My First Hrs. At The Awakening

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Mass Gyrb

It started with a telephone call, a couple of weeks ago, one of my former girlfriends called Christine, inviting me to her birthday party. I had nothing else planned for the evening, and accepted the invitation.

When I walked into the venue, an upstairs room at a local pub, Christine was leaning on the bar, ordering drinks. She was wearing a very short, mini skirt, her long shapely legs were parted, and her J. Lo like arse, was pushed back, Christine, was on the pull.

I moved behind her and rubbed my groin against her firm round arse. Christine didn’t flinch when I cradled her large breasts in my hands and gently squeezed them. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her hard nipples were straining against her thin silk blouse. “Hello Craig.” she said, without looking round. “Still can’t resist a quick feel of my tits and you got to look at yourself in the mirror how good that was, can I get you a drink?”

I replied that as it was her birthday, I would pay for the drinks. Christine turned round gave me a hug, and kissed my cheek. “It’s going to cost you, I’m buying a round for that lot; I think you’ll know most of them?” Christine pointed, to five of my former girlfriends, standing around a tall table, full of empty glasses.

“Oh fuck, how many are here?” I enquired.

“Six counting me, all your conquests over the last couple of years, I think?” Christine laughed and waved to the girls. As one, my former girlfriends smiled, and pointed to their empty glasses.

I paid for the drinks and picked up the tray, Christine guided me through the crowded room to join my ex girlfriends. I asked Christine; “This is supposed to be your birthday bash, not mine, whose idea was this?”

The girls began to chide me. “He’s not pleased to see us.” Said Pat a small redhead, with small pointy tits.

“I can’t imagine why.” Gillian, a posh willowy blonde, who’d turn up at the opening of a fag packet replied.

“He’s terrified we’ve been taking about him.” Andrea a big busted brunette, who could fuck for Great Britain, chimed in.

“He’s so vain he knows that we’ve been talking about him.” Christine with the long legs, big tits and J. Lo arse replied.

All of them started to point at me, and sing. “You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you.” The singing stopped when they all burst into fits of laughter. Taking turns, they all gave me an affectionate hug, and a kiss, and told me they were sorry. They just couldn’t resist the opportunity to embarrass me.

The whole pub, many of them my mates, were cheering and clapping the girl’s impromptu performance. “You can’t all want a shag, so what’s brought you lot together?”

“We do have something in common besides you.” Replied Lola, the ex-girlfriend I’d dumped, about two months ago.

“And that is?”

“The Awakening, you really ought to go, it would be good for you.” Lola replied.

The girls all chattered away telling me about, The Awakening, how fantastic it was, in reality they told me nothing. Only that it took place from Friday to Sunday, it was great fun, and they’d all enjoyed it; “But exactly what is it, and what did you do for three days?”

None of them would tell me anything only that I had to go and find out for myself. Later in the evening Christine led me to an empty room in the pub. She gave me a card, with a telephone number on it, and told me reserve a place at the next Session.

I put the card in my pocket, and went back to the bar a little disappointed. I thought I had been taken to the room, to give Christine one. I walked back to the bar and ordered a drink, still a bit pissed off. I hadn’t got to shag Christine.

Just when I was thinking the whole evening, was a total washout, a very pretty, tiny Asian girl came to join me at the bar. “You’re Craig aren’t you, I’m Aisha, and I quite fancy you.”

“Well that’s a great start, because I really fancy you.” I looked her up and down.

“Happy, like what you see, have you seen enough?” Aisha enquired, smiling sweetly, and holding her arms out so I could check her out.

“Yes, Yes and No, in that order” I replied. “Yes I’m happy, yes I like what I see, and no I haven’t seen enough, not nearly enough.”

“You put it about a bit don’t you, have you fucked them all?” Aisha was nodding her head, at my ex’s standing together at the other end of the bar.

“Yes but not recently why; Do you fancy a fuck? They won’t mind.

“I admit, I was thinking about it, but I haven’t quite made up my mind.” Aisha smiled broadly.

“If I told you, that I’m pretty good in the sack would that swing it?”

Aisha, who hadn’t taken her eyes from mine, laughed and was first to break eye contact. She stopped laughing; resumed eye contact, and announced; “Ok you’ve got the gig; your place is nice I hear. My dad and brothers would kill me, if I took a white guy home.”

