My Dream Of Lauren

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Big Dicks

She was perfect, five foot nine inches tall long perfect legs. Legs that a guy would die for. Lauren had firm 36c tits that toped off her 28 year old body. Her face was that of a princess. She had blue eyes and lips so sweet you would beg to feel the soft touch on yours.

I watched her walk across the room in a short tan Fredrick’s of Hollywood skirt. It was so short your imagination just ran wild. Her feet fit in a pair of black 4inch high heeled sandal type shoes. Her top was a black halter that had the threads hollering “Help me”, from the way her tits stood firm against the material.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her in fear of missing a curve on her body. I watched as she sat across from me on the couch and my heart fell to my feet as she crossed her long legs. She wasn’t wearing panties! I caught a glimpse of her shaved smooth pussy! God how I wanted this women.

She smiled at me as she saw the flustered look in my eyes. Then she spoke to me in such a sweet in control tone, with a cute little laugh behind it. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I took a deep breath and started to speak when her perfume hit my senses. I stopped my words and thought about the fragrance that caught all my attention as I gazed at this beautiful woman. No words came from my mouth as my lips moved beylikdüzü escort to tell her what a dream she is to a guy like me. The word Damn and a long sigh was the only thing that escaped from me. I tried to hide the excitement of her presence growing in my jeans.

Lauren knew that she was in control of me. She re crossed her legs again took forever to do it. She gave a new meaning to slow motion. My heart pounded with every little step she took to cross her legs. No words came out of my moving lips again. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me and batted her eyes in a joking manner. This woman knew she had me at her mercy.

I have known her for years, and she still had this effect on me. She smiled and called my name then looked me deep in the eyes. I want you Lauren the words fill the room I got it bad for you. The first real words spilled from my lips. She looked at me with heat in her face and a mean hard look in her eyes. At that moment excitement flowed through my body and I knew this will be a dream come true.

Without a word I stood and walked over to her. I knelt down in front of her and at the same time like a well rehearsed movie role. Her legs opened and my lips and tongue were touching the sweetest part beyoğlu escort of this woman. My tongue went crazy searching for every part of her pleasure it could find. Her back arched and I herd her voice. No words I could understand it was a moan and a sigh. Then she said “Oh yeah!”

God I loved what I was doing. I didn’t want to stop. I pushed her legs wider. I ran my tongue around searching desperately for something I could never find. She tasted so clean and sweet. Her perfume filled my head again and I knew she sprayed it close to her pussy. Then I stopped myself and raised up to kiss those lips that I know are so sweet. As I kissed her deep. She slid sideways on the couch. I untied her halter top and laid her back. I couldn’t get control. My jeans were un done and almost gone. The heat was too much for me. This lady is magic! I felt my dick slide deep inside the most erotic place it has ever been in. I could feel ever fold and pleasure spot inside the most perfect place a man could want to be. I felt like I was cheating her because the pleasures had to be all mine. She arched her back and moaned. All I want to do is take her so high. That it takes forever for her to come down. I slid deep inside her finding a special little spot that just bizimkent escort opened around the tip of my dick. It felt like the place to shoot every drop of cum that I had. Her pussy was so wet and wanting. Every fiber in my body was full of electricity. The feeling of heat and passion over road me. I was fighting to hold on, as I begged her to share the feeling that filled me. I wanted her to feel the same erotic things I was.

Then around the tip of my dick I could feel the heat and rush of her flow around me, and her voice broke through my senses. Her back arched and pushed me deeper into her. My hips drove me as deep as I could go and my dick throbbed and jets of my hot cum flowed from my body into hers. With the tip of my hard dick and every time it throbbed, I could feel us mix in that special spot. I held her arms down hard and kissed her as soft but hard as I could. Telling her, I never wanted top stop cumming inside her. But it was over, as our hearts pounded against each others.

She is the hottest women I ever met, and I’m not stopping with this just yet. I want her to feel it all and make her as high as I can. Then I whisper to her. Lauren I want more of you. I don’t care if I have to share you with others. I want to take this part of you for me. I shoved my hips forward as my dick never softened. You look at me and smile. I can tell that you know how much I liked it, but I still know my place, where I stand, and the things we can share. I slide my hard dick out and start to lick you again. I’m going to start all over again. But that will be part two. So you have to give me incentive or come over and let me show you just what I have for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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