My Daughter A Cuckoldress Ch. 02

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My wife and I booked a suite at the Nautical Beachfront resort in Lake Havasu. Alexa and I have a close friend she has been fucking for a few years. His name is Matt. He is a business executive and has a lot of friends, many who have also fucked Alexa. They are mostly all friends from when he was in his college fraternity, the Alpha Society. They are arrogant assholes but fun to party with, and my wife loves their cockiness.

Matt is the one who invited us for the weekend at Lake Havasu. His group of friends were taking over the Nautical Beachfront resort. From what I gathered, a nice beach resort, with all waterfront suites.

A private boat launch ramp and dock to park all the visitors’ boats. Each suite has its own patio and is steps away from a sandy beach. The resort also has a large pool and wet bar.

Lake Havasu is an “Arizona Playground” It has become legendary for its wild boat parties and Spring Break shenanigans.

Matt and his friends had the weekend all planned out, including boat parties, afternoon pool parties, and sexy evening beach parties around fire pits in the warm spring air.

It excited us about this trip, especially Alexa, who knew she would get to fuck Matt all weekend and potentially some group sex with his friends. I was excited to just be a part of it and watch my wife enjoy her sexual freedom for the weekend.

The week before our trip, our daughter Ciara, now 19, called us from college to let us know she was coming home for her spring break week with her boyfriend.

My wife told her she, of course, was welcome home, but we were going out of town for 3 nights to Lake Havasu with a group of friends. Ciara was so excited and told her mom she and her boyfriend wanted to join us.

We had two rooms in our suite. We wanted the extra room for my wife’s sexual activities with other men! I don’t know what my wife was thinking. She just couldn’t tell Ciara no and told her it would be a pleasure to get to vacation and spend time with her and her boyfriend.

“Come on, Joe, she is 19 and grown up. We don’t get to spend that much time with her anymore. She has grown so fast. I can be good around her. I’ll have plenty of chances to play without her knowing. Her and her boyfriend will be off doing their own thing most of the weekend, anyway. They don’t want to hang out with a bunch of 40-year-olds!”

They settled it. Ciara and her new boyfriend would join us at Lake Havasu.

When Ciara and her boyfriend Jon arrived at our house, I gave Ciara a big hug. She has always been my pride and joy. Even though she is my daughter, I can’t help but recognize how attractive she is. With light blond hair that falls down right to her shoulders, blue eyes and full, pouty lips. At 5’8, she is 2 inches taller than her mother. Alexa is curvy and has surgically enhanced DD boobs. Ciara is lean with long legs, like a supermodel. She even models part time for extra money. She gets jealous of her mom’s boobs. Ciara is a B cup and often jokes how she can’t wait to get a boob job herself.

Jon seemed like a nice boy. He reminded me a bit of myself. He is about 6 ft, a little shorter than me. In good shape, intelligent and I found him to be very polite. It seemed Ciara liked to boss him around a bit, and he was very subordinate to her request. Like mother, like daughter.

We arrived at the resort early in the afternoon. As promised, it was 5 stars. Our suite was absolutely beautiful, overlooking the lake. There were already a lot of other guests there and the boat slips were filling up. The guys at the Alpha Society are all very wealthy and you could see power boats for wake boarding, large patio boats, wave runners and boats that looked more like yachts.

My wife and I took the larger room with the patio, the kids took the smaller room in the suite. Ciara had her boyfriend Jon carry all our luggage up.

As we were settling in, there was a knock at the door.

Alexa yelled, “that must be Matt!”

She ran to the door and gave him a big hug and a light kiss on the lips. Ciara was used to seeing her mom with other men. Her mom and I decided early that we should not hide that she goes out with other guys. We knew her cuckolding me was not a phase and would continue indefinitely, and the kids should get used to seeing her with other men.

When the kids were younger, they didn’t have a full understanding of relationships. Even mom going out with other men, it meant nothing sexual. These men were just friends of mom and dad. They saw I was happy with her going out with them and our relationship at home was always very loving.

Ciara once asked my wife why she has boyfriends? Alexa explained to her it did not differ from my daughter having a lot of friends. She enjoys the relationships and the connections she has with her male friends.

My daughter understood and at the time thought nothing sexual about her mom out with other guys.

Alexa invited Matt in. I greeted him with a handshake and a bro hug. I have always liked Matt. He treats Alexa well. I introduced him to Ciara’s boyfriend Jon, then turned towards Ciara.

“And I believe Taksim Escort you have met my daughter a couple times in passing over the years”.

