Naked Souls Ch. 02

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Linda stared out across the tree-lined lawn of her apartment complex. She could see people walking their dogs and other jogging. A young mother was pushing her toddler in a stroller as he laughed and pointed to things. Linda felt the same poignant pang in her lower abdomen that she always did when she saw babies and young children. But a decade of trying for a baby had only led to more resentment and blame in her already tense marriage. It was another failure in a long line of them.

She should be working on her online classes but the words had all just blurred together. Even her morning coffee did not taste as sweet. What was she going to do? Her job was history. Even if she won her unfair dismissal claim, she was too traumatized after the robbery to go back there. She loved her classes but at her age who went back to college? Most importantly, what the hell was she doing playing these cyber sex games with someone almost fifteen years younger than she was?

Josh’s proposal last night had shocked her. Another shock it seemed in a long line of them recently. Her husband’s affairs. The divorce. Then just as she was rebuilding a life…the robbery and losing her job. It was almost too much. She felt as if she would snap at any moment. The very fact that she was actually considering Josh’s proposal probably indicated that she already had.

Should she go? Should she actually visit her young cyber lover? Linda had spent a lifetime playing it safe. In high school, she had been the good girl. Saving herself until on prom night her boyfriend proposed. They had married right out of high school and she had worked as a waitress to support him through college and then law school. She had been the good and faithful wife.

No matter what he said about her weight, her inability to give him the son he craved, the tiny lines of life that showed in her face or the few strands of grey that began to dot her dirty blond hair. You could not even see them, not really. But he had seen them all and used them as an excuse to cheat on her with an intern at his firm. What’s more he had compounded that sin by impregnating the girl. Then he had asked for a divorce so he could marry the woman-child before the baby was born. But she had survived that.

Then the robbery. She had done all that she could to save the lives of her staff. What was a couple thousand dollars when compared with the human costs of a half dozen innocent lives? But the owners had not seen it that way. She should have put up more of a fight, not simply handed over the cash. They had even intimated that perhaps she was inn cahoots with the robbers. She was shocked when they fired her. Even though a very big part of her never wanted to go back there again anyway.

Linda had done the ‘right’ thing by everyone else her whole life. She had sacrificed her desire to go to college for her husband’s. She had even been willing to sacrifice her life for her employees. And where had it all gotten her? Where had being the ‘good girl’ led her? Divorced and fired…with only one real friend that gave a damn if she lived or died. And he was just words, pictures and video on electronic screens.

Didn’t she owe it to him? Wasn’t a short trip the few hundred miles to his college the least that she owed to Josh? He had been there for her through so much. Even the hot video sex aside, he had been a friend. He had been the one that she told her concerns to after a hard day at work. He had been the only one texting and bugging her that day when it all fell apart. He had been there for her through so much.

But was she ready for this? She was pushing forty and it was all down hill from here. She was divorced. She really ought to loose more than a few pounds. Hell, she had wrinkles and grey hair for goodness sake. And she was thinking about taking a twenty-two year old kid as her second lover. Only the second lover of her whole life. She truly had snapped.

Because before she could change her mind, Linda had brought up an app Escort Bayan on her phone and purchased a plane ticket to the city where Josh went to college. She had added the optional three days at a hotel which boasted it was on the edge of the campus. She had even booked a rental car. The insanity was complete.


What was she doing here, Linda asked herself. It was the same question that she had been asking herself while she packed her suit case. While she took a cab to the airport. Through security. It was the question that repeated itself like a mantra for the whole two hour flight. She did not have to wait for luggage as she had packed only a single overnight case. But she had almost bolted during the brief wait at the car rental counter.

The tiny sane portion of her brain that remained begged her to forget this lunacy and take the next flight back to her safe, sterile world. Then the insanity asserted itself once more. What was there to go back to? Ever. No husband. No job. No real friends. Nothing. What honestly did she have to loose? The answer was a resounding…Nothing.

So she had thrown the overnight bag into the trunk of the compact rental car and driven the half hour across town in rush hour traffic to the chain motel that was as non-descript as her life. Nothing luxurious. Just a king size bed, a television and a few cheap lithographs on the wall. It lacked any charm or personality. Much the same as her life. Functional but sterile. As sterile as her womb.

