My Wife, the Village Bicycle

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“Another affair? I know that I’ve allowed you to sleep with other men, but this is too much. I feel like I’m married to the village bicycle.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean, everyone gets a ride.”

“Oh, please. I haven’t slept around that much.”

“Seriously? You were fucking other men on our honeymoon.”

“It was just one other man, and you liked it. That well-hung lifeguard from the resort we were staying at in Jamaica. You loved seeing him stretch out my pussy with his huge cock. And you agreed to the whole thing. You said, ‘We’re young and in love, let’s live in the moment.'”

“Yeah, too bad we were so busy living in the moment that we forgot about any protection or birth control. How do you think I felt when you gave birth to a Black baby?”

“Hey, you had your chance to put a baby in me and you missed it. You were so turned on, you could barely stop from cumming before you got in me. Actually, I think you came in your pants several times.”

“Just twice.”

“And the rest of your loads you dumped in my pussy…well, except for the ones that landed on my tits and thighs. Still, it’s not my fault his sperm beat yours to the egg. And think of how I felt when I delivered the baby and it was clearly not my husbands. That was embarrassing.”

“It may have been embarrassing to you, but it was humiliating to me. I could hear everyone whispering about how you had obviously cheated on me.”

“Still, you’ve been a good father to Jaxon. And I did give you a child of your own.”

“Yes, I appreciate you being faithful when we conceived Tabitha.”

“Well, it’s been 18 years now…I have a confession…”

“What? You mean Tabitha isn’t mine either?”

“No, I’m sure she’s yours. Well, 99%. But I wasn’t exactly faithful. I did give a few blowjobs. And do some butt stuff.”


“Look, it was hard making ends meet. We were in our early twenties, you were just getting your career off the ground, and we had bills to pay. How do you think I got the furnace fixed so cheap that one winter? And the new transmission for your car?”

“You’re right. Money was tight for us then. I know you just had our family’s best interests in mind. I suppose I should be grateful you kept your pussy for me in those years.”

“Yep, no one else came in it. Well, unless they wore a condom.”

“I can understand whoring yourself out to make ends meet. But then I got that big promotion after Tabitha was born, and you ended up pregnant by the neighbor. That wasn’t necessary.”

“Well, you were out traveling so much. I was bored at home, with two young children, and horny as hell. What was I supposed to do during naptime? Our next door neighbor was there for me, emotionally and physically. I just couldn’t resist. It’s your fault for neglecting my needs.”

“Okay, okay. I’m just glad I got another job that didn’t require so much travel. I wish I had gotten it sooner, though. You were already pregnant with another of his babies by then. It was pretty humiliating for you to have Irish twins with another man.”

“I thought it wasn’t possible to get pregnant while I was still breastfeeding! I guess I’m just super-fertile. It’s a talent that comes in handy at times.”

“Yes, my brother and his wife did appreciate you being a surrogate mother to their child, but I’m not so sure why he had to fuck you himself. Were the IVF fees really that much?”

“Hey, a penny saved is a penny earned. And I think he really earned his pennies. Only six months of trying every other day, and I was carrying a little nephew for you. And it’s not like there wasn’t anything in it for you. As I recall, we both enjoyed what your brother’s wife could do with her tongue.”

“Yes, that’s true. Although I think you got more enjoyment out of what she could do with her strap-on.”

“Hmmm…I’m not so sure. You seemed to be having fun. Come on, don’t be so coy. You’re not any less of a man because of it. A husband and wife should be open about their needs.”

“Needs? Like you ‘needed’ to be fucked by a groomsman and your friend’s wedding?”

“Yes, I needed that. I needed to have my self-confidence restored. Having five kids took a toll on my body. I went from a size 2 dress to a size 16. And the stretch marks–they showed up everywhere! Not just my belly, but also my boobs, my thighs, even my lower back. Did you know I cried the first time I had to go clothes shopping in the plus-size Didim Escort section? I felt like a ruined woman.”

“I’m sorry, honey. I remember you use to wear all kinds of lacy lingerie, until you had to size up and you only bought plain panties and bras.”

“It was hard finding sexy clothes sized for a larger woman.”

“Is that why we went through that dry spell? We didn’t have sex for over a year.”

“Yes. My libido was just a strong as ever, but I didn’t feel confident enough to dress up sexy or have sex with you. That all changed when my friend invited me to be one of her bridesmaids. Well, at first I felt as self-conscious as ever. I used to be the thin, athletic one of my fiend group, and now I was easily the fattest. Us wearing identical dresses just emphasized how much I had let myself go. And those dresses were perfect for skinny girls, but not flattering for me. The fabric was so clingy and shiny, it emphasized every roll on my big belly. Of course they were sleeveless too, so everyone could see the stretch marks on my thick, flabby upper arms. I’m sure I looked like a beached whale, and I felt absolutely miserable.”

“You didn’t seem miserable at the reception.”

“Well, I had cheered up by then. It all started at the rehearsal, when I noticed one of the groomsmen checking me out. I mean, really gawking, undressing my with his eyes. I was a little offended at first because I felt like he was treating me like a piece of meat. But then I thought, what the hell. At least a piece of meat is desired. I was almost euphoric to know that there was a man who lusted after me.”