“Of course, Ciara, wow look at you and how much you have grown up.”

Ciara blushed a little. I could tell Matt liked what he was seeing. He looked her body up and down. This is a guy full of confidence and sex appeal. He can be shameless.

Ciara gave him a big hug. Matt held her a pause longer than a friendly hug and ran his hand down her back and just above her hip.

Releasing my daughter from his grasp. He clapped and said “this is going to be an outstanding weekend, we have afternoon pool parties, tonight we are going to kick off with drinks and fires on the beach and tomorrow you can all join me on my boat at our private party at the cove.”

“Boat! Which boat is yours, Matt?” Ciara said excitedly.

“Let me show you guys.” He said as he led us out on the balcony. He pointed to a large, luxurious patio boat.

“They fully equipped it, it can sit up to 12 on the outside patio, has a wet bar, casual seating area at the stern, indoor seating and lounging, all leather interior and for you ladies a private bathroom.”

“I don’t want to bother you guys too long, just wanted to stop in to say hi, make sure you are settling into your room. Joe, I also wanted to see if I could borrow your beautiful wife for an hour to come help give the entertainment staff some direction on setting up for tonight’s festivities.”

Alexa quickly chimed in, “I’d love to help Matt! Is that okay with you Joe, that I leave you with the kids for an hour?”

She had a big smile on her face. I, of course, told her to go, knowing very fucking well Matt didn’t need her to help direct the staff on setting up. He was ready to fuck her for the first time this weekend.

The day flew by and Alexa joined Ciara, Jon, and me after about two hours away with Matt. She was happy and giddy when she arrived back at the suite. She played it off very well building the excitement for the night telling Ciara and Jon about how they were setting up food and drinks on the beach, there was going to be a DJ, firepits and an open bar, all paid for by the Alpha Society.

Alexa wore a short black dress with sheer fabric, silhouetting her nude breasts underneath. The neckline hung low to expose a generous portion of her cleavage. It hugged her hips, showing off her perfectly shaped ass. Fit from daily the gym visits. She looked amazing. Alexa can fuck any guy she chooses.

My daughter was wearing a sexy metallic ruched mini halter dress. Her long legs and tight 19-year-old bottom on full display. It had a halter neckline with a plunging slit down to her navel that worked well for her smaller breast and showed a lot of skin without her falling out of it. It had a full exposed back, showing off her young muscular features.

Jon and I casually dressed in shorts and button up collared shirts and flip-flops.

The girls were the life of the party. The men of the Alpha Society couldn’t keep their eyes off of them. I enjoyed watching both my girls getting eye fucked by almost every guy there. Guys complimented me on how beautiful my wife is and they told Jon how lucky he is to have such a beautiful girlfriend. I think Jon enjoyed the attention.

We partied, drank, ate, and mingled the night away. My wife was gradually losing her inhibitions as she more and more openly flirted with Matt and his friends in front of my daughter.

Ciara enjoyed the show and was giggling and laughing. At one point Alexa was dancing with Matt and he had his hands all over her body, and she was grinding her ass into him. She leaned back and gave him a loving kiss as we all watched.

“Are you okay with Matt being all over fucking mom like that!” Ciara said with a laugh.

I nodded my head and told Ciara her mom was just having harmless fun and enjoying the night.

We sat by the beach front fire. Alexa had more than a few drinks in her and lost all ambition as she sank back onto Matt’s lap and into his arms.

My daughter looked at me and said “what the fuck dad!!!”

Alexa smiled at her daughter as she again embraced Matt in a passionate kiss. Their lips locked and their tongues fought for attention.

Ciara and Jon were staring in rapt fascination.

The secret was out of the bag. Ciara knew I was a cuckold.

“So you enjoy watching her do that, don’t you? I can tell by how you have watched them all night together. She fucks him, doesn’t she?”

I felt ashamed and humiliated, but this was our life. My wife has been cuckolding me even before Ciara was born. We knew there was going to be a day our kids came to know the truth. I did not expect it to be like this.

“You do, don’t you?” Ciara whispered to me.

I looked her in the eyes, with the submissive feeling I so much love and I said “yes, I love seeing your mom like this and yes Matt is one of your mom’s lovers.”

“They are going to go fuck each other tonight, aren’t they? I want to see them fuck!” Ciara said loudly.

Matt Ümraniye Escort had a shit grin smile on his face as he grasped both of Alexa’s boobs. Alexa ground her ass back on him, her head back, eyes and face full of passion.

