My Madchen

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My Madchen is burning white hot with desire yet unquenched. Her mind is racing for a way to quell the inferno in her nether regions. Everyone is asleep as she drifts downstairs to take care of her lustful need. She wants to put in a dirty movie, but on this still and sweltering summer night the windows are open to allow the cool breeze to flow through the house. She dares not to close them and so fears that the sounds emanating from the television will wake the others. Instead she decides to masturbate alone on the couch in the den downstairs. As she slowly begins to rub her long, thin labia she becomes even more aroused. She can feel the creamy lubrication trickle from her vagina down towards her puckered asshole. She pauses to taste this thick goo. The taste is sweet. She savors it making a thin string from her tongue, stretching it a far as she can and watching it glisten in the dim light. My beautiful Madchen then slips her finger inside her aching, wet hole, wishing there was a hard cock on which she could impale herself. For lack of anything larger to plunge into her longing pussy, she adds another digit. Her walls are convulsing in dire need of attention as she fucks herself with her two fingers. An involuntary groan slips from deep within escapes from her lips. She is further aroused by the sounds of her fingers as she forces them in and out of her sex causing the pussy juice to make a lovely sloshing sound. She can feel herself getting even wetter. Her labia have now become engorged, swollen from the attention she is showering upon herself. She manipulates her swollen clitoris with her free hand as she pounds herself skillfully. However satisfying she still longs for a man to replace these two unfulfilling fingers and fill her void completely.

Suddenly she is startled by her phone on the coffee table lighting up next to her left foot where she has placed it in order that she might gain better access to her sex by spreading herself wide. She is disappointed by the interruption, but reluctantly reaches over to grab it and see who dares to disturb her while she jerks her fabulous pussy alone in the dark. She smiles as she reads the name. “Ahhh, Papi,” she says seductively as she answers. She continues to slide a wet finger up and down her sweet pussy as she answers the call.

“Papi,” she says “to what do I owe this honor?”

“Good evening, Mistress,” he answers, “I couldn’t sleep and I thought perhaps some mutual masturbation might do the trick.” She smiles as she feels the thick cream in her gash get thicker still, knowing Papi wants her.

“Well, I’m way ahead of you, Sir. I have my fingers buried in my snatch already.” She teases Escort Bayan him, getting even hotter knowing what this will do to him. The lust he had been suffering from is now intensified knowing his fantasy lover is playing with herself while he talks to her. She decides to tell him what to do while she faps her pussy off. “I want you to grab that thick cock of yours and pull it out for me, Papi.” She grins as she says it knowing she is in complete control of him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replies.

“Now I want you to spit on your hand, Papi and stroke it for me all the while letting me know how much you want to fuck your Mistress.” He quivered hearing those words and his cock was instantly hard. “Is it nice and hard for me, Papi?” she teasingly asks him.

“Yes, Mistress,” is all he can say, but she can hear his breathing intensify. This serves to make her even hotter and she relentlessly finger fucks herself and intermittently slips her two fingers out and slides them up and down her labia only to plunge them back into her steaming wet hole.

“Now listen closely, Papi. I want you to stroke it slowly and talk dirty to Mistress so she can cum. Do you understand?”

“Uh, huh,” was all he could manage to utter. She was furiously fingering her sloppy wet cunt now imagining him pumping his thick shaft as he listened to her masturbating. She was aware of beads of sweat forming on her forehead and the smell of her sex in the air. She stood up and bent over the couch doggy-style and rammed three fingers into herself from behind.

“Fuck me from behind, Papi. Make your Mistress come.”

