My Wife Leads the Way

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Groping Hands

I have been married for eight years now to Sherrie, who is a short voluptuous well proportioned brunette. She is exudes sex and I always notice guys looking at her. I am 32 years old and she is 30. I myself am on the short and slim side but I am well proportioned and look good. We have two young girls and what would seem the perfect life.

Sherrie has a public relations business and she works out of the house. She does well for herself. I am an engineer and I put in long hours but enjoy my work. Two weeks ago I arrived at the office in the morning to find out that I am being laid off. I wasn’t worried. I had a good reputation and would easily find another job, so I decided to go home and take my wife out to a cafe, since we had not spent much time together lately.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in the door and heard moans from the bedroom. I peaked in and could see Sherrie on her back getting pounded by a big black man! I could see his ass bobbing up and down and the shaft pistoning in and out. I was amazed at how her pink pussy lips stretched and clung to that pole on every outstroke. It was easy to see, for her pure white skin contrasted with his dark black pigmentation. I walked out without making a sound, and went to the neighborhood dive bar alone, rather than to a cafe with Sherrie.

Over a few beers I thought about the situation. I could not blame Sherrie. We had not been having sex more than once a month and that was only when she forced herself upon me. I had always known that I was more attracted to men but could never admit it to myself. I thought of Sherrie almost as a sister. I loved her and shared so much with her but did not feel any strong sexual desire towards her or any woman. I decided to offer Sherrie an amicable divorce. Our relationship was a fraud for both of us.

I walked into our house at 5:30 that afternoon, and Sherrie gave me a kiss and a big smile, stating that I was home early. I told her that we had to talk. I told her what I saw and told her that I was not blaming her. I confessed that I had always been more attracted to men but had never dared to act on my desires before. I told her that she should divorce me and find a husband that would desire her like she deserved to be.

“No way Ricky!” She shouted, “You are not getting off that easy. I love you. You are a great partner and a perfect father to our girls. I will not let your gayness split apart our family.”

“But Sherrie, what we have is not fair to you. I want you to have a man that will hold you with desire!” I replied.

“Sex is important to me a few times a week. But my family and the man that I share everything with and trust completely is important to me all the time.” She explained.

“So what do we do?” I asked.

“We stay married. I help you realize your gay desires and keep on having my quiet flings on the side.” She answered. “We stay married and committed to each other and our family but enjoy other men!

“It just so happens that Jerome, the guy you saw me with this morning, is bisexual.” She went on. “I am sure that would enjoy a double header with both of us!”

I could not believe what she was proposing but it made sense and I did love Sherrie and our family. So I quickly agreed.

Sherrie told me that she was going to call Jerome and set it up. I heard her explain everything to him on the phone and the conversation went on. When she hung up she told me that Jerome and a gay friend of his would come over at ten tonight after the girls were sure to be asleep.

We put the girls to sleep a little after eight and Sherrie naired the hair off my balls and ass and gave my pubes above my cock a nice neat trim. She then showed me how to give myself an enema by giving one to herself. She told me that If I enjoyed getting fucked in that ass half as much as she did then I was in for a yenibosna escort real treat. We then showered together and waited for the men to arrive. I was never more nervous in my whole life.

At ten Jerome and Darold arrived. Sherrie let them in giving Jerome a passionate kiss and shaking Darold’s hand. I then introduced myself and Sherrie brought us beers and poured herself a wine. We sat on the couches and Sherrie explained the whole deal to them. Jerome suggested that we get started and led the way into the bedroom.

As soon as Sherrie locked the bedroom door she said, “Ricky the best way to get a man hard is by sucking his cock. I love doing it!”

With that Jerome stripped and Sherrie got down on her knees in front of him. She motioned for me to come over. I came over and kneeled next to her. She took Jerome’s big balls in her hand and rubbed them softly before taking his cock into her mouth. It was so erotic! My face was only a foot away as I watched her kneading his nuts and bobbing her head in and out on his huge cock!

After a couple of minutes Jerome was totally hard and Sherrie told me to try. I took his nuts in my hands and marveled at how soft but yet firm they were! His cock was already shiny with Sherrie’s saliva and while I studied it I saw a bead of precum ooze out at the tip. Sherrie told me that it was a special treat and that I should suck it in. I leaned forwards and took the head into my mouth licking the bead of precum away from the slit. She was right. It tasted divine! I took more of Jerome’s rod into my mouth and licked the underside. I could not believe how right I felt. Being on my knees with a real man’s big dick in my mouth was more than I could ever have hoped for!