Matt pulled up the hem of her dress, exposing her bare pussy to us. He rubbed her pussy with his left hand. He pulled down her shoulder straps and exposed her breasts with his right hand.

He lifted her up and slid off his shorts, and that amazing cock came into view. Ciara stared, open-mouthed. He was semi hard. Matt’s girth is thick and his cock is just over 8 inches long. I have seen him own my wife with it. The reason she is on his lap now, not mine, she can’t resist him.

He grabbed his cock and ran it up and down the wet slit of her pussy. It didn’t take long to get glistening with her pussy juices. She didn’t want to fuck him; she needed to fuck him.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted his cock in her. Wanted her daughter to see what a slut she is.

“Stop teasing me. Give me that cock. You know I need it.”

He guided it into her pussy opening. She sat back and let it fill her. She quickly shuddered in orgasm.

Staring at my daughter, Alexa spoke “I love your father more than the world but he fucks me so much better than your dad, he feels so much better inside me, your dad could never fuck me like this! Fuck me Matt! Fuck me Matt!”

Ciara gasped.

She looked at me and could see they turned me on. She could see me hard but also see I’m much smaller than Matt.

Ciara had a hand under her dress and was playing with her own pussy.

Alexa started fucking Matt. She moaned and groaned as her cunt split open, pounded by his enormous cock.

“That’s it!” Ciara shouted at Matt. “Fuck my mom’s married pussy with your fat cock!”

Jon stared in disbelief. Like me, he was quiet but clearly turned on watching his girlfriend’s mom get fucked, watching his girlfriend play with herself, fingering her pussy, while she learned her mom was a cock loving slut.

“What does dad normally do during this? What would he be doing if I wasn’t here?”

“He’d be jacking his dick off,” said Matt.

“Do it, take your little dick out! Jack off to mom getting fucked by a real man.” Ciara ordered,

I did as she said.

“So mom fucks as many guys she wants even in front of you and you get turned on and jack off? What the fuck!”

“That is so fucking hot, mom!!!!”

Where the hell she come up with this stuff? My daughter’s actions shocked me.

I couldn’t help it. I quickly had an orgasm, and all Ciara did was smile at me.

“Fuck me, fuck my pussy, give me your cum, show my little girl what a slut I am!” Alexa yelled.

All our eyes were on them. You could tell Matt was close. You could see his cock stiffen. He grunted “AAAHHHHH! Matt yelled as he pumped his cum into my wife’s body.

“Oh fuck! I love your cum. I’m cumming. Fuck yes, I’m cumming.” My wife yelled.

Alexa sank into Matt as they recovered from their fucking. She stood up, walked over to me. She brought her used pussy to my mouth, and I kissed it, slipping my tongue between the lips. Tasting their combined juices.

She then leaned down and kissed me on the lips and gave me a big hug.

“You are the sweetest man ever.”

I Kissed her back and told her, “you are the sexiest and most exhilarating woman on earth. I love you so much.”

We both looked at Ciara and smiled.

Ciara, shocked by what happened, “now what?”

“If it is okay with you, I am going to stay with Matt tonight and come back in the morning. I know this is a lot to take in at once. I am sorry.”

Ciara looked at the two of us. “Well, it is slutty. Kind of sexy too when you think about it. I didn’t know this type of relationship was an option.” She looked over at Jon mischievously.

Ciara hugged her mom, told her she loved her, and that we’d see her tomorrow.

Ciara and I stayed up most of the night talking. I filled her in completely on her mom and my relationship and how deeply in love we still are after so many years of having an open marriage and two kids during it.

She asked if I fuck other woman? I told her absolutely not. It may seem unfair, but her mom will leave me in a second. But I am completely okay with our sexual arrangement. Her mom is the only one for me, as she witnessed. I get very turned on over it.

“So does it turn you on her being at his place now instead of here with you?”.

“It is hard to explain. I want your mom here, but then yes, her being with him is very arousing. It turns me on and drives me crazy with lust for her.”

“And if I wasn’t here right now you would masturbate thinking about mom and Matt?”

“Yes, I probably would.”

“Goodnight dad, I love you.” Ciara gave me a kiss on the mouth and left.

“Did you have fun with Matt last night?” Ciara asked her mom.

“Not really your business, but yes, I had a lot of fun.”

Ciara, teasing her mom, said. “Well, he looks like a great fuck!”

