Mums Best Friend Ch. 03

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The next morning just after five, May came into Jack’s bed; Jack woke to find May sucking his cock; he was now erect, then May said, “Jack, I’m going to do the work this morning, you lie there and enjoy the ride. I have lubed my ass; I’ll now lube your cock. Jack, let me take control this morning.”

May then lubed Jack’s stiff cock; she squatted over him in the cowgirl position. She was gripping Jack’s cock at the base; she guided the bulbous head on to her lubed ass hole then pushed down, his full length glided fully up her ass. May then adopted an up and down circular motion as she started to ride Jack’s cock, May said, “This is unbelievable, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, what a wonderful feeling. This will make me cum, a vaginal orgasm when you’re ass fucked; your cock is very special. I think that I’m falling in love with your magnificent cock.”

Three minutes later, May had her first vaginal orgasm; Jack was now fingering her clit as she continued to ride him. A second orgasm came shortly afterwards. May loved it; she said, “I can’t believe that this is happening; it’s wonderful. I am going for a third; then I’ll put your cock in my pussy. How’s it for you, darling? Is Aunty May giving you a good ride?”

Jack smiled then said, “It’s wonderful May, what a beautiful thing to wake up to. Keep going; I love it.”

The third orgasm left May trembling; she then raised herself and guided Jack’s cock into her dripping pussy; she took his entire length then started to ride him the same way that she had ridden his ass. She soon had a powerful rhythm going; her tits were bouncing beautifully. Jack was stroking May’s clit; he learned that May’s best orgasms came when her clit was fingered during penetration. May looked into Jack’s eyes; she was smiling and had a contented look on her face. Ten minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Then May leaned down and kissed Jack lovingly. They kissed and touched for fifteen minutes, then May said, “Your first lecture is early this morning, I’ll make your breakfast, and you can shower; I’m looking forward to tonight. I want anal again; that was amazing.”

Over breakfast, May said, “Jack, I was thinking, whatever happens between you and your mum, that’s both of your private business. What you write to each other, I don’t need to know anything about that; I want both of you to be happy.”

Jack then left for the University; he sat in the lecture room and checked his phone. Mum had replied, “Jack, I was so happy to read your message this morning. Thank you for your kind words. I have attached a picture of me in my costume before I went from my swim. İstanbul Escort I can take a picture of me in my sunbathing bikini, it’s a bit skimpy, but it shows my tan. Harry is probably still pussy hunting, but he’s in a relationship with the nurse that works on the ship with him. He’s not the worst though he’s had a colourful past. You laughed, May and I will never forget that night; we had to leave the apartment as we were both laughing so much. Every night now, I will take a selfie of what I’m wearing. I will check out the beauty salon on board. I’ll get myself pampered. Could I ask you to get the lock changed on the front door of the house? I heard your father talking to your sister on a Skype call. He asked her to get something from the house, but she couldn’t do it until the weekend. When you do that, phone the Alarm Company to change the system’s code; that only takes a minute. I hope that you have a great day. I’m thinking of you. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack phoned the locksmith; he arranged a meeting at the house for twelve. His following lecture after that was at two. He got home at eleven-forty-five, he phoned the Alarm Company, the code was changed before the locksmith arrived. It took the locksmith five minutes to change the barrel of the lock. He then went to the canteen at the University for lunch. He messaged mum, “Dear mum, it’s done the lock, and the code is changed. I was surprised at how quickly it was all done. There was a bit of mail but nothing that looked important. I am now back at the University for my afternoon lectures. I hope your day is going well. I’m thinking of you too. I love you, Jack xx.”

He left the University at four-thirty, he checked his phone, mum’s message had two pictures of mum in her bikini. The message read, “Jack, I’m glad that you have done this; we have put a spanner in the works for them. I don’t trust your father or your sister one little bit. I am going to wear a lovely outfit tonight, especially for you. I have booked the Platinum treatment for Friday. The girl was wonderful; I am getting my hair styled and highlighted; if it’s good, then I’ll go next Friday too, so I’m looking my best for you next Saturday. I honestly wish that I was home this now. The ladies sunbathing was quiet today. I was sunbathing nude; I just put on my bikini, so I didn’t embarrass you. I hope that you like the pictures. Thank you for doing this for me. I love you, mum, xx.”