After tossing her bag in the tiny closet by the door, Linda collapsed on the end of bed. She sighed heavily. What now? She was here. As far away from the safety of her unpredictable world as she could get. So what now? She had not managed to work up the nerve all day long to even answer a single one of Josh’s dozen or more messages. She feared that he had finally given up on her since her phone had been silent for a couple of hours now. What if she came all this way for nothing?

Tears welled up in her eyes. Half of lifetime. She had wasted half of her life playing it safe. Doing what everyone else thought she ought to do. Not only had it not made her happy, she had not even been a success at it. A failure as a wife. A failure as a manager. Hell, she was such a failure as a mother that she had not even been able to get pregnant. If her ex-husband was to be believed her worst failure was as a lover.

So once more Linda wondered…what the hell am I doing here? The insane answer that echoed off the sterile walls of her mind was even louder…what the hell do you have to loose? That battle of conscious could have continued indefinitely but for the tiny ping from her purse that lay next to her on the bed. Without even looking, she knew it was him. Josh.

But she did look. His message was succinct and straight forward, a brashness that she envied. ‘Where the fuck r u?’ She chuckled as she typed out the truth, giving him the room number of her hotel. For once in her life, Linda was throwing caution to the wind. She was doing what she wanted, not what was safe, not what other people expected of her.

The phone was silent for a long moment. Too long. Her mind filled with doubts. Maybe he had not really expected her to come. Probably not as well as he knew her. Maybe he did not really mean it. Maybe he had simply wanted to keep it all a fantasy. Maybe she had destroyed all that with her brash actions. Maybe she had destroyed her one real friendship?

The phone pinged again with a single word response…’really?’ She chuckled with relief as she typed, ‘yes really.’ There was no pause this time between response. ‘B rght over.’

Once more the voice of reason screamed out in Linda’s mind. What have you done? But Linda did not have time to dally over such inconsequential. There was too much to be done before Josh arrived. And not enough time to do it.

Rushing to the closet she grabbed her bags and threw things about the room looking for the perfect Bayan Escort outfit. She finally decided upon a black dress that she often wore to work. It was smart but not what anyone would consider sexy. But that was the point…to be fully clothed. Conventional even. She stuffed everything haphazardly back into the overnight bag and flung it back into the closet as she made a mad dash for the shower. It would have to be quick. But after hours on the plane she wanted to feel fresh when he got here.

She had just finished her shower and gotten into her bra and panties when the knock at the door came. She reached for her stockings and dress. “Hold on a minute,” she shouted through the closed door as she pulled the hose up first one leg and then the other. She pulled the dress quickly over her head and smoothed it down as she peered at herself in the mirror. Her face glowed from the warmth of the shower. There were a few stray hairs that had come loose from the clip that held it up in the back but they only softened the appeal. Overall she was as pleased as she could be with her appearance.

She might easily have gone into one of her morose, self-critical examinations had it not been for the louder knock at the door. It demanded her full attention. “Coming,” she replied with a final glance in the mirror as she steeled herself for whatever lie ahead.

Linda drew in a depth and steeled herself as her trembling fingers turned the knob to open the door. She plastered a smile on her face as she drew it back. She was not one-hundred percent certain what she expected but the young man on the other side was taller and broader of shoulder than the webcam gave him credit.

Honestly, he was much more handsome than her ex-husband ever had been, even in college. His sandy blond hair was cut short in a style that suited his long narrow face. Even fully clothed Josh was impressive, but Linda knew that those clothes hide his best attests. Perhaps she was some dirty old woman, she thought as she stared at the smiling young man. But her only thought was…I want to see him naked. In the flesh and just the flesh.

“Josh?” she greeted him with more than a little uncertainty.

His smile broadened as he nodded, “May I come in?”

Linda shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs from the corners of her mind. “Yes, yes, of course.” Why else had she come almost a thousand miles? She continued to stare at him as he walked in. The young man had some undefinable presence about him, an authority, a sexuality that hung to him like a second skin. Linda suddenly felt very shy. Once more reason screamed loudly in her mind, ‘what are you doing here? This man is way out of your league.’

When he turned to face her once more, Josh wore a stunning smile. “I am so glad to meet you, Linda. I honestly never thought you would come,” He toed the thick brown carpet like a recalcitrant little boy.

