Mrs. Anderson Ch. 02

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After what took place on Tuesday, Mrs. Anderson told me to come around Thursday, around ten. So Thursday morning comes around and I’m sitting around. I look out the window and what do I spy? Little Bobbie Gershwin from next door is outside cutting the lawn, in a halter-top and a tight pair of Daisy Dukes of all things . . .

Bobbie Gershwin has this HUGE rack, and whenever she rocks by with that balcony of hers there’s this dialogue that goes on in my head: Please . . . just five minutes with those puppies is all I ask . . . let me just IMMERSE myself in all that glorious titflesh and have my WAY with them and get it out of my system once & for all . . .

One little feel is all I ask . . . Dear Gawd in Heaven please let me have one little squeeze & I’ll be good and go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life just one little feel maybe a squeeze perhaps a motorboat . . . let me titfuck her and I’ll become a priest . . .

But of course none of THAT was going to ever take place, so instead I picked up my keys off the kitchen counter and drove over to see Mrs. Anderson . . .

Just like the first time, when I rang the bell the door was open, and I heard Mrs. Anderson call out, “Door’s open, come on in Dave.” I went inside but she was nowhere to be seen. “I’m back here, Dave. Down the hallway.”

Down the hallway was Mr. and Mrs. Anderson’s bedroom. I knew it from when Tommy Anderson and I used to hang out at the Anderson’s place.

I went down the hallway. The door to Mrs. Anderson’s bedroom was open.

Mrs. Anderson’s back was to me. She was standing in front of her full length mirror, clad in only a black bra and a pair of black thigh-hi stockings. She had her blond hair done up on top of her head; what caught my attention first were the little golden hairs at the nape of her neck. My eyes then traveled from the back clasp of her bra, down the line of her back. Between her black bra and the tops of her thigh-hi stockings, Mrs. Anderson was bare-ass naked.

Mrs. Anderson turned back and forth as she inspected her image in the mirror over the tops of her reading glasses. “I had my pussy waxed, David. Do you like it?”

Her natural bodily hair was Ankara escort cropped close, narrowed down to a tight Mohican. She was completely bald from the clit on down.

“Uh, y-e-a-h . . .”

“A lot of girls are having their pussies waxed completely bald, these days, but I think I like the ‘landing strip’ look. What do you think, David?”

“Uh, I like the ‘landing strip’ too, Mrs. Anderson.”

She put her hands on her hips and turned to inspect her derriere. “What do you think about my ass, David? Is my ass too fat?”

“Uh, no, Mrs. Anderson. You have a nice . . . uh . . . ass . . .” I couldn’t believe I was talking to my best friend’s MOM about her pussy and her ass.

“Are you sure my ass isn’t fat?”

“Uh, no, Mrs. Anderson. You have a nice ass. Your ass is, uh, very nice.” I wasn’t just saying this as a compliment; Mrs. Anderson had a tight ass.

Mrs. Anderson turned, her bright blue eyes possessed an almost hypnotic power as she looked at me over the tops of her reading glasses. “I can’t believe you’ve been in here for five minutes now, looking at my bare ass . . .”

Uh-oh, I thought, I’ve done something wrong.

“. . . and you’re still got your clothes on . . .”

I undressed. My cock was already hard. It was sticking straight out in front of me, like a wooden rod.

Mrs. Anderson went to her knees before me, clasped her hands behind my back, and took my hard, hot meat all the way down into her wet mouth.

I had to put my hands to her head to steady myself, taking care not to mess up her hair.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM . . .” she moaned as she sucked me, then, taking a break, “Gawd, how I missed your cock.”

Her mouth was wet and sloppy on my cock. Saliva dripped from her lips and flowed down the length of my shaft. I looked down as Mrs. Anderson stroked my rod into her mouth, watched the diamonds on her wedding set sparkle as her hand went up and down my length.

She glanced upwards as she slurped on my pole, and this added a dimension of personal closeness to it; like, instead of me having my dick sucked, Mrs. Anderson was sucking my dick, and by looking me in the eye as she did so she was acknowledging Ankara escort bayan the act.

