My Introduction to Rough Sex

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Mel lived with her husband on a remote acreage. He had a shift work job which often left her alone for long 12 hour stints at a time. He also ignored her needs as a passionate woman and that’s where I came in. We had been meeting together for several months, both happy that we were fulfilling a need with each other’s passions.

Earlier that day Mel was quite to the point with me, when she said she was in the mood, and convinced me that tonight would be a good time to drive out and finally visit her at her country home. Especially since hubby’s was working all night, she needlessly added with smiles.

I left about 8PM, so it was dark as I followed her instructions out a half hour past any major roads. Once I arrived though, I immediately felt the sense of excitement we always shared, but a little more so tonight as the remote space obviously offered us a chance to really let loose. For me, it meant no worries of anyone being “next door”.

Both feeling quite frisky, we started cuddling and kissing, and with little time to waste, I began sliding my hands under her clothes. She stopped me, looked at me with a serious look, and whispered “You can be rough with me”.

Those words still raise the hairs on my neck as I replay them in my mind, and revisit the night that followed. Starting my foray into the world of blind animal passions.

I often wondered later if this was the main reason we met that night at her country farm home, rather than a hotel where we usually would meet. Out here, we were very alone, with nothing around but trees for miles.

A Jet black moonless night, Mel turned off all the lights, and drew her Maltepe Escort curtains closed, which made the room truly pitch black.

She went on to tell me how she would like to be ‘taken’ and basically introduced me to a more ‘rougher’ form of sex. I had generally been a gentleman most all the time, with soft kisses, tender hands, careful penetrations etc.

The immense darkness perhaps added to the fantasy for her, as our time together now turned into a pseudo rape event, with me grabbing her and tearing off her remaining clothes. She was not wearing much but an old oversized T-shirt. I was surprised how exciting it became, and how few inhibitions I had about it.

Now for the first time I was twisting her body around the bed clasping her hands behind her back and forcing myself on her. – However I wanted. It was such a MAJOR turn on to feel that male power inside me released. I wound her t-shirt around her wrists behind her back and forced her head down to me.

I started with a little spanking, back scratching, and quickly caught on to the game that she played. She would hold out her own attentions on me, sucking me for instance, and would only continue in earnest after some hard strokes across her bottom. This was sooo exciting for me, I came in short order in her mouth, (which she always loved). But rather than lull into a period of soft cuddles and warm hugs, I kept the game on with me continuing the lead of this rough play.

Forcing her down onto the bed, where in my state of high arousal, I could bury my face into her warmest and very wet pussy. Not lapping softly around her lips, but hungrily sucking Anadolu Yakası Escort her labia into my mouth, biting them with my lips, and tasting her warm sweet juices, which flowed much more tonight than ever before. I attacked her like this for quite some time, never having been so aggresive in kissing a womans pussy before. She would play the game by pulling away from my mouth’s attention, feigning she didn’t want this to be happening, which brought some immediate spanks from me. This would beat her resistance back letting me continue. In that way she was able to direct some of the rough play, and let me know how much her desires wanted.

Mel also liked to be vocal. Often when we made love in hotel rooms, she would not be shy about moaning loudly, gasping, and shouting out loud. In those settings it was kind of exciting knowing at least one or two people might be listening. In a way it builds a mans excitement, knowing other’s can hear your good accomplishments. But I could never really let go and vocalize myself, thinking about strangers in adjacent rooms.

However tonight at the acreage, it was very different. After devouring her pussy long enough to both drive her to several orgasms and raise my erection back to its needed state, I could tell she was eager for this rough treatment to continue.

Now my slaps on her bottom moved up two levels, just as she crested another orgasm, I rolled her over, and planted several hard SWACKS across both ass cheeks. I was at first shocked at how loud her screaming became, I almost relented. But I could also tell by her panting with such passion that she was İstanbul Escort so enjoying this painful spanking, perhaps even magnifying her latest orgasm further than I could have with my fingers or tongue alone. I alternated between thrusting two fingers quickly and deeply into her, and rolling her over for another few hard spanks. Having only sounds to go by, and the feel of her under me, added to the fun.

But the best part of the night followed next, when I finally mounted her to fuck her, rolling her onto her side, straddling her leg, and grasping her firmly so I could dive balls deep into her very wet pussy. Hugging her one raised leg tightly against my chest I could easily control her whole body by lifting her to me, as much as I was reaching with my hips to her. Her whole body just went limp in my arms, as she completely released herself to my control.

Her screams became so loud it aroused me in all new ways. Partly knowing how safe we were in this distant local, and for the first time, truly ravishing a woman who was clearly enjoying every hard thrust, and spank I dished out. It was a mind blowing experience – for the first time I also dropped my inhibitions. Screaming and shouting obscenities at her at the top of my lungs matching her erotic energy with my own.

It was one of the most sexy, erotic fucks ever for me. Holding her tightly, my free hand continued to spank her ass as she laid sideways under me. The pitch black room added a sensory deprivation feeling heightening both our passions. The whole house must have echoed with both her painful shrieks of pleasure and pain, and my own loud shouting and grunting. All of this compounded me on to faster and harder thrusts and spanks.

I don’t actually remember my own orgasm that night, but the sounds which filled my head, and the feelings in my hands sure embedded well enough in my memory. Which I continue to enjoy to this day.

Thank you M.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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