“You didn’t tell me any of this at the time.”

“You wouldn’t have understood. Anyway, I will admit I seduced him a bit. All during the rehearsal, I would pat my belly, or try to find an excuse to bend over and show off my fat ass. God, that dress was so tight on me, I’m surprised I didn’t split a seam on it. Oh, yeah, that reminds me, whenever I was within earshot of the groomsmen, I would complain about how tight my clothes were and how I couldn’t wait to get out of them. And during the rehearsal dinner afterwards, I made sure I was seated close to him. He was sitting at the next table over, so we couldn’t really talk, but we could see each other and occasionally overhear snippets of each other’s conversations. When they took my order, I looked straight into his eyes as I asked for two desserts. He probably got blue balls from watching me make a pig of myself that night.”

“So, you didn’t fuck him then?”

“The first night I had met him? No, what kind of girl do you think I am? Actually, don’t answer that. Anyway, I had to get home to you, so there was no chance.”

“I remember. You were up half the night with your vibrator.”

“Yes, I thought I could control myself with masturbation and avoid cheating on you again. Don’t say I never tried to remain faithful to you! But it was all in vain. I think that time with the vibrator only increased my horniness. I didn’t even make it past the reception.”

“I knew something was up when the two of you went to the bathroom together.”

“Yes, he took me into one of the stalls, pulled my XXL panties to my cankles and fucked me up against the wall. It was so dirty and depraved, but it felt so good.”

“I remember you were almost glowing. When you came up holding his hand and told me you wanted to go to the hotel room, you looked so happy I couldn’t say no.”

“Thanks for being such a good sport. And I think you enjoyed watching too.”

“I don’t think so. It was pretty humiliating to watch another man fuck my wife when I hadn’t been intimate with her for a year.”

“Well, the big semen stain on your pants when we were done told another story. I told you that khakis were too casual for a wedding. Maybe if you’d worn darker pants I wouldn’t have found out how much you enjoy seeing me cuckold you. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I suppose you didn’t know what you were getting into when you followed Dave–that’s the groomsman’s name, I didn’t learn it until later–and me into the hotel room.”

“I thought there might be a threesome, not a one-woman fuckfest.”

“Ha! Your fault for just watching and not jumping in. I was so horny by then, I would have fucked every man in the hotel if they had lined up. But what ended up happening was a lot more intimate.”

“Somehow, that made it even more humiliating. Like you might have feelings Didim Escort Bayan for him.”

“Oh, honey, you’ll always be the one I have feelings for. But I’ll never forget the way Dave tenderly kissed me once the door was closed. He ran his hands through my hair and even stroked my blubbery arms. Then he unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor. I felt so exposed, just in my underwear. I felt like he could see everything. How my belly stuck out farther than my boobs and even hung over my pubic region. With anyone else, I would have felt so exposed and humiliated. But Dave looked at me so lustfully, like I was his fertility goddess.”

“I remember. He had a huge bulge in his pants. So did I.”

“Then he took off my bra and held my boobs in his hands, hefting them and feeling their weight. When he dropped them–oh, the feeling of my saggy tits bouncing off my belly and then resting on it. Somehow, it turned me on so much. Everything about my obesity that I found repulsive he somehow turned erotic.”

“I felt the same way. He stroked all of your rolls.”

“Yes, and ran his fingers along all of my stretch marks. My whole body was tingling with anticipation. It felt like an eternity of teasing before he finally took off my panties.”

“I could tell you were getting aroused. There was a spreading damp spot on the crotch of your panties the whole time.”

“It was so sexy, the way he took off my panties. He had to pull the waistband out to accommodate my protruding ass. I felt so special. Like he was undressing me in a very special way that is just for fat, sexy women.”

“Then he tossed me your panties. They smelled so good. I started sucking your juices from the crotch right away.”

“It wasn’t just my juices. There was also a big load of Dave’s cum in there. We fucked in the bathroom, remember? Oh, don’t look so embarrassed. You’ll always be my husband, and I’ll always love you, even if you’re a cum-eating cuckold.”

“I knew I was a cuckold for sure, watching Dave fuck you on the bed.”

“No, Dave fucked me in the bathroom. What we did on the bed was…well, it was more like making love. I remember being on my back, spreading my legs as wide as possible to let him into me. He was making long, deep, slow thrusts and his hands were all over me. We his cock started pumping, I came *so hard*. His cock wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever had–although it was in the top three, definitely bigger than yours–but he just really knew how to please a woman. It felt so good to have him plant his seed in me. I just didn’t want the moment to end.”

“Well, that explains why you were riding his cock just a few minutes later.”

“He made me feel so good, I didn’t have an inhibitions about my body anymore. I didn’t mind that he could see my entire saggy, ruined body. I didn’t mind that he could probably feel my belly resting on him. I just wanted his cock deep inside me, and if that meant making a huge display of my obesity and sexuality, then so be it.”