Aisha took hold of my hand, and almost dragged me to the exit. I saw her furtively nod and smile, in the direction gaziantep escort bayan of my ex girlfriends. When we entered the car park, Aisha walked straight to my Audi A4 and waited for me to open the door. She knew it was my car. I couldn’t work out how she knew.

I climbed behind the wheel and started the car. As soon as I started to drive, Aisha undid the zip on my jeans reached in and prized my semi stiff cock free; “Not bad, not bad at all.”

She popped it into her mouth and easing my foreskin back, circled the head of my cock with her fluttering tongue. My cock grew harder and longer in her mouth, Aisha was no stranger to sucking cock’s; “Are we going far?” She enquired, before plunging my cock back into her expert mouth.

“Round the world, suit you?”

“Oh yes please, I’d like that very much.” Aisha giggled, before she resumed sucking my cock with gusto.

I announced our arrival at my place, to the back of Aisha’s bobbing head, as I parked the Audi in the underground car park of the block of flats that I lived in; “Oh that’s a shame I thought you’d come in my mouth, before we arrived.” Aisha roughly stuffed my stiff wet cock, back into my jeans.

We walked hand in hand, and entered the basement lift. The second I pressed the button, to take the lift to my penthouse apartment. Aisha pushed me against the rear wall, took out my cock and popped it back into her delicious mouth. “You do know, that there’s a surveillance camera in this lift?” I enquired, groaning as she toyed with the head of my cock. Her capable tongue flitted over it and scooped up the pre cum, oozing out.

“Yes I checked if your security man is watching I bet he’s jerking off. If not, he’ll do it later, when he reviews the tapes. They all do that, you know?”

“Yes” I managed to gasp, my cock stated to throb and my balls twitched, I was going to come any second.

Aisha looked up; “You are going to come in my mouth, aren’t you? I’d be so disappointed, if you didn’t, so would the security man.”

Aisha turned sideways, raised her head to the camera as she thrust my jerking cock back into her mouth. She waved to the camera, and pointed to my cock. My body jerked as my first jet of come spurted into her delicious mouth. Aisha plucked my cock from her mouth, and pumped it furiously in her tiny hand, aiming it straight at her face. Several more jets of semen shot from my cock and coated her pretty face; “Yes, Yes, Yes.” Aisha cried out triumphantly, she raised her come spattered face to the camera shouting; “I hope you were watching, Mr. Security man.”

Aisha was laughing at the camera as she wiped the come from her face with her fingers, and popped them into her mouth. “God that was fun, did you enjoy it?” she asked, grinning up at me.

“Ye, but I’m trying to figure out, if that was for your benefit, mine, or the security man’s?” Aisha was quite the exhibitionist.

“What does it matter, everybody wins? You came in my mouth and I loved it. Thank you. The security man probably got his rocks off too.”

The lift stopped, I placed my card in the slot to open the doors into the reception area of my apartment. The first thing Aisha saw, when the doors opened, was my gleaming yellow Harley Davidson, leaning on its stand. She ran out, and jumped astride it, shouting out “Christ almighty. Sorry, you’re not a Christian are you? You have a Harley parked in your lounge, how flash is that. Will you fuck me on it?”

Aisha was bouncing her arse up and down on the huge leather saddle. I picked up a remote control from the telephone table. “Open the curtains, switch the Sterio on and turn the lighting down, its too bright.”

Aisha made revving sounds, and bounced her pert little arse on the saddle of my bike. Her mini dress rode up to her hips to reveal her naked cunt, and its smooth wet outer lips.

What the hell was going on here; Aisha had known what car I drove, and new about the remote, that controlled almost everything in my flat. I also remembered she had nodded, at my ex girlfriends, as we left the pub. If this was a set up, it had been an enjoyable one thus far. I resolved to let things ride, and see where this went.

I asked Aisha if she wanted a drink, she nodded, and asked what I had. I pressed a button on the remote, the bookcase slid back, to reveal the fully stocked bar. Aisha clapped her hands with glee, jumped from the Harley and ran over to the bar asking; “Are you a fucking Millionaire? You must be you own an Audi, the Harley and this bachelor pad. Does that thing, do anything else?” She pointed to the remote in my hand.

“Well the showers running, what temperature would you like the water?”

“Which one’s the bathroom?” Aisha asked excitedly.

I pointed out the door to the bathroom Aisha grabbed the hem of her mini dress, tugged it over her head, and threw it on the floor. Once she had kicked off her shoes, Aisha was stark naked, and ran into the bathroom, shrieking in delight. She emerged seconds, later dripping wet, and stood in a pool of water that was dripping from her naked body; “The water just cascades out of the wall, its like a waterfall, are you coming?” Aisha asked, before she ran back into the bathroom.

