My Very First Time Pt. 04

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Our meeting night is finally here, after an early dinner I left to pick up up Kevin, driving to the lodge to setup for the meeting. After leaving, once we were far enough away, Kevin moved closer to me and put his hand on my crotch playing with my cock through my pants.

As my cock hardened under his touch he said, “Mmm somebody needs something taken care of.”

“Yes I saved myself all week just for you, no jerking off for me all week,” I said.

Kevin unzipped my pants pulling my cock out, then lowering his head took my cock in his mouth. His began moving up & down as his tongue rolled around my shaft. While sucking me Kevin took his cock out and started stroking himself.

“Oh my that feels so good, suck my cock,” I said as my right hand reached over to his cock pushing his hand aside taking the shaft in my palm.

“Do you want me to jerk you off?” I asked.

“Mmm,” was all he could say as he nodded yes while still sucking my cock.

We were less than 10 minutes from the lodge when Kevin released my cock from his mouth as he said, “I don’t want this little thing to cum yet, I have a surprise for you later.”

Kevin put my cock back in my underwear, zipped my pants up & kissed my cheek, the pulled my hand from his cock putting himself back together.

Once we arrived at the lodge, I went to get the key from the police department where it was kept. We went inside setting up for the meeting, looking at my watch we had a little over an hour until the other members started coming.

“Well Kevin what do you want to do, we have a bit of time?” I asked.

Kevin reached for my hand saying, “come with me,” and he led me to the storeroom where the ceremonial robes are kept.

Dropping his pants, Kevin leaned over a chair his ass sticking up and said, “I told you I had a surprise, I want you to be my 1st, would you like to fuck my ass?”

“Would I yes, yes of course. Did you talk to Manuel about this I assume?” I asked.

“Yes I told him I wanted to do this, he asked about your size and I told him you were small at 4 1/2″ & thin. He said if you lube me up with your spit it should slide in with little to no pain.” he said.

He then spread his cheeks exposing his small tight anus, I bent down sticking my tongue inside his hole.

“Oh that feels so good but please I want your cock inside,” he said.

Spitting on my hand I slathered it in his ass, the spitting again I rubbed it all over my cock. Lubed up I pushed my tip inside him, after pausing for a moment I pushed the entire shaft in.

“Oh my that hurt just a little, now that the pain is gone it feels so good having your cock inside, now fuck me please,” Kevin pled.

Wanting bahçeşehir escort to please him I began pushing my cock in and out of his ass, each time I pulled it out he pushed his ass hard against me trying to hold it in. It’s too bad I held out all week not jerking because I shot my load way to quickly, my cum filled him and it started to pour out running down his thighs.

“Sorry, I guess this turned me on a bit too much, not jerking off all week didn’t help, was it good for you?” I asked as I pulled my cock from his ass.

“It was a bit too quick, but what a great feeling, maybe after the meeting you can take your time and fuck me longer,” he said.

Wiping my cum off himself Kevin & I dressed and got in our robes. Shortly after the first members & adult leaders began coming in.

I tried to get thru the rituals and meeting as quickly as possible, cutting almost a half hour off our normal time. When our meetings are normally over, we usually have a small get together, just donuts & juice or milk, Kevin & I said we needed to get going and left.

There is a place about 2 miles from where we live, they started building a house that never got finished. Walking around there one day I found a path big enough for a car to get in once inside There was a big opening behind the dense woods. You could drive in there, even leave your lights on, and nobody would know you were even there, I drove us there so I could fuck him.

“Wow, I didn’t even know this place existed,” Kevin said.

“Yeah I found it several months ago, never brought anyone here so as far as I know nobody knows about it,” I said.

“Well I guess we can fuck here!” Kevin said.

Getting out I put down the back seat of my dads station wagon so we could lay in the back and said, “Ok our bedroom is ready.”

Without getting out Kevin climbed over the front seat and laid down, “Ok I’m ready,” he said.

Getting in I left the car running, being November it was now cold and I left the heater on.

Kevin & I kissed for a while, as we kissed he pulled his pants & underwear off. I began stroking his cock, as I looked at it I wondered, “could I ever take that 7″ thick cock in my ass?”

Taking my hand from his cock, I took his shaft in my mouth and began fucking my face with it. My mouth kept making a popping sound as his tip flipped out and back in my mouth, my saliva dripping down his shaft.

After around 10 minutes Kevin arched his back and shouted, “I’m going to cum, god make me cum”. Then he shot his load, hot cum shooting down my throat warming my belly as it filled me.

As Kevin’s cock fell from bakırköy escort my mouth, he spun around, leaving over the back of the front seat with his ass in the air, his legs spread showing his dark hole as if begging for me to fill it.

