My Christmas Carol!

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First let me start this tale with a little glimpse into my, otherwise boring life. I recently broke up with my wife of many years. We just grew tired of the same old routine of day-to-day life, as a lot of couples do. We parted amicably, with no children or real property disputes to make things ugly. We still remain good friends, but our desire to be together was long at an end. We do still get together, from time to time, for what we like to call mutual satisfaction! We always were good in bed together! I believe we’ve even become better friends now that we no longer share a home. But all that is a different story!

After the finalization of my divorce from Glenda, I found myself in a situation I hadn’t thought of prior to that time. I had been out of the dating pool for a few years, (seemed more like centuries!), and didn’t have a clue as to where to go to try the waters again. I guess it was good that Glenda and I still met to “take off the edge”. Apparently, after a year, she wasn’t doing any better in the romance department than I.

I recently completed a course in advertising, and was excited when a local company picked me up as new blood to help their slumping sales department. I was somewhat fresh with ideas, that they had either not thought of, or just were to settled into the stone age to come up with themselves! Either way, I was quickly put in charge of a few of the less important clients, to see if I could boost sales.

As one of my perks, I was given an office on the second floor, overlooking the front entrance to the building. This office, I was told, was one of the best views of the man made pond and fountains outside the building. It was also one of the least accessible from the main lobby! The latter, I assume, was in case I tanked; I wasn’t sure which the other sales executives were hoping for.

I was also introduced to “my” secretary Carol. Carol was a very tall (about 5′ 10″) and not much to look at from all outward appearances. I came to find out she had been by-passed several times, from a better position for her attitude and general lack of enthusiasm. She had rather oversized glasses, which made her look more like a bug, than human. She always seemed to wear bulky sweaters, and loose skirts, that gave her a librarian look, designed to make her even less appealing. All in all, not a pretty picture!

Carol had her own idea of how “my” office should be run, and made every attempt to make life miserable for me. She was always correcting every mistake I made, like a bitchy schoolteacher, by returning my work with post it notes attached with big red letters asking what I meant. She also made it a point to be as rude as possible, when answering any questions I had concerning what was expected of a new employee.

“I’m sure someone like you doesn’t need my opinion!” she said as if I had dragged broken glass over her tongue.

I figured that she was just getting used to a new boss and testing my resolve. I wondered if this was her normal attitude towards her other bosses, and began asking around the office. As it turned out, the reason she was passed around so much was indeed due, in big part, to that very problem. It was also pointed out to me, that one of the owners of the ad agency was an Uncle, or something to her, so she was immune from being fired!

I looked at this situation as a challenge, rather than an obstacle. I had put up with Glenda for so long, Carol wasn’t really a bother at all! I knew given time I would find a way through her steely defenses, and find a way to make this work. I really had no choice anyway, as it was explained to me. She was the only secretary available, and no other hires were being considered until after the holidays.

With the Christmas Holiday right around the corner, I understood years end business thinking. No need to louse up the year-end money by looking for a temp. I was thereby put in a position to make it work with bitchy Carol!

Carol made it a point to be as nasty as she could to me that first week. But after I didn’t quit, and seemed even more determined to make the situation work, Carol seemed to ease up. She was less of a bitch as the days went on, but she was determined not to let me behind her walls of steel. Any attempt at a normal conversation with her, brought me face to face with an Ice Queen!

I started to look closer at my secretary. Once I saw past the huge frog-like glasses, she really wasn’t all that bad looking. She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, that was pulled into a vicious looking braid, and pulled entirely too tight, for my liking. She had the most interesting steel gray eyes, almost hypnotic. A long, somewhat pointed nose, which she kept snorting, at every comment I would make. She also had very thin, flat lips that when compressed nearly vanished.

To determine her shape, besides tall, was impossible. The clothes she wore made making that determination impossible. I had even suggested to her that, if it were too cold in the office, beşiktaş escort I would have maintenance turn up the temperature. Needless to say, her response was a stream of vulgar comments, comparing me to every form of swine imaginable!