I took a minute I could hear Aisha splashing about under the hot water. She was of India or Pakistan origin and extremely pretty, she had a dusky skin, thick short dark hair, and large dark brown eyes. Early twenties I thought, but she was so petite, it was difficult to estimate her age accurately.

Aisha was no more than 5-00 tall, very slender, with very small firm tits, her tiny nipples were set in equally small dark aureoles, her cunt was smooth and totally bald. Everything about her was tiny, but perfectly proportioned she was a beautiful woman in miniature.

My cock began to rise, as I thought about her tiny body. I undressed quickly dropping my clothes on the floor and went to join Aisha, frolicking under the shower; “Let me wash you, you’ll enjoy it I promise.” Aisha said she pulled me under the water by tugging on my stiff cock.

Aisha soaped, every inch of our bodies then she grabbed me around the neck and pulled my mouth down onto hers. Her tongue was like a little snake, as it darted expertly around my mouth. Aisha slid her soapy body against mine, grinding her tiny tits into my chest, then my groin. Then she slid up and down my torso and back. When she slid down my leg, she parted her thighs and gripped mine,sliding her slippery gaping cunt slowly up and down my legs.

While Aisha pleasured herself on my leg, she was massaging the head and shaft of my soapy cock, in her tiny hand. Her other hand, slid between my buttocks, she plunged a finger into my arse and probed it. Aisha knew exactly, what she was doing to me. I thought my head was going to explode, when her finger located and started to gently massage my prostrate gland. My legs almost buckled, and my hips jerked forward involuntarily.

My whole body started to shake and I groaned loudly. The feelings ripping through me were new and exquisite, Aisha, withdrew her finger from my ass seconds before I came. I was gasping for air when she pulled my head down and kissed me. She was looking up at me excitedly; “None of your ex-girlfriends ever did that to you, did they?”

I couldn’t speak I just shook my head, looking down at Aisha’s tiny soapy body. I could see her breathing become ever more rapid, as her own orgasm built. When the dam finally broke, she slithered rapidly up and down my thigh pressing her gaping cunt harder onto it. She pushed me back under the hot water, gripped my stiff cock in her tiny hand and pumped it furiously. Finally she screamed; “I’m coming, oh my god, isn’t this is wonderful.”

When Aisha’s orgasm arrived, her body started to tremble, her knees gave way and she slid down my leg, almost to the floor. She let loose her grip on my cock, grabbed me tightly around my waist for support, until the tremors in her cunt subsided. When they had, she kissed me fiercely and asked; “When you’ve dried me off, will you fuck me on the Harley? That would be really be something.”

I stepped from the shower, turned the water off and wrapped Aisha in a bath sheet, the soft white sheet look huge, and enveloped her delicate dusky frame. First I dried her thick black hair, face and shoulders. Then I started to vigorously rub the towel over her tiny tits and hard nipples. Aisha closed her eyes, sucked in air and groaned she loved it.

I dried her flat stomach and slender hips, Aisha squirmed like a slippery eel, trying to manoeuvre her tiny cunt under the towel. I saw her stomach muscles tense each time the towel neared her pulsing cunt. I teased her by stopping just when she thought I was going to rub it.

I moved around to Aisha’s back rubbing hard before I descended to her firm round arse. I was careful to avoid any contact, with the purple wrinkled rose of her firm little arse. Aisha’s scream of frustration echoed through the bathroom; “You’re a total bastard Craig, you’re teasing me. You know that I’m desperate for you to dry my cunt and arse, and you’re not. Rub it hard, and do it now.” She demanded

I stepped behind Aisha, and she pressed her firm little ass, onto my rampant cock as I started to rub her cunt with the towel. She parted her legs allowing access to her open slit and little pink clit, my stiff cock sprang up between her legs. Reaching back, Aisha grabbed the bulbous head of my cock, and rubbed it against the tiny rose of her arse, wriggling and pushing her arse back onto my cock as she stimulated its dark rose.

I rubbed the towel between the lips of Aisha’s gaping cunt and over her stiff little pink clit. Her body immediately stiffened, her head rolled from side to side, she started to tremble and groan throatily.

Aisha stopped rubbing the head of my cock over her arse instead she pressed it against the entrance. I could feel the tiny rose of her lovely little arse twitching,inviting my cock to enter it. Aisha’s slender legs began to tremble as her orgasm swept through her. Quickly I thrust the bulbous head of my cock, into her tight arsehole.