“I’m so glad that happened. It was hard watching you ride another man’s cock, but it brought us closer together. Now you ride my cock all the time.”

“You like that, don’t you? You like having your wife ride your cock. You like it, even if her body has been forever changed bearing other men’s babies. Oh, honey, you’re hard right now, I can feel it. Try not to cum just yet. I don’t want you to make another mess in your pants.”

“I won’t. I can control myself.”

“Well, you lost control in that hotel room. I remember Dave wanted to fuck me one last time. From behind, he said, so he could watch my fat ass jiggle as he fucked.”

“I remember. I had taken my pants and underwear off after I came in them, hoping they would dry out so we could rejoin the party later. When he started fucking you again, I watched from the side with my cock in hand. With every thrust, ripples traveled through your fat body. It was all too much, and I came again.”

“You came all over me! I didn’t know you could squirt that far. But you got semen in my hair and all over my face. It was sticky and uncomfortable, but getting fucked by Dave felt so good I didn’t want to stop to wipe it off. And Dave has a lot more stamina than you, so it was a good twenty minutes before he finished. All of your semen was practically dried by then. I must have looked like such a mess!”

“You did. I remember gobs of cum leaking out your pussy and getting Escort Didim stuck in your pubic hair. Remember when you used to shave down there?”

“I stopped doing it when I got fat. It was too hard to reach around my belly, and I couldn’t even see what I was doing. I hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s fine. I’ve grown to love your chubby mombod and your fat, hairy mommy pussy.”

“I know you do. You love me so much, you don’t mind that I got knocked up that night and now you have to raise Dave’s child.”

“I still love you, honey. I love you even though you sometimes call out Dave’s name when I fuck you from behind.”

“Oops! What can I say, he pleasured me in a way you haven’t been able to match, and I still think of him when we make love–oh, don’t look hurt. For years, I fantasized and never acted. I only started cheating again recently, in the last year or so.”

“When you fucked our neighbor’s 18 year old son?”

“I was just trying to be nice. He’s so handsome, and I hear he was having a hard time because his girlfriend broke up with him, so I just wanted to cheer him up.”

“Was making him a father part of your plan?”

“No, that was another accident. But we all appreciate you stepping in to raise the child.”

“I feel like you’ve really developed a thing for younger men lately.”

“You mean when I found out I was pregnant and let the neighbor boy and his classmates gangbang me? I told you, there was no harm in that. It’s not like I could get any more pregnant than I was.”

“I just never thought I’d be hosting 10 barely-legal men as they repeatedly fuck my wife on our marital bed. And then you kept hooking up with other young men during the rest of your pregnancy. The local frat house should have just given you a season pass and a copy of the freshman class list.”

“What can I say, I like younger men. Especially virgins. They’re not put off by my belly or anything else. They’re just so horny, they’ll fuck anyone with a big ass and a big pair of tits. And I’ve got some of the biggest around!”

“I thought your little dalliance with the neighbor’s son would be your last, but you’re pregnant again. Who’s the father this time?”

“Well, you know him. And he’s a bit older than my usual man”

“Someone from work?”

“No, all your coworkers only want blowjobs from me. OK, when I said older, he’s not much older. He’s 20…”


“…and he lives in this house…”

“Jaxon? Our son? Your flesh and blood?”

“Yes, Jaxon.”

“You fucked our son? And let him knock you up?”

“Oh, honey. You have no idea how it is. He was getting so much action at college, when he came home for spring break there was no outlet for him. I had to help relieve the tension.”

“I—I can’t believe this–“

“Now, it’s not like you don’t have a little secret of your own.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tabitha. Little, 18-year-old Tabitha. Your only biological daughter. I’ve sure you’ve noticed her strutting around the house in her short skirts, flashing her panties. And when’s the last time you’ve ever see her wear a bra. Not to mention her late nights out, ‘studying’. She’s getting quite a reputation around school. From what I hear, she’s even more promiscuous than her mother. Rumor has it she’s fucked half the boys in her high school, and most of the teachers too.”

“Well, we should get her on the pill before–“

“Too late. She’s already pregnant. And she hides it well around the house, but she’s starting to show. There are rumors around the school. Everyone wants to know who the father is. Could it be someone on the hockey team? Her algebra teacher? Or maybe even her own daddy?”

“What? I—“

“It’s no use denying. Tabitha told me everything. And she’s pretty sure you’re the father. She’s not 100% certain, but the timing suggests it’s you.”

“She was home for winter break when you were on that ski trip, and she just went wild. She was flirting and groping and teasing. I couldn’t resist—“

“That’s OK. I know how alluring she can be. And I forgive you. After all the times I’ve succumbed to temptation, how could I hold it against you?”

“Thank you, honey. I love you. I promise to be your faithful husband from now on.”

“That won’t be necessary. I think we’ve both found that a little extra-marital fun can bring us closer together. As a couple, and now I think as a family. How would you like to watch Tabitha and I eat out each other’s pregnant pussy?”

“I–I would love to watch that.”

“And then you and Jaxon can take turns plugging each of our holes. Oh dear–lost control of yourself again? Try to save some of your semen for us, if you can.”

The End

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