Mrs. Smith Ch. 08

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As early as the next day, Mrs. Smith defined strict boundaries around our sexual relationships. The details may have changed slightly later on, but the basic rules were set on Wednesday night following our first love making night together.

* The first rule was that sex, talk about sex, anything about our sexual relationship would only take place within the confines of her locked quarters.

* When outside her quarters, if one of us wanted sex, the request was to be made as if somebody else was around.

We chose a signal later on: the requester was to put both hands on the other’s shoulders, remove one hand and then let the other hand linger a little bit in place.

* We were to promise that neither of us would ever spoke of this relationship to anybody except to a shrink or to a man of God; and certainly not to any future partner.

If either of us broke those rules, our affair would end, and probably our friendship as well. I later understood, by myself and with the help of Mrs. Smith, the rationale behind those rules and how wise they were.

When I woke up, Mrs. Smith was gone from the bed, and taking a shower. I lay there all happy after a wonderful night. Mrs Smith came back with a towel covering her huge body from mid thigh to her chest, showing her nice round shoulders and her impressive cleavage. The light pink color of the towel was highlighting the copper of her skin on her upper chest, becoming more white closer to the towel

– Good morning

she said…

– Did you sleep well, did you have a good night?

– I slept quite well, and…

this said timidly

– I had the most wonderful night with a wonderful lady.

She smiled and came to me to give me a quick kiss. I got to feel quickly her overflowing breasts on my own chest but she said.

– I need you to get going. Can you be ready quickly, we can grab a coffee and doughnut for you on the way, I’ll give you a ride.

– When shall I see you again?

– Tonight, if you can make it. As I’m the requester I’ll pick you up again. What time?

– I can be ready by 7:30pm. But if you had waited I would have requested it myself and you wouldn’t have to come pick me up.

– No it’s OK; I’ll be glad to pick you up.

she said with a smile.

I got ready quickly and we left.

We were back in the room around 8:00pm where she proceeded to lay down the rules and get my understanding.

She also asked me if I had loved our night together, whether it was my first time. After I answered that I loved it and it was indeed the first time, she told me with a giggle.

– I loved our night together also. It was not my first time but it was certainly a very good and significant experience.

We were sitting on the bed close to each other, lying on pillows, holding hands, touching each other. The conversation was starting to calm down and there was more and more touching and kissing; I was fondling her big breasts through her shirt; still studying them, amazed by their weight, the way they still held themselves and how they filled her bra. She was letting me do that with a smile of encouragement.

It seems like she was hesitating about something and finally she told me.

– I would like you to know something, but I’m a little bit shy about telling you. And first, I need to be able to trust that you only do what you like to do and that you will say so if you don’t like something or feel uncomfortable about it. That’s yet another rule that we will need to add to our code.

– I’m completely in agreement with this rule.

– Let me turn off the lights and put a candle on. It will be easier for me to tell.

she said with a slight blush.

She took care of lights and candles and got undressed which gave me the signal bahçeşehir escort to get undressed also. I was looking at her full body while she did that. At first she seemed a little bit shy undressing and walking naked in front of me; but then I had the impression confirmed later on by what she told me, that she was making a point of leaving her shyness behind and instead was basking in my admiration for her beautiful huge self.

She then climbed on the bed and came to me on four, waddling towards me until her mouth could get close to my ears, her body over me. I lay down all the way to be completely underneath her huge mass. She whispered.

– I want you to know that I love it when you use your mouth and your tongue inside me. Not that I’m complaining about your fingers which are doing a great job too, but I adore your mouth and tongue.

And to emphasize the point, she gave me a big kiss searching inside my mouth for my tongue.

– I actually love your nose also, any of your extremities will do.

I whispered:

– That’s great, I love using my mouth myself.

– Actually I suspected that and I loved what you were doing to my rear last night; too bad you stopped!

Well if I had known, I would have kept licking Mrs. Smith’s asshole, But I blushed and it almost showed; or at least she sensed my embarrassment.

– Don’t worry about it, I still loved it; I didn’t say anything yesterday for fear of making you uncomfortable, which I just did!