Aisha screamed in pain, and her body twitched and shook when she first felt the pleasure and pain combination that resulted from having the large head of my cock jammed into her tight little arse.

I dropped the towel and began to stimulate her wet slit and hard clitoris vigorously with my fingers, strumming it like I would a guitar. Aisha came in seconds her warm fluids spurted from her cunt onto my already slippery fingers.

She crossed her legs, and clenched her buttocks her tiny arse-hole gripped the head of my cock even tighter. The pressure her arse exerted on my cock was extreme, and quite painful. Aisha moaned and thrashed about, her arse still impaled on the head of my cock, she clenched her bottom lip between her white teeth. Her body trembled for almost half a minute, as she fought to prolong her orgasm. I was never more pleased, when she released her grip on my aching cock, and finally allowed it to pop out of her tight arse.

Aisha was ecstatic she leapt upon me, throwing her arms around my neck, and locking her legs tightly around my waist and kissing me repeatedly as she thanked me; “I just kept coming and coming, I couldn’t stop. It was like having hundreds of little electric shocks shooting through me. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.”

She leaned her upper body back, looked into my eyes and announced “And you didn’t come in my arse, I was certain you would and I wanted you to, so bad. Now will you fuck me on the Harley?”

I picked up a dry bath sheet, and wrapped it around Aisha’s tiny frame tightly. I picked her up in my arms, realising that she weighed nothing. I carried her into the lounge, and put her down on her feet, telling her, I’d have to put the bike on the stand, or it would fall over as soon as we started fucking.

When I put the Harley on its stand, Aisha leapt onto it, squealing dementedly. First she sat side saddle and opened her legs fingering her tiny wet cunt. Then she laid out full length, with her tits crushed onto the petrol tank. Her dusky body contrasting as it did with the bright yellow and chrome of the Harley, gave me an idea: “Would you like me to take some photographs of you on the bike?”

Aisha frowned, and shook her head, but after a few seconds thought, she told me; “I wanted you to fuck me, not photograph me on it, what will you do with the photographs?”

“I’d get one blown up life-size, frame it and put it on that wall. You can look at the shots, and if you don’t like them, delete them.”

“I’m already on video sucking your cock in the lift. So let’s go for it, get your camera.” Aisha was smiling as she adopted her first demure pose.

I am a keen amateur photographer and always have my camera handy I grabbed it and pointed it at Aisha’s naked tiny frame, the huge Yellow Harley, dwarfed her, and made her look vulnerable. Aisha didn’t need instructions, as she posed in a variety of positions. Some were very erotic, and others pornographic, she was clearly enjoying herself.

Aisha was a exhibitionist, and the camera loved her, I walked around the bike, my camera clicking and flashing. She draped herself on the tank of Harley back on the tank, with her legs dangling down either side of the bike I walked around her taking photographs from every angle. I could see her small breasts were heaving, her nipples were hard and her cunt juices were leaking onto the shiny leather saddle.

I put the camera down and straddled the bike, lifted Aisha’s legs onto my shoulders and slid my throbbing cock deep inside her soppy tight cunt. Aisha raised her head and smiled at me as I looked down at her fragile slender body and small tits: “Your cock is a really tight fit my cunt feels so full, it’s tingling like mad. Rub my clit and nipples like you did in the shower, I loved that, I’ll come in seconds.”

Slowly I pressed my cock deeper into Aisha very tight little cunt then slid it out feeling her cunt gripping it, fighting to keep it inside her. I saw the shaft then the head of my cock beginning to slowly emerge from the gaping and glistening lips of her tight little cunt. I reached down and wet my thumb with her juices and slowly, I rolled her clit under my thumb. I did the same thing to her tiny tits and small hard nipples. “Do that faster and harder? I’m going to come.”

I could see the muscles in Aisha’s lower abdomen tighten and ripple, then she groaned, and threw her head from side to side as her orgasm ripped through her. Aisha held her breath, she was desperately trying to hold back the orgasm reverberating deep inside her cunt. I could feel the throbbing begin, the inner walls of her cunt gripped my cock as it slid slowly in out.

Her tight cunt pushed me over the edge, my balls shot up into my body, and my semen jetted into her. I thrust my throbbing cock deep into her cunt and coated her insides with my sticky warm come. Aisha arched her back and screamed loudly when she felt my semen gushing into her.

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