Mum’s Friends Ch. 03

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Next morning Paul woke at six. Jill was awake. They kissed gently as both of them were exploring each other’s bodies. Paul was hard, and Jill was wet. They had ten minutes of foreplay then Paul went inside her. Half an hour later they were in the shower. Jill had fairish hair. Jill asked, “Would you like me to be more blonde than this? A lot of people have suggested that I would look great if I were blonde.”

Paul replied, “Wait until you have spoken to your advisors. After we are dressed, we will go down for breakfast. Debbie is usually in the kitchen at seven. After breakfast, we will go to the Center. If you don’t wear panties, I will play with your pussy as I drive. I have a small apartment in the Center with a bathroom. When will you contact your advisors?”

Jill said, “I have both their mobile numbers. I will call after eight, from the car as we drive.”

Jill had bought an overnight bag with her. She changed her lingerie but wore no panties. They went downstairs. Debbie and Jo were in the kitchen with Debbie cooking breakfast. They all kissed and hugged each other. Paul explained that he was taking Jill to show her the Center and would leave after breakfast. At five past eight, they were in the car. Jill made contact, and both the advisors would meet in the makeup and hair consultant’s studio at eleven. After they had finished there, they would go to the boutique.

They arrived at the Center. Paul showed Jill around both the warehouse and the Center. Then they went to Paul’s apartment for coffee. Jill said, “This has so much potential. I think Debbie is right you should convert part of the Center into an Auction House. I collect jewellery, watches, Gold and precious metals. I also have many Antiques in my house. I would consider renting space from you here and doing a bit of trading. As we walked through the Center, we were the only people in the building, but there was a buzz about the place.”

Paul replied, “That would be nice if you were here with me. If we had urges during the day, we could come up here. I want to put a Bistro in the Center and also a wine shop. I have my Architect working on the plans. Jill, I thought after we are finished here today I could take you to get fresh clothes. Then we could go back to my place, but I don’t need to as you will be buying new outfits this afternoon.”

Jill smiled and kissed Paul then said, “That was a beautiful thing to say.”

She kissed Paul again and put her hand on the bulge in Paul’s trousers as she spread her legs her skirt rode up her thighs revealing her pussy as she had no

panties on. They showered together an hour later Jill took the two-minute walk to the hairdresser. Paul felt happy as he knew Jill was enjoying every minute that they were together. Jill was laughing and smiling a lot. He then sent Debbie a WhatsApp message which read, “Hi, I had a great night with Jill last night. I think it would be better if I just concentrated on you, Jo and Jill. I love giving the three of you pleasure. How do you feel about this?”

Twenty minutes later Paul’s phone beeped, he had a message from Debbie which read, “I would love that. I have a very experienced lady for the Auction House for you. She is a patient. She’s a wealthy widow. Her name is Lady Jean Smart; she is on a lot of the Antique programmes on television. She was a director of Sotheby’s. She knows the business inside out. She has a meeting this afternoon, but I will bring her to the Center at four thirty. Is this OK with you? All my love your Debbie xxx.”

Paul replied, “She is wonderful. She is my favourite on television. I look forward to meeting her. Thanks for arranging this. All my love your Paul xxx.”

Just after one, Paul got a message from Jill which had several pictures attached. It read, “The new me…hope Esenyurt Escort Bayan you like. Thinking about you, lots of naughty kisses Jill xxx.”

Jill was now blonde. She looked stunning. Her makeup was perfect. It made a huge difference to her appearance. She was now a stunning looking woman. Paul replied, “You look fantastic. I am so happy that you did this. Debbie has arranged for Lady Jean Smart to visit the Center at four thirty this afternoon. Can you be there too? I’m thinking of you too. Lots of naughty kisses back. Paul xxx.”

Two minutes later a WhatsApp message from Jill which read, “She is my favourite on television. If you can get her, that would be wonderful. I will be there. Looking forward to seeing you at four thirty. Lots of very special kisses. Jill xxx.”

At four fifteen Jill arrived in a taxi laden with shopping bags. She looked amazing. She was showing a lot of cleavage, and her hair was beautiful. Paul helped her transfer the shopping bags into his car. Then Debbie and Jean arrived. Jean was a very tall, distinguished lady. She was also showing some cleavage. She looked good. Debbie introduced everyone then Paul showed her around.