Alexa turned to Ciara’s boyfriend. “Jon, how are you handling this? I know it must be super weird and not at all what you expected this vacation”

“I don’t know, I think it was hot truthfully. My parents don’t even talk to each other. I look at you two. You spent the night with another man and you and Joe can’t keep your hands off each other this morning. I can see you love each other. It is also super strange and a lot to take in. I never have seen one of my girlfriend’s moms have sex in front of me before.”

He was staring at Alexa and her body sexually. We could tell she turned him on.

Ciara slapped his shoulder. “Stop staring at my mom like that!”

We all laughed.

“So what are the plans today?” Jon asked.

“Well, I am going to stay home and sleep and recover from my night. You three are going out on Matt’s boat to Pleasure Cove to swim, play on wave runners, and have fun this morning. I will see you all back for the afternoon pool party.” Said My wife.

We were on the boat. It was just Alexa, Jon, Matt and I, plus one of Matt’s buddies, Bill.

Ciara was wearing a skimpy swimsuit. Mint triangle string bikini top and matching thong bottom. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she laid on the boat-deck next to Jon.

Matt’s friend Bill was driving the boat as we made our way into Pleasure Cove, where there were already many boats tied up together, creating a big party on the water. People were swimming, drinking and loud music was playing.

Matt came up to my side. “So your princess now knows you’re a cuckold.” He said. It wasn’t a question, more of a statement of fact.

I chuckled to myself. “Oh, so you like she knows you’re a cuckold and her mom is a slut.”

“It feels like a relief. I do like it, it feels like she truly knows who her dad and mom are now.”

“Makes sense, I guess. Seems like she is handling it pretty well, even turned on by it. How is her boyfriend handling all this?”.

“Seems like he thought it was hot. He was definitely staring at Alexa sexually this morning.”

Matt laughed at my comment. “Doesn’t everyone look at Alexa sexually. I still don’t know how you got her to marry you!”

“Your daughter is 19 now, wow. Look at that amazing ass and she has sexiest youthful body! You don’t mind if I think about how sexy she is, do you?”

I couldn’t help it. I wanted Matt to see Ciara for how sexy she was. To me, it is one more thing he can take from me. Let me know he can have it. Have my wife and daughter, sexually taken by the better man. It gives me shivers of angst but, such a turn on. I was proud of Ciara. If this man thinks she is sexy, then she is sexy. There was something wrong about talking about her this way that was turning me on.

“No, I don’t mind,” I said.

We were having fun at the cove, having some beers and listening to music. Watching my daughter prancing around the boat in her thong. She was being extra flirty with both Matt and Bill. Both kept telling her she was the sexiest girl in the cove. How hot her ass looked in her thong. She was eating up their sexual comments.

She even had Bill rub her body with a sunscreen with Jon’s permission. She would glance back at Jon to make sure he was doing okay. He was enjoying himself and you could tell he enjoyed watching my daughter with these men over twice his age. Bill took his time rubbed sunscreen on her, massaging between her inner thighs, on her ass her stomach and around her breasts. He finished by slapped her ass and she giggled and ran off.

Jumping in the water to cool down.

Matt jumped in right after her. She swam up to him and hung on him, talking. He grabbed her and threw her up into the air and into the water. She splashed, he splashed back, and they laughed and giggled as they played in the water. I was enjoying watching the horseplay. Like my wife, Ciara looked tiny in his arms. People were partying around us and a lot of the women were taking off their tops in the scorching sun.

Matt swam under Ciara and picked her up onto his shoulders. Her wet body, six-pack young abs, displayed to all the partygoers.

“Show us your tits!” one guy yelled from another boat. Then another guy chimed in, “Yeah, take it off!”

Ciara looked at me, and I was just laughing. She looked at Jon. “A little help?” Jon shrugged, putting his hands up. “Up to you, it is your party!”

Ciara looked around, her young wild smile feeling free and daring. With a quick swipe with both hands, she pulled her top off, twirled it around and threw it up to Jon on the boat.

I stared at my daughter’s beautiful B cup breasts for the first time as the crowd cheered. Her large teenage puffy nipples were just sexy as hell. Ciara’s jiggling little tits were on full display to everyone.

All the guys and girls around, including Jon, cheered, whistled, and screamed. Ciara did a little dance to the thumping music.

Matt leaned back and dunked her into the water and off of his shoulders. As she came up for breath, he grabbed her from behind and dragged her to him. Her whole wet ass came to view above the rippling water until he brought her back to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, smothering his forearms over her naked breast. You could see her grinding back into him in the water as he whispered in her ear. He slightly pushed away, moving his arms so his hands were now fully cupping her breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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