My own summer

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A celebration of the summer months and hot horny boys who likes to get it up the ass.

Nicholas is 21years old in this..

Dexter(barely mentioned little brother) is 18.


Nicholas was lounging in the sun, loving how the sunrays licked at his heated skin. Allowing himself one day in the scorching hot summer to just linger by the pool area outside his parents mansion, instead of working for his father’s company. And it seemed like he had picked the perfect day indeed. Not a single cloud could be seen on the brilliant blue sky, and to top it all off.. he had the whole mansion to himself for the whole day.

He rose slowly from the sun bed, feeling the world sway as he sat up to take a sip of water. His head was almost boiling from the heat, and he could feel little droplets of sweat running down his chin, chest, abs… making his silken hair cling to his neck, heat radiating from his skin.

He did the only logical thing to do in a situation like this, and took a perfect dive into the cooling water, making ripples dance over the calm teal colored surface. The variations felt heavenly, he could feel how the heat let go of him, the water licking his skin clear of sweat before he broke the surface for air. Allowing a content smile play over his facial features, now that no one was around, before he let his body drift lazily on the surface. Oblivious to the enthralling sight he made as he floated in the water, his perfect pale skin glistening with thousands of little water droplets creating the tiniest river system as they flowed fast back down into the water surrounding his lean, cooling body. His raven hair flowing around him.. almost making a point to the sun by the way it created a dark halo around his handsome face, oh yes. Too many shared that opinion in the city.. Nicholas was indeed a god in human form. At least that’s what most of the young hopeful girls in the little city would answer if you dared to ask.

Little did the girlies know that their god was sunbathing.. only clad in a pair of swim trunks, a pair of clinging swim trunks none the less, revealing a very prominent bulge. Oh yes.. the heat was affecting his young body in the most torturous ways, and Nicholas was just letting himself enjoy the little waves of lust tingling his nerves.

Every now and then he would let a hand travel down the expanse of his torso. Maybe flicking against a hard nipple, or just pinch it between his thumb and forefinger, before he let it caress his taut stomach. Feel how his own muscles rippled under his touch. And when his hand finally reached it’s target, he would groan silently. Appreciating his own touch. After all.. who else knew better how to please his own body than himself?

Nicholas couldn’t think of one other person that could tease him so hard. Besides.. this way, he needn’t think about pleasing another partner. Or.. he could maybe think about the one person who could make him so desperate he would literary cry with need. Mmmyeah. He could, but that person wasn’t here now. So it wasn’t an issue really.

Licking his dry lips he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth before he turned around in the water – taking a dive under the surface one last time as he kicked his way onto the side of the pool, lifting himself up on the ledge in one smooth motion. His hair dripping wet as it plastered itself down his face. Those little fascinating rivers returning on his perfect pale skin, running swiftly down rippling muscles, straining as they lifted his weight back up into the sun. The sunrays licked his skin dry in a matter of minutes as he laid back down on the sun bed. Just enjoying the feeling of being horny and hot while listening to soft summer music. Humming softly Bahçelievler escort bayan over the sound of pool vents, and a lawnmower working on one of the neighbors’ perfect green lawns. Filling the air with the smell of freshly cut grass.

He was so deliciously bored, stuck in that mood, where he didn’t feel like doing anything at all, other than just flicking his hand over his lower regions every now and then, teasing himself.

His dick was aching hard now. Standing proud against the still moist swim trunks. Knowing that no one could see him, he lifted his hips up gently from the sun bed and slipped the trunks off, throwing them somewhere random on the ground. Wrapping his hand around his dick, hissing to the glorious feel of finally having something hot around his member. He had jerked off once already today, but the heat was making his blood run hot through his veins.

Spreading his legs he fondled his balls, kneading them in his hand as he laid his head back and groaned low in his throat. Daring his fingers further back, further down, he breathed in hard as he circled his own entrance, once.. twice, before pressing just his pad inside those constricting muscles.

“MMm.. fuck!” Nicholas licked his lips as he slid further down, spreading his legs even wider for himself. But still…something was missing.

No.. this wouldn’t do.

