Ms. Laura Pt. 02 Ch. 24

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Chapter 24

We exited the shower and toweled off before I once again collared her. We didn’t bother getting dressed and met Ms. Laura in the dining room. Places were set for three and she had really cooked up a lot of food, but it still felt lonely. I was used to having Christmas with my family. It was weird having it with only three people. Once again I took a step back. I was eating dinner naked with a naked woman on a leash.

Though unorthodox, dinner was pleasant. We talked and told stories for maybe two hours before cleaning up. By that time it was pretty late, and even after the nap today I could tell Ms. Laura was tired. The bags under her eyes were starting to show through her makeup. I remembered the pill bottles.

Emily was doing the dishes when I managed to sneak away. Ms. Laura was on the couch looking half asleep.

“Ma’am,” I said and I approached, “Are you alright?”

Her eyes opened, “yes, just tired.”

“I mean are you alright,” I said a little more forcefully, “When we were napping earlier I used your bathroom.”

She looked at me blankly before suddenly realizing what I was saying. Her jaw clenched like she wanted to say something but stopped herself.

I’m alright. Just a few prescriptions. Don’t worry about it,” she said before seemingly zoning out.

I pursed my lip knowing there was more to it, but not wanting to pry, “Ok ma’am. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Of course,” she signed and closed her eyes for a long second, “I think I’m going to go to bed dear. You and Emily finish cleaning up then you do as you please with her.”

I nodded. Then Ms. Laura got up with some difficulty and started for her bedroom. I watched her till she rounded the corner.

Returning to the kitchen I found Emily struggling to put up the last dish. In a high cabinet, she strained to reach it. I came up behind her and took the plate, putting it in its place. She turned around so the fronts of our naked bodies were in contact.

“I forgot how much easier it is with a tall man around,” she grabbed my balls, “nothing seems to be out of reach.”

She stood on her toes to kiss me. I kissed back but not for long.

“I didn’t want to say anything earlier, but is Ms. Laura alright?” I said trying to ignore the soft hand working me up into an erection, “I noticed she seems very fatigued and had a lot of medicines on her bathroom vanity.”

Emily stopped stroking, “did she go to bed already? Did you ask her?”

“Yeah, she said not worried about it, but it didn’t help,” I said, “I just don’t have a good feeling about it. She’s still in her fifties and in really good shape. It just seems strange.”

Emily nodded, “yeah that does seem strange, but if she doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s her right not to.”

“I know. I do actually care about her so it’s just a little worrisome,” I looked down at Emily, “maybe I can talk to her about it tomorrow.”

My mood changed Antalya Escort for the better when we made eye contact. Her bright eyes were like radiant pools that banished dark thoughts.

“Well I don’t know how tired you are, but Ms. Laura has a nice pool,” she smiled something evil.

I returned the favor.

I didn’t hook her up on the leash for the walk to the pool. Instead, we raced there stripping off our collars and throwing them to the pool deck. Slightly more nibble than me she got there first and dove in head first arms locked straight out in front. She entered the water with hardly a splash and glided the width of the pool before surfacing on the other side. I cannonballed in shortly after that.

Underwater, I opened my eyes and saw the hazy outline of her hanging off the side. I tried swimming up under her, but before she was within arm’s distance I watched and she kicked off the wall. I surfaced only to see her once again on the other side of the pool.

She then pulled herself out of the water and flashed her sparkling wet breasts at me, “If you want them, then you have to catch me.”

I silently accepted her challenge. I sank low in the water like an alligator. Waiting a split second, I exploded off the wall towards her. Even underwater, I heard her screech. It echoed off the walls, but it was about all I caught over her. When I reached her spot on the wall she was gone, now in the shallow end.

“Too slow,” She bounced waving at me.

“We’ll see about that,” I didn’t give pause and once again kicked off the wall.

She darted back and I barely missed, catching her swimming away. I gave no quarter though. Once I had a direction and came after her. She was a faster and clearly better swimmer. Which was a surprise because I had swam in high school.

We darted back and forth after one another till I felt my heart racing. She was still yet untouched. I needed a strategy.

The pool room was dark save for the blue light of the moon filtering in through the large windows to the one side. The surface of the water shimmered but was more or less opaque. Across the pool from me Emily sat back to the wall letting her legs float up. In the light of the moon, her skin showed alabaster and her normally light hair was dark, pulled back against her scalp. Her smile was undiminished even as she feigned boredom at my attempts to catch her.

I hatched my plan. Wading out to the middle of the pool I let my heart slow and my breathing catch up. Then I submerged. Calmly and slowly I approached from below. Emily not able to see me from the surface assumed I was once again darting toward her. She kicked off the wall, but I was waiting. I closed the gap halfway between where she was and where she was going. As she swam passed I grabbed her ankle, disrupting her stroke.

She kicked me loose just barely and made it to the corner of the pool by the time I surfaced. She was right where Antalya Escort Bayan I wanted her now. She only had two avenues of escape and each would bring her well within striking distance. I smiled as I saw it dawn on her that she was trapped. She just giggled.