“Yes, mam” came his reply, “I live to serve you, Mistress. I am standing behind you now meine Madchen.” As he begins his role-play fantasy with her the discharge from her exquisite pussy intensifies causing hot, wet girl cum to run down her legs. It is getting difficult for her to remain in her present position because the pleasure she is giving herself is making her legs shudder and weaken. She is finding it difficult to support herself with one hand and hold the phone between her angelic chin and shoulder. She lowers her shoulders to lean against the back of the couch and drives her thrusting digits further into her twitching cunt moaning into the pillow to stifle her cum. “You feel my fat cock driving into that sweet pussy, Madchen?” He asks her. She is dizzy with pleasure and desire as she starts to approach orgasm. Her eyes are tightly shut and she bites her bottom lip in ecstasy. “I wanna hear you come, little girl.” That did it. When he called her “Little Girl” that sent her over the edge. She felt the waves of orgasm coming over Bayan Escort her. He could hear how close she was and he began to coax her over the edge. “That’s it, little girl, meine favorische Madchen. Fichen sie deine heisse pussy kleine Madchen.” She almost blacked out when he started speaking German to her. She was sure she felt herself squirting from her cumming pussy as she continued to pound her three fingers in and out of her vagina moaning and cumming relentlessly into the pillow. In the midst of her cum she thought she heard the door to the den opening. She was unable to stop mid-orgasm and turn to see if it was true, relishing the combination of orgasm, lust for Papi and the fear of being discovered plunging her fingers deep into herself, fabulous ass displayed for anyone who might enter the room. She was hoping that whoever it was would plunge a hard cock into her replacing her dripping wet fingers allowing her to suck them like a cock while she received the pounding she so desperately craved. Suddenly her fears were realized as she felt her perfect ass being grabbed. She pulled her sloppy wet fingers from her fuck hole and turned to see who had discovered her in her lusty deed. Her eyes having been clenched shut could not focus in the dim light and she strained to discern this hulking form behind her whose hands had not relaxed their grip on her firm ass. Then the figure plunged his face between her flawless ass cheeks and rammed his tongue into her sopping pussy, eagerly lapping up her juices. Though she was unsure whom this stranger was she was again catapulted into heaven by his skillful tongue. Now she felt his thumb upon her clit as her sucked and smacked his lips against her aching, swollen twat.

“Oh my God,” she wailed involuntarily caught in pure ecstasy by the combination of lips and large fingers upon her lady parts. After what seemed like an eternity, he removed his face from her hole and rubbed his hairy, sticky face all around her ass cheeks kissing it and licking her puckered asshole lightly. The stranger whispered to her, careful to disguise his voice.

“Do you know who this is?” She shook her head no furiously in the dark, dizzy from her crippling orgasm and breathing heavily, concerned about whose face had just defiled her juicy pussy.

“Uh, uh,” she managed to utter. He leaned forward until she could smell the scent of her gushing pussy on his breath and spoke into her ear,

“I could eat you with a spoon, little girl.” She would never have believed she could have been any wetter than she already was, but knowing that she was finally going to feel the length of Papi inside her, gushed yet again. Escort He grabbed her shoulders, forcing her into the back of the couch. The sound of her phone falling to the couch and bouncing into the floor, sliding under the couch was momentarily distracting them, but soon forgotten. She uttered the words he had so longed to hear from her sexy lips.

“Fuck me, Papi,” she hissed. He stood behind her and slid the head of his hard, aching cock around her opening teasingly causing her to beg him to put it inside. He lowered it to her clit and flicked it with the tip of his cock. “Oh, my God, Papi. Put it in motherfucker! Now!” He chuckled to himself, finally having her right where he wanted her. Just when she had giving up hope of feeling the pleasure of that big, hard dick in her sloppy wet hole he plunged deep into her with a grunt causing her to collapse in pleasure onto he couch. He lifted her tight ass into the air and drilled her deliberately as far into her as he could go. She gave no resistance as her eyes rolled back into her head. She was unable to speak as her fucked her hard and slow pulling almost all the way out of her causing her pussy lips to grab eagerly onto his shaft not wanting to let go of it. Then he would ram it all the way into her causing the air to be pushed out of her lungs on each thrust. Her head was spinning with pleasure. Though she tried to speak, her words were unintelligible.

She couldn’t remember having ever felt so good before. She held on to the back of the couch and rammed hard into his large cock on every thrust, impaling herself on his cock, her mouth locked gaping open, breathing heavily listening to her pussy being slammed over and over. She removed one hand from the back of the couch and slid it down to her soaking twat to manipulate her clitoris while is generous cock took care of her cunt. They fucked for what seemed like hours. She came several times and had lost count. They didn’t slow their pace until he began to cum. She could tell he was close.

“I want your load, Papi,” she managed between breaths. He pulled his cock out of her, juices dripping from his balls and she spun around to meet him. He jerked his cock furiously and she rubbed her clit not wanting this to end. As he began to cum she feared he would wake everyone up, so she covered his mouth with her pussy soaked hand to stifle his moans. The first shot caught her unexpectedly across her right eye, followed quickly by one that went mostly into her open mouth and ran down her exquisite chin as she attempted to retrieve it with her tongue before it dropped to the floor. After his cock was drained, he grabbed her head and kissed her getting his cum all over his goatee and then he leaned over and whispered into her ear as she was catching her breath.

“Danke shone meine favorische Madchen. Du bist das besten fich.” And with that he slipped out the door leaving her sopping wet and very satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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