck that feels good.”

Old Janitor “Yes it does. Daddy is going to fuck his little girl good and hard.”

I looked at him in the mirror and saw him smiling as he continued fucking me. He repeatedly would fuck me hard and fast then grind it inside. My pussy was wet and dripping.

Vicki “Oh yes Daddy fuck your little girl good I want it so bad.”

His smile got bigger and he fucked me even harder and faster. I held onto the sink as his cock slammed into my pussy forcing my forward. I could feel my climax building as his groans and grunts got louder. My body started tensing up as I climaxed covering his cock with my cream.

Old Janitor “AHHHH! Fuck I’m going to cum.”

Vicki “OH please Daddy cum inside me let me feel your hot cum filling my pussy.”

He let out a loud groan, thrust his cock deep and shoot his hot load in my pussy. I milked his cock

as it pulsed shooting more cum inside me. His pace slowed and his cock slid out of my pussy.

Old Janitor as he stood there panting “Fuck that was good.”

Vicki “Does this mean you won’t report me now?” as I smiled at him.

Old Janitor “No I won’t report you but you better get dressed and get out of here before someone

else walks in.”

Although the idea of someone else coming in excited me, I smiled, put my blouse on, gathered my things and left. I went to the girls room and finished cleaning up. Classes were over for the day so I headed home.


Hope you enjoyed this story and I look forward to your comments.

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