At six Debbie suggested going back to her house for a glass of Champagne. Paul and Jill got into the car. Jill opened her legs and said, “Jean must work for you. I like her a lot and the way she was looking at me, I believe she likes me too. Paul, finger me as you drive.”

They arrived there five minutes later. Paul and Jill carried all Jill’s shopping up to Paul’s bedroom. They kissed gently then Paul said, “You look beautiful. Thank you for doing that. Tonight will be special.”

They went downstairs to the lounge. Debbie and Jean were sitting on the sofa. Debbie said, “Jo was invited by a girlfriend for the weekend. She left this morning. Jean thinks that the Center is excellent and a top end Auction House would do well there.”

Paul topped up their glasses and poured Jill and himself a glass. Jean said, “I love your props business, that is an excellent idea. I’m downsizing and have so many rooms that I want to keep. Is it possible I could store them with you and if you rent them out we could split the rental change?”

Paul replied, “No problem, we can speak later about this. I believe that it is a business with a lot of potential. I have had Television Directors flying from London and Manchester to hire props. It is wonderful when they are doing a series of programmes. The money keeps rolling in. Jean, I believe that the better the quality that we offer then the better the business will be. What do you think is the best way to develop the Auction House?”

Jean replied, “You must keep the Auction House only making Specialist sales. I have several friends that I can introduce you to. I believe they will be like me and be interested in renting space from you. They would also be interested in working in the Auction House. I will arrange a meeting next week at the Center and introduce them to you. The Center is perfect. The lighting, heating and security are first class. How many dealers have you at the moment?”

Paul said, “Over two hundred but I still have two other floors to open. There will be more space generated when we shift more of the house clearance stock to the warehouse. Is it possible if you could attend a meeting with my Architect with me?”

Jean replied, “I will do anything you want me to do. My friends will also help you in any way we can. We have all talked about doing what you have done. What you have done is wonderful. The software that you are using let’s the dealers see exactly what is happening with their stock. Have you a competent manager?”

Paul said, “I’m here most of the time, and I am learning every day. I would like to have a manager, Avcılar Escort Bayan but I haven’t come across a suitable person yet.”

Jean replied, “I have a friend who lives two minutes from the Center. She is an excellent cataloger, which you would also need in the Auction House. I will phone her tomorrow. I am sure that she would be interested. It means that if someone wants an item valued she can do it on the spot. Do many people bring things in that they want to sell?”

Paul replied, “Yes, we get a lot every day. We get a lot of gold and silver. I only pay by the weight. That is a lucrative business.”

Debbie said, “Shall we go to the restaurant now and we can chat there?”

Jean replied, “Is it possible I could have a quick shower? I have been running all day. “

Debbie said, “No problem, you know where the bathroom is.”

Jill said, “Jean, would you like me to do your back for you?”

Jean replied, “I would love that darling.”

Jean and Jill then went upstairs. Debbie said, “Jill is wonderful. She knows how important Jean is for you. I have told Jean that you are an excellent lover and have the biggest cock that I have ever seen. I think you should take a Viagra after your main course.”

Paul replied, “I will do that. I have spoken to Jill about France; she has a Chateau in Champagne where we can stay. I would like her to come with us.”

Debbie said, “That would be good. Jill is a very wealthy woman. I love the difference in her. She likes you a lot Paul. I have known her for years, and she never cared what anyone thought of her. She always wanted to be low key. She cares about you that’s why she is upstairs with Jean now. I am sure Jean will work with you. Her contacts will be fantastic for you. I told Jean not to wear any panties. She loves it hard in every hole. She has a big clit. When you suck her clit and finger fuck her, she will be all yours.”

Paul replied, “We can have a foursome when we come back. Jill has had a lot of sperm today. I will top you up tonight either before or after Jean. When we get back you and Jean work on me, I will tell Jill what we are doing.”

Debbie kissed Paul then said, “Thank you for thinking like this. I do love you, and I am sure Jo and Jill do too.”

They kissed again then Jean and Jill came into the lounge. Both were glowing. Debbie and Jill walked together with Paul and Jean walking behind. Paul put his arm around Jean and cupped her left breast. He could feel the weight of her breast. They were big. He stroked her nipple with his finger; it was very hard. Jean whispered, “Don’t stop I fucking love that; you will make me cum.”

Paul then squeezed her nipple between two fingers. Jean moaned with pleasure. They arrived at the restaurant. It was a Steakhouse tonight that had excellent steaks. As they entered the restaurant, Jean whispered, “I want you tonight, please fuck me hard. I need that so badly.”

