My Wife’s Open Family Pt. 01

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My wife (Amanda, 38) and I (John, 39) have been together for 20 years and have 18 year old twins (a son and a daughter). When Amanda became pregnant she confessed her secret family lifestyle.

When we first started dating, Amanda lived at home with her parents (Alan and Donna) and her brother (Jason). Her sister (Erica) was older and moved out to live with her boyfriend and their son.

Amanda was sitting in class on a Friday morning thinking about how excited she was for the weekend. We had plans to see a movie Friday night, Saturday she was planning on spending time with her friends and Sunday was family dinner day. Her family was always really close but little did she know how close they really were.

Amanda decided to skip her afternoon classes and get an early start on the weekend. When she arrived home, Erica’s car was in the driveway but that was not out of the ordinary. Amanda walked into the kitchen and made herself a snack and started walking to her room. As she went to the walk up the stairs, Erica walked out of their parent’s bedroom in just her bra and panties carrying her clothes. They both stopped and stared at each other for a second and then Erica said “hey” and walked into the bathroom. Amanda went upstairs to her room and while she had several thoughts going through her head, she didn’t actually see anyone else in the room so she gave it the benefit of the doubt and said maybe she was just in there changing.

About an hour or so later, Erica knocked on Amanda’s door. She came in and sat on Amanda’s bed and asked if they could talk. Erica said that said she noticed Amanda looking confused and confessed that it was in fact what Lefkoşa Escort she was thinking. Erica was in their parent’s room having sex with their father. Amanda was shocked but not totally disgusted and actually more intrigued. Amanda asked Erica if she enjoyed to which Erica said it was quite enjoyable. Although the confession shocked Amanda, she was not expecting Erica’s next confession. The family has a very sexually open lifestyle and many of the members are sexually involved. In fact, family dinners were a time for people to hook up. Amanda was completely shocked but yet still very intrigued.

Erica’s next statement weirdly excited Amanda. Erica told her now that she is 18, it was time for her to decide if she wanted to join the family lifestyle. Erica explained how fun and exciting it could be but that it also came with consequences. Erica told her that she was going to take their mom to dinner Saturday night and Jason had plans with his friends. Erica told her that their dad would be waiting for her in his room if she chose to join.

Amanda thought about it all night at the movies and all day Saturday. Erica picked up their mother and whispered in Amanda’s ear “give it a try. You’ll like it. Oh and by the way, dad really likes you in those jean shorts and white shirt you wear.” Amanda felt torn. On one hand, this was her father and just wrong and weird. On the other hand, if everyone was doing it and enjoying it, maybe it was worth trying.

Amanda walked to her closet and grabbed the shorts and shirt her dad liked. She was surprisingly turned on by the idea of her father checking her out. She decided Girne Escort to put on the outfit and decided she was going to try it.

Amanda knocked on her father’s door and walked in to find him laying in bed. He was wearing jeans with no shirt. She sat on the bed and the only words she could think of were “is what Erica said true?” Alan smiled and said “yes. But you don’t have to do anything you don’t want.” Amanda told him she wanted to but she was nervous. Alan told her to relax and he would guide her. Alan said “you look so hot” and pulled her in to kiss her.

Alan took control and guided Amanda. He immediately slid his hand inside her low cut shirt and squeezed her 34c tits. Alan’s other hand was rubbing her legs and grabbing her ass. He pulled her on top of him and she instinctively took off her shirt and bra. Alan was licking and sucking her nipples which made Amanda start to moan. She could feel his dick get hard and that started to really turn her on and make her more comfortable.

Amanda was kissing Alan passionately and had her hands on his chest. Alan grabbed her hand and put it on his dick. She kissed and licked his chest while undoing the buttons on his jeans. Nervously she slid down between his legs and pulled his pants down. She could not believe she as looking at her father’s hard dick. She wrapped her hand around it and went back to kissing Alan. Amanda stood and took off her shorts. She could not believe her and father were now naked together.

Amanda climbed back on the bed between her father’s legs. Amanda knew this was her chance to really impress her father. She had been told by a few Magosa Escort guys how great she is at giving head. She started by slowly licking the tip and sides of his dick. She took his dick into her mouth and moving her head up and down each time going about halfway down. Alan told her do deeper. Amanda took him down her throat and gagged a little. Alan moaned and said “mmm that’s my girl.”

He pulled her up and moved her to the side of him. His left hand was on top of her head and his right hand was fingering her. She was already wet from having her father’s dick in her mouth. She enjoyed the way he was fingering her and needed to feel his dick inside her. She pushed her head all the way down one last time before picking her head up. Alan pulled her on top of him and his dick slid in her pussy immediately. Alan moaned and Amanda replied with “oh my god.” She put her hands on his chest and started riding him.

Alan had both of his hands on her tits and was sucking on her nipples. Amanda could feel herself getting close. She said out loud “I’m going to cum.” Alan told her to call him daddy. Amanda replied with “daddy I’m going cum.” Alan grabbed her ass made her ride him harder. Amanda said “fuck daddy I’m cumming” and with that she had one her most intense orgasms. “Holy shit” was all she could say.

Alan flipped her over on her back and got on top of her. He slid his dick inside her and put his hands on her sides. He fucked her hard with the sole intention of making himself cum. Again he told her to call him daddy. “Fuck me daddy” Amanda said as he lifted her legs to get deeper. He was started to breath heavy and felt himself about to cum. Alan pulled out climbed over Amanda. He wrapped his hand around his dick and came on her tits and stomach.

Alan kissed her and told her to get cleaned up as he walked to grab his clothes. Amanda picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower and think about what had just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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