I gave up on any frontal attack, it was apparent that she was very secure in her own little world. But now I was more determined than ever to make our forced time together more friendly. Hell, I had survived fifteen years with much worse than this! I figured that time alone would wear her down.

After a few weeks, I began to notice that Carol’s acerbic tongue was less vicious. At times, she was even getting amiable to my ideas, without her usual nasty comments. I took this as a sign that she was coming to grips with our situation. I could only hope we were making some headway.

I came into the office one Friday, to find Carol sleeping on the couch in her portion of the office. Beside the desk were a few large boxes and a couple of stuffed, oversized travel bags. From the looks of things, she was either going on a long vacation, or she had been thrown out of her apartment. I looked at her sleeping form, she wasn’t wearing her glasses and her hair wasn’t in the tight cruel braid she usually wore.

To say I was surprised at just how attractive she was would be an understatement! She was actually very attractive! Her hair was spread across her face in a tangle, as if she had spent the night there, which I found out later she had. But the things that grabbed my attention most were her legs! From under the sparse blanket she had covering her, was the most spectacular set of legs I have ever seen!

She must have sensed someone else in the room and jerked awake to find me watching her from the door to my office. At first, it seemed, she wasn’t aware of just where she was. Then in a rush, she jumped to her feet jamming her glasses on and stammering, “I um, well I, I’ll just get these things together and be right back!”

She tugged the blanket back on, and ran from the room as if she had been prodded by a knifepoint. It would have been comical, had I not seen the tears forming in her eyes. I was at a loss for words for the first time, since working with her. She really did have a heart after all! I closed the door to my office and thought about what I had just seen.

After about ten minutes, I heard the unmistakable sounds of Carol busy at her desk again. I knew that anything I might have to say at this point would be received badly, so I tried to act as if nothing had just happened. I eased open the door and asked her to come in to take some dictation.

Unlike her usual self, Carol came in and just sat down without comment. Her eyes never left the notepad in her lap, but I could tell she was still crying. I couldn’t help but feel for her. How hard must it be to live behind walls like she had built, with no one to vent to? I found myself starting to think maybe, she was human after all.

“I know we aren’t the best of friends Carol, but is there something I might be able to help you with?” I asked as gently as I could.

For just a moment I saw a nasty response surfacing. But, with what must have taken a titanic effort, she swallowed whatever she had been about to say. “I um, I’m not sure how to say this.” she muttered.

“I was evicted last night from my apartment! It seems that the landlord wanted new tenants, and my lease ran out a month ago. For some reason, I hadn’t even remembered I had to renew it!” she began to cry in earnest now.

I felt really bad for her plight, but was not sure how to proceed. Without a thought as to what I was getting myself into, I blurted out the unthinkable! “I have an extra bedroom in my apartment, if you need someplace to stay for awhile!”

The words had come out, seemingly, without even thinking of how she might react! But I had said it; and now I just waited for her to berate me for my assumption that I could help her, in any way!

For a few moments, there was a silence that made my hair stand on end. Then she looked up with tears streaming down her face. “Are you sure Mr. Clark? I only need someplace until after the holidays. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to find anything before then.” she seemed to consider.

“No problem Carol” I insisted. “I’ll get you a set of keys on my way home, so that you can come and go as you like. I really don’t have much of a social life, so you needn’t worry about disturbing me!” I assured her.

“I won’t be much of a problem Mister Clark, I really won’t!” she seemed quite nervous at this point. “I don’t go out much either, and as I’m sure you can see, I don’t have many friends. People don’t like me much!” she asserted.

Now I really felt bad for her. Her acknowledgement that she wasn’t popular was something I hadn’t thought she would admit. I figured “What the hell!” and said, “If you like, I’ll take you there after work, so you can get started beşyol escort moving your stuff in.”

She pointed at the small pile of possessions and said, “That’s all I have! I really didn’t have anything of value there. I pretty much live here anyway!” She looked around the office with a look of resignation.

“Oh, I see.” I managed. “Well, that should make things a little easier.” I smiled tenderly.

She looked at me again as if she wanted to say something nasty, but bit back the quip she might have been going to use. “You know Mr. Clark, you really don’t have to do this!” she said swallowing her pride. “I could find a motel room until something comes along.”

