My Two Loves

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The year was 1987, I was 20, and it was January in Grand Rapids Michigan. I had just gotten out of the Army and as soon as I returned home I decided to go to a trade school for electronics. Since it had always been a hobby of mine, I already knew everything that they were going to teach me in that school, I just went in order to get the piece of paper that said that I knew it. I had to live out of my car because my parent’s home was about a two and a half hour drive from the school. So, I went to the classes with the intention of getting my certification and going back home to find a career in computer repair. I never would have guessed that fate would intervene and change all of my well laid plans.

About the third day there I met a couple of young women who would eventually play a very large part in my life, Miranda and Sue Ann. Miranda had dark hair, so dark most people who met her thought that it was dyed, and deep brown eyes. A very shapely girl with 38 DD breasts and standing only five feet, two inches she had distinctive Native American features and an ass that a lot of guys go nuts for. Sue Ann, on the other hand, had dyed blonde hair, and blue eyes, and a nice ass, but she always wore baggy clothes to cover her body, so I couldn’t even guess what her breasts could be like. I also met a young man named Scott that day, the only reason that I mention Scott is because of him, I had quite a few of the best years of my life.

Scott and I would hang out on breaks between classes, and have a smoke together talking about music, motorcycles, and, of course, women. One day, after we had been in school for about three months, Scott mentioned that he had decided to get into Miranda’s pants. I laughed, because I had been becoming friendly, not overly friendly, just friendly, with Miranda and Sue Ann, and I knew he didn’t have a chance. He scowled at me and told me that we could make a bet out of it. If he got in her pants before I did, I owed him $20, if I managed to beat him to her pussy, he would pay me the same amount. I laughed again, and accepted the bet.

I am a firm believer in honesty being the best policy, so, I walked up to Miranda and told her about the bet. She gave me directions to her home and told me to be there Thursday after türbanlı escort school because we didn’t have classes on Friday for Good Friday. I told her that she had a date.

I managed to follow her unusual directions and found the house, and when I knocked, a woman in her late thirties or early forties, wearing a housecoat over her rather obese frame answered the door and asked me in a very rude voice what the hell I wanted! I told her that I was looking for Miranda and that I had a date with her, the woman snorted her disgust and told me that Miranda was over at the babysitter’s picking up her kids. I didn’t even know that Miranda had kids, so I called that surprise number one! I followed the directions given by Miranda’s aunt (the big woman in the flowered housecoat) and found the place in question with no problem.

After arranging for child care for her two kids, I took Miranda out and played the part of the perfect gentleman to a “T”. I then took her to pick up her kids and then back to her aunt’s house. Miranda asked me to stay the night and I, of course agreed. We started making out around 11:00, after she had gotten her babies laid down for the night, and we were in a 69 within an hour after that. I fucked her doggie-style, missionary, and a couple of ways that I would probably hurt my back trying today, and managed to make her climax six times from fucking, and twice from eating her out. She then took control of the situation and proceeded to suck my cock until her alarm clock went off at 8 the next morning. I realize that I should go into more detail about that night, but that night isn’t what this tale is about.

I started seeing Miranda regularly for a couple of months after that night. Scott ended up renigging on the bet, but I actually won anyway. As the summer months began, Miranda and I spent quite a bit of time together, both with and with out her two children. I started falling in love with her and both of her kids were looking at me as their father figure. I didn’t mind one bit. Then came the day that changed my life forever.

Miranda and I took her friend Sue Ann out with us to the state park, and had a great time. Then the two of them took me on some trails in tüyap escort my old beater Chevrolet Chevette. Once they were certain that they had me good and lost and we were far away from any form of civilization, they told me to stop the car. I stopped the car and shut the engine off.

Miranda looked at me and told me that she loved me and that she couldn’t keep it from me any more. She told me that Sue Ann had also fell in love with me during all the time that the three of us had spent together. Then Miranda said, “And Sue Ann and I have been lovers for almost two months now.”

I will tell you, had I not been sitting in that little car, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Every man dreams of it, but very few could actually handle it if it came true in their relationship! I didn’t know what to say, I was hurt, confused, and I suppose a little aroused. I called them a few choice names and told them to get the fuck out of my car! To this day I am so glad that they didn’t. Instead, Miranda leaned over and kissed me deeply on the lips. I felt her hands go around me and let my hands fall around her. Then I felt hands on the button of my jeans!

I kept kissing Miranda because I wanted to see how far this would go, and because I truely didn’t want to loose her. I felt my cock being pulled out of my pants and slowly stroked. Then I felt those hands release me as Miranda reached down to take over pulling on my pud. I felt Sue Ann’s hands between Miranda and I and could tell that she was unbuttoning Miranda’s top. I stopped kissing my lover and watched as she turned and started kissing Sue Ann as Miranda undressed her. When Miranda finally had Sue Ann’s clothes off, I could see that Sue Ann had breasts almost as big as Miranda’s, but she hid them under those baggy clothes. Then Miranda started kissing down Sue Ann’s neck and settled on her right nipple. I continued to watch, stroking myself until Sue Ann grabbed my arm and pulled me into the tangle of bodies so that I was kissing Sue Ann as Miranda sucked her breasts and fingered her pussy. Eventually we realized that we couldn’t do this in the front seat of such a small car, so I grabbed the blanket out of the hatchback and spread it out on tuzla escort the ground. Then the girls decided that this wasn’t how their plan was supposed to go, and told me to lay back and enjoy what they were going to do to me.

I laid back on the blanket and watched the two of them work their way down my body, Miranda on my left and Sue Ann on my right. They kissed down my chest, and each took a nipple in their mouth and sucked on them for a while, the whole time still exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Every once in a while they would stroke my cock or rub my balls as they continued kissing and licking their way down my body. When they reached my cock with their mouths they started sucking my cock together and kissing with my throbbing prick between their lips. Eventually they seemed to forget about my cock and just kissed each other deeply an inch above the head of my manhood. Suddenly, from watching them kiss, I started cumming like crazy! I watched as my cum splattered across their faces and in their hair and then they both cleaned me up with their hungry mouths.

I couldn’t believe that I came that hard, they weren’t even touching my cock at the time! But I was even more amazed that I didn’t go soft after a cum like that. Instead, Miranda climbed on my cock, sinking it into her very wet pussy, while Sue Ann lowered her sweet cunt to my thirsty mouth. I licked and sucked her pussy, trying to do a better job than Miranda must have done over the last couple of months. While I was buried in pussy, I could hear the two of them kissing again while Miranda rode me like never before. Pretty soon, they both came, Miranda on my cock, and Sue Ann into my mouth. Then they switched places, and Sue Ann’s pussy was tighter and I couldn’t keep from coming for very long. Luckily, I didn’t have to, they both joined me in another climax from being so worked up.

After that we all laid there together, watching the sun set and kissing and touching each other. I ended up marrying Miranda, and Sue Ann was always around to spend time with me or Miranda, and I could have either one of them at anytime. This continued for almost ten years, and I could write quite a few stories about the many different things that we tried together over those ten years. Unfortunately, I lost Sue Ann to cancer, and Miranda left me a few years later for her new lesbian lover who didn’t want to have a couple, but I do not regret anything. I will always love both of them, I only wished that I could have married two women whom I loved instead of having to choose one over the other.

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