Mr. Big Ch. 04

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Big Tits

4. Charlie’s Diner

Loretta left after breakfast. Actually, after a rather frantic goodbye fuck and breakfast, to be accurate. I’d woken up to the sound of Justine moving about in the kitchen, and the feeling of Loretta moving her mouth about on my cock. When my cock was soft, Loretta had found she could stuff all of it in her mouth, and one of her favorite tricks was to do this and see what happened next. This usually involved either me waking up, or my growing cock trying to force itself down her throat, or both. On that morning, she just waited until I was decently hard — or, given the size of my dick, maybe that was ‘indecently hard’ — before jumping aboard for a final ride.

You’ve seen those fairground rides where the girl sits astride the horse and it goes up and down on a pole as the carousel rotates? There was no rotation — at least not until the world started spinning for Loretta, around ten minutes later — but she was sitting astride her stallion and going up and down the pole. We never even said ‘good morning’. Halfway through the ride, the stallion became a bucking bronco as I thrust up hard into her wet and stretched cunt as she came down. She was trying hard for orgasm number three when it all became too much for me and I failed to make her pregnant for the hundredth time. I had to finish her with my fingers on her clit.

“Coffee?” Justine said breezily, coming in with a tray. She had on a little wrap-over and, I thought, looked cute — if a woman in her mid-forties is allowed to be cute. No-one would ever have known that she’d been riding a twelve-inch dick and screaming obscenities the night before as she came like someone receiving ECT.

“Morning, sweetie,” Loretta panted, still straddling my hips, perspiration running down her face. “I just — just needed one last ride. Hope — hope you don’t mind.”

Justine smiled. “Hey, Loretta, Tommy’s not my property. He’s been your fuck-toy for a while now, and if you need to use him, he’s yours any time. Me, I may have to ration my usage of this particular rampant rabbit. I’m still a little sore from last night. That second time was a bit brutal.”

So after Justine had ridden me and had her first mega-orgasm, and we’d all had time to recover, Loretta had started kissing Justine again. I’d watched as they slipped into a hot sixty-nine, with Justine on top. Actually, I’d watched until the sight of two horny MILFs making out, and the sound of them both moaning, had made me massively horny again, and then I’d used the resulting massive horn on them both, starting this time with Justine. I’d guessed — rightly — that her previously-tight little cunt would be rather more stretched and open than when I’d first gone in, and it only took around five minutes of enthusiastic fucking before Justine’s fuses blew again. I carried on, but she’d begged me to stop after a while, and as she’d slumped over onto the bed, still trembling slightly, I’d just climbed between Loretta’s open thighs and let her have it, hard and deep. At one point, I noticed Justine covering her ears as Loretta shrieked and screamed and swore and moaned her way through an orgasm that must have gone on for about a minute. It was still rolling when I pulled my cock out — followed by a thick stream of cum that I’d deposited there at least a half-minute earlier.

As I said, after some very full-on kisses from both of us, Loretta drove off. I put my arm around Justine and we went indoors. I asked her about jobs around the house that needed doing, and she gave me a list. I set to; fixing a damaged shutter, lifting some broken paving stones and replacing them, painting the porch, mending a table-lamp that had stopped working, putting down some flooring in the loft so she could stow some more of Mark’s gear. After two days, I’d exhausted Justine’s list — and after two more nights, I think I’d exhausted Justine. She’d learned to relax a little more when I started to push my cock into her, and she seemed to come just as easily as Loretta — maybe even more easily. But, on the Thursday night, she asked if I could just eat her pussy.

“Tommy, baby, it feels great when you fuck me. I mean, truly great. I confess I have never been fucked like that before, and it’s thrilling. Only — only this old lady is now feeling a little tender. If we could keep the frantic fucking down to maybe just two or three times a week for a little while, maybe my pussy will adapt more easily. I love it that you make me come so strongly, but afterwards, I’m a little sore and rather exhausted. I nearly fell asleep at work today. Can we maybe see if we can get each other off with our mouths and hands tonight? Then, at the weekend, we can perhaps do it some more?”

Justine couldn’t suck my cock as deeply as Loretta had done, but her technique was excellent. She licked my balls and rimmed my asshole and ran her tongue up and down, and then finished me off with her tongue swirling around my cock-head while she sucked quite hard. I let her ride my şerifali escort face again until she was bucking around, bouncing on my fingers up her cunt and ass.