Just as I was about to pounce she turned and jumped out of the pool. Seeing this I shot out trying to catch her before she left the water. I hit the wall just as she got to her feet, pivoted and dove clear over me.

Undeterred I slammed against the wall and kicked up and out of the water, diving after her. With a stroke of luck and fast reflexes, I caught her around the waist and dragged her down. She fought me all the way down and back to the surface.

We both surfaced and laughing and choking for air. I held her tight as I dragged her to the shallow. She calmed down and stopped her struggle, ready to submit.

I dropped her so she could stand, “cheater.”

“I never said anything about us having to stay in the water,” she said laughing, “You wouldn’t have had such a hard time if you weren’t so slow.”

“I’m normal speed, you are just fast, like some water nymph,” I accused.

“Maybe I’m a water nympho,” she grabbed my cock.

I leaned in and kissed her long and deep. She clawed my back with her free hand and stoked me with the other. My heart still pumping with a feeling of primal thrill from the chase, I then swung my arms between her legs, stooped down, and hoisted her onto my shoulders. Her warm wet pussy smelled of chlorine, but I dug in.

She squealed and tensed at the aggression, but quickly realized what she was in for and grabbed a handful of my hair. Her flower was tight and neat. I found her clitoris fast and started to work it over with my tongue.

She moaned, “Oh someone taught you how to do that the right way.”

I was supporting her weight in my hand while a carried her to the side of the pool. There I set her on the deck and got to work. Slowly, I stuck two fingers inside her opening. Finding the soft spongy patch on her front side I started to massage it while I licked her clit.

Emily’s breathing got heavy and she started to get weak lying back on the wet tile. She writhed clutching my head and her breasts alternatively. Her moans echoed in the pool house. She must have liked the sound as she called out louder than she had before. I only took it as I was doing a good job.

Eventually, she started to twitch and she pulled away short of breath, “ok, you win!”

She spun around to lay on her stomach facing me.

“What do I win?” I looked at her coolly, “I already have you as a slave.”

She looked up and away like she was thinking, “well you have me till Friday, but maybe you could have me longer than that.”

I raised my eyebrows, “oh? How long is that?”

I felt something curl in my stomach. The conflict was returning. For a woman like this, I wanted her to Escort Antalya say forever, but also not. She was the woman I fantasized about, but they were only the dirty kind.

She seemed to hesitate under a mask of indifference, then said, “as long as you can keep doing that.”

She laughed and I stayed quiet for a second. What was I thinking? I joined her laugh pretending not to be hurt or confused.

“I have a question for you?” she interrupted, “what brought you to Ms. Laura? Was it just sex?”

I saw caught off guard by the question, “I mean yes, but she just offered something I needed at the time.”

“What was that?” she dug a little deeper.

“Some confidence I guess,” I replied, “I didn’t date at all in high school. Though I found out later it wasn’t true, I didn’t think any girls liked me. It was nice to feel like the object of someone’s desire even if it was truly as just an object.”

“But Ms. Laura doesn’t treat you like an object,” she stated, “She is a very caring person.”

“Yes that’s true, but it’s what initially drew me. I thought if I found an older woman they would desire me for my youth. If she was a dominatrix and telling me what to do I didn’t have to know what I was doing,” I stopped and thought, “I guess I was lucky I met her because she did ultimately care about me. She taught me a lot and built my confidence rather than just using me.”

“That sounds like her,” she nodded, “but I get what you are saying about being desired. After my divorce, it felt really good to be the center of someone’s attention. Well someone that wasn’t trying to destroy my life. You seem confident now Johnny, what made you want to come and see Ms. Laura again?”

I paused for a moment to reflect, “The sex I guess. I feel like my normal choices in women are pretty conservative. I eventually want to get married and have kids, but I really do enjoy things on the kinkier side. My last girlfriend was a straight shooter, cooking and cleaning wife material, but after six months of dating, I still hadn’t even seen her naked. I guess I’ll settle for someone like that eventually, but for now, I’m twenty-two. I have a wild side. I just want to explore with a woman like you.”

Emily looked down in thought for a moment, “why not both? Nothing says she can’t be a good wife, and mother, and be a freak in bed.”

“I see your point,” I nodded, “but once you’ve had it all why would she go back to just the bed. I don’t know I just got it in my head that if she’s been into this lifestyle she wouldn’t slip into the more traditional role. I’ve only ever found one or the other.”

“You might be right, but you might be wrong,” Emily took a deep breath then yawned, “I think I’m ready for bed.”

I yawned too, “Yeah I guess so.”

We both got out of the pool and found some towels on a rack to dry off. The brief walk outside was harrowingly cold while wet, but we managed. During the walk upstairs, Emily seemed quieter and a little downcast. The light in her eyes didn’t return till after we rinsed off in the shower.

Together we crawled into my bed and unlike the last time, I was unhesitant in cuddling up close. The trip to the pool was exactly what I needed and I fell asleep in minutes.

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