As she was there hovering over me, her big breasts pushing my chest and her belly stroking mine, I puller her face down to me and put my tongue in her ear. She giggled…

– Oh that’s interesting; that’s not what I was thinking of, but it’s OK, I love it anyway.

-I brought her full body down to me, feeling her weight, holding her head and her hair, licking her ear and ear lobe, going as deep as I could inside.

She giggled and shivered from it.

We kissed for a while as I stroked her fat back and round buttocks. My hands went inside her crack and felt her little hole. It could be a good opportunity to put my mouth there again but I was enjoying so much having her on top of me, feeling the pressure of her weight, that I didn’t move.

Finally I did move out a little bit so she was lying half on my body; and then pushed her away further on the side, so I could get to her pussy with my fingers. I did again what I had done the night before, opening it and tickling her clitoris. She still liked it a lot.

Then I pushed her all the way so she was lying on her back. I bent over and got my face on her belly while rotating to be in a 69 position with my fingers still caressing her. She opened her legs wide to give me easier access. I raised myself a little bit and kissed inside her fat thighs which she was starting to raise. I went from thigh to thigh and my mouth circled around her pussy, right thigh, left thigh, left hip, belly, right hip, right thigh, left thigh, left hip, her mound, getting closer and closer to her opening in a spiral fashion.

Mrs. Smith was getting very excited about it, sensing where I was going with it. As I was getting closer and closer I was smelling the lovely scent of her vagina. And finally I could not take it any more than she could and dove in. My nose went first and replaced my fingers on her clitoris, those same fingers guiding me. My chin and my chest were resting on the soft skin of her fat belly. My dick was pushed against her side and her fat left boob. My arms were hugging her thighs with my hands holding the inside of her thigh at the softest and most sensitive spot. I could feel her fat shoulders with my own inner thigh.

My mouth licked the top of her crack, I pushed my tongue at the entrance and felt her labia. beylikdüzü escort Then my mouth went down to her clitoris and my tongue played with it, pushing, licking, turning around on it. I could tell she was loving it…

– Oh Mitch this feels so good, keep going, do keep going.

As I was moving around up and down, my cock was getting a lovely massage on her flesh and Mrs. Smith was fondling my buttocks and putting her fingers in between them.

I stopped and came back to her mouth. This is one thing we found out we had in common (among others); we had the same almost need to constantly go back to kissing when our mouths were away for any length of time.

– Do you mind if I kiss you?

She hesitated one second. Later she told me that she was not sure that she wanted to kiss a mouth which had been sucking her genitals. But then she told herself that as this was so wonderful that she might as well make it as enjoyable as possible for me also; and if I liked to go back and forth from her vagina to her mouth, who was she to tell me not to?

So she turned her head and kissed me. I loved tasting her sweet saliva after tasting her salty cave. We kissed with full open mouths a little bit while my fingers were taking care of her, and finally she said.

– Now please eat me some more.

I obliged and went back down, stopping on the way to kiss and suck on her two big breasts, and kissing and licking her wide belly. This way I got to her pussy, started again at the beginning and went down to her clit. This time I just lay on top of her with my legs on each side of her head. I grabbed her fat thighs, brought them up again, kissed them and then pushed them on my cheeks; and kept licking and licking her. She kept moaning, and screaming,

– YES, YES, oh YES… that’s it! Keep up the good work…. gooooo

and also moving around a lot, putting her hands on my head trying to push me down further… and sometimes just giving me little kisses on the inside of my thighs and my balls.

I kept licking, sucking, kissing, bringing my head in and out, trying to bring her thighs up so her asshole would show; cleaning from the pussy entry to the clitoris to the vagina almost to the ass; my mouth and my nose deep inside while hanging on to her huge thighs.

She started to moan very loudly at this point, moving her pelvis back and forth showing me how much she was enjoying it. Like the day before she was moving a lot, and I was almost bouncing on top of her from her excitement. After more moaning, moving and talking louder and louder, she finally screamed and had a full orgasm. It was so exciting that I almost came myself.