Now I found myself in a position to be a gentleman; with her it wasn’t sure footing. “No Carol, I insist! It will be my pleasure to help out a lady in distress!” I smiled, hoping she wouldn’t revert to the old Carol.

Just as surprisingly, she smiled back, “Thank you Mr. Clark! I promise, I won’t be any trouble!” she seemed to realize she had just admitted how fragile her situation truly was.

For the rest of the day Carol was more helpful and nice than I had ever hoped to see her. She jumped at every chance to do what I needed, without even a hint of her former self. I was at a loss for words, as she became friendly to the point of scaring me. I wasn’t sure just what had happened, that she made such a miraculous transformation in so short a time?

Five o’clock came very quickly, and I found myself wondering if I had made a huge mistake asking her to stay with me. I mean, I still enjoyed my time alone since my divorce, and wasn’t sure that a woman in my home was such a great idea. But, I had no recourse but to follow through with my promise to Carol. As we folded things up for the weekend, Carol and I soon were at that awkward time where there was no choice but to proceed.

“Hey, I have an idea!” I said, trying to delay the inevitable. “Do you want to grab something to eat on the way home? I’m starving, and could use some fuel!” I put in nervously.

She seemed to think about it for a short time then said, “Are you propositioning me Mr. Clark?” She seemed to be truly smiling! I wasn’t sure just how to proceed.

“Well, I um, I guess I am Miss Simms!” I quipped back. Apparently it was the icebreaker I had been looking for all along. She seemed to relax further at my company.

“If I weren’t sure Mr. Clark, I’d say you were blushing!” she giggled.

I became aware of the heat that was rising in my face, and I must admit, I was just a little surprised at her casualness in pointing it out. I smiled back and just shrugged. “Guess it’s been a long time since I had a dinner date. But, if we’re going to be sharing living arrangements, I think you should call me James!” I suggested.

She extended her hand for a handshake, “James! I would have guessed you to be a Brad, or a Michael!” she giggled. “James it is! I’ll grab my stuff!”

I hadn’t thought about it before, but I wasn’t even aware that Carol didn’t drive! I helped her get the few boxes she owned, down to my pick-up truck. I was not one of those BMW kinds of guys; it just wasn’t me! She looked at the truck as if she had expected something more, but then grinned and tossed her stuff in back. She actually seemed to relax knowing I wasn’t into appearances. My truck wasn’t all that new, and it needed to be cleaned badly!

“I would have been positive you had a B’mer!” she quipped. “It’s nice to know there’s still real down to earth guys left out in the world.”

“Thanks” I said accepting our new, but weird, relationship! “I never needed an expensive car to validate me!”

She looked at me more closely, as if to re-appraise her former opinion. “You know Mr., Ur James, I am sorry we never got to know each other before now. I just assumed you were one of those other jerks I’ve had to work with in the past!” she nodded. “Your not what I expected at all!” she whispered shyly.

With that revelation, I put the truck into gear and headed for the Pub I usually frequented. “Yeah, well I’m just full of surprises!” I laughed.

For the hour it took to get to “My Place”, (that was the name of the pub), she talked about herself in an effort to wash away the image I had of her. She was really quite personable, not the bitch she played at the office. She was a graduate of a nearby university, and had majored in communications and business. I was surprised to hear she had also graduated at the top of her class! My appreciation for her abilities grew in leaps and bounds!

But a sudden rainstorm spoiled our dinner plans. I hadn’t listened to the radio for the entire ride we had shared. So, the sudden downpour surprised both of us!

“Oh man! My stuff is going to get ruined!” she said, nervously looking back at the exposed boxes and bags in the back.

“That’s OK, we’re not far from my apartment. Lets get your stuff in out of the weather, beykent escort then we can work on something to eat.” I reassured her.

She looked relieved that I would fore-go food to see to her stuff! “This isn’t how I had hoped tonight would go at all!” she said. “It figures, my one chance to get out gets ruined by rain!”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little. She turned my way and began to laugh at the situation as well. Both of us relaxed even more, as I turned into the parking lot of my apartment building.