As we lay together on the bed afterwards, her head resting on my shoulder, I thought it was a good time to ask about the ‘Mark thing’. Justine smiled — a little wistfully, I thought.

“I can see how it could look like incest and a little gross, but it isn’t really. See, Mark was an orphan adopted by my late husband. Sure, he called me ‘mom’ because I treated him like my son, but we’re no more related than you and me. So after I lost my second husband, I was an emotional wreck and I wasn’t ready to go back to dating for the third time or resorting to Tinder. Anyway, Mark provided a lot of emotional support, and we got close: about as close as you can get, I guess. One night I was feeling low, so I’d had a lot to drink and I started crying. Mark held me. Then we started kissing. The kisses got hotter, and then our relationship kinda shifted. I taught him a lot, and he pleased me when I most needed it. Those English girls are in for a treat. He’s not hung like you — shit, I’d have to go the zoo to see a cock bigger than yours — but he has enough meat to satisfy an old lady, and he’s very good-looking. And that boy eats pussy like it was chocolate dessert and can fuck for hours without coming. He gave his old mom her life back. You’re doing a great job, Tommy boy, but I guess it’s a little like a diet. Mark’s portion-control was just right. Sometimes your servings are just a little too large. But hey, when I’m hungry…”

The problem was, I’d gotten used to Loretta’s appetites and her apparently-insatiable desire for my cock. I’d gone from a complete sexual desert to a world running not so much with milk and honey as with cum and woman-juice. Even with the difficulties of trying to meet up with a married woman whilst living at home, I’d usually managed to meet Loretta to fuck at least six or seven times a week — and make her come at least twice each time. And it seemed like we’d hardly stopped fucking on our road trip. If Justine’s more-delicate woman parts couldn’t take the pounding I was used to handing out, life could, I felt, get a little frustrating.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon, I showed up at the diner ten minutes earlier than requested. Charlie saw me and headed over.

“Hey, Johnny, isn’t it?”

“Er, Tommy, sir,” I replied.

“Great, yeah, Tommy. I remember now. OK, so have you ever waited tables before?”

“No sir, but I’m very ready to try.”

“OK. So first, let me introduce you to our staff and see how they feel about me hiring you.” He took me into the kitchen. “This is Pattie,” he said, introducing a rather motherly lady in, I guessed, her early fifties. She was talking to a younger woman, who had her back to us, standing by a sink. “Pattie, this is Tommy. He’s looking for a job.”

Pattie turned to look at me. She had a kinda grouchy expression on her face, which seemed to change to a broad smile as soon as she saw me. “Hey, Tommy. I’m Pattie. Appropriate name for a gal who flips burgers, dontcha think? You here to wait tables? Sorry, I can’t shake hands right now — I’m preparing food.”

“Yes, ma’am, assuming Charlie and you are happy to take me.”

The younger woman turned around, and I saw that she was quite a lot younger — and rather cute. She looked like a Latina, judging by her coloring, and had a pretty face and nice curves.

“Hey, do I get a say too? I’m Rosa,” she said, coming up and extending a hand. She was also smiling. I thought that the smiles all around were a good sign.

“Well, ladies, what do you think?” Charlie seemed to be in a hurry to get approval.

Rosa looked me up and down, her hands on her hips. They were nice hips. She looked kinda sexy in her waitress outfit — a smart, short-sleeved blouse and tight skirt, with a little apron across the front. Her smile had a friendly look to it. I decided that I liked Rosa.

“When Charlie said he was going to hire some more help to replace Jackie, I thought he was going to get another girl. I think it’ll be nice to have a guy working here — especially a big, strong guy who can deal with any difficult jerks we get in here. You can do that, can’t you?”

“Sure. I mean, I’m a pretty placid kind of guy, and I don’t get angry much, but I played football at school and also did some martial arts, so I can handle myself.”

“Rosa likes to smile at the guys; she gets bigger tips that way. Sometimes she gets some unwanted attention when the guys don’t quite understand. Think you can deal with that? Only I’m not as fit as I used to be.” Charlie ran a pudgy hand over his balding head. “I can shout at them, but I don’t think I’m that frightening, and if I bring the shotgun out from behind the counter, the regular patrons get a little spooked.”

“Sure, sir, I think I can deal with any troublemakers.”

