My Mom Versus My Bully

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All characters are 18 and over.

I knew Mom would overreact when she saw the black eye Seth had given me at the skate park. Being a scrawny and short guy, I got picked on and beaten up a lot. Mom was always the first one to really make me feel inadequate though. I knew how it embarrassed her that her pathetic son was too much of a pussy to defend himself. I knew she wished that I had grown up to be a real man, one who was rugged, strong, and athletic. Unfortunately, I was doomed to spend the rest of my life in lame 120 pound body that topped out at 5’4″.

I snuck in through the front door hoping to avoid her but it was no use. Mom was sitting in the living room reading a magazine. Thankfully, my father was out of town for business for the weekend so I didn’t have to worry about him. My mom was quite an attractive woman for being a 45 year old that had given birth. Her body was still pretty fit and her skin was tanned to a golden brown. She had medium length dirty blonde hair. I saw her eyes dart right to the bruising on the side of my face.

“Billy, what happened?” She demanded to know in a stern voice. Her eyes noticeably changed to convey anger when a few tears started sliding down my face.

“Nothing, Mom. I don’t want to talk about it,” I meekly sqeaked back to her.

“Was it that prick Seth again?” She asked as she raised her voice and stood up. I looked at the ground trying not to let her see me cry and didn’t say anything. “Oh for fuck’s sake! You’re 18. Stop acting like a little wimp! Come on, were going to his house and I’m going to have a talk with that rotten bastard’s mother.” She grabbed my arm and yanked me out the front door. I can’t describe the amount of shame I felt as I reluctantly got into the family minivan.

The drive to the skate park was unbearable. My other source of shame dawned on me now as I realized the kind of clothing my mom was wearing. People always teased me about her and called her a Milf to my face. It made me so uncomfortable to hear those things about the most important woman in my life. Mom had on a pair of skin tight denim jeans and black t-shirt with a deep v-neck. Her breasts may not have been as firm as they were twenty years ago, but her impressive c-cups always drew the stares, whispers, and whistles of all sorts of men. Her shirt was so tight they just looked like a couple of melons hanging off of her petite, 5’3″ frame. The t-shirt also shows a few inches of tanned, freckled cleavage accentuated by her hair resting gently on her shoulders and neck.

The feeling in my stomach got worse as we approached the skate park parking lot. She spotted Seth leaning up against a half-pipe smoking a cigarette. He was wore torn jeans and had his t-shirt draped over his shoulder. I noticed how ripped and muscular he looked and hoped it was no more than an optical illusion caused by the angle of the falling sun. Mom got right up in his face and started cussing him out. It had no effect on him. Seth stood at 6’3′ and towered over her by a foot. He just stood there and stared at my mom’s boobs, occasionally bringing his eyes up to meet hers in an attempt to make it even more obvious. But my mom didn’t scold him for that and the things she proceeded to say about me felt like a blow to the stomach.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size you prick! My son can’t defend himself! You’re so much bigger and stronger than him it isn’t right” My mom’s eyes skimmed Seth’s godlike, chiseled body and she began to lick her lips. She berated him again in a less harsh tone. That was when I noticed the rather large bulge forming in his jeans. There had always been rumors going beşiktaş escort around school that he had the biggest dick in town. It was said to be 9 inches long when hard and six inches around. I was still a virgin at 18 because my scrawny five inch penis just can’t compete when there are dicks like Seth’s out there. Mom’s eyes moved down again and stopped on the bulge as she started to trip and stumble over her words. Finally, she just slapped Seth in the face and walked away. Seth hadn’t uttered a single word to her and yet she got really flustered and started sweating. As soon as we got home I ran upstairs to my room and cried myself to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of the doorbell. I heard my mom answer it and then heard a man’s voice. It was Seth. I recognized his voice instantly and ran to the door to listen. I guess my mom had called Seth’s mom while I was asleep and demanded that he come over to apologize to me, face to face.

“Let’s just get this over with,” I heard Seth say sarcastically. “Where is the little faggot?”