Oh yeah, her eyes told me, I’m sucking your cock. I’m your best friend’s mom, I’m forty-five years old, I’m a married woman, and I’m down on my knees before you with your cock in my married mouth.

“Ooohh . . .” I shuddered and gasped as I savored the sight of Mrs. Anderson’s red-painted lips on my cock, engulfed in the silky wet velvet of her mouth. The sight of her manicured hand encircling my rod, tugging it up and down and into her mouth, was bringing me close to the edge . . .

Then just as abruptly as she’d started she released my cock from her mouth. Holding it before her like a microphone, the quivering end of my cock mere inches from her lips, she looked me in the eyes and said simply, “Fuck me now.”

Without releasing my cock from her hand, Mrs. Anderson rose to her feet and led me by the cock across the room to her king-sized bed. Their bed. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson’s bed. I was to fuck her on the same bed she fucked husband on, apparently.

We lay on the bed. As I moved on top of Mrs. Anderson, between her legs, another phase shift occurred. Suddenly it was no longer me on the receiving end of a blowjob; we were face-to-face, embracing one another and the swollen head of my cock pressed right on her outer pussylips. My best friend’s MOM’s pussylips.

“Uh, Mrs. Anderson . . .” I began to say.

“I think it’s alright for you to call me Irene, David.”

“OK, uh, Irene . . . I think I need to ask you a question . . .”

“What is it, David?” she said as she reached down to part her pussylips for me.

“Uh, I need to ask you . . . are you . . . do I need to . . .?”

“Just don’t come inside me, David.”

“OK, thanks, that’s what I wanted to ask you about.”

“Now shut up and fuck me.”

“Uh!” I groaned as I shoved the blunt head of my cock against her pussylips, then “Uh . . . UH . . . U-H-H-H-H-!-!-!” as I slid into her wet hole. Surprisingly tight for an older woman, I assumed Mrs. Anderson hadn’t had any cock in a while. Little did I suspect just how far off I was with this guess; far from being a ‘re-tread virgin’ Escort Ankara Mrs. Anderson’s tight pussy was the result of her disciplined Kegel regimen.

And then we were fucking. Face to face with her hands all over my chest, I had two handfuls of Mrs. Anderson’s married, middle-aged ass as I drilled into her married cunt with my rod of steel.

Mrs. Anderson was moaning and sighing in ecstasy rolling her hips beneath me and fucking me like a woman possessed.

Sensing I was about to come, I pulled out. Mrs. Anderson reached down and put her hand around my shaft and started jerking me off. “Cum for me, Dave. Make your big, fat cock cum all over me!” she urged, her pretty blue eyes smiling up at me; an All-American cover girl face with a mouth on her like a twenty-dollar whore.

I looked down. As she jerked my shaft in her left hand, it was like her rings were staring me directly in the face. “Come on, Dave. Cum. Cum for me! Shoot your cum all me!”

She continued: “All over me! I’m a filthy . . . fucking . . . cheating . . . whore, Dave! Treat me like a whore! Fuck me like my husband used to fuck me, Dave! Like he fucks his little whores!

“Cum on me, Dave! I need your cum!” she hissed urgently.

My poor cock couldn’t take much more abuse, and I unloaded on her. Cum shot from the end of my cock and splattered against Mrs. Anderson’s chin, coating her lips and her left cheek. A line of cum landed all the way from her belly to her left breast. My third shot managed to land right between her massive, tits. I glanced up in time to see that second load slide down Mrs. Anderson’s full, pink lips, down her chin, and drip onto her sweaty, heaving tits.

“Oh Gawd but you’re good David. Where did you learn to fuck like that? I lost my eyeballs somewhere in my head, and the top of my head exploded about four times.”

When I looked into her eyes, I saw a satisfied look. Mrs. Anderson’s pretty blue eyes sparkled, and she smiled wide. “Gawd I love that,” she laughed, scooping the sperm from her face and tits and licking it from her fingers. “There’s nothing better than having a wad of hot jizz shoot all over me.” Mrs. Anderson stared me right in the eye as she brought her left hand to her mouth and licked my thick, gooey sperm from her wedding and engagement rings.

Then she spoke again. “I want to be your slut, David. I want you to fuck me anytime, all the time. All you have to do is ask.”

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