My First Apartment Ch. 01

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Hello to all my readers out there. These are some adventures I had from when I lived in my first apartment after college.

After I graduated from college I had to find a place of my own because I couldn’t live in the sorority house anymore. I found a nice little one bedroom apartment that wasn’t that far from campus so I could still see my friends. The apartment complex was built with the back of the one row of houses facing an open field and the other with a service road that ran between the apartment and the freeway. My apartment had a small patio area that looked out over a field.

I didn’t have much to move from the sorority house except for my bedroom set, clothes, and boxes. I did have to purchase some new furniture though and from one of those cash and carry places and I was going to need a truck to move it in. I checked around and one of the more popular companies was that Two Men and A Truck that a lot of the college guys worked for to make extra money. The thought of having two hot muscular guys moving my things into the apartment made that the company for me.

My pussy got wet just thinking about it and I immediately started planning out the days events and how I was going to have these two hunks fuck me. I planned out different things I could do where I could have a chance to flash them my tits and pussy and not have it made too obvious that I was doing it. It was going to be hot the day I moved so I scheduled the first pickup noon when it would be nice and hot out. I also wanted to make sure that I would be the last run of the day so I reserved them for four hours to assist in arranging furniture.

In the morning of the day of the move I went through the apartment and got it setup for my “accidental” flashing. I placed things in front of the bedroom and bathroom doors to keep them open, I bought curtains for the windows that I will need help hanging, and planned out the positioning of the furniture maximum viewing access. The last thing I did before leaving was I turned the heat up in the apartment so I would have a reason to change clothes.

To start the day off I wore knee high boots, a denim vested top with a short denim skirt and no panties or bra. The top showed off plenty of cleavage and the skirt was short enough so I didn’t have to bend very much to give a flash of my bare ass. I had them come to the sorority house first to pick up my bedroom because I wanted my bed to be the last thing coming into the house. Everything was packed and ready for when the movers arrived accept for taking down the bed.

The movers arrived and introduced themselves. One guys name was Jeff who was about 5’9″, black hair, brown eyes, wearing jeans and a muscle shirt. The other guys name was Kevin and he was also about 5’9″ with brown hair, hazel eyes, wearing jeans and a muscle shirt also. Both of them had nice six packs that you could see through their tight shirts. After the introductions were done they got the bedroom furniture out along with the mattresses and then started on taking down the frame. I made sure I stood close by gathering the nuts and bolts from the guys and allowing them to get peeks under my skirt at my shaven pussy to start things off.

Once they finished it was off to the furniture store to pick up the living room, kitchen, and patio furniture. I knew there was a loading dock for the truck to back up to so I stayed on the ground and stood next to the loading dock. That gave me a chance to let the guys have a look down my blouse at my tits. The day was already hot and I knew the apartment would be an oven by the time we got there so everything was going as planned. I made sure that I got to the apartment in plenty of time to turn the heat off before they got there and I started sweating the moment I stepped inside. I opened the windows and patio door to let some fresh air in and did a last quick yenibosna escort check to make sure everything was in place.

I left the front door open so when they arrived they could walk right in on me. When they did arrived I bent over at the waist with my bare ass facing the door and acted as if I were looking for something in one of the boxes. When they made it known that they were there I brought them into the apartment and showed them where things were going to be placed. They both also started sweating when they stepped inside the apartment.

“I’m trying to cool the place down they had it closed up and no one turned on the AC. Once we can get the things inside I’ll get the AC going.”

They both assured me that it was OK but I could tell the heat was making them sweat and uncomfortable. They started bringing in the furniture and I directed them to where to place it. I also had unbuttoned my blouse a little to show more cleavage which I could tell by their faces they were enjoying. Every time they would be coming back into the apartment I would always be bending over looking in a box with my legs parted and ass facing the door. I also made it a point to have the need to go through a door whenever they were trying to get through also so we would squeeze through together.

Once they had brought the couch inside it was time to for me to change clothes. I had them position the couch so that you could simply turn your head and see into the bedroom and look straight ahead into the kitchen.