Knowing what he wanted I lubed him with my spit again, my tongue fucking his ass as I tasted his musky man hole.

“Fuck that tongue feels so good, maybe when your done I can show you what a tongue feels like.” he said.

Pulling my tongue out I said, “as long as it’s only your tongue, I don’t think I’m ready for something like that inside me,” as I looked at his cock.

“No just my tongue I want to taste your fuck hole,” he said.

Spitting on my cock to lube it up I said, “I want you to taste mine too, I know yours was so good.”

Standing above him I didn’t go slowly this time as I pushed my shaft as deep as I could and began fucking him. This time I was able to go much longer as it took almost 25 minutes before I shot my cum inside his ass.

After pulling my cock out Kevin bent down and took it inside his mouth saying just before it entered, “I want to taste the flavor of your cum & my ass.”

“Mmm that tastes wonderful,” he said, then told me, “lean over the front seat I want to taste you now.”

Complying I did as he asked, my ass now exposed, Kevin slowly licked my crack from the top all the way to the bottom, pausing for a moment to flick my hole.

“Oh your such a tease,” I said.

Pulling away he said, “is this what you want?” as he drove his tongue into my ass.

While his tongue was inside me, I felt a finger begin to find it’s way inside also. After pausing for a few seconds once fully inserted, he began slowly pushing it in and out finger fucking me. I could feel my ass tighten with each movement he made, finally after relaxing he was able to easily fuck me with it as it slid so much better.

“Kevin fuck that feels so good,” I said as I began stroking my own cock.

After I he began pushing a 2nd finger inside me, I felt a big twinge of pain as the 1st joint began it’s entry and then a bigger pain as the 2nd joint entered. Trying to relax as much as possible the pain subsided and the last bit of his finger slid in.

“Wow that hurt a little but feels so good now,” I said.

With 2 fingers fucking my ass, Kevin with his fore and middle fingers inside me, began pushing his ring finger in also. The pain was intense, without knowing why, I squeezed my ass, almost like trying to crap, then relaxed. Once I did this his finger slid inside now 3 fingers began fucking my ass.

After several minutes of his fingers fucking başakşehir escort me, I said “Kevin please I want to feel your cock in my ass.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes please yes,” I said.

Rising up Kevin spit into his palm then lubed his cock with it. Pushing his tip into my hole his head entered me and he paused. I felt a wave of pain rushing thru my body, I squeezed my ass again and once relaxing his cock slid further inside and he pushed harder until feeling tension as I once again felt pain. Tightening my ass and relaxing one last time his cock slid totally inside me. Pausing for a moment he then started pumping it in and out over and over, my ass pushing hard against his groin with each downstroke.

After what felt like an eternity of ecstasy I felt his warm cum filling my ass, as I squeezed my ass against his cock it began dripping down my thighs. Kevin kept pumping my ass even after his cock shot it’s load, I could feel his shaft getting softer and softer until finally shrinking out of me.

Grabbing some towels we wiped ourselves off, the lay naked together. After a while I checked my watch and saw we still had almost 40 minutes until I needed to get him home.

Reaching up Kevin kissed me then said, “Wow never in my wildest dreams did I think you would be my first boyfriend!”

“If you were to ask me a few months ago that you & I would be doing this I would have told you that you were nuts,” I said.

“So you didn’t say no, are you my boyfriend?” he asked.

“Well I know I love this but I’m not ready to open a closet door or anything yet, but I will say this, I don’t want to be with anyone else I just hope you feel the same,” I said.

“We can be secret boyfriends then, I’m not ready to tell anyone, especially my parents, but I don’t want to be with anyone else either,” he said.

“My parents are going to an out of town wedding next Saturday and won’t be home until later Sunday afternoon. Do you think you can come over maybe stay the night?” I asked.

“I don’t know about overnight, maybe I can tell my parents you’ll be alone and I was staying to keep you company or something,” he said.

“God your 18, why do your parents treat you like a 12 year old?” I asked.

“I’ll try my hardest maybe if I tell them we are working on stuff for the lodge and we’d be late then I can stay,” he said.

We both got dressed, combed our hair and then left to take him home. Before getting to his house I stopped and gave him a kiss then said, “I just wanted to do this before we got there, goodnight see you next Saturday I hope.”

“A pleasant surprise, goodnight yes next Saturday lover, mmm love you,” he said.

As we arrived at his house he left running towards the door, I drove away. When I got home my parents were already in bed, I went to the bathroom washing up then went to bed. Laying in bed I dreamt of Kevin’s cock being inside my ass, as I imagined it I decided to buy myself a dildo so I didn’t have to imagine my ass being filled up.

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