The pictures were amazing. It was a tight-fitting bikini; mum had a great Camel’s Toe, her sex slit was long, her pussy lips were thick, her vulva was swollen. She looked amazing. Kadıköy Escort Mum had massive tits, they looked unbelievable, her stomach was flat, Jack felt his cock stiffen, he wanted to make love to mum. Then Jack went to the Computer shop beside the University, he bought an HD security camera which didn’t look like a camera, it detected motion. It connected to the house’s Wi-Fi. Jack bought it, then went to the house and fitted it. The lens could capture a 170-degree range. He set it up so that he would be notified on his smartphone every time the camera was activated. The video would also be transferred to his phone. He could also watch live what was happening then download the video later.

He tried it, pretending his key didn’t work in the lock. The video was impressive. He then attached the video to a WhatsApp message to mum. In the message, he explained what he had done. He said that if his sister or anyone else went to the front door, they would be recorded. He finished the message with, “Mum, thank you for those gorgeous pictures; you have a beautiful body. I hope that you don’t mind me saying that. I love your curves; you have a fantastic figure. When you get home, we should go out for a meal. I would be so happy if we did that. People would be thinking, who is that young guy with that beautiful lady. I have done a lot today. I’ll go to May’s, have a meal, then work on a paper I have to hand in tomorrow. I hope that you have a super night. I love you, Jack xx.”

Jack got back to May’s; he told her about mum asking him to get the lock changed. He also told her about the security camera. May was impressed when Jack showed her the video. Then May hugged Jack and kissed him lovingly, then said, “If Aunty May gives you a good fuck tonight, will you fit one of those cameras for her tomorrow?”

“Of course, I will. Shall we have a quickie before dinner?”

May was doing a goulash; it was in the oven. She smiled then said, “We have just over an hour, so it doesn’t need to be a quickie. I have left the lube in your bedside cabinet.”

Jack was very horny; he was thinking of mum’s gorgeous body as he fucked May. May was hot too. The two of them were so compatible sexually. Now they both could anticipate what the other wanted. The lovemaking was improving rapidly. May had three vaginal orgasms; then she came again when Jack pussy fucked her. Jack didn’t cum this time; May didn’t notice. They then had dinner; the meal was delicious. Then Jack said, “I have got a paper to put in tomorrow. I prefer to do it now; then we can go back to bed around nine. Is that ok with Kartal Escort you?”

May laughed then said, “Are you kidding Jack? I don’t know how many times you have made me cum today. I will lie on the couch, resting until you’re ready.”

They kissed then Jack went to his bedroom. Jack got through the Paper very quickly; the notes he took at lectures were so detailed. He was just about to go downstairs when his phone beeped; mum’s reply read, “Jack, that’s amazing, the picture quality is fantastic. Thanks for doing that. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a video of your sister at the weekend. Thanks for the compliments about my figure, do you like big tits? My tits are huge. It’s difficult for me to get a comfortable cup size. There’s a nice boutique onboard; they have a sale this now. I will treat myself to some nice lingerie tomorrow. Don’t worry; I’ll send pictures. If you don’t like it, then I’ll return it. I haven’t bought lingerie for years. I didn’t want to buy any. That has changed. In the outfit I’m wearing tonight, I’m showing a lot of cleavage. Do you like that? You must tell me what you like; I’m curious to know. Would you like me to dress showing my figure or to dress quietly so only you know what’s underneath? Let me know what you think of tonight’s picture? I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack replied, “Mum, I love big tits; yours are so special. I would love you to wear nice lingerie, especially around the house. I love tonight’s picture; you look gorgeous and classy. You have a beautiful figure; why not show it off. I want you to be happy and relaxed with what you wear. I want you to be happy. I am expecting a video at the weekend. Send me pictures of the lingerie; I like crotchless bodysuits and Basques, do you like wearing them? I love you, love Jack xx.”

Mum showed a lot of cleavage in the picture, she looked gorgeous, but she seemed to look happier. Jack couldn’t believe how open mum was with him; he felt good about it. He thought that he could get very close to mum. He then went downstairs to May. May was fast asleep on the couch. She had a contented look on her face. Jack went and got a glass of wine. He was thinking of the changes that had happened in his life. He wondered if he would be able to continue his relationship with May after mum came home. If he had a relationship with mum, would she allow him to continue his relationship with May? He sipped his wine and thought, time will tell.

Jack then lifted May off the couch; he managed to get her upstairs without waking her. Mum’s pictures had made him horny, but May was fast asleep. Jack managed to get her into the bed. He then checked his phone; there were no new messages from mum. He looked at her pictures; mum looked gorgeous. He wondered how she would look after she visits the Beauty salon. He had googled the Platinum treatment; it included a complete Brazilian waxing; Jack wondered whither mum would go for it. Jack then got into his bed beside May; five minutes later, he was fast asleep.

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