“This heat is terrible aren’t you boys hot? Have a seat and let me get you something to drink.” they both agreed with me and took a seat on the couch.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I had placed all the soda on the bottom shelf so I would have to bend over of course. I parted my legs and bent at the waist as I called back asking which soda they would like. I named off everything I had to drink, which was about a dozen different items, while shifting my hips side to side giving them a nice long look at my bare ass and pussy. Once they picked out what they wanted I walked back to them again bending at the waist to hand them the drinks. My blouse hung down as I bend over and gave them both a clear view at my tits.

I stood up and said. “Do you boys mind if I go and change into something cooler? This outfit is just too hot for this weather. I can see the sweat on your shirts as well. Feel free to take them off if you want to.”

They both told me it was fine that I wanted to change so I smiled and started walking towards the bedroom. As I stepped into the bedroom I took my top off and hung it on the door handle. I started opening boxes and searching through them as if I were looking for something to change into but I had already set aside a sheer white spaghetti string crop top button blouse which came about half up my tummy and a white pleated mini skirt. After a little while of flashing back and forth in front of the door I slipped my skirt on, put a pair of my sandal heels on and only buttoned the bottom 2 buttons of the blouse so they would have a nice view of my cleavage.

I walked out into the living room. “I hope you boys don’t mind me wearing this everything else is still packed.”

Jeff smiled and replied “Not at all. Wish I had something cooler to change into.”

Kevin chimed in. “Yeah me too but we’ll manage. Outfit looks great on you though.”

“Well thank you Kevin and you’re both welcome to take your shirts off if you’re hot to try and cool down. After we get everything in I can shut the house up and let the AC cool it down.”

They both thanks me and pulled off their shirts giving me a nice view of their six pack abs and tan chest. “Before you two start bringing more things in could you help me hang some curtains? zeytinburnu escort The ladder I have isn’t too sturdy so I’ll need someone to hold that and another to hand me the curtains.”

They both said. “Sure.” and followed me over to the windows. The ladder I had was safe but it was a good excuse to get them both over there. Kevin stood in front and held the ladder while Jeff stood between me and the window holding the curtain. My pussy was getting so wet knowing that they were both going to be able to clearly see up my skirt and blouse. I stepped up on the ladder high enough where my ass was eye level with them and then bent to reach for the curtains. I could see Kevin peeking under my blouse and when I turned Jeff was looking up skirt at my bare ass and shaved pussy.

They both watched as I stretched and placed the curtains up and then I got down and had them move the ladder to the other end of the window. They switched places this time and Jeff stood behind me while Kevin stood in front holding the curtain for me. Jeff was holding the ladder and as I started climbing he placed one foot on the bottom rung of the ladder and leaned in. I could see him looking right up my skirt and watching as I finished climbing. Kevin was looking up my blouse the whole time and I caught him looking under my skirt at my pussy when I stretched to hang the curtain. After we were done I gave them each a kiss and thanked them for their help. Then, they went back to bring more items into the house with even bigger bulges in their pants. My pussy was tingling now and dripping so much I had to keep going into the bathroom to wipe myself knowing that they had no doubt that I was bare assed and bra-less.

I continued flashing both of them while they brought items in making sure I was always bent over or stretching for something high up whenever they came back in. I would take opportunities to squeeze through a doorway when I got a chance or “accidentally” turn and walk into one of them. Once they brought the bed in I knew they were almost finished so I turned on the AC and closed the doors and windows.

They started setting up the frame of the bed and I stood in the middle of them holding and handing the nuts and bolts to them while again letting them view my shaved pussy and bare ass. I could tell all my flashing and teasing was working by the bulges in each of their pants and they both looked so sexy with the sweat glistening on their chest I wanted them both to just take and ravish my body but good things come to those who wait.

Once they finished with the bed and placing the mattress on it I had them help me put the sheets on it again giving me a chance to flash my ass and tits to them. We finished with the bed and then we started placing the other furniture where it needed to go. Everything was going as planned they were both constantly adjusting their cocks, whispering to each other and watching me as I walked around flashing them.