He needed something more, a little more….spicy. Grinning mischievously to himself he got up and headed for his room. He needed to get some *things* before he continued his little session with himself.

Entering the darkly lit halls he had to squint his eyes into focus. It was almost like there was no light inside at all. The sharp light from the sun making his eyes oversensitive to the shadows swallowing his naked form as he padded towards his bedroom. He needed to get some of his little playthings.

Oh yes.. Nicholas had many toys, in various sizes, colors and shapes. He was really amazed that his mother hadn’t found them yet. He kept them in his top drawer, hidden under only one layer of clutter. Or clutter.. some old books and DVDs, neatly piled on top of his little secrets. But then again, maybe she had found them. Surely she wouldn’t admit to be snooping in his room without permission. Would she?

He knew she snooped..all mothers snoop. That’s what mothers do.

He knew for a fact that Dexter had found them. The memory of finding his little brother in the midst of a self discovery adventure, had been… without a doubt one of the most amusing, and perhaps, in a perverted way.. the most exciting sights Nicholas had ever laid his pitch black eyes on. Ah.. the look Dexter had on his face when he discovered his brother leaning casually against the door frame observing him with a huge black dildo shoved up his virgin pucker had been, indeed, priceless.

Letting his fingers caress his toys, handcuffs, whips, paddles, cock rings and an assorted collection of lubes- his fingertips drifted further over several vibrators; the little red vibrating butt plug..the string of white anal beads, the black butt plug, the red dildo and not to mention one of his favorites, the huge blue dildo that vibrated and rotated. He licked his lips before he picked out a smaller sized butt plug and the blue one, (or Mr. Blue as he mentally called it.) along with a simple silicone based lube. No need to pick out something more extravagant tasting really, since it was only him.

He headed back outside with his choices, a little smile playing on his lips as he hummed along with the music. His heart beat just a little bit faster in his chest now. His dick growing even harder at the thought of masturbating. Masturbating Escort Bahçeşehir while fucking himself with a dildo no less, and doing this outside, by the pool. The hedges around the garden were massive and tall, along with a white wall that surrounded the property to keep unwanted guests out.

But if the neighbor decided to cut the hedges today.. well, he would get one hell of a show.

Getting comfortable in the sun bed again, Nicholas slicked himself with more sunscreen, almost caressing himself as he did so. Making sure not to miss a single spot of perfect alabaster skin. Oh yes. Nicholas was pale as a sheet. Almost sickly so.. and it took nothing at all to get a sunburn. It wasn’t the ideal thing to do for him really, to doze in the sun. His skin never seemed to get a tan, only a little flush if he stayed too long outside.

Nicholas smiled the smallest of smiles before he gently squirted a little pea sized blob of lube onto his fingers, rubbing it between his pads he gently spread his legs, sliding further down, opening his knees.

He could almost taste the anticipation on the back of his tongue as he watched the cold liquid heat up between his fingers. He felt almost giddy, oh yes.. it had been too long since he had had something between his legs. And the little masochist in him looked forward to the sting he knew would come as he pressed in the first butt plug.

A little hiss escaped his lips when he pressed a cold, lubed finger against his anus and pushed gently in. Oh god! He was so hot on the inside. And the way his silken walls gripped his finger. Aw, fuck! How the hell was he going to fit a nine inch dildo? The thought made him gasp slightly before he grabbed the smallest of the two toys he had brought and lavished it with lube before he agonizingly slow pushed it inside. No more preparations..

And yes! Oh fucking yes! There was that sting, that throb that came with being penetrated. So beautiful was the pain he had to bite his bottom lip not to moan out to the world. And then it was over. The wide part of the plug was in and it just sat there. So deliciously jammed against his prostate. It was just barely not long enough to massage that sweet spot directly. But if he moved just like that;- clenching his ass muscles, lifting his hips just a little. He felt it so good anyways.

“MmmM”. Nicholas took a firm grip around his aching dick and jerked a couple of soft jerks. Making a little twisting motion at the top. The dual stimulation felt heavenly. And he arched up slightly before he forced himself to just lay there. Doing nothing at all. Just enjoying the feel of having something up his ass.