Jean then kissed Paul, her tongue slid deep inside his mouth. Jill had seen all of this, she smiled and winked at Paul. Jean was like Debbie and Jill, all three were very articulate women. The steaks were excellent; they just melted in the mouth. After the main course, Paul excused himself and went to the restroom. He paid for dinner then they walked home. Jean walked with Paul. This time her right breast got all the attention. Paul squeezed her nipple much harder this time. One hundred yards from the house Jean whispered, “I have just cum.”

They kissed then went into the house. Jill went for some Champagne. When she went into the lounge, Jean was lying on the floor with her legs wide open 69ing with Paul. She was taking all of Paul’s cock in her mouth. Paul was sucking her clit and fisting her. Her pussy was so wet that Paul’s fist just slipped in when he was fingering her. Paul was taking some of Jean’s cum and was lubing her ass with it. He could now get three fingers inside her ass. Soon it was four.

Paul then turned Jean around. She was now kneeling in front of him. Paul then slipped his cock into her pussy. A minute later Jean was taking the full length. He pulled it out. Then he slid half of his cock inside her ass. Jean moaned with pleasure. A minute later he was riding her ass, and she was taking the full length. Debbie was rubbing her clit with two fingers, and Jill was playing and sucking Jean’s tits. Paul kept hammering her ass for ten minutes then brought his cock out and slid it into her pussy. He soon had a powerful rhythm going. Twenty minutes later Jean shouted, “Please stop; I can’t take any more. Paul, that was wonderful. Give me this twice a week, and I will help you all I can.”

Jill smiled and blew a kiss at Paul. Jean then sat on the sofa sipping her Champagne she said, “That was wonderful. I am finished. That was the best fuck of my life. I will now just watch.”

Paul was lying on the floor. Debbie squatted over his cock rubbing the head of his hard cock against her clit. She then slipped it inside her pussy. Debbie started riding him cowgirl style. She was riding the full length of Paul’s cock. She was gripping him tightly as she rode him. Paul was rubbing her clit with two fingers. Jill was playing with Debbie’s tits. Debbie had a very powerful rhythm going which she kept going for twenty-five minutes. Then Paul exploded inside her. Debbie had cum for the fourth time seconds before. Debbie said, “That was good. I felt you squirt inside me.”

Debbie came off Paul and got her glass then sat down on the sofa with Jean. Jill got Paul their glasses and sat beside Paul on the floor. They chatted for five minutes then Debbie and Jean went upstairs. Jill kissed Paul then said, “Jean will be an incredible asset for you. I am so happy. Thank you for changing me. For the first time in my life, I felt men were looking at me. I never cared before. I would like to help you at the Center. Is that OK with you?”

Paul kissed her and said, “The outfits you bought are beautiful. I would love you to help me. We will be able to go to my apartment in the Center during the day. I know Jean will be an asset. On Monday I will push the Architect about the plans. We will not necessarily need planning permission as I believe a change of use would suffice. We will need an Alcohol Licence for the wine shop and Bistro. I am looking forward to France.”

Jill replied, “I was thinking about it too. If we drive over it will take over a day. I have a private jet company. It will take us an hour and a half, and my housekeeper will pick us up from the Airport. There’s a Minibus kept at the Chateau. We can use that when we’re touring the wine regions. I am looking forward to it too. We’ll all have a lot of fun. Can I move in here with you? I will still keep my room at the Spa as I enjoy swimming there.”

Paul said, “Yes you can. That’s a good idea. It’s very tiring driving. I have never been on a private jet. Is it good?”

Jill replied, “It’s wonderful. You arrive at the Airport, and you are in the air five minutes later. My grandfather set it up. In the early days, our biggest customers were the Champagne Houses. They’ve so much money. They would fly their clients into Reims Airport. You will enjoy it.”

Jill went down on Paul’s hard cock. She sucked him for a while as Paul fingered her pussy. Jill then squatted over him in a reverse cowgirl position. She then slid his cock inside her. Jill moaned with pleasure as she started to ride him. She was doing what Debbie had done; she was riding the full length of Paul’s cock. She was also gripping it tightly. She soon had an excellent rhythm going. Paul was rubbing her clit with two fingers. His other hand was playing with Jill’s tits. Twenty minutes later Paul came inside her. They finished their Champagne then went upstairs to bed.

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