All that was left now was signing the paperwork and having these two studs fuck me. They had both sat down on the couch waiting for me and I walked over and sat down in between the two of them. I thanked them both again for being such a great help and gave them each another kiss. We sat there for a little bit talking about all the work we had done while I rubbed each of their legs. Then I took the paperwork, signed it and handed it back handed it back to them. Now, it was time for the final step of my plan which was to have them fuck me.

As I stood up and said. “Thank you both again for all the help. You’ve both been great but there’s one last thing that I need help with that would benefit us all.” I turned and faced them opening my blouse then I sat on the coffee table lifting my skirt and spread my legs. “I’d really like some help breaking in my mecidiyeköy escort new furniture and I’m sure it would help you two by giving those hard cocks of yours some relief by fucking me.”

They both smiled and jumped up off the couch and started taking their pants off. Kevin was the first to get his pants down letting his hard cock pop out of his pants. His cock was thick and about eight inches long. He stepped in between my legs grabbing them and pulling me up as I guided his cock into my pussy. He went right to work fucking me good and hard while Jeff brought his cock up to my mouth and I started sucking him off. Jeff’s cock was about ten inches long and slim. Kevin had my legs pushed together and straight up in the air as he slammed his cock in me slapping my ass with his balls. Jeff was sliding his shaft across my mouth as I licked and sucked at it.

I squeezed my pussy on Kevin’s cock milking him as he grunted and groaned fucking me hard and pushing his cock in as far as he could. Jeff was fucking my mouth and making me suck his balls when I felt Kevin start ramming harder and his cock pulsing shooting his hot cum inside me. He held my legs tight and his cock was pushed in deep as it slowly stopped shooting his cum and shrunk inside me. When Kevin let my legs down I stood up slipped my skirt off and knelt on the couch with my ass up in the air.

Jeff came up behind me but didn’t put his cock in right away. He took his long shaft and rubbed it between my pink lips sliding it back and forth. I squeezed my pussy to force some of the cum out and onto his cock as he teased me. Then he rubbed the head of his cock against my clit before dragging it along my slit letting it pop in then out of my pussy, up along the crack of my ass and rubbed it against my rosebud. I reached back and spread the cheeks of my ass as I pushed back against him. He pushed forward letting the head of his cock spread my ass open and slowly pushed his long shaft deep inside me until his cock had filled my ass.

He took long deep strokes as he held my hips and pumped his cock into my tight ass. I could see Kevin sitting at the breakfast counter stroking his cock watching as Jeff fucked my ass. Jeff started pulling his cock almost all the way out and then slamming it back in over and over. I reached down and rubbed my clit while pushing back meeting his thrust. I squeezed my ass on his cock and he started fucking me harder and rotating it around inside me. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy as his strokes got faster and harder. I climaxed just as he filled my ass with his load of cum.

Jeff’s cock was still semi hard when he pulled out of me and I brought him over by Kevin to have a seat. I knelt down between them and started sucking and stroking their cocks. “I want the both of you nice and hard for when we go into the bedroom.” After they were both nice and hard we all went into the bedroom. I had Kevin sit down on the edge of the bed then I turned around and guided his thick cock into my freshly fucked ass. After his cock was deep inside Jeff got between my legs and slid his long cock into my soaked pussy.

The two of them started fucking both my holes hard. One cock would be going in me while the other was coming out. They both fucked me like that for awhile then they fucked me stroking together. My moans got louder as both cocks slammed my holes and lifted me up before coming back down hard on their cocks. Kevin’s thick cock had my ass spread wide while Jeff’s long cock slid deep into my pussy. Kevin was squeezing my tits and holding me down on his cock as my ass squeezed down tight. Jeff spread my legs open and was watching as my pussy swallowed his long shaft.

I climaxed twice covering their cocks with my juices before they each filled my holes with more cum. Once they finished fucking me I licked and sucked their cocks clean before they went to get dressed. I thanked them again for all the help they had given me and walked them to the door. I stood in the door naked and watched as they got in their truck and drove away.

I hope you all enjoyed this story and I look forward to your comments. This is the first of a series so keep looking for more of my adventures.

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