“Nice place!” she whistled. “I am impressed Mr. Clark! This is a very exclusive apartment complex. I tried to get a place here a few years ago, but couldn’t swing the rent myself!”

“Well, I had a little help in that matter!” I returned, “A friend of mine has an in with the owners!” Which was true; my ex-wife’s brother owned the place!

We pulled into the lone space in front of my door. My place sat back away from the main concentration of the other buildings. My brother-in-law had insisted I take the “Bachelor Pad”. I didn’t argue after seeing it, and the low rental I paid made it that much sweeter! I didn’t pay half of what the other tenants did for much less space!

As I elbowed the door open to allow Carol in, she brushed past letting me hold the door for her to get in just before the heavens opened up! I dodged back out to get the boxes, and she ran out behind me grabbing her bags! Needless to say, we were both thoroughly soaked in the process!

Once we finally got everything inside the foyer, she took a quick look around, and gave an appreciative whistle.

“Now this is more like what I had expected!” she smiled, “My estimate of you was way off, Mr. Clark! Um sorry, James!” she corrected herself.

“What estimate was that Miss Simms?” I said mocking her mistake.

“Ok, ok James, I will remember we aren’t at the office anymore!” she visibly relaxed in the warmness of the apartment. “Mind if I have a look around?”

“By all means Carol, make your self at home! Looks like we’re gonna be roomies for a few weeks anyway!” I said with a little smile.

“Having second thoughts already James?” she question, with a raised eyebrow!

I tossed her a dry towel from the closet, “Your rooms the one on the left, down the hall. You’ll find sheets in the closet, and a few extra pillows as well!” I said as she caught it just before falling to the floor.

“You keep an extra bed, with sheets, for anyone special James?” she asked openly.

“Not for a very long time.” I replied. “But, I do have family over on occasions. So, it helps to have someplace, besides my couch, to put them.” I laughed at the thought that my secretary was obliquely questioning me on my sex life!

“Sorry, that was a little personal. I didn’t mean to pry.” she apologized. “I just wanted to know if I had to watch out for any “guest” sneaking in on me by surprise!”

I had to admit, were I in her shoes that would have been a valid concern of mine as well. She watched me for a second, and then headed for the room I had indicated.

“If you want, the bathrooms at the end of the hall. There should be fresh towels in the closet, if you want to change into something dry!” I showed her my own wet clothes as proof. “If you need soap or shampoo, let me know what kind and I’ll pick some up!”

For a moment a flash of the old Carol looked as if it would surface, then she smiled and said, “That would be nice James. I think I could stand to take a shower. I did sleep in these last night,” she indicated, by pulling out on her saturated sweater. She gave me a short list of her needs, and I promised I’d be back soon. As I made my way back out into the rain, I shook my head thinking, “Women! Even when you help them out, you do as your told!” I laughed as I remembered,” all this was my idea!”

I returned about twenty minutes later with a bag filled with what she needed. I also had stopped to pick up a bottle of wine and some take out, at the Chinese restaurant. I figured why waste the trip? As it turned out, stopping had delayed me just enough to make my weekend!

As I entered the apartment, I realized it was too quiet! I called out to get Carol’s attention. It was still quiet. I put down the bags on the kitchen table and walked back toward the bedrooms. Carol’s door was open slightly, so I tapped on the door, in case she wasn’t dressed. The door opened enough for me to see that Carol was fast asleep. She had apparently taken a shower and just passed out where she lay down. I couldn’t help but notice she was dressed only in the wet towel!

I again got a very appreciative look at those wonderful legs. They were long and very well toned. As a matter of fact, from what I could see, she had a very stunning figure. Nothing like I had thought from the way she dressed at the office! Indeed, she was absolutely gorgeous! Her wet hair was now spread around her in tangles, and she was breathing like someone who hadn’t slept in quite a long time.

I was about to leave, when she rolled over, leaving the towel behind. I was now staring at the most beautiful ass I could ever have dreamed of! Her body was a work of art! Broad, but well toned shoulders that led down to a narrow shapely back, which in turn ended in a very well shaped, muscular behind that instantly caused my dick to stiffen!

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