“I think you might silivri escort stir up a little trouble yourself,” Pattie said with a wink.

“Sorry, ma’am?”

Pattie smiled. “We get quite a few groups in her — tables of guys, tables of women. The guys seem to like Rosa. I just think the ladies may be interested in our new recruit. Or was that your idea, Charlie, you crafty dog?”

Charlie chuckled. “Now Pattie, you may have hit on something there.” He turned to me. “OK son, I need to measure you up for a uniform. I don’t think you’re my size, and Jackie’s old blouse won’t fit you either. I can pay you eight bucks an hour to start with. I know it’s not much, but you get to keep all your tips. Charm the ladies — I’m sure you know how to do that — and they’ll be generous. As you’re at college, I’d expect you to work four to five hours in the evening — seven to eleven, midnight on Fridays and Saturdays — and you’ll get two, maybe three days off a week. I have two other staff members who help out during the week and sometimes at weekends. You may have to take your turn working in the kitchen; Pattie’ll show you the ropes. Now, do you have a smart, plain, short-sleeved shirt and some dark pants?”

“Well, yes sir, but…”

“Good. How about you start this evening? Maybe do the seven-’til-midnight shift? Wear the shirt and pants until I can get you some standard-issue; I’ll give you an apron to protect your clothes. Arrive around six so we can show you around. Now, come this way and I’ll find out your size. My guess is XXL.”

“See you later,” Pattie and Rosa chorused with a smile and a wave. As I looked back, I saw them grin at each other. I thought I’d probably like working there.

So I turned up in a crisp, pale-blue shirt I’d worn for a couple of things at school and a pair of chinos. Charlie gave me a dark apron and a hand-written badge saying “Tommy — trainee”. Rosa showed me how to note the orders down, how to bring them to Pattie, how to spot the signal that orders were ready and so on. She showed me how to work the card machine and what to do about cash. Pattie took me through the rudiments of flipping burgers, cooking fries and ribs, heating sauces, checking on the salad bar and making sure everything was replenished.

Charlie took me through the drinks side of things. If the place was busy, I was allowed to pour soft drinks and carry beers and cocktails to tables, to serve glasses of wine and to deliver and open full bottles. Charlie looked after the bar, and any cocktail mixing or pouring beer was to be left to him. I was shown how to do the ‘tasting ritual’ that always accompanied opening a bottle of wine, how to pour, how to set up an ice bucket if one was requested. And then I was let loose.

With just an hour’s training, mishaps were inevitable. However, I smiled a lot, and it all seemed to go pretty well. At midnight, I’d made forty bucks in wages and double that in tips — not bad for a first night. I went home, happy but exhausted.

That first week was busy. Charlie knew I was doing this to pay my way through college, so he was fairly flexible. I said I’d like to work every night for that week, then maybe only three or four nights a week after the college semester started. That would give me time to focus on my studies, and also to keep Justine happy. He wanted me in for more nights, but we agreed that three or sometimes four would have to do.

I barely saw Justine on that first weekend. I worked a long shift on Saturday, and then an extra-long one on Sunday — noon ’til eleven — to cater for the folk who liked to go out for lunch. Justine had, however, anticipated my regular absences at the diner. On Sunday morning, around eight, she came into my room wearing sexy lingerie and stockings, leaned back against the small desk and asked: “OK Mr. Big Dick, what are you gonna do to me?” What I did to her was get her panties off, ate her pussy until she was almost screaming, and then bent her over the desk and carefully inserted my Big Dick into her Tight Cunt — I told her that’s what I was doing, and she gave a little shiver. She still wasn’t able to take a good, hard fucking in the way that Loretta enjoyed, so we had to build up slowly, and I nearly came a couple of times before I got her off. It was a nice fuck, but not as roaring-in-the-ears powerful as the debauched stuff I’d been doing with Loretta.

The first week at college was easy enough. It was mostly about attending a few introductory classes, getting to know the teachers and my fellow students, and signing up for societies and teams. The football team took one look at me and said “OK, you’re in.” I decided I should give martial arts another try, so I signed up for Taekwondo. Otherwise, I felt I wouldn’t have the time for anything else. The girls on the acapella singing stand seemed to really want me to join them. “We need someone with a good, powerful — er — bass voice,” a cute blonde said. “I’m sure you’d fit in şirinevler escort so, so well.” I smiled and said I couldn’t sing, but I’d be looking out for their performances. I also checked out the cheerleading team. Yes, I thought I’d enjoy football.