His honesty and vulnerability drew forth her own, “Me either. I still am not sure what I am doing here. This is crazy,” she stuttered as she too looked down at the carpet.

Silence hung like fecund spirit as each was lost for a long moment in their own thoughts, insecurities and pointless musings. Josh was the first to break it. “Well, I am glad you did come.” He blushed slightly as he chuckled, “Well, you haven’t yet but hopefully we can correct that before the night is over.”

Linda joined him in the nervous giggle as she too blushed. “So what now?”

Josh shrugged those so broad shoulders, “That is up to you. We could talk a bit. I know a bar that is open all night. We could get a beer and chat.”

She nodded. Had she come all this way, spent all that money on tickets and hotel just to chat in some dingy bar until the break of dawn? “Or you could get naked while we chat here,” it was not a question. She was nervous but did her best to keep that from her voice as she waited to see whether Josh would obey. Anyone obeying her, other than at work, was a novel Escort idea.

She did not have to wait long as his long fingers reached for the hem of his t-shirt. He tugged it over his head and tossed it aside in one smooth motion. She bite her lower lip as his fingers fumbled with his belt, even as he was kicking his sneakers off. He seemed more eager to be free of his clothes than she was to see him naked.

Her hand reached out and covered his ass the leather sprang free of the metal hook. “Slow down, Josh. I want to enjoy the show.”

He nodded as she smiled and drug him fully into the room. She placed him across the room, in front of the television, as she took up a post at the foot of the bed. Then she nodded her head, “Continue now.” Some part of her marveled, wondered at the authoritative tone inn her voice. Sure, she had been a manager for close to a decade, but that was work. She had never thought to be anything but submissive as a lover. Until now. Until this man-child.

She watched as those fingers fumbled with the button on his jeans. Her eyes were glued to the bulge in the front of them, which was probably a good thing for she would have felt far less comfortable had she seen the seductive smirk on his face. The prey had become the hunter as he slowly lowered the zipper. His movements became like slow motion used on replays at ball games as he slowed pushed the jeans down to reveal navy blue boxer briefs that revealed as much as they hid.

Linda bit her lower lip harder as she watched him wiggle out of the jeans. He stood before her now in just his underwear and socks. “Get rid of the socks,” she ordered as she reveled in tingly anticipation that made her feel alive for the first time in…perhaps forever.

Josh obeyed her instructions and that tingly feeling took on new depths. Heady heights soared above her and filled her with lust. “Now the shorts.”

Their eyes met as she waited to see if he would obey this command as well. Would this stunning specimen of youth and manhood actually surrender, make himself vulnerable like that to her? She did not have long to wait as he smiled and nodded. His hands went inside the material at his hips and began to push downwards.

His cock sprang free almost immediately. It was not porn star large, but it was slightly longer and thicker than her ex’s had been, but she had suspected that from the webcam. What shocked her a bit was how swollen and dark the head was as it bobbed free just feet from her. It was glistening too, beginning to leak the clear fluid of pre-come from the tip. Linda unconsciously licked her lips as Josh continued to push the briefs lower until he could kick them free.

He rose like a phoenix from the ashes as he towered over her. She wanted to reach out and touch him. Touch it. His hard and throbbing cock that bounced just a bit with each of his heart beats. But she was not ready to end this show that quickly, “Turn around. Slowly, Josh,” she ordered.

He smiled and nodded, “Yes, Ma’am,” as he began to turn very slowly.

Linda smiled even as she returned to biting her lower lip. The broad shoulders that she had noticed when he stood in the doorway gave way to a muscular back that tapered at the waist. But it was his round ass that held her attention. She remembered one of the stories that he had sent her. The woman in it had gone so far as to spank the young man.

Would she have that kind of nerve? She would have never thought so. But she would have never thought she would actually have the guts to purchase a plane ticket on the spur of the moment and travel almost a thousand mile to meet a much younger man that she did not really ‘know.’ She certainly would have thought herself capable of commanding that young man to strip naked for her. Let alone having the authority for him to obey.

Linda was no longer certain who or what she was. All she knew was that it felt right. Being here now with this young man. With Josh. The man that had been her friend for months. She inhaled deeply. It calmed her. Renewed her. Increased her sense of power as he turned to face her once more. Awaiting her next instruction. Awaiting her pleasure. It was a heady feeling. One that Linda was certain she could get used to.

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