He had brought with him a glass of ice water, just something to cool himself down with. His fingers dipping down into the glass before he let ice water run down his body by dragging cold fingers over heated skin. The heat coupled with cold, wet fingers made little goose bumps stand out in their wake.

He was playing with the larger dildo with his left hand, letting his fingers caress the rubber surface, tracing the little silver beads inside the devise. His right hand drifting up and down his sunbathing body. Torturing himself with the lust loaded tendrils sucking his mind into a empty state. All he could think about was the orgasm. Yes.. the orgasm that he was slowly, slowly easing out. And it was going to be a strong one.

He played like this for another twenty minutes, waiting as long as possible before he sat back up to get the larger and slicken it up with the lube. The one inside nudged against his prostate and he found himself moaning as he leaned down to pick up the toy. His thighs were trembling from the strain just to hold back Bakırköy escort his impending orgasm, little devilish spawns coiling in his stomach. Oh god! Maybe he shouldn’t have waited that long?

“Oh! Fuuuuuck! AAH!” The stimulation to his ass and prostate when he pulled the plug out proved that he indeed had teased himself too long as he felt himself convulse uncontrollably. Hot fires making his whole body arch, hot strings of cum shooting out from his dick. He fell back to the sun bed and laid there sprawled for a couple of minutes, feeling a bit angry with himself that he hadn’t been able to hold back.

But he had already decided that he was going to let Mr.Blue help him today and by gods that was what he was going to do. He shook his head slightly and sat up again, before he went over to the icy looking pool, just letting himself drop into the cooling liquid, washing off the cum on his stomach. This day was too hot for his liking. Almost like the world was holding its breath in anticipation for something. Just that silent heat hanging over the little city.

A couple of minutes later he was back on the sun bed, arranging the towel so his naked skin wouldn’t touch the warmed plastic. Mr. Blue in one hand along with the little bottle of lube. At least he was stretched now… so it was really just a couple of minutes now, and he was probably cumming again. He never needed much time when he already had cum one time.

Oh yes.. a little shudder coursed through him when he imagined how divine it was going to feel when he had that long vibrating plastic rod shoved up his ass. It sounded dirty to his mind when he thought about it. So deliciously dirty.. and he loved it!

The barking of a dog and the joyful laughter of kids nearby made him tense for a second, stopping his actions all together. A little whisper of fear making little goose bumps raise little hairs 0n his arms. Smiling to himself he leaned over and turned up the volume on his stereo, shutting of the outside world completely, not caring if he annoyed the neighbors. Better they heard the music than his moaning, right?

Settling as far down as he could while spreading his legs, he lavished the dildo up with lube, before he pressed it against his tight ring. Dipping it teasingly in and out while he used his free hand to caress his nipples, pecks and abs. His fingers drifting slowly down into the moist black trail that travelled from his navel and further down, down into soft curls. He wrapped his fingers around his dick as he arched slightly up to push the toy all the way in. His eyes rolling back into his skull. He was so sensitive from earlier, and this one. Oh god! It reached so perfect, and it felt so, so fucking good. He moaned and pumped himself a couple of times before he started thrusting the toy slowly in and out from his tight hole, ignoring the little stabs of pain. They were subsiding fast enough. And pleasure was building dangerously fast in his stomach. Like a little tight knot, waiting to explode.

He turned on the switch, the little humming and throbbing sounded almost too loud in his ears along with his wild heartbeat. Oh god! It was too much.. every little twirl and swirl from the toy, combined with the steady vibrating burned his prostate. His severe clamping forced the toy to still when he clenched his ass around it, but every time he relaxed it started it’s abuse again, while his hand worked his dick in a steady pace. And in a matter of seconds Nicholas was shouting his orgasm to the world. The name on his lips rolling off into a soft whine as the last little streams of cum left him and he ripped out the toy before he died. Oh yes.. he was sure he almost fucking died.

He was lying there panting hard on the sun bed, his heart beating frantic in his chest, while he tried to collect himself.

He drifted off into a light slumber, knowing he would get a sunburn, but right now- not caring. Endorphins were swallowing his brain, and he had no intention of stopping them.

Oh yes, this was the perfect summer day to be home alone..

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