She thanked me profusely, and gave me a big wet kiss at the base of my dick which had been resting in between her two huge tits,

I moved my legs out of her and rotated to be back to her face, coming back for a big wide kiss. I lay on top of her. She closed her thighs so I could rest completely on her. She was resting her big fat arms on my shoulders and back, and stroking me gently at the same time.

– Mitch thank you; this was so wonderful.

I told her later on as I realized it myself. We were both relaxed with each other, she was helping me feel OK about sex together, and I was just following my instincts, the age old instincts which bring one’s mouth to all the smelly and wet parts of one’s sex partner.

She opened her thighs a little bit to let my dick find its way inside; and then she closed them back. For a while I was just resting there, enjoying being inside her, feeling my penis swimming in her vagina, my belly touching her fat belly, my chest resting on her big boobs, the feeling of her boobs, how nice it was to press myself against them, how they resisted to my avcılar escort pressure, my mouth against her mouth, my tongue deep inside, my hands fondling everything they could, love handles, inner arms, feeling her hands fondling me while her fat arms rested on me with her loving and gentle touch.

I was starting to really love Mrs. Smith and thought that life with her was so very easy. I think with her being 30, even 20 years younger, I might have considered making this into something a lot more. But with 38 years apart, we both knew that we were not going to get married; nor did we want to make our love/sex relationship official.

However both Mrs. Smith and I wanted to keep our relationship lasting as much as we could, the sex part and the friend part. In order to do that we needed to ensure the secrecy of the sexual side of our relationship. That’s why she made the rule about confining our sexual activities to a very private area; and confine any allusion about it to this same room. She knew that, because of my age, and as she later found out because of my sloppy habits when it came to keeping secrets, that the rule had to be very strict so I wouldn’t spill the beans by accident.

It was a little difficult, even a little bit frustrating at first. I would have loved to share this wonderful adventure. But I got used to it. Also the fact that it was so outlandish, a young college freshman with a very obese lady in her fifties, the fact that so few people would understand, was helping me keeping my mouth shut.

We could talk pretty much about everything all the time; but nothing was ever mentioned about our sexual relationship outside Mrs. Smith’s quarters. If you ever watched the first season of Seinfeld, this would remind you of Seinfeld and Elaine separating the “this” from the “that”, except that we succeeded where they didn’t.

The nice thing is that we were completely open in the bedroom; and there we could talk about absolutely everything. We found out that we had the same ideas about sex… everything goes between two consenting adults as long as it doesn’t involve pain or abuse. We were not into any kind of scatology but we didn’t shy from the occasional left-over. Bonding didn’t interest us much either; we both loved too much to move around each other during sex.

Another good thing about keeping some limits around sex was that it was not taken for granted. We didn’t get tired of it very quickly if we ever did.

After this lovely rest on top of her, she finally said:

– Now Mitch, I want you to fuck me hard.

As she said that, she opened her fat thighs wider and brought them up to give me more access.

This Mrs. Smith who was so proper, what can we say?…. But I certainly didn’t mind and started to rock back and forth, putting all my energy into pounding myself into her. She was very excited by now and so was I.

– Yes Mitch fuck me this way, that’s great!

– Mrs. Smith I’m fucking you hard

– That’s even better, keep going Mitch, tell me about it.

This was another first, finding words to accompany the action; timidly at first and then with more assurance as I was getting encouragements.

– Mrs. Smith you are too sexy, I love your fat count, I love your huge breasts, I love your enormous body.

– Oh Mitch it feels so, so good!

and then almost whispering

– Tell me more about what you love about me

– I love your fat juicy pussy, I love your massive shoulders, I love feeling your fat arms hugging me. I love kissing you and licking you everywhere.

And then trying to bring my hands underneath her.

– I love feeling your huge ass, I love touching your asshole and putting my tongue in it.

Actually I couldn’t touch her asshole as it was too hard to put my hands underneath her body especially as I was still cramming into her, but thinking and talking about it was getting me more excited.

It didn’t take long at all for us to come together, me exploding into her, both of us screaming about how good it felt.

– I love you Mrs. Smith.

– I love you Mitch.

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