It was rock hard yet velvety soft! I could feel life in Jerome’s cock as I slid more of it into my mouth and worked the underside with my tongue. Soon I felt more precum ooze out and I loved it. It was the taste of a man. I had fantasized about this since I was twelve and now it was happening! I kept working on his cock until I felt the head hit my tonsils and I started gagging.

“Easy does it.” Soothed Sherrie. “I only learned how to deep-throat recently. Just do what feels good. Why don’t you give Jerome back to me and experience with Darold what it feels like to make a dick hard?”

I regretfully released Jerome’s cock and Darold stepped beside him with his soft cock dangling there. I shifted over and took his nutsack in my hand and engulfed his entire cock in my mouth. It was soft like a big noodle and I stroked its underside with my tongue. Next to me Sherrie had Jerome’s cock back in her mouth and she was bobbing away. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that her nose was pressing into his pubic hair every time!

I felt Darold grow in my mouth and the sense of pride that I got from knowing that I was causing his growth was beyond anything that I had ever felt before! I was on my knees making a man’s dick get hard! I knew that I would never be able to give up cocksucking! In no time Darold’s cock was as hard and big as Jerome’s and I could feel the head at the opening of my esophagus. I wanted to please him so bad!

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and just leaned my face in towards his abdomen. I could feel the head stretch my throat opening and go in some! I leaned back and took another deep breath and tried again. I felt it enter and I felt like choking but I fought it and brought my head back. It was the most amazing feeling! I could feel my food tube contracting as his cockhead left! I swallowed the saliva that had gathered in my mouth, messaged the underside of his cock with my tongue and took another deep breath. I brought my head forward more forcefully this time and was rewarded with the feeling of my nose crashing into Darold’s pubic bone!

I zeytinburnu escort felt like I had to choke but concentrated on just holding my breath and the feeling went away. I could feel his wiry pubic hair tickling my cheeks and I knew I had done something good. I could hear Darold announce that I was a natural and I could see the look of amazement in my wife’s eyes as her throat was being stuffed itself!

I felt so much love for Sherrie. It was like we were partners in crime! I reached over and took her hand in mine as I slowly let Darold’s cock slide out of my throat.

I now had a nice rhythm going. I was taking deep breaths and mashing my nose into Darold’s pubic bone as his large cock lodged itself into my throat. I would hold it deep in my throat for as long as I could, luxuriating in the feeling, before I needed air and slowly pulled my head off. I would then concentrate on just the head while I caught my breath and prepared myself for the next impalement.

Soon I had the extra pleasure of Darold grabbing my head as he began facefucking me.

I felt totally used but yet it felt so right! I had to try real hard to time my breathing now. I had lost control of the timing and Darold was in charge! I could feel Darold’s cock tense up and I knew what was coming and I waited for it!

Darold held my head real tight as I felt the swelling of his shaft. Lucky for me he did not hold my throat impaled upon his tool so I was able to savor the godly juice that he so generously deposited in my mouth! I never tasted anything like it before and knew that I would crave cum for the rest of my life. It was a reward for a job well done and I was on cloud nine! I could count the spurts and held the head of his cock and all of his juice in my mouth. I could only take little swallows with his huge head filling my mouth, but when he was finished spewing his seed I removed his cock and swallowed all of his gift down. I looked at his cock as I held it in my hand and could see some more cum oozing out. I quickly inserted his head back into my mouth and sucked everything that he had out. I continued nurturing his cock until it went soft in my mouth.

It was now Jerome’s turn to cum and I could see his ass tense up as he came into my wife’s mouth! She held on to his cheeks and could see her swallowing it down. When she was done she licked her lips and told me how proud she was of me for the amazing blowjob that I gave Darold. She hugged me tightly and I knew that I loved her even though it was a chore to have sex with her.

Sherrie went and got more drinks. When she returned the guys were sitting in bed leaning against the headboard. Sherrie sat between Jerome’s legs and leaned back against him. He put his arms around her cuddling her and nibbled on her ear some. I felt Darold take me by the arm and pull me towards him. So I too sat between his legs and loved it when he put his arms around me and held me tightly.