But Charlie was eager for me to work the diner as much as possible, and to be honest, I needed the money. I had to pay for insurance and gas for the SUV, and a service — I hadn’t realized it had just stood there since Mark had left. So even though Justine had waived the next month’s rent because of my performance that first time, I wasn’t exactly broke, but I could just about pay my bills. I was pleased that the tips at the diner seemed very good. At first, Pattie had insisted that Rosa and I should take turns in the kitchen, so she could get access to the tips. However, her food was much better than ours — at least, much better than I could cook up — and Rosa and I seemed to receive more generous tips than Pattie ever saw.

After a couple of rather unsuccessful evenings, I suggested a deal. The two of us would work the tables, and Pattie would cook. If Rosa served the mostly-male groups and I served the mostly-female ones, we could probably manage a very good take by the end of the evening. We put a tips box behind the counter, and all agreed to be honest about splitting the joint proceeds three ways. It was a system that worked well — for quite a while.

However, there was a complication. Rosa, who I guess was in her late twenties, seemed to be attracted to me — and, to be fair, me to her. The only problem was that Rosa was married. At first, she’d hinted that she would sometimes get a little ‘juiced up’, flirting with the male customers. Generally, they all understood the term ‘sexual harassment’ and followed the simple rule of ‘look but don’t touch’. But Rosa found that there were some guys that she would like to touch her, and it was becoming frustrating for her. What was worse was that her husband often worked away during the week. She said she loved him, but it was difficult, getting home around midnight, horny from all the eye contact and suggestive talk, and then having nothing but some plastic to relieve the tension.

When I’d started at the diner, I think she thought we could have some fun together. However, I didn’t want to get involved with another married woman. Her husband, Raoul, worked in a construction company with Rosa’s two brothers. Apparently, a few months before I’d arrived, Rosa had had some trouble with a jerk who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Charlie had called Raoul’s cellphone, and ten minutes later, Raoul and the two brothers arrived and took the abusive asshole outside. No-one ever saw him again. Now there could be many reasons for this, but I understood the message loud and clear.

This didn’t stop Rosa from flirting with me, and to be fair, I flirted back a little. Sometimes, when things were quiet, we went out around back for a little kiss and cuddle. Rosa particularly liked me to cuddle her lovely titties. Some nights, she’d ‘forget’ to wear a bra, and her prominent nipples would be one of the weapons she’d use to extract large tips from the boys. For me, it was easy to unbutton her blouse a little to allow access to a hand or some lips. Her nipples were very sensitive. She’d told me her husband could sometimes make her come from just licking and sucking her nipples, but so far, we hadn’t had enough free time together for me to see if I could reproduce that feat.

And although she’d tried, I hadn’t let her get her hand down my pants. Honestly, it’s bad enough flirting with a table full of attractive ladies and trying to stave off a huge boner, but if Rosa had gotten hold of my dick, she may have screamed, or she may have got it to a size I couldn’t disguise under the short apron, and then left me to suffer for the rest of the evening. So I contented myself with some hot, Latin kisses, the feel of some excellent firm titties, a suck on a nipple and — if we were very quiet and Rosa was particularly horny — playing with her wet slit, on a couple of occasions until she came.

She, of course, invited me back to her place when her husband was away, but as attractive as she was, I said I really shouldn’t get sexually involved with her; it was bound to end badly. There were times when she didn’t take this well. She even accused me of being gay or having a very small dick that I was embarrassed about. If only she knew.

Then one night I was there before her. She arrived wearing a loose t-shirt and baggy jeans — not at all the way she liked to dress at the diner. Through the window, I saw her kiss three Latino guys. None of them was as tall as me, but they were all built like tanks. I guessed that these were the husband and the brothers, and my views on avoiding sexual involvement with Rosa were reinforced.

She came in, changed into her waitress outfit — no bra again and a particularly short skirt, I noticed — and then proceeded to flirt not just with the customers but with me. “Raoul’s truck got smashed up and he has to go to a job way up the coast for a few days, so he’s taken my car and I’m all alone for a few days. Oh, and I’m not sure how I’ll get home.” Her smile would have been described by any independent observer as ‘naughty’. “Tommy, could you please give me a ride later? I could — maybe — give you a ride in return?”

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