My First Catch in a Chat Room

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May 10, 2002. A day that will live in infamy in my mind. My first sexual encounter with a man I met online not even a week ago.

This isn’t just your typical online sexual encounter…it is also the first time I was able to snag a police officer who was willing to fulfill my biggest desire-to seduce me while he was still wearing his uniform.

According to the conversations we have been having online all week long, he is 35 years old, never married, and a cop in a town about 40 minutes from me. At first, when he told me he was single, with no kids and not married, my radar went off. Most men on the Internet will lie about their marital status in order to meet women. However, the longer we talk, the more convinced I am that he is not full of it. I weave my usual web of questions, paying close attention to his answers and trying to trip him up in a lie. Either he is telling the truth, or he is a very smooth operator. Not that it really matters; I’m looking for a fling, not a steady boyfriend. When I make a flippant comment about him doing me while still in uniform, he thinks it’s a good idea. I don’t need to tell you that my heart literally skipped a beat.

I am now waiting in my car at our agreed location, a large shopping center at the corner of a major intersection, wearing a smart black dress, black pumps, and my makeup and hair is perfect. My palms are sweating as I nervously take a drag off my cigarette while I wait for my knight in blue polyester. When I see the late model car pull up next to me, I take a breath and look at the driver. He looks exactly like the picture he sent me; medium build, moustache, high and tight buzzed haircut. He is also wearing a pair of mirror sunglasses. He definitely has that ‘cop’ look. I am in heaven.

I get in the passenger seat, tilt my head down, and look at him seductively over the rim of my purple sunglasses. He is staring at me, complementing me on how beautiful I am and the picture I sent him doesn?t do me justice. I give him one of my best smiles, observing my reflection in his sunglasses. I tell him how I cannot wait to get to the motel and let him have his way with me. This is all Uşak Escort he needs to hear, and he floors the accelerator.

We pull up to the Motel about 10 minutes away, and after he finds a parking spot near the building, we exit the car. Now I can get a better look at him as he is standing, and I like what I see even more. He has my idea of a perfect body for a man; not too thin and not too heavy. He has a slight stomach, which is fine with me. Men with love handles seem to lock into position better with me during sex. Skinny guys leave bruises on the inside of my thighs with their hip bones.

He grabs a duffel bag from the trunk, which contains his uniform, and we walk into the lobby. He pays for the room with a credit card and then leads me down the hall.

I sit on the bed as he puts his uniform on in the bathroom. I am shaking with anticipation, and with every ‘click, snap, click, snap’ I hear coming from the bathroom as he assembles himself, I feel myself getting wetter. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and cannot believe it will finally happen.

When he exits the bathroom, I am like a bull pawing the ground at the sight of the handsome man in the blue uniform. I crawl across the bed like a panther, my blue gaze fixed on his hazel one. He reaches out to me, and in one swift motion, he pulls me up against his strong body, his gaze never leaving mine.

“God, you are just so beautiful.” He whispers, his hands traveling down my back to my ass. His touch is electric, and shivers travel down my spine to follow the movement of his touch. I reach up slowly with one hand and gently trace the edge of his moustache with one finger, and I can almost feel each individual hair, like a thousand fire tipped needles against my fingertip. He lets out an animalistic groan as he closes the small space between our lips, pressing his hot mouth against mine. His tongue is gently searching my mouth, his moustache scraping against my delicate upper lip and leaving a delightful sting.

“I love the way you look in your uniform,” I murmur in between his kisses. “I get hot just looking at you in it. Please, Uşak Escort Bayan make love to me.”

“I intend to.” He whispers to me as he takes my hand and presses it against the swelling in the front of his pants. I can feel how hard and ready he is, and as I gently trace the outline of his manhood with my finger, I can feel him get even more excited; he is saluting me.

I slowly unsnap the keepers on his duty belt, the soft ‘snap’ sounding like a firecracker to my ears. Having him wear the belt while fucking me seems much more appealing, but I realize that the belt is too awkward and will hinder our pleasure. Regretfully, I undo the last keeper on the belt, and after a moment it falls to the floor.

He pushes me back on the bed with one hand, while the other hand moves in between my legs, traveling up from my knee, over the inside of my thighs, to my center, which is aching for his touch. As he slips one finger inside me I arch my back and take a sharp breath, scooting myself further down the bed so I can take as much of his finger into me as I can. He lowers his head, and I can feel his hot breath on my clit as his finger quickens its rhythm inside me. I let out an erotic moan, and gently grab the back of his head, pressing his face against my heat. His tongue is like a butterfly’s wings against me now, and I can feel a quickening in my abdomen as my PC muscle tightens on the brink of an orgasm. He senses this, and withdraws his finger from me. I am at the edge of the cliff of ecstasy, and he stops just in time.

His breathing is heavy as he unzips his pants, his gaze moving from between my open thighs to my half-closed eyes. I unbutton the top half of my dress, exposing my breasts to him. My nipples are erect with excitement as I roll them between my fingers for him. Watching me do this drives him crazy, and now he is hastily unwrapping a condom, as if playing a game of beat the clock.

After he loses his grip on the packaged condom for the third time, I take it from him and sit up. He is on his knees on the bed, his pants unzipped and pulled down to mid-thigh. His manhood, which is impressive, Escort Uşak stands out straight in anticipation of what’s to come.

He is watching me intently, as I tear open the package and toss it to the ground. I roll the condom onto him, taking my time so he can savor the anticipation. He is sweating now, and his body is shaking slightly as I push him down onto the bed and straddle him. I am surprised at my own aggressiveness, but I am not stopping. It feels way too good.

As I lean over him, my breasts brushing his chest, I take him firmly into my hand and guide him inside of me. I resist the temptation to take his entire length at once; instead, I stop moving when I feel just the tip of him spear my pulsing heat. He cries out my name, and mutters to no one in particular, ‘ohgod ohgod ohfuck, you feel so good, so hot and wet.’ He cannot stand the anticipation, and grabs my ass with both hands as he violently pushes me down on him, and I gasp at the delightful feeling of his steel inside of me. I ride him shamelessly like a rodeo bronco, all of my inhibitions are put aside and the only thing I can think of is how good it feels. I let my pleasures be known at the top of my lungs, and I’m sure the people in the next room can hear it.

The sound of my cries brings him to the edge, and I feel him raise his hips off the mattress to meet my rhythm. I tighten around him as I near the brink of orgasm again, and my position on him is perfect. I can feel him stiff against my G-spot, rubbing against it with every thrust. Up until this day I never knew the G-spot actually existed, but now I do. As he gets ready to come, I feel him get even more erect, which helps him reach that tender spot even better. With a final thrust I feel myself let go, the release coming long and hard, in waves like that of a violent ocean. The room goes dim for a moment, and all I can think about is how good it feels. He follows my lead, pushing up against me and letting out a soft cry as his release comes. The pulsing of his cock as he pushes deep inside of me brings on another spasm and this time I rock back and forth on top of him, milking him for every last pleasure

We lay quietly next to each other in the darkness, him still trying to catch his breath, and me still basking in the warm glow of post-love making. It is without a doubt the best sex I have ever had, and I know for sure this won’t be the first and only time.

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