I couldn’t hear what my mom said in return but I soon heard footsteps coming up the stairs. They were definitely headed my way. I couldn’t jump out the window and I couldn’t hide in the closet due to the clutter, so I quickly slid myself under my bed. The door opened and I looked out to see my mother walk in followed by Seth. She had changed from flats to high heels for some reason. Mom started calling my name and wandering around the house looking for me. I gave no response. I was too terrified to move and felt my face swell up once more in shame at my own cowardice.

“I have no idea where the hell he is,” I heard mom say.

“He’s a fucking pussy!” Seth replied, “I don’t care if you’re here or not. I’ll kick the little pussy’s ass again the next time I see him. And cut out all this ‘good mother’ crap. I know why you really invited me over.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about you little shit!” my mother snapped.

“Don’t play dumb with me Mrs. Stevens” Seth moved closer and my mom backed up. Her legs were up against the side of my bed. “I saw the way you were looking me over. I knew I was a legend but I didn’t think everyone in town knew.

“Sh-sh-shut the fuck up you asshole. I-I-I-mmmmmmmm” That was all she could get out. I looked in the mirror on my door and saw Seth’s back with my mother’s arms around him. She slid a hand up under his shirt and rubbed his muscular back as she made out with my bully right in my bedroom. I was so confused and hurt that she didn’t even try to back away and made no effort to protest.

Mom pulled back after a minute or so and confessed to everything. She told Seth all about the other PTA moms who used to gossip about the size of his dong. “May I see it?” Mom asked shyly and nervously. The sound of a zipper lowering struck me like a gunshot. I could see in the mirror that they turned to the side. Seth’s erect penis jutted out and upward like a big, thick tree branch as my mom crouched down to admire it.

“Oh my, Seth!” mom gasped. “That’s so fucking big! It’s at least twice the size of my husband’s!” She grabbed the magnificent member as a shock went through my body. My dick was getting hard. I didn’t want it to, but I couldn’t stop it. My jeans started to feel tighter and tighter. The sight of mom’s small hand, wedding ring and all, sliding up and down Seth’s cock left me barely able to breathe. He moaned loudly and mom scolded him again. “Shhh. My son is probably around.”

“If he comes back, I’ll just kick his ass and throw him out the fucking window!” Seth’s cock looked beşyol escort almost like it was visibly throbbing as my mom’s hand moved a little bit faster.

Mom laughed. “Hahaha, ahhh, I’d like to see that. That little sissy pisses me off sometimes. She stuck her tongue out and started licking the tip. Then she started kissing it all over, right down the shaft then licking her way back up again. She could barely fit her lips around Seth’s penis but still managed to get it pretty deep in her mouth like she was swallowing a sword. I watched in horror, though still hard as a rock, as Seth’s dick got wetter and shinier as my mom slathered it in her saliva. I could see strands of it dripping off and landing in the carpet only a foot in front of me. The slurping noises only made me get harder. Seth helped raise my mom back to her feet and gently pushed her onto my bed. My head was too close to the bottom which slammed down on me under my mother’s weight.

“Seth. Not here,” my mom pleaded. “This is my son’s bed!”

I’m gonna make you forget about your loser son!” Seth pounced and landed lightly on top of my mom. I heard more kissing sounds as they rolled around right above me. I wanted so badly to be able to sneak out and just run away but it looked like I was in for the ride. A couple of minutes later, my mom’s small black t-shirt landed in a heap next to the bed. Part of me wanted to reach out and grab it but I resisted. I looked back at the mirror and saw mom sitting up with her back to Seth. Her bra suddenly went from tight to loose as she effortlessly slid it down her arms and exposed her breasts. They were perfect and natural. Her areolas were kind of big and her nipples stood erect as if they were begging to be sucked on and bitten. Seth fondled my mom’s boobs from behind and she turned her face to meet his as they kissed some more. He quickly pulled his shirt, pants, and underwear off and threw them on my desk. Then he helped Mom get her shoes off, and then her jeans.

I finally gave in when my mom’s black panties landed in front of my face. I reached out for them and pulled them close to my nose. I cried even harder, and experienced the same shame I felt every time I saw my mom’s sexy underwear hanging on the clothesline out back for anyone in the neighborhood to see. I looked back in the mirror. Mom had rolled to her back and Seth had his face between her legs. I was surprised to see my mom’s pussy completely clean shaven. Seth furiously licked and lashed his tongue all over every inch of her vulva and then focused on the clit. Mom moaned and sqealed loudly. She boldly refused to hold anything back. She told him how sexy she thought his muscles were and that she always had a thing for bullies ever since she was a teenager. It is a sad truth that most women will never admit. Nothing turns them on as much as a strong man dominating over a weak one.

Seth’s massive cock was still dripping with my mother’s spit and her pussy was so wet that it effortlessly swallowed his penis as he slid it in. It looked so big I thought it would scramble her insides when Seth started doing her missionary style. They did it slowly for a while then Mom told him to fuck her faster. He did just that. My bed shook and squeaked along with the rhythm of Seth’s thrusting. My hand moved towards my little cock and I started to stroke myself. She told him to fuck her harder. My bed rocked so hard that the head board slammed into the wall due to the action above. Mom started screaming and swearing like I’ve never heard her do before. At one point, the shelf above my desk with all my academic awards beykent escort fell off the wall and came crashing down onto my desk, breaking some of my prized possessions.

I couldn’t believe it. My 18 year old bully was having sex with my mom! In my bed! He fucked her so hard that the mattress even started hitting me again. I tried to suck in my stomach and chest even more. They stopped for a second and quickly got up. Mom got on her knees and laid her upper half on my bed. Seth got behind her and started pounding her doggy style. First, she reached back and grabbed at his thighs as Seth forced her face first into my mattress, then she clutched at the bed sheets draped over the side. I finally gave in to the heat of the moment and came all over my hand and pathetic little dick. It happened when I looked up and had a front row view of Seth’s nutsack slapping back and forth and got an even better view of exactly how much my mom’s pussy was being stretched. After another several minutes of that, Mom screamed that she was cumming and started squirming around so much that Seth seemed to struggle to stay inside.

Mom went on and on about how she had never came so hard in her life, and certainly never with her husband. They didn’t stop there though. Seth mentioned that he likes to finish in cowgirl and then laid back on my bed. Mom straddled him and impaled herself slowly with his thick cock. He fucked her like this for another fifteen minutes at least. I was mesmerized again by the sight in the mirror. I had never seen a woman’s breasts in person before and now I couldn’t take my eyes off my mom’s tits bouncing up and down as she rode Seth hard and fast. Her breasts were wet and looked as if they had been sucked red and licked all over.

Almost an hour after they started, my mom’s sexual encounter with my bully culminated with simultaneous orgasms and she fell forward on top of Seth in exhaustion. They were both drenched in sweat and panted hard as they embraced and kissed some more. As it started getting dark out, Seth and Mom got up and started getting dressed. Panic struck as I remembered that I had Mom’s panties in my hand. She said nothing about the underwear and put her pants on without them. Mom offered to give Seth a ride home and I slid out from my hiding place once I heard the car pull out of the driveway. I looked over at the desk and saw that the fallen shelf had taken out my prized microscope and shattered the glass of some family photos. My bed had a rather large wet spot right in the middle and the sheets were moist with the sweat of the ultimate sexual pleasure. My windows had been open the whole time, allowing the entire neighborhood to easily hear everything.

I heard the minivan pull into the driveway and panicked again. This time I dove into bed without thinking and took refuge in the sweaty sheets. I pretended to sleep while my shirt soaked up the semen and pussy juices. I heard footsteps again right before my bedroom door opened.

“Where were you?” I heard my mother ask. “I was worried.”

I tried to think of an excuse as fast as I could. “I went to the clinic to have them look at my injury. Seth may have fractured my eye socket.”

It almost seemed like my mother was mocking me when she said “awe, poor baby. I know that big strong bully hurt you.” She walked over and tucked me into bed, something she had never done before, and kissed me on the forehead. As she walked out, she abruptly stopped and said, “oh Billy? I think you have something of mine.”

I froze as she extended her hand towards me. The shame came back as I quickly lifted my hand out from under the covers and dropped the black panties that had been my trophy into my mom’s waiting palm. She thanked me and walked out of my room. The last thing she said to me that night was that if I got beaten up again, she would be inviting Seth over for another talk. Suddenly, a brilliant idea sparked in my brain. Fuck the microscope, I need a video camera!

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