I was horny as hell and my cock was rock solid. I felt so safe in Darold’s arms. He told me that it was one of the best blowjobs he ever got and that as soon as he was able to he wanted to have my ass! I loved the way that he called me baby and darling when he talked to me. The four of us cuddled that way and made small talk for almost an hour until the guys said that they were ready for round two!

My wife told Darold to take it easy on me since I never had anything in my ass before. She gave him some lube and a small but plug to loosen me up with. I took her lead and leaned over the bed next to her with my feet on the floor and legs spread. Sherrie took my hand and told me to relax. She said that she liked getting her ass fucked as much as her pussy and that everything would be alright.

“Just remember baby that I am right here next to you mecidiyeköy escort getting my ass fucked too!”

I loved her so much and her encouragement helped calm the tension in my stomach. I now felt some cold lube being applied to my ass and could feel the tip of the small but plug on my ass. Soon I felt it sliding inside a little. Darold was taking it slow and pushing it in a little at a time and pulling it back out again. It did not hurt but felt very clinical and cold.

Looking over I saw that jerome lubed up his cock and just shoved it in my wife’s ass. Her face cringed as if it hurt. Jerome just held his cock all the way in and his abdomen mashed against her ass.

“It is a good pain, Honey.” Sherrie told me, “I love that initial deep thrust. It hurts real good and then Jerome holds it deep inside of me while I get used to it. By the time he starts thrusting the pain turns into a divine pleasure!”

By now I could feel the widest part of the plug going past my opening and I soon felt the base resting between my cheeks. The lube had warmed up but it still felt clinical. Darold pulled it in and out a few times and I liked it.

Sherrie was moaning and having a good time with Jerome. He was really working her and I could hear slapping noises when his thighs and abdomen made contact with her full white ass!

Darold had lubed up his cock and I could feel him pressing it against my now empty opening. I felt the pressure and then a searing pain as just the head popped through. I cringed and clenched and tried to squirm away but he had a good hold on my back.

“Don’t worry Sweetie.” Sherrie coached, “Just relax and push out the pain will turn to pleasure soon.”

I did as she suggested and Darold held just the head of his cock in. She was right. After a few seconds the pain went away. I guess Darold could read this in my face for he started pushing in a little. This brought the pain back and Darold stopped. He was good at reading my face and I appreciated him for it. Slowly he worked his cock all the way into my ass and I could feel his pubes being mashed into my cheeks! This was not cold and clinical feeling. I could feel a real live dick filling my hole up. It was warm and hard and big! Darold gave me half a minute to get used to it and slowly removed it until just the head was in. it was the most exquisite feeling ever!

Darold now started building up a rhythm. He went slow for a few more strokes and then slowly started going faster. I was in heaven. Sherrie was holding my hand and I was face down on the bed with a huge cock sliding in and out of my ass! This is where I was meant to be! How could I have put this off for my whole life?

Darold was really slamming into me now and the room was filled with the slapping sounds. Both Sherrie and I were moaning. This was so much better than the good feeling of taking a shit!

Every once in a while Darold would go in really deep and just hold it there, Mashing his abdomen against my ass. This was the absolute best! The feeling of fullness was indescribable!

All good things must come to an ends. After about ten minutes of getting our buts slammes Jerome asked Darold if he was ready. Darold just grunted yes and they both picked up their pace. I could feel Darold’s cock expand and he ground into me and at least seven spurts of his seed jetted deep into my bowels! I felt so proud of myself so accomplished!

As we calmed down my wife asked me, “How was it Honey?”

“Oh it was great Sherrie!” I replied, “I am just sorry that I did not get to taste that load.”

“Have you cum yet?” Sherrie asked.

Surprisingly I had not and answered, “No.”

“Well then I think that I can give you the next best thing.” She stated.

With that She instructed Darold to lay me on my back and to flip my feet over my head. Sherrie then started stroking my cock and sticking a finger down my ass, stroking my prostate. I realized what she wanted and opened my mouth up wide and stuck my tongue out right before I had the best orgasm of my life! All my cum went right onto my tongue and I savored it’s taste before swallowing it down!

We all fell into a deep sleep after that.

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