My Mom Has No Choice Ch. 07 – Epilogue

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From that day forward, on occasion, when I wanted to have sex with my mom, she would playfully say, “What choice do I have?” When she would protest or put up a fight, I knew it was all part of a game she loved to play, the helpless. submissive victim.

Almost every day after school, I was greeted at the door by my naked mom, on her knees, ready to suck my cock until I came. She loved to call it her, “daily protein shake”. We limited ourselves to having full blown sex when dad was not home. We both would literally count down the days when he would be going on his weeklong meetings. We’d get stoned, which really heightened our senses and the intensity even more.

I did let her continue to see Tom and Jake, the old bastards. On a few occasions, she even invited both of them over so they could double team her. But she had to have the security cam on so I could watch the vid when I got home. We made sure the remote feed was disabled. We didn’t want old dad checking the house when he was away.

I had mom buy a few outfits. A cheerleader outfit, (She tried on Jenny’s, my sister, but it was to tight.), a Catholic girl’s uniform, and, of course, the standard maid costume. She told dad that she wanted to spice up their sex routines. To say the Magosa Escort least, dad loved it. He was a little shocked when she suggested they video their “sessions”, but he went along with it. My dad was not aggressive in bed, which frustrated mom, which was the reason she had sought out Jake and Tom in the first place. And now she had me. She said, the difference between dad and me, dad had sex with her, I fucked her.

When dad was away, Mom and I would watch the vid’s together, almost like a Saturday night at the movies type thing, mutually masturbating each other.

One other little detail, I owned my mom’s ass. She wasn’t allowed to let anyone else fuck her up the ass, that belonged to me. I had a inkling, that she would love to have old Tom, take her butt, his cock was thicker and longer than mine, but that ASS, was mine.

I graduated high school and that last summer, we enjoyed every minute together we could find. The week before I went left for college, dad was away for a couple of nights. I gave my mom a sort of going away present. I invited three of my high school buddies over and as i watched on the security cam in the den, mom had five hours of constant fun. An evening I knew, those guys would Kıbrıs Escort never forget or tell anyone about, because mom got them to do things to each other they’d never want anyone to find out about. Yeah, I captured the whole gang bang.

Going away to college at the end of August we hard on both of us. We managed a long hot, sweaty fuck fest just before I left.

At college, I found older female professors seemed to enjoy a little flirtation and more from a young college boy. What was most satisfying was they really got off on me calling them mommy. A turn on for the both of us and as the story goes, ‘AN EASY “A” for me.

When I went home for Winter and Spring Breaks, my mom couldn’t wait to get me alone and we’d fuck our brains out. One night when dad was asleep, she came into my room and gave me a blow job, as she said to me, she just wanted a “mid-night feed”.

While I was away in college mom likes to say she weaned herself off of old men. Tom and Jake were soon out of the picture. What came into the picture was a stream of young 18-year-old boys. She’d picked them up at an area malls, grocery stores, and parks. Sometimes she’d just fuck them in our van, other times she’d go to an area hotel Lefkoşa Escort and use them there. She’d love calling me and telling me in detail of what they had done. We’d both masturbate while she described the sessions to me. Thus, another first with mom, phone-sex.

When I graduated from college I lived at home for that summer and my moms and mine fuck-fest continued. My dad got me a job at his company and so I got my own place, which gave mom and me plenty of opportunity to play.

At the company I met a sweet young girl, Mary. Mom was jealous of course, but accepted her, since I liked her. Mary did take time away from mom and me being together, another resentment she hid, because she wasn’t exactly ‘faithful’ to me and I don’t mean with just dad, I mean with her continued use of “mall boys” as she called them.

Anyway, Mary and I married, which really put another strain on mom and me getting together. She was also getting up there and found it harder and harder to find young boys to play with. She eventually just gave it up and settled in with dear, good, old dad. I, however, never did turn down a chance to be alone with her and we’d fuck like I was still in high school. And yes, after all these years, my mom’s ass belongs only to me.

Now I have a son, and as he gets older, I wonder if he’ll start looking at his mom, the way I look at mine. And I also wonder, if he ever catches his mother with someone other than me, after giving his mother, my wife, an ultimatum, will